Trust.Zone Review in 2021: Features, Pricing & More! (review) can be a virtual private network created in 2014 by a corporation called Trusted Solutions, LLC.

They are based in Seychelles, a rustic place with no data retention laws. What you would like to understand is that as of 2019 this VPN service introduces a standalone app for Windows and Android only.

Trust.Zone review
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

In the official logo of the company, ask your application as “Which you will calculate”. They claim to help you prevent your ISP from tracking you and protect your privacy.

And during this Trust.Zone review, we’ll force them to put their money where their mouth is.

Can you calculate them? Do they keep you anonymous, hide your IP, and keep you safe on public Wi-Fi networks?

Let’s take a look to search.

Trust. Zone VPN Overview

OVERALL RANK:#8 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY:Very Easy 5/5
LOG FILES:No Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:31 countries, 158 servers
SUPPORT:Contact Form, Limited Hours
TORRENTING:Torrenting Allowed
COST:$2.88/mo (for two years)
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Trust.Zone Pros

There are tons of Pros listed below. That is an honest sign.

Trus.Zone Pros
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

First, they mask your IP, funneling your connection to at least one of 170 servers in 96 locations across the globe.

They are using next-generation OpenVPN protocols with AES-256 encryption, so their activity is blocked.

They are not logging your information, so YAY.

Plus, you’ll be torrenting to your heart’s content and watching Netflix.

They are also outside the jurisdiction of the large operational alliances that threaten the security of many VPNs.

Located in Seychelles (Outside Surveillance Alliance Jurisdiction)

Trust.Zone is based on Seychelles, specifically Mahe.

In addition to being a tropical paradise that deserves drinks served with coconuts, Seychelles is outside the jurisdiction of the three main watchdog alliances.

They are:

  • 5 Eyes Alliance – US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, UK
  • 9 Eyes Alliance – 5 Eyes Plus Denmark, France, Netherlands, Norway
  • 14 Eyes Alliance – 9 Eyes Plus Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Sweden

These nations are pooling their spying efforts, so if your VPN provider is on any of them and they “request” to verify your information, you’re screwed.

Using a VPN from any of those countries is usually a risk. they will demand your data at any time. then share it with half the world.

Fortunately, Seychelles is outside its jurisdiction, so it will ensure that your information is safe from the prying eyes of the “big brother”.

No Logging Whatsoever

This may seem like a simplistic thought …

But the main tenant of anonymous web browsing is anonymity.

If you are using a VPN, it is because you want more security and your activity to be private.

Despite this, many VPNs keep a record of your personal information, including the activity that you are trying to cover.

Most VPNs claim they don’t log in. Trust.Zone makes an identical statement.

no logging on

However, this has burned us before. That is why we always do touch detection.

Privacy policies will always help you find out the reality, and every VPN has one. rummaging through Trust.Zone the policy showed promising information.

Turst.Zone logging policy

My personal information is not being taken away. They don’t keep my name, where I live, or my phone number. they just want an email address that is only used for communication about their services.

When it comes to operating policies, this is usually a good thing.

information collected by

And there we have it.

They don’t keep records at all. When stated during a privacy policy, you acknowledge that it is true.

Between this and your presence outside the surveillance alliance’s jurisdiction, your anonymity is assured.

Using the Latest Protocol and Encryption Options

When choosing a VPN, you would like to be sure that they are using state-of-the-art technology to cover their activity.

This is your personal information on the road, so you would like to understand that the VPN you select uses the best road encryption and industry-standard protocols to channel your signal.

With Trust.Zone, you have all of that.

They offer you the possibility to choose between two tunneling protocols, the main one being OpenVPN.

This is the industry standard.

And it has been proven time and again that it is the simplest of the simplest. The technology behind OpenVPN is open source, which means that the security community is constantly maintaining and updating its systems.

This is why it is the popular protocol used by most of the highest VPNs in the world.

Trust.Zone’s OpenVPN is paired with AES-256 encryption. This is often great news because modern technology has shown that it cannot be deciphered.

This is true government-level Area 51 encryption.

The other protocol that Trust.Zone uses is L2TP, which stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.

While it is good to provide another protocol, L2TP is not secure and will be avoided if possible.

No Leaks or Viruses Detected

IP leaks threaten to undermine the entire purpose of a VPN. These critical errors can expose your hidden (real) IP, stripping you of the same anonymity you were originally seeking.

The two most common are DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks.

A DNS leak occurs when an error within a DNS server causes the VPN tunnel to bypass entirely, revealing exactly where you are sitting.

