Trend Micro Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Editors Rating:

8.6 /10

What We Like

  • Choice of subscription plans, along with affordable options.
  • Behavior-based virus detection
  • Camera and electroacoustic transducer protection on the market

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficult and confusing installation method
  • The app uses too many popups
  • 2019 knowledge gap affecting 70,000 users

Bottom Line

With one-month, one-year, or two-year plans, Trend Small offers customers the flexibility that many antivirus programs don’t, typically starting with annual commitments.

Sometimes the comprehensive antivirus software system on your device or application program just isn’t powerful enough to protect you from all kinds of security threats, from viruses to malware to ransomware. That’s where a strong antivirus software system comes in…hopefully. During this review, we are testing Trend Small, specifically its most secure subscription. The process was certainly rocky, but was it worth the bumps? keep reading to find out.

Trend Micro Antivirus Features:

Real-time scanningYes
Social media protectionYes
Behavior-based detectionYes
Parental controlsYes
Blocks viruses and other malwareYes
Trend Micro Antivirus Review
Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Trend Micro Antivirus Features:

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Editor’s Rating:


Editor’s Rating:


Editor’s Rating:


Trend Micro Setup

Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Trend Micro Setup
Trend Micro Antivirus Review

Setting up Trend Small was never the easiest method we have ever experienced. Right when we purchase the largest Website Security subscription, we receive an email from the Associate Title with the Associate Title Activation Code and a link to download the installer, which we instantly click. However, we received a message that we had to uninstall another system of antivirus software that we already had on the computer for the previous test. Once done, we usually download the installer and install the particular app, which for some reason the US needed to clean up our Chrome browser (see ya Slack channel!). This was a bit annoying, as we tend to have a lot of tabs open, and we’ve never seen this before with the software system, but it’s by no means a deal breaker.

Note: We recommend that you do not have any Internet browsers open when you install Trend Small, as you will need to close them completely to activate the linked services.

Once we install the app, we instantly get pop-ups for camera and electroacoustic transducer protection and folder protection, which we tend to bookmark. Then we tend to fall into the antivirus-specific part of the app. did it work though?

Using Trend Micro: Our Experience

Once we opened the Trend Small app, which we downloaded on our 2011 Macbook Pro with the Sierra Nevada 13.6 package (we had to download the 2019 version of Trend Small, not the 2020 version), we found that it was divided into 5 main sections: Summary, web, scans, protection of folders and registries. However, before we can dive into these sections, we tend to have a lot of things that require initial attention.

Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Using Trend Micro: Our Experience
Trend Micro Antivirus Review

Like before we opened the app, the US requested security updates. While it would be unusual for a newly installed app to instantly invite updates, that’s one way we usually go with the antivirus software system. You see, antivirus applications need up-to-date virus definition databases to protect the US from the latest malware; in general, updates occur every hour. At least we take off knowing that Trend Small will protect the US from the latest malware. That said, we didn’t realize that we had to restart our device when the updates finished and that once we opened the app and made a copy, we were once again prompted to show on camera and electro. -protection of the acoustic transducer.

Lost Web

Remember, we already had those options turned on, but we didn’t have the other option. By clicking on those windows, we get one more signal to activate Trend Small Antivirus to induce the “latest protection”. Deja vu? No, just an inefficient application.

Once we clicked Activate, we got a new window saying “Trend Micro could not be contacted” due to a lost web affiliation, he claimed, even though the internet was working fine for the US in Chrome and iMessage. During this process, we had to enter our laptop’s keychain multiple times, at least three times in the first hour, even when the app was installed. We don’t know why this method was so clumsy, but it’s something Trend Small should work on.


Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Overview
Trend Micro Antivirus Review

Updates aside, we started testing Trend Small in the summary section by clicking the button that said Scan Now. Another pop-up appeared saying Sensible Scan and it did scan our laptop for malware (although it didn’t scan every file – to try that we would have had to use Full Scan, which we have a tendency to describe a lot of the following – Trend Small doesn’t was able to make that clear, initially). We tend to want Trend Small to be able to keep everything in one window like Avast will, as you’ll see in our Avast antivirus review. But ten minutes later, which felt like an eternity, we finally got the signal that our laptop was safe to travel and nothing malicious was found in over 4,000 files.

Small Scan

Now, except for the Scan currently button, there were also 3 toggles to detect Internet threats, scan in a period (meaning mostly mechanically while the US doesn’t have to try a manual scan), along with that protection for our camera and microphone which we tend to sign up for. We tend not to have the ability to turn on Trend Small Antivirus to get the “latest protection”, but it still seemed like the scans would do the job; a minimum of, we hope!

