Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul (2023)

Seoul Travel Guide: Top 3 Places To Visit In Seoul

Hangang River (Han River)

One of the most famous and longest rivers in the Asian country, the Hangang Watercourse should be on every Seoul itinerary thanks to its incredible natural beauty and distinctive history.

The river, around 545 kilometers long, flows through the city of Seoul, plays a vital role in the country’s economy, and is known for its crystal clear waters, various bridges, and luxurious leaves.

Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul (2023) hangang_river
Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul

Hangang River is one of Seoul’s top things to do because:

1. It’s just gorgeous – with its sinuous channels and plush foliage. From the banks of the river, you will see several of Seoul’s most iconic landmarks. Such as the National Assembly and Seoul Tower. The time of year brings with it much beauty in the variety of cherry blossom (Sakura) trees (April 28 to May 5).

2. There’s the Hangang River Trail – This scenic drive takes you on a journey through Hangang Park. Passing through many scenic spots in between and including several eye-catching historical sites and monuments. Click here to decide on nice watercourse running trails.

3. There’s so much to do! There is no shortage of activities, with an associate degree in common. A water park, as well as countless sports and outdoor activities.

Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul (2023) Gangbuk_district
Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul


For culture and history buffs, Gwanghwamun can be a must-see on your Seoul itinerary. This palace has seen many instances of devastation throughout its long history and is a reminder of Seoul’s position as the capital of the Joseon dynasty. The district is home to a colossal amount of culture, as well as art galleries, temples, and historical sites. the area around Gwanghwamun is also home to a variety of popular restaurants, shopping malls, and cafes. History buffs may want to picture King Sejong Statue/Square and Gyeongbokgung Palace, and art and culture lovers may want to rank Insa-dong in their top things to try and do in Seoul.

Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul (2023) Gwanghwamun
Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul


This charming district is known for its old markets and retail of everything from arts and crafts to cosmetics and food.

Insa-dong must-do activities:

  • Shop the famous Insa-dong Old Market for souvenirs and old Korean food items like kimchi, seaweed, and more. 
  • Enjoy a cup of ancient jujube tea (Korean red date tea) and Yuja tea (Korean lemon tea) at one of the many teahouses. 
  •  Browse art galleries like Moin Gallery and Gallery La Mer and make stunning designs.

The King Sejong Statue (King Sejong Square)

Located in the central square of Seoul. The King Sejong sculpture is an impressive and spectacular monument to the good Korean king and is considered a key historical landmark.

Made of bronze, a carved figure of the king wearing normal Korean dress, the 6.2-meter-tall bronze sculpture sits with a kind of smile on its face and a book in its hand, honoring the 20th-century monarch. XV and its outstanding achievements.

Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul (2023) king_sejong_statue
Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Built-in 1395 by the Joseon family, Gyeongbokgung Palace is one of the most important palace complexes in Seoul.

The complex is created from 5 main palaces: Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Gyeonghuigung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, and thus Changgyeonggung Palace.

With around 5 to 6 million visitors a year. Gyeongbokgung Palace is the largest and considered the most beautiful of the 5 Grand Palaces in Seoul.


Lotte World

Lotte World Theme Park

Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul (2023) lotte_world_theme_park
Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul

Thrill seekers and theme park lovers alike will certainly want to incorporate the world of monkfish playground into their trip to Seoul. This large recreation ground in Songpa-gu has a wide variety of rides, as well as rides, shows, gardens, and restaurants. And is known for its luxurious and spectacular style.


Lotte World Tower

In a stunning 555.7-meter tall world monkfish tower (right next to the world monkfish theme park) there may be a 123-story building that offers stunning 360-degree views of Seoul and thus the Hangang watercourse. It is currently the sixth tallest building in the world and, therefore, the tallest in the Asian country.

Travel tip: Amazing Vistas in Seoul in 2022 sky_deck
Travel Tip Amazing Vistas In Seoul

Whether you’re curious about modern or traditional, trying to find a mix of old and new or a fusion of East and West, this 2,000-year-old city has it all.

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