VPN.ht Review in 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

VPN.ht Review. VPN.ht does not guarantee connections to its servers, so it is not suggested. Like most VPNs, VPN.ht claims to support your access to content around the world, provide fast speeds without limits, and enable peer-to-peer file sharing.

However, after trying this service, I was unable to connect to any of the servers it offers in its native apps or third-party options. This experience made it difficult to verify the credibility of the many claims it makes about its service.

VPN.ht does not offer a free installation and although there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, I would not advise you to try this VPN once there are several alternatives that offer stable server connections and adjusted speeds.


🌎 Country of Incorporation:Canada
📅 Founded date:2014
🔰 ️Kill switch:x
📱 Device per license:3
💰 Refund policy:30 days guaranteed
VPN.ht Review

I Couldn’t Access Any Streaming Platforms Using VPN.ht

After installing VPN.ht, I was unable to connect to any servers at all, which made it impossible to access any streaming platform.

Content streaming is one of the most important necessities that users look for in any VPN. High-performance VPNs should be ready to access most streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, HBO Max, and many others to allow users to access the content they get after traveling abroad.

VPN.ht Review
VPN.ht Review

Since I couldn’t connect with a VPN.ht, it’s troublesome to mention which of the streaming platforms it will be unblocked. Therefore, I do not suggest VPN.ht if you are looking for a reliable VPN to access content on streaming platforms. To stream well, a VPN service like ExpressVPN would help you unblock multiple streaming platforms and allow you to stream in high definition at maximum speeds.


Impossible to Determine

It was not possible to verify how fast the VPN.ht servers area unit is as I was unable to connect to any servers. However, the entire time I was trying to connect to a server, I tested my speed and there was no impact on my base speed. this means that no affiliation of any kind was established.

VPN.ht Review Impossible to Determine
VPN.ht Review

Why Most Speed Tests are Pointless & How We Correctly Test VPN Speeds

Speed ​​determines how fast content loads, so if you’re torrenting or streaming, you’d like the speed to be similar to your normal web speed. Since a VPN encrypts your data, it always takes a little longer to send your data back and forth, which could affect your connection. However, if your ISP deliberately slows down your membership (also called throttling), a VPN would possibly increase your web speed. Trying a VPN is somewhat useless because new servers appear and affect the speed. Your speed may even have issues depending on your location, therefore your speed check will not match ours. Having the same thing, we tend to test the speed in various places to bring you the common.


Server Network — 90 Servers in 28 Locations

VPN.ht will not have an extensive list of servers, but it is well distributed in the area of ​​available servers. There are many servers in typical locations like the US, UK, and France. For starters, there are area unit servers in locations like the geographic region, the United Arab Emirates, the Republic of South Africa, Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Romania.

The countries of Europe maintain the largest server bases. for example, France has fourteen servers, FRG has eight, the Netherlands has 22, and the United States of America has eighteen. different area units of notable server locations in the Scandinavian country, Sweden, New Zealand, Belgium, Poland, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia, and thus Asia/Middle East locations like Japan and Korea. Surprisingly, VPN.ht still has many servers in the United States of America but states that it no longer offers United States of America servers in its privacy statement.

Security — Robust Security Encryptions, If You Can Get It to Work

VPN.ht advertises that each of its hotspot units is backed by the military-grade 256-bit secret script formula. Based on location data, a secure tunnel with the service would protect your online activities from the glare of presidential police work and malicious websites.

I also discovered useful security options in your Windows applications, such as firewall bypass, Smart DNS, and automatic reconnection.

Screenshot of simple security features available on VPN ht's VPN client
VPN.ht Review

There are also options to modify your write secret level or if you want TCP instead of victimizing the default UDP servers. However, there was no way to check if these options worked as advertised because the servers would never come online.

Privacy — An Entirely Unclear Privacy Policy

It is problematic to verify the privacy claims of VPN.ht. Although the VPN claims to have a zero-logs policy, these claims must be verified by independent auditors. VPN.ht is based in port, a jurisdiction outside of the 5/9/14 Eyes Allegiance. The 5/9/14 Eyes may be a conglomerate of nations that tracks web usage for security reasons. Being out of this location can be a good sign for the privacy of VPN.ht.

VPN.ht’s privacy statement is completely different from what you might expect. instead of a transparent statement of how it respects your privacy and the data it records, it only highlights its legal dispute with Hollywood Studios which sued them for privacy violations, causing it to decide not to offer more servers in the United States. However, recurring mentions of its determination not to record user information can be found in many places within the statement.

VPN.ht Review

To avoid getting mixed up with a service with no clear logging policy and ongoing legal issues, I recommend choosing ExpressVPN which may be a VPN that has been certified by independent auditors to keep no logs of user activities.

Torrenting — Claims to be Torrent Friendly

VPN.ht supports peer-to-peer file sharing by exploiting BitTorrent and other torrent sites. under its terms of use, there are no restrictions on the amount of information it will use. However, as in other sections, I was unable to verify the credibility of their torrent claims due to not being able to identify a reference to any server.

Does VPN.ht Work in China? No!

It was an uphill task to get customer support from VPN.ht to answer my queries. Since I was not in China for the duration of my tests, it was absolutely difficult to determine if VPN.ht would allow you to access censored websites in China.

VPN.ht Review Does VPN.ht Work in China? No!
VPN.ht Review

VPN.ht claims that its service will access content anywhere in the world, but China was not specifically mentioned. However, once customer support was asked, the answer stated that even though he bought VPN.ht to find out, he still couldn’t bypass the firewall in China.