So what specifically will Trend Small Scan look for? touch background information: lately, behavior-based detection is more popular than signature-based detection, which means that the computer code looks for suspicious or malicious behavior as countersignatures, that is, the components of the code that match the best-known malware information. However, signature-based detection has its drawbacks, as hackers simply evade it and cannot detect any malware that is not already in that information.1 The big advantage of behavioral-based detection, on the other hand, is that it will detect unknown malware and zero-day attacks. this type of detection was enabled by default with Trend Small, although this is not the case with commercial subscriptions; for business users, you’ll need to change behavior-based detection manually.


The Web tab was divided into 3 subsections:

Privacy Scanner:

Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Privacy Scanner:
Trend Micro Antivirus Review
  • Did you know that over 70% of Yankee adults use social media of some kind? a person’s diagnosable information falls into the wrong hands. A privacy scanner, in response to those risks, could be a link in the Trend Small toolbar, aka Chrome extension, that will check our “privacy” whenever we tend to share information on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook (Interestingly, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and alternative-style social media sites and apps were not included.) we tend to convert to Chrome to test the privacy scanner. Once we clicked on the Chrome extension and then “Check Social Network Privacy” we were brought back to the Trend Micro website where we had 3 tabs, one for each social network, which brought up the North American nation to the social network, we tend sites so that we can register. Once we tend to log in to Facebook, we are sent to our regular News Feed, therefore we tend to us. I went back to the small Trend window and saw that we had six privacy issues, including the fact that everyone could track the nation of North America through our email address and sign. We tend to quickly change these permissions to “Friends”, although Trend Small wasn’t necessary for this as we could have simply done it in our Facebook settings. the method command is true for LinkedIn and Twitter, and while this feature might have been more convenient than going into each site’s settings, the various apps, Chrome extensions, and sites made it worthless.

Web Threat Protection:

  • Moving on, we tend to have to turn Web Threat Protection on to use it; This should be the fourth time we’ve had to turn on a feature, {and we tend to|and want} to have just turned everything on after downloading the app. We deviate. Activating this feature, again, we had to enter our computer’s keychain and restart our Chrome browser, which got boring. And once we clicked “Enable” it opened the expedition, even though we’re just Chrome users. Then, when we tend to leave that and reopen Chrome, we see that after doing a Google search, all the legitimate results were highlighted in green, which we found a touch. discordant; we tend to wish that instead of marking all legitimate websites as green, they would recover them as they are and easily mark suspicious websites as red. however, this may be a personal preference, for the most part, we’ll admit (plus, our favorite color is blue, so we’re biased).

Website Filter:

Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Website Filter:
  • Lastly, a Website Filter largely sets parental controls for teens by class, including status, sex education, or things like email or blogs to keep your staff in check. Since no children or employees are abusing our computers outside of the North American country, we are determined to keep everything open, although we think this feature could be very useful for families.


Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Scans
Trend Micro Antivirus Review

Then we clicked on the Scans tab, including the nice Scan we did on the Summary tab, which looked for malware in “places where it tends to hide,” a Custom Scan that would have only scanned a selected folder or drive, or a full scan, that would have tried every file on our computer. At first, we tended to have assumed that the Correct Scan covered everything, so it was a bit off-putting to check, but Trend hides its Full Scan in the Scan section instead of on the summary page. However, we tend to decide to try the Full Scan the same way, which took much longer than the Good Scan; we tend to have to wait around half an hour, and while we tend to have been able to do other things, it significantly stalled our web browsing speed. Once again, not ideal.

FYI: To fully scan everything on your computer, do a Full Scan as a Smart Scan.

Folder Shield

Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Folder Shield
Trend Micro Antivirus Review

While the full scan reigned, we decided to click on FolderShield and see what happened. Mainly, this function allows us to understand if any program tried to open or modify any file that we tend to put inside the “Protected Folders” list. And, if {there we usually break|there were} linked programs that we trust, we tend to produce a “List of Trusted Programs”, except for some reason we had to try to do it in the Logs section of the Small App Trend


Last, but probably least, were Logs, which were mostly nonstop records of any threats we encountered, their response, and where they were found. It is also uninterrupted monitoring of:

  • Unsafe websites found
  • Folder protection (although it is not clear why this is often a separate window if it is also available in Logs)
  • Filtered Websites
  • Have any updates been received?

The Logs section was a kind of diary detailing every move of Trend Small. however, since our laptop was clean, it was empty.

Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Logs
Trend Micro Antivirus Review

And that was it for the Trend Micro victimization method! If it wasn’t entirely obvious, this user experience was ideal, between switching between web browsers, Chrome extensions, and thus the app, and the constant had to “turn on” options and package Chrome. Trend Small loses points for usability, however, did it work after we tested its performance?

