Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

Vipre Antivirus (review) you may not have heard of it, and that is quite understandable. Although the tool has received a lot of praise from independent testing organizations like AV-Comparatives, its name is not yet ingrained in the public consciousness.

In this Vipre Antivirus review, I will discuss this antimalware software in terms of features, virus detection rates, price, and ease of use. Let’s see if Vipre really deserves to explode in popularity in the future.

Vipre Antivirus Overview

Free version:30-day trial
Price:from $14.99/year, 5 devices
Platforms:Windows, Mac, Android
Article: Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021

Vipre Security Features

Vipre pros & cons


  • High virus detection rates
  • Many customization options
  • Many features
  • Ad and trackers blocking
  • The Bundle plan includes a VPN
  • Data leak scanner
  • One subscription covers five devices
  • 30-day free trial version


  • Mixed drivers to phishing detection
  • Relatively high CPU usage during scans
  • No iOS app
  • Significant increase after the primary year

Advanced Active Protection

Vipre’s Advanced Active Protection is simply a flowery name for real-time protection, which can be a core feature of any antivirus and antimalware application. And Vipre makes it work quite well.

The antivirus scores are very high in AV-Comparatives’ independent virus tests. During the most recent testing period, it detected 96.8% of threats and produced only four false positives. In other words, Vipre has a very high probability of detecting a threat before it is ready to make changes to your device.

I found some test results showing that Vipre is having a hard time detecting phishing scams. However, I can’t vouch for the methodology behind the tests, so take this with a grain of salt.

Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021
Article: Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021

Device scans

You can choose between a full scan, a quick scan, and a custom scan. During the full scan, Vipre consumed 4.9% CPU, which is a ton compared to other antivirus apps like McAfee.

Also, although you will see the history of the scans performed, there is no thank you for seeing how long the scan took.

The scans themselves are highly customizable. for example, it will scan removable drives, exclude various applications from scans, and allow Vipre to automatically perform a second layer scan if the quick scan detects a threat.


When Vipre Antivirus detects a malware, it immediately places it in the quarantine folder. Here you will see the type and threat level of the quarantined threat.

Once Vipre quarantines the malware, it will no longer be able to harm your device. However, if it believes that an item is not dangerous, it will mark it as safe so that it is no longer quarantined.

Edge Protection and web filtering

Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021
Article: Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021

Edge Protection can be a unique Windows feature that prevents exploits and other threats from infecting your PC through a browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge). Basically, it detects pages that use potentially malicious code.

Meanwhile, the online filtering feature simply blocks the websites that Vipre considers dangerous.

These features leave some customization, allowing you to create an inventory of the domain names that you simply think are completely safe.

Email protection

Vipre’s email protection feature will come in handy for those who use Outlook. you will manually add email addresses that you simply want to be marked as spam. The feature also scans incoming emails for viruses and automatically quarantines threats.

You can also keep the anti-phishing option enabled if you want the program to automatically detect suspicious emails that may try to obtain your personal information.

Secure File Eraser

This feature allows you to completely erase unwanted files from your computer. To try it, simply right-click on the folder or file that you would like to avoid and choose the acceptable command.

Just keep in mind that once deleted, the file is gone forever.


Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021
Article: Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021

Vipre Antivirus has a built-in firewall that you can simply use instead of your Windows firewall. It allows tons of customization options (more than the average user can handle).

You can manage your networks, create exception rules, log firewall events, protect your PC from threats from an equivalent network, and further customize your firewall.

With that said, if you really don’t understand what’s going on when you see all the firewall settings, you’ll be happier just using your built-in Windows firewall. In addition to this, some independent tests have shown that Vipre’s firewall does a far worse job of handling threats than its Windows counterpart.

Vipre Privacy Shield

Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021
Article: Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021

Vipre Privacy Shield can be a separate app that you simply get with the last word security suite.

It has many features to help you preserve your privacy. for example, it allows you to block access to your webcam and microphone. Plus, it blocks ads and trackers, making your browsing experience safer and less annoying.

It also comes with a really simple password manager that allows you to keep the login credentials of your favorite websites. Additionally, Vipre Privacy Shield allows you to scan all your favorite browsers to determine what percentage of trackers are active on each of them.

You can also use the application to save your documents in an encrypted vault and check if your email or password is involved in any data breach.

Internet Shield VPN

Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021
Article: Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021

You get Web Shield VPN as a standalone app compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. although it is quite simple, I find it a little better than most of the VPN applications included in the antivirus suites.

That’s because there are no data or bandwidth limits. Additionally, you will choose from a couple of different tunneling protocols: IKEv2, OpenVPN UDP, and OpenVPN TCP. it will even change the scope of the encryption (AES 256/128) and use obfuscated OpenVPN servers.

However, compared to most standalone VPN apps, the software can be a bit mediocre. Speeds are inconsistent, sometimes slowing significantly when connecting to remote servers. Also, the app was unable to connect to certain servers in the slightest.

On the bright side, the VPN was ready to unblock the American Netflix library, as well as various Youtube videos. However, I was unable to unblock DAZN or BBC iPlayer.

All in all, Internet Shield VPN can be a nice addition to the entire Vipre Suite, but you may want to download another VPN app if you use a VPN on a daily basis for work or security purposes.

Vipre Antivirus plans and pricing

When you decide that you would like to give Vipre Antivirus a try, keep in mind that there are three different plans to choose from. The more expensive the subscription, the more features you get.

