Turbo VPN Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Turbo VPN can be a free VPN for robots and iOS. While downloading a free VPN can also be tempting, it’s not always a decent plan due to tons of restrictions.

With that in mind, keep scanning to get all my thoughts on Turbo VPN and whether or not it’s worth downloading.

Turbo VPN Review


Turbo VPN features a huge number of three hundred million users all over the world. However, the numbers continually measure a bit jaded when it comes to free VPNs. Many people transfer them and never use them, therefore this could never be used as a quality life.

Turbo VPN has been created by Innovative Connecting, which can be a somewhat ambiguous associate degree business, describing itself as an internet company. has developed a variety of other basic and free VPNs, including VPN Proxy Master light, Solo VPN professional, Snap Master VPN, and VPN Proxy Master.

It is incorporated in Singapore, which is not a decent jurisdiction for VPNs. this is often because it is part of the 5 Eyes Intelligence Sharing network, which means it shares knowledge with different countries. Reports have also revealed that this VPN also has strong ties to Communist China, which is concerning. The bird genus Danian, the director of Innovative Connecting, may be a Chinese citizen.

Where Are Turbo VPN’s Servers Located?

Turbo VPN features an awfully small server network, which isn’t much of a surprise for a free VPN. There are square measure servers in eight cities, in seven countries, with no indication of computer addresses.

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Overview
Turbo VPN Review

You have the option to upgrade within the app, which may offer you access to additional servers.

For free users, you will select from servers within the following locations:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Singapore
  • Netherlands
  • India
  • Germany
  • Canada

Does Turbo VPN Sound Right for You?

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Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Speed
Turbo VPN Review

I am never very hopeful in terms of speed when it comes to free VPNs. The transfer speed loss I know on Turbo VPN is between thirty-five and forty percent, that’s pretty average.

However, it will depend on where you are connecting to. Some of the native speeds weren’t dangerous, but many of the long-distance speeds were terrible. For higher speeds, check out NordVPN.


There is no denying that security is one of the most important things to consider when trying to find a VPN. Unfortunately, security is one of the biggest issues with this VPN. In terms of security, it is among the worst VPNs I have used.

Malware, viruses, DNS leaks, and unsafe features have been detected in the app.

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Security
Turbo VPN Review

If that wasn’t dangerous enough, third-party advertising platforms are used by Turbo VPN to amass sensitive information for their own personal sales functions. this is usually the alternative to what a VPN should be doing.

There are a couple of positives, including the fact that OpenVPN is used as the default protocol, and this is usually my most popular choice.

However, the positives don’t outweigh the negatives!

Also, there are tons of security measures missing with Turbo VPN. there’s no kill switch, which means you’re not making progress so you’re protected if your VPN association goes offline.

Does Turbo VPN Keep Logs?

You most likely don’t mean to be surprised to be told that Turbo VPN keeps logs. After all, it is part of the information exchange agreements with many alternative countries.

The privacy policy on the Turbo VPN website is poorly written and quite confusing. this can invariably be a red flag, as privacy policies need to be clear and easy to follow.

While Turbo VPN does not collect your information or address from your ISP, there are a variety of data elements that are collected, including:

  • Analytical information
  • Usage statistics
  • The size of knowledge transferred
  • Your ISP
  • Country from which you are connecting
  • VPN location you are connecting to
  • If a VPN affiliation is undefeated

When you think about the very fact that Turbo VPN has the nerve to adopt a no-logs policy, it shows a lot, however, this phrase is simply used in the world of VPNs and you want to dig deeper.

Does Turbo VPN Sound Right for You?

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Ease of Use

Ease of use is not a hassle once you engage this app. it is easy to install and it is also easy to use. The app looks sleek and elegant, so there’s not too much to complain about here.

The ads can be annoying, but they are to be expected once you use a free VPN, so I can’t complain too much about this.

In the menu, the only customization option you have is to choose whether you want the app to be attached to the startup or not.

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Ease of Use
Turbo VPN Review

Does Turbo VPN Sound Right for You?

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Due to the intrusive working policy and therefore lack of privacy options, Turbo VPN is not a recommended possibility for P2P activities or torrenting.

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Torrenting
Turbo VPN Review

Also, in the listing section of the Turbo VPN website, the company has made it explicit that its users will have their accounts locked if they commit to accessing BitTorrent while connected. This shows that they do not need to have created their VPN to help with torrenting.

For a VPN for torrenting, consider ExpressVPN.

Does Turbo VPN Sound Right for You?

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Unblock Streaming Services

Let’s start with some sensible news; Turbo VPN will unblock BBC iPlayer. I was surprised to learn that this is the case, so it’s a positive.

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Unblock Streaming Services
Turbo VPN Review

However, your goal is to fight to unlock the other variety of streaming services. For example, I couldn’t access the US Netflix library.

Can You Use Turbo VPN in China?

I would never recommend roughing this VPN if you are primarily based in China. As mentioned in the introduction, Turbo VPN has been found to have connections to Asian countries and may provide data to authorities. Because of this, mistreating this VPN in China is not a decent plan.

Does Turbo VPN Sound Right for You?

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Regarding compatibility, it is important to indicate that it is a mobile VPN. that is available on iOS and humanoid devices.

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Compatibility
Turbo VPN Review

If you want to use this VPN on a different platform, there are no manual solutions like there are with most alternative VPNs on the market.

You can explore my “reviews by device” if you want to get a lot of information about the most effective VPN for a selected device.

If you select the premium option once inside the app, you may be able to add up to five devices to your account and ads removed.

Games Consoles and Streaming Devices

Turbo VPN Review

There is not much to mention in this regard, because the app is not compatible with game consoles and streaming devices. it is better to look for another resolution.

Browser Extensions

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Browser Extensions
Turbo VPN Review

You cannot get browser extensions with Turbo VPN as it is designed for iOS and humanoid devices.

Customer Support

The customer support that can be obtained is incredibly subpar. Once again, Turbo VPN guarantees uploads, however, it does not deliver.

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Customer Support
Turbo VPN Review

Turbo VPN claims that they provide 24/7 customer support, so I expected to get a quick response. Instead, I couldn’t get a response at all!

This itself is disappointing; If you have any queries or want help, we cannot guarantee that TurboVPN’s area unit team will ever be there to assist you.

There is a very basic FAQ section on the website, however, that is about it. There are no resources, troubleshooting guides, or easy setup. Of course, since you can’t manually add the VPN to other devices, the need for detailed setup guides isn’t a given, but I’d hope there was a basic one at least.


If you transfer this VPN from the app store, it is not reaching your value at all. However, there is a premium version available as well, which is available for $3.92 per month for a full year. This can be chopped directly.

Turbo VPN Review In 2023 Pricing
Turbo VPN Review

It’s a bit confusing, to be honest! Refresh my memory of these gambling apps, with the prompts to make in-app purchases to unlock completely different options.


In general, I would not suggest Turbo VPN if you are looking for a reliable and secure VPN. While it markets itself as a free VPN, you may need to pay cash within the app to unlock all services.

However, the main concern is that security – or lack thereof! The jurisdiction and perspective towards the privacy area unit each regarding this VPN.

Does Turbo VPN Sound Right for You?

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