The Testing Process

Now, since our Macbook was completely clean (despite being abused by the US for a decade). We downloaded three different viruses for Trend Small to scan. Don’t do that reception, kids! Overall, Trend Small found two of the three: an associate-level XLSM file that only found thirty-five percent of the forty antivirus computer codes we detected. An associate-grade XLS file was found around 0.5. However, it is an incomprehensible associate-grade XLSX file that would have tried to convince the US to disable Trend Small. So it could steal our session and arcane data; No, thanks. However, only thirty-four percent of all the products we tested included this virus in their analysis. So overall two out of three are not bad.

Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 The Testing Process
Trend Micro Antivirus Review

However, Trend Small was a small amount of triple crown in AV-Test’s independent malware detection tests. On Mac, it detected 100 percent of all common malware in the last four months before its testing. Which ran from August to December 2021. Although Trend Small is lacking in very few areas, user experience among them, once it comes to performance, they hit the mark.

Privacy and Security: Can I Trust Trend Micro?

We consider ourselves not exactly misanthropic, however realistic they may be. We all know that antivirus computer code has the noble purpose of protecting our devices. It still comes from for-profit corporations, so its intentions are not perpetually pure. After browsing Trend Micro’s privacy policy, for example, we tend to find that they haven’t broken our:

  • Name
  • phone range
  • Email address
  • License key
  • Device Information Science Directorate
  • URLs, domain names, and computer addresses of the Internet sites visited
  • Application behaviors and many

Now, even assuming we’re pretty private folks, we tend to acknowledge that to scan the files on our devices. Furthermore, because of the websites we attend, Trend Small would like this information. However, do they keep our information safe?

Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2023 Privacy and Security: Can I Trust Trend Micro?
Trend Micro Antivirus Review

When we did some Googling, we discovered that in 2019, a small Trend staffer turned rogue and sold customer information of 70,000 users to a malicious third party for private gain. This type of information included the names and customer phone numbers. While this is not ideal, it could technically happen to any company, and after all, once they investigated the incident. They removed to access and fired the worker, even contacting authorities and apologizing to their customers. Oh, Trend Micro, you’re forgiven!


Trend Micro Antivirus Review 2022 Apps

We use the MacOS 2020 app for Trend Small, but they even have apps for Windows devices, robots, and iOS. Both mobile apps, the Mobile Security & Antivirus app for robots and thus the Trend Small Mobile Security app for iOS, have reasonable ratings, 4.6 and 4.7, respectively. This may be a huge speedup from our experience with the Mack app, which was satisfactory. We tend to be happy to imagine that users were happy with their mobile app experiences. So this might be a much better possibility for mobile than desktop.

Customer Support

Trend Micro Antivirus Review

When we needed to find out if our Security Mack application had a firewall. We tended to erode the web access center for answers, searching for things like the “Maximum Security Mack Firewall” to no avail; even the product guide had no information on it! therefore, we tend to know that we tend to raise someone in Trend small ourselves. We used be initially interested in the live chat network, but after clicking on it, we tend to realize that it had been down for whatever reason. So, not wanting to leave our Nursing Associate laptop bubble and talk to someone on the phone or God forbid wait for an email response. We tend to decide to talk to Vanessa through Facebook messaging. A website that we tend to not realize ourselves in general.

About a quarter of an hour later, we got a response from the Vanessa genre in the form of Bitmoji, but it was just that she would be “out for a while”. Finally, we tend to find the solution that there is no firewall. Another con because it implies that our network is not completely secure on Mac. However, on Windows devices, there is a “firewall hardening” that supports the built-in firewalls of the devices. This suggests that Trend Small could also be a much better alternative for Windows than Mack users.


We paid $39.95 for a year of the maximum security package, which included 5 devices in total; Mac, iOS, robot, or Windows, it didn’t matter. However, there have been cheaper options, such as paying for a device only for a year or a month with an iOS setup. To learn more about your options, visit our Trend Micro Rating page.


We are quite in conflict with Trend Small. While we tend to appreciate the fact that it caught 100% of the most common malware. Our experience attacking the app (not to mention the Chrome extension) was anything but graceful. Except for those who just want a scan to run in the background. This won’t matter much, as you won’t be spending much time in the little Trend app. And price-wise, Trend Small is on the money, so while it’s not on our top 2. We’d suggest Trend Small overall, especially if you want to sign up for a month. Also, Trend Small contains a 30-day free trial, so try it out for yourself and see if it’s worth it or not.

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