Verizon Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

Verizon Antivirus Overview

Verizon Antivirus (Review) Digital Secure is a multi-device antivirus suite. It works as a subscription service and you would like to be a registered Verizon member to request access.

Verizon Antivirus Pros & Cons


  • This antivirus works on all your devices.
  • Complete LAN protection
  • Fully downloadable


  • Free trial for non-members offered at mechanic only
  • Only offered to Verizon members
  • Limited data is offered without paying for the service
  • Subscription only
  • Linked to Verizon Home Shield Settings

How to Set It Up and Uninstall

Unfortunately, like many other things in this antivirus, we tend to square measure unable to provide detailed instructions on how to find this antivirus.

However, if you subscribe to a Verizon package, detailed instructions will be provided.



Money-back GuaranteeNo
Free VersionYes
PlatformWindows, Android, Mac, iOS
Parental ControlsYes
Email ProtectionYes
VPN ServicesYes
Smartphone OptimizerNo
USD Virus ScansYes
Automated Virus ScansYes
Game ModeNo
Safe BrowserNo
Passive ModeNo
Verizon Antivirus Review

Threat Protection

Adware PreventionYes
Verizon Antivirus Review


Verizon Digital Secure offers security for periods as well as automatic virus scans at predetermined times.


Unfortunately, we tend to square measure and can’t provide you with a detailed configuration and pricing table for this package because it’s connected to other Verizon plans.


Discounts may or may not be offered to existing members of this company.

Privacy and Security

Verizon Digital Security offers pretty decent apps to protect both your privacy and security.

Verizon Antivirus Review In 2023
Verizon Antivirus Review


This package offers a dual-layer firewall, antispyware, and anti-phishing options, among other options, to help protect your devices.


This app keeps you safe by warning you about all questionable LAN connections and websites while performing regular security checks.

Verizon Antivirus Review In 2023
Verizon Antivirus Review

Performance and Protection

Very little or no data is offered on the performance of this antivirus suite, either from independent testers or from the creators themselves. However, there is an extensive list of claims about the capabilities of this antivirus.

Verizon Antivirus Review In 2023
Verizon Antivirus Review

Malware Protection

Verizon asserts that Digital Secure provides a thorough malware defense solution to secure your devices.

Ransomware Detection

According to Verizon’s data page, there is very little to no risk of your files being held for ransom once you use this security suite.

Phishing Detection

According to Verizon’s data page, one of the most talked about aspects of the Digital Secure system is the system’s ability to protect you from phishing. According to the company, Digital Secure monitors all of your data, as well as your online chats, to prevent you from handing over personal data to the wrong sources.

Spyware Detection

Again, according to Verizon, this method provides comprehensive protection against spyware.

Firewall Protection

According to company reports, Verizon’s Digital Secure contains a double-layer firewall that scans incoming and outgoing information to keep you safe from hackers.

Lab Test Results

Such is the persistence of this antivirus program to remain in the shadows that it has not been tested even by AV-Test, one of the most comprehensive independent testing labs for antivirus packages.

We would prefer to give you all the information we can. Sadly, no square measure could be located. Possibly, this signal is not reliable.

Ease of Use and Interface

Unfortunately, due to the inadequacy of a free trial for non-members and the obscurity that closes this antivirus system, we tend not to be able to discuss the power and ease of use of the interface.

To try this method, you must be a member of one of Verizon’s paid plans, which include the Verizon Digital Shield.

Customer Support

Verizon Antivirus offers a variety of ways to encourage you to stay connected with the customer support team.

You can use the live chat feature on the contact page of the website. However, you will co-prepare a decision with a member of the customer support team or contact the business on Facebook traveler.

Our Verdict

This antivirus is multifaceted. However, a free desktop version is not offered to non-members. Most antivirus manufacturers, such as Norton and McAfee, offer a 14-day free trial.

Verizon’s antivirus will run all of your devices, although this may not generally be as spectacular as providers like Norton have offered similar services that are quite slow.

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