No DNS leak for Trust.Zone
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Trust.Zone addresses WebRTC links on its FAQ page.

WebRTC leaks - none

The APIs used by WebRTC technology can wreak havoc on a VPN. While WebRTC is useful to the browsers it serves, it is one of the best threats to anonymous web activity. webrtc leak test

Because of the danger posed by IP leaks, we put each VPN we review through a series of six tests to make sure the leaks are not affecting the system.

Touch.Zone passed with flying colors.

Of the six tests we did, they all passed.

  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed

We are pleased to offer Trust.Zone a certificate of good health and declare it leak-free.

We also ran a radical virus test on this VPN, checking for 66 different known viruses. These invasive problems can collect information about you and send it to cybercriminals.

Virustotal scan
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Of the 66 viruses we tested, Trust.Zone tested negative for each one.

Acceptable Speed Levels

Speed ​​is often an issue with VPNs. The tunneling process reduces some of the performance, but when a quality service is used, the loss is hardly noticeable.

This is something that Trust.Zone is extremely forthright about on their website. internet speed

We checked two of Trust.Zone’s servers: one within the EU and one within the US.

We recorded the loss of speed of both and were satisfied with what we saw.

The EU server was faster, with speeds only dropping by a small margin.

EU Speed Test

  • Ping: 43 ms
  • Download: 68.46 Mbps (29% Slower than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 46.12 Mbps (13% Slower than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

While the US speed test lost a bit more, it was still within the proper range.

US Speed Test

  • Ping 195 ms
  • Download: 60.61 Mbps (37.5% Slower than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 36.75 Mbps (30.6% Slower than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

Out of the 78 VPNs we’ve reviewed, we rank Trust.Zone 15th in terms of speed.

Works Fine For Unblocking Netflix

It’s rare to look for a VPN that works with Netflix.

Why is that?

Because Netflix hates VPNs and has gone to great lengths to implement one of the most effective VPN blockers in the world. This prevents users from bypassing geo-blocks and accessing content from other countries.

So most likely if you were trying to run Netflix from an unspecified VPN, the main result was a screen that looked similar to this.

Trust Zone work with Netflix
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Netflix’s black screen of doom is the tell-tale sign that you’re using a VPN that fell victim to its ban.

We checked five Trust.Zone servers and two of them allowed us to stream Netflix content smoothly.

That means that Trust.Zone can be a member of an exclusive club – VPNs that work with Netflix.

Torrenting is Allowed With No Restrictions

Torrenting can be a popular peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing method, during which users download small chunks of a file from other users.

This makes the download process easier, but it also opens up your system to new threats. some of those peers you are connecting with may need sinister intentions.

Hackers often use torrenting services to access people’s personal information, so having a VPN as another layer of security helps protect your data.

However, many VPNs limit or completely ban P2P access on their servers.

But Trust.Zone allows you to download torrents on any of its servers without restrictions.

trust zone allows p2p traffic

In fact, they made our top 10 list of VPNs for torrenting.

A sufficient number of servers, as well as privacy features

A solid server park gives VPN users the gift of flexibility. More servers mean more options and more opportunities for seamless anonymous browsing.

Trust.Zone has 170 open servers in 96 locations.

Trust.Zone server park in 2018
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Trust.Zone allows three connections at a time, per account. This gives you the option of connecting your phone and your computer simultaneously and allows you to share your account with close friends or relatives.

Unlimited bandwidth ensures no throttling occurs, so surf to your heart’s content.

Because of Trust.Zone does not restrict your internet traffic, which means that it is also compatible with the Tor network.

Tor can be a navigation interface that hides your activity. It is a free and imperfect system that comes under some scrutiny.

For example, while an agency can’t see what you’re doing on Tor, it can see you’re using it, which can raise suspicions. Combining Tor with a VPN adds additional security, blocking this rather fatal flaw.

I was also happy to see that Trust.Zone includes a built-in circuit breaker to protect your anonymity.

kill switch definition
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

A kill switch can be the last line of defense for a VPN. If something happens that threatens the security of your session, the service is interrupted before it is discovered.

Think of it as an escape pod. If your signal is attacked, it allows you to ditch and live to navigate another day.

Easy to Install and Use

The installation and use of this program were very simple.