Server Locations

VPN.ht Review

The Big Mistake When Comparing the Number of Servers and What to Really Look For

The quantitative relationship of the servers with the countries is a vital issue to consider when selecting a VPN. Just hearing the location or range of servers will annoy you. Many servers usually mean faster speeds, however, if VPN X includes more servers than VPN Y, but twice as many users, VPN X can generally have slower speeds. Ideally, you’d like a VPN that includes a ton of servers in each location. This way you won’t have to worry about the server/country you want going down and running slow.

User Experience1.0

Simultaneous Device Connections — Three Simultaneous Connections

VPN.ht claims that it will share your account with a few devices at the same time. However, when I tried to work on my details in the golem app, it rejected it as invalid, even if the same credentials were used to access the windows package.

Device Compatibility — It Claims to Work on Virtually all Devices

You can run VPN.ht on many devices. depending on the VPN, you will use their service on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Ubuntu, Redhat, Linux, and some routers running DD-WRT. I was able to port your native app on my Windows and Golem devices but never got either of them to notice.

There is also a provision to access the VPN.ht service via ASCII text file protocols like OpenVPN and L2TP on all devices. I couldn’t find any browser extensions and I also didn’t notice any special provisions for consoles and TVs.

Ease of Setup & Installation — Easy to Install But Impossible to Utilize

It is quite simple to download and install VPN.ht. From a district on the website, you can select your device model, and thus the native application will begin to transfer. It was absolutely easy for me to install Windows, but I had to reboot my device once I installed it to get it running.

There are helpful guides on the VPN.ht website if you want to line it up through a third-party software system like OpenVPN. furthermore, I couldn’t use VPN.ht in the slightest despite paying for inspiration. when downloading the native app on my windows device and establishing linguistic communication, I discovered that it was not ready to establish any server association. To correct this, I uninstalled it and put it back in once again to no avail.

I sent a message to customer support regarding my situation, and after more than eighteen hours, I received their response suggesting that I migrate to the OpenVPN protocol. However, I still couldn’t get VPN.ht even when choosing the OpenVPN GUI.

VPN.ht Review  Ease of Setup & Installation — Easy to Install but Impossible to Utilize
VPN.ht Review

It is an absolute waste of time trying to get VPN.ht to work for you as many high-end VPNs offer instant server connections at almost the same price as VPN.ht.


VPN.ht has weak client support. the presentation of the price tag was the only means I had of inducing response to my various queries. I’ve tried contacting support via email, however to no avail.

Some of the responses I received through sending the price tag for the days I requested the help were not specific, they were simply a repetition of the solution I had previously been given. It didn’t bother me that I had to go back to the support section of the page to see if my question had been answered, as emails don’t seem to be sent securely.

VPN.ht Review

Also, I was frustrated that support couldn’t successfully change my VPN account password, as there were no provisions to do it myself.

VPN vendorEmail response time24/7 supportLive chatRefund policyNative English
VPN.ht5 hoursVV
VPN.ht Review

How We Test Customer Support and Why Should You Care

We verify the customer support team of every VPN we tend to review. this suggests asking a technical question via the live chat feature (where applicable) and measuring reaction time for email inquiries. Whether or not you want to connect to a selected server, modify your security protocol, or add a VPN on your router, it should be necessary to find a VPN with quality customer support.


VPN.ht does not offer a free trial, but you can get a simple deal to test their service for the first month. However, I contemplate that it is a waste of money and time to pay for a VPN service that makes it much more impossible for server connections.

VPN.ht maintains a twin value structure that is distributed monthly or annually. Although it does not offer a free plan, VPN.ht makes up for it by offering a very cheap plan for the first month only. each user also has the privilege to generate a refund at intervals during the first 30 days of purchase if the VPN does not work properly.

There are plenty of channels to pay money for a premium VPN.ht fix. Although I paid with a visa MasterCard, you can explore different alternatives that are more convenient for you. onboard credit/debit cards, you will be able to pay with PayPal, cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, gift cards, and Mobiamo. Mastercard payments do not appear to be processed by VPN.ht, but by third-party platforms such as Mint, Dollar General, FasterPay, and CVS Pharmacy.

VPN.ht Offers The Following Plans

Final Verdict

VPN.ht couldn’t establish a connection to any server after one or two of my colleagues and I tried it. Despite paying twice as much for inspiration on different devices. The experience was similar across different third-party devices and protocols, so I don’t recommend trying this VPN.

It would be a waste of funds and time to pay for and verify this VPN yourself. Great VPNs should be ready to easily establish connections, protect users, and offer good speeds. VPN.ht failing on all those classes. However, you will be able to access these necessities and many more. If you sign up for a great VPN service like ExpressVPN.

FAQs About VPN.ht

Is VPN.ht good?

Nope! it was not possible to verify any VPN.ht options in its native applications or the ASCII text file buyer.

Can I use VPN.ht for free?

Nope! You may not get a free fix for VPN.ht. However, it is not recommended that you only purchase a concept as ownership is not guaranteed.

If you are looking for VPNs that offer free plans, you can try some of those reliable providers.

Is VPN.ht really safe?

Nope! VPN.ht was unable to activate any servers on my behalf and therefore was unable to encrypt my web connections. Despite its assurances that it offered up to 256-bit encryption, it had not been possible to get the service up and running.

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