Antivirus PlusReal-time protection, device scans, Windows onlyFrom $14.99/year
Advanced SecurityReal-time protection, device scans, Windows and Mac supported, anti-spam, firewallFrom $23.99/year
Ultimate Security BundleReal-time protection, device scans, compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android, antispam, firewall, navigation track cleaner, webcam and microphone blocker, Dark Web scanner, audit of confidential documents, unlimited VPNFrom $39.99/year
Article: Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021

It is also important to note that the most important basic plan (Antivirus Plus) only supports Windows devices. The Advanced Security Subscription adds macOS to the equation, while the Ultimate Security Suite is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems while allowing you to use VPN on iOS devices.

Here’s something else you would like to understand. the value mentioned in the table is valid only for the main subscription year; You will pay more for the second year onward:

All plans cover five devices and have a 30-day money-back guarantee. you will pay by MasterCard, PayPal, PayNearMe, bank transfer, or check/money order.

Please note that when paying for Vipre Antivirus, you must check a box to accept the terms of the automated annual renewal. this suggests that you will have to manually unsubscribe if you no longer want to use Vipre after one year.

Free trial version

It is good to understand it simply | You simply “> simply don’t need to buy Vipre if you simply want to check its antivirus protection capabilities. That’s because you will simply download a free 30-day trial of Vipre Advanced Security, Vipre Antivirus Plus, Vipre Privacy Shield, and Vipre Android Security.

This is quite a generous advance on Vipre’s part, as many antivirus products give you only seven days to make their software.

Is Vipre worth the money?

I would say that Vipre Antivirus is worth paying for during the first year when the subscription is the cheapest. then the value can offer you a more extensive antivirus package elsewhere.

My main concern is the limited selection of compatible devices. Also, while the most expensive plan includes a full VPN, it’s actually pretty basic. During this case, I prefer to invest in a security tool and a high-quality VPN (like NordVPN) separately.

Ease of use and setup

Article: Vipre Antivirus Review In 2021

As expected from a contemporary antivirus tool, Vipre can be very easy to install. However, don’t forget that it will ask for your permission to get rid of other antivirus software during the installation process. this is usually quite normal since two antimalware solutions do not usually coexist well.

However, Vipre’s Windows app might need some polishing. In my opinion, the planning seems a bit dated. Although there are seven options for a background color theme, most of them do not make the application look very attractive.

Also, Vipre can seem a bit confusing to people who are not familiar with antivirus tools. There are numerous configuration options from which some of the less tech-savvy users can be put off.

On the contrary, those who know what they are doing can thrive when faced with the abundance of customization options.

Overall, I liked the macOS app better despite the paucity of some features, such as the file shredder. It is much more modern and I hope that the Vipre Windows application will follow suit soon.

When it comes to the VPN app, it is pretty clean and easy to use. However, planning your Settings section suspiciously refreshes my PureVPN memory, even the source is the same.

Vipre mobile app

Vipre’s Android app has more additional features than most desktop apps. These include Theft Prevention (which will help you find your device in case it is lost or stolen), App Lock (which restricts access to selected apps), and an email breach checker.

Overall, the app’s design looks much more modern than its desktop counterpart. However, there is a catch.

After looking at the reviews on Google Play, I came across a review that mentioned that the app may be a Bitdefender Android app scam. Naturally, I took a look at the screenshots of the Bitdefender application and found that they were actually almost identical. the only differences were the brand and thus the incontrovertible fact that Bitdefender had the VPN functionality built right into the app.

I contacted Bent Vipre customer service to ask why this was the case. They clarified that their Android app is a Bitdefender white label product that they license. this is often really cool because Bitdefender is an amazing product in its title.

Now, about the iOS app for Vipre, or the scarcity of it. The thing is, you will only use Vipre Antivirus on your iPhone or iPad as long as you have a Business subscription. Still, there is no dedicated app for that – the user has to manage iOS protection through Vipre Business Console, which is less than the ideal amount.

Needless to say, Vipre is not the simplest solution for iOS devices. If you want additional protection, you will be more than happy to check out this list of the simplest antivirus software for iOS.

The only dedicated application for iPhone users from Vipre is Internet Shield VPN.

Customer support

There are two ways to contact Vipre customer service. you will create a ticket or simply call them on the phone.

There is also a chatbot, but it could use a little more development.

I tried to contact support through their ticket form due to the fact that I used to not be able to access some of the features included in my account. Okay, that was a mistake on my part – I assumed Privacy Shield and Internet Shield VPN were equivalent apps, which was not the case.

Unfortunately, I was unable to log into the account that I created for the ticket and therefore the password reset function was not working. So I manually emailed them after finding their customer support email address and got a response within half an hour.

How good is Vipre Antivirus?

Vipre Antivirus is undoubtedly an honest tool for your computer. the device offers good protection against viruses and malware, has several security measures, and includes a VPN that is capable of unblocking Netflix.

That said, it does have its flaws. I’d appreciate it if Vipre offered better coverage for other operating systems (it’s too Windows-oriented at the moment), launched a live chat, and modernized its interface.

All in all, it is an honest app for those who want to protect multiple Windows devices and feel the need for many customization options.


Does Vipre remove malware?

Yes. Vipre Antivirus scans your devices and removes malware, spyware, and other threats. In other words, the software will erase your PC or phone even if it is already infected. Better to do a full system scan for that.

Is Vipre safe?

Yes. Vipre may be a reputable antivirus and antimalware tool tested by security experts like AV-Comparatives. Of course, you must download the device from its official site to avoid any risk.

Is Vipre Antivirus compatible with Windows 10?

Yes, Vipre Antivirus is compatible with Windows 10. In fact, it also works with Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. However, it will not work with older versions of Windows.

Does Vipre have a VPN?

Yes. You get a separate VPN app once you buy the more expensive plan called the Ultimate Security Bundle. It costs $ 39.99 for the elementary year. Then the annual price increases to $ 139.99 per year.

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