I clicked the download link on its official website and the installation was up and running and completed in three minutes. installation
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Once everything was installed, I just had to click on the yellow shield to attach it. application
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

The connection took only 20 seconds. Once the shield turned green, I used to go racing. quick VPN connection
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Switching servers was also very easy. it will change at any time just by clicking on the server icon in the lower-left corner.

choosing servers on
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

My browsing experience was efficient and fast. beat everything, this was a hassle-free process from installation to use.

Trust.Zone Cons

Wow, this has been a reasonably stellar review so far.

But there is no ideal VPN.

Trust.Zone definitely has some drawbacks, but the question is: are they enough to dominate all those pros?

The lack of 24/7 customer service and limited official device support structure the dark side of the Trust.Zone experience.

Limited Device Support

The world’s best VPNs can be used on a myriad of platforms, from computers to phones, tablets, streaming devices, and gaming systems.

While Trust.Zone has a wide variety of devices within the desktop and mobile sectors, there is not much going on for smart device users.

supported devices
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

We have iOS, Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac. Those are the only supported devices listed on the official Trust.Zone website.

While there is no official support for gaming systems, it will use Trust.Zone in conjunction with some routers, which could protect activity on those devices. and routers

A representative from Trust.Zone also told me that there are ways to install the ablaze Stick or FireTV service, but I couldn’t find instructions on their website.

Limited Customer Support

Quality customer support is vital for any tech product, and even more so with a VPN.

When your service is directly responsible for something as important as internet security and anonymity, you would like to understand that you can simply ask for help any day, any time.

Trust.Zone, however, does not offer 24/7 customer support.

You can only get help through a contact form on their website, Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. M. And 4 p.m. M. GMT. support form
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

I completed the form, asking questions about their level of encryption and if they were compatible with Fire TV and gaming systems.

I received an email response the next morning, which contained a link to the ticket I had opened and your response.

support response
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Mike from customer service answered my questions, but I wish he had given me an extra touch of information.

He says they need instructions on how to install Trust.Zone on a FireTV, but didn’t provide any links.

When it comes to customer service, I’m a fan of going the extra mile.

This limited support window is almost unacceptable. If I ever have a problem with the VPN at 4:05 p.m. On a Friday GMT, do I even have to attend three days to get help?

Trust.Zone Costs, Plans, & Payment Methods

Trust.Zone has a single premium plan that includes all its features.

Trust.Zone VPN pricing
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

They offer three tiers, with month-to-month, one-year, or two-year memberships.

There is a three-day free trial option, which is usually nice to determine.

The test is somewhat limited in terms of servers (it offers 108 instead of the full 170) and limits data transfers to 1 GB. The free trial also allows less than one connection at a time.

The most expensive option for Trust.Zone is its monthly subscription, which costs $ 6.99 per month. Buying for a whole year saves you 43% and two years saves 58%. once you buy for 2 years, you pay $ 2.99 per month, which can be a great price.

There are two additional functions that you will add.

  • A static personal IP address within the UK for $ 9.99 per month
  • They offer 5 simultaneous connections for your 2-year plan
extra features
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021


For payments, there are a lot of options, which are usually excellent to determine.

payment methods
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

They allow credit cards, PayPro, PayPal, and BitCoin. Not only do they accept BitCoin, but they incentivize you by offering the tenth discount if you use it for your purchase.

In addition to the fact that Trust.Zone offers a three-day free trial, they even have a ten-day money-back guarantee.

Not only is it a money-back guarantee on the lower end compared to other providers, it’s also quite restrictive:

  • You must notify them by email within 10 days of enrollment to qualify for a refund.
  • Bandwidth usage must not be 1GB to qualify for a 100% refund.
  • The refund may take up to twenty days after requesting it.
  • If you paid with Bitcoin, your refund will be processed using the Bitcoin exchange rate for the date the refund is issued, not the date you paid or the date you requested the refund.
Trustzone refund policy
Article: Trust.Zone Review in 2021

Do I Recommend Trust.Zone?


This is an excellent VPN service.

Installation and use were a breeze, and there was no delay in the slightest. The loss of speed is quite acceptable and its encryption protocols are ironclad.

I feel safe knowing that my anonymity is ensured by its lack of registration and existence outside the jurisdiction of the surveillance alliance. This cannot be overstated.

Our tests showed that their VPN software was completely leak-free, completing the security trifecta.

I also love that Trust.Zone doesn’t pretend to tell you what it can and cannot do along with your internet time.

Do you want torrent? Great. Use Tor? Impressive. Stream cat videos on YouTube? Plays.

And as a VPN that works in conjunction with Netflix, it is on the upper echelon.

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