VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Antivirus Review In 2021!

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Antivirus Overview

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard (CBCC) is one of the many services provided by VMware. It is intended to stop cyber-attacks on one or many endpoint systems. It is unique in that, provides this service through a cloud.

This cloud service translates into elevated functionality for your machine. It also makes it easier to trace the incoming and outgoing oddities in any connection you have. However, a serious frustration is its complicated configuration.

Cloud Endpoint
Best for


Starting Price

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Antivirus Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • A single process tree system


  • Too aggressively
  • Complicated to put and configure

How to Set It Up and Uninstall

The program is installed and released by a VMware employee. Because it is aimed at organizations instead of individuals, the corporate expects personnel to support the VMware employee throughout the installation.

You will have to coordinate closely with VMware. They will guide you through everything, until the creation and adjustment of alerts and surveillance lists, using feeds of information and threat hunting.

Uninstall or remove the service Features of a similar premise. It is in place and requires an equivalent process.


The safety of the endpoint of Carbon Black can be a complete suite that aims to protect the machines from an assortment of exciting threats. One of its main approaches is the protection against malware.

VMware's AppDefense and Carbon Black's CB Defense Combine to Fundamentally  Change the Model for Data Center and Cloud Security | VMware Carbon Black
Article: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Antivirus Review


Money-back GuaranteeNo
Free VersionNo
PlatformWindows, Mac, Linux
Parental ControlsNo
Email ProtectionNo
VPN ServicesNo
Smartphone OptimizerNo
USD Virus ScansNo
Automated Virus ScansYes
Game ModeNo
Safe BrowserNo
Passive ModeYes
Article: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Antivirus Review

Threat Protection

Instead of standard scanning of computer files, it monitors the information with the intention of preventing malware from reaching the device.


Adware PreventionYes
Article: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Antivirus Review


PlanPriceNumber of DevicesTop Features
Universal Plan$30 per endpointPer endpointIncludes all features
Article: VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard Antivirus Review


VMware does not offer a reduction in its sole plan. It is $ 30 per final point or machine. It is a reasonable general price for what they provide.

Privacy and Security

Endpoint Standard: Next-Generation Antivirus + Behavioral EDR | VMware  Carbon Black


While the program is amazing to shield endpoints, it does not have any particular specialists in privacy.


CBCC Scan exchanged data from the cloud and through its software installed on a computer or similar device. It is especially good to find the most important undetectable malware. However, it comes to a failure, because the program often has false positives.

Performance and Protection

CBCS qualifies at the top of the list of excellent protection suites for devices. Within the Miter ATT & CK EDR assessment, it received 100% in the detection of malware and 99.8% in real-world protection tests between March and April 2020.

Malware Protection

As mentioned above, CBCS achieves a 100% detection rate for malware.

Ransomware Detection

CBCC has the ability to detect and terminate processes that do not start ransomware activity.

Phishing Detection

The program traces malicious pages that try to put or use phishing techniques on endpoint devices.

Spyware Detection

CBCC tracks incoming and outgoing connections to ensure that keyloggers, spyware, and other programs are not communicated with an external source.

Firewall Protection

The program does not formally offer firewall protection.

Lab Test Results

CBCS has many prizes and high ratings. It is participated in multiple tests, including AV-TEST, OPSWAT, ICSA Labs, and NSS Labs, among others. Most of the time, it achieves 100% prevention and detection efficiency.


Ease of Use and Interface

The program is really very simple to use. It runs quietly inside the bottom, and only appears when you need to need action.

Customer Support

VMware has taken what will not be an appropriate approach to customer service and is displayed. If you want to support, you will get to navigate to the highest left of the home page, click on the Menu button, proceed to the resources, then press Support.

Our Verdict

Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint Standard presents a lot that goes, but there are a couple of important problems that will cause a significant struggle for many customers. The installation process involves a visit from a VMware employee, and customer service does not have a live chat function. For normal use at home, I would possibly consider trying Intego or McAfee. These are simpler during installation and use, and that does not sacrifice security within the process.

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