VPNhub Review In 2021: Features, Pricing & More!

VPNhub Review Is Pornhub’s VPN Service Ok To Keep Us Anonymous On Porn Sites?

Pornhubs uses its popularity on branding their new service.
Article: VPNhub Review In 2021

Following the official announcement of the aging verification law in the UK, we seem to disclose an inordinate amount of information about our intimate lives.

In order to be ready to view porn in the UK, you must now hand over the details of your personal identification documents – passport, ID card, or driver’s license.

The law was implemented in April in the Digital Economy Act 2017 and is regulated by the British Film Classification Board.

It gets scarier!

The verification tool was developed by MindGeek, the company behind several major porn websites, including Pornhub, YouPorn, and RedTube. This leads to our private data converging in the hands of a single company.

Mindgeek may be a private company founded in 2004. Its legal headquarters are in Luxembourg, but it operates mainly from Canada.

“MindGeek, the creator of AgeID, offers a VPN service to get around the restriction.”

Not only has the owner of Pornhub created the AgeID, but he has also even partnered with IPVanish to allow his visitors to hide under the rug.

This shows that they need a business to run and therefore the new regulation will have a huge impact on your website traffic.

VPNhub Overview

If pornography websites break the law, they will be fined $ 329,000 or maybe permanently banned.

AgeID is an age verification platform to make sure the viewer is over 18 years old. Visitors need to verify their age with a political document and once done, they are ready to visit AgeID protected websites again without other verification methods. it had been carried out in collaboration with the UK government.

The great kahuna remains: is our data safe within the world’s largest internet porn monopoly?

We want to help you answer these questions during this article.

What Does The Community Believe In AgeID?

Redditors are mostly against the restriction.

Pornhub community manager Katie_Pornhub may be a popular and beloved member. She presents a 6-year-old Reddit account.

However, when it comes to VPNs, Redditors are obnoxious – there’s little love or upvotes.

People were upset by the fact that Katie_Pornhub declared Pornhub trustworthy:

reddit comment 1
reddit comment 2

If she works for the company she’s promoting, people get excited:

Some cheer her on for her hard PR work:

reddit comment 3

Redditors feel that Pornhub has an inordinate amount of control and access to their information.

Pornhub replied that they are going to sell the knowledge, but it will be anonymous. They also claim that they do not store browsing data.

To get a sensible perspective on the reliability of VPNhub, we need to look at the technical details.

so what did we do?

We ripped apart your VPN and searched everything a tap might sound like.

Below you will find the advantages and disadvantages of using VPNhub and we will give you our opinion on whether it is worth the risk within the conclusion.

VPNHub Pros

No Leaks

We test most of the leak identification sites: Virustotal, IPLeak.net, DNS Perfect-Privacy leak test, IPX.ac, Browserleaks.com

DNS leak test by browserleaks.com.
Article: VPNhub Review In 2021

Neither site found any leaks when using VPNhub.

Some services tend to have tons of them. for example, Hola’s free VPN scored DNS leaks on 3 out of seven websites.

Low quality and poor service are common with free VPNs, which is why we often recommend reading How Free VPNs Sell Your Data.

Compatible With Major Platforms

VPNhub works on all major platforms: Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work on Linux, but it’s not a big deal for everyday users.

If you want to go to Netflix and watch a movie from the “Steamy” section, it is also possible with VPNhub.

Also, torrenting is not allowed.

TOR browser is allowed and works fine.

There are places where VPNhub is unresponsive in the least.

If you are in one of these countries, you will not be ready to use VPNhub: Burma / Myanmar, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria.

It could even be blocked in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, China.

Wide Variety Of Servers

VPNhub has more than 826 servers to install in 18 different countries.

Compared to other service providers, it is a bit more than usual.

The servers include Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, Poland, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the UK, and therefore the US.

For example, ExpressVPN, the highest player in the VPN market, has more than 2,000 servers in 94 countries.

There is an interesting advantage that is worth mentioning: the Premium subscription allows you to connect up to three devices simultaneously to the VPNhub servers.

Some of the available servers on the desktop version.
Article: VPNhub Review In 2021

AES-256 Secure Encryption

VPNhub offers two types of encryption and protocols.

AES-256 and AES-128 encryption and thus the OpenVPN industry standard, both UDP and TCP

OpenVPN is the most secure VPN protocol available, but what is the difference between UDP and TCP?

Simply speaking:


  • Bypass FireWalls – tunnels run on common ports (443, 80) and are therefore rarely blocked.
  • More reliable – connections are more stable thanks to guaranteed package delivery
  • Slow speed: superior encryption methods slow down the connection


  • Less reliable: package delivery is not guaranteed
  • Preferred – UDP tunnels are the preferred connection method is supported by the network
  • Fast speed – faster than TCP thanks to lower encryption

The most common attack in cryptography is called brute force.

When looking at AES-128, it takes 2 (128) assumptions to make each of the possible keys, with AES-256, it’s 2 (256).

The latter is simply cosmically larger, leading AES-256 to be a much more robust option.

VPNHub Cons

Slow Speed

We use Speedtest.net to check speed with 3 different servers.
To get more accurate results, we run each test 3 times and calculate the typical one of which we then find the relationship.

Speedtest without VPN
Article: VPNhub Review In 2021

Germany server 

  • Ping – 64 ms
  • Download – 5 Mbps
  • Upload – 0.69 Mbps


  • Ping– 562 ms
  • Download– 2.79 Mbps
  • Upload– 0.27 Mbps

United States

  • Ping – 284 ms
  • Download – 3.98 Mbps
  • Upload – 0.44 Mbps
  • Germany’s ping is 169% higher, Singapore 2273% and thus US 1100%
  • Download speed is 40% slower when connecting to a German server, 47% slower with Singapore, and 24% slower with the US server.
  • Germany’s upload speed is 13% slower, Singapore 65%, and thus the US server 44% slower.

Incorrect Jurisdiction Location

The headquarters of VPNhub developer AppAtomic Limited is based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

However, their servers are within the US.

Appatomic will process any personal information within the US.

Most importantly, you should think about your local data protection laws.

The United States can be a member of the 5 Eyes Jurisdiction (FVEY)

FVEY is that the agreement between the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand during which that country’s watchdog agency has legal tools and rights to access the data persisted on the network in those respective countries.

FVEY nations can also ask for their cooperation for statistics.

Buggy Features

There are several cool features found within the settings tab.

One we haven’t seen in a short time: connect to the fastest server (out of 800+). an equivalent characteristic is often set for a selected country.

We also like that they provide Auto Reconnect and Kill Switch, which is also listed in the Connection Settings tab.

However, there is one thing that is quite surprising.

Kill Switch does not work!

We tested it by checking Kill Switch. Then we tried to connect to the web without the VPN, but it didn’t work. After being connected to different servers, the web remained unresponsive.

As soon as we unchecked Kill Switch, the web started working again.

Kill Switch failed the test.
Article: VPNhub Review In 2021

In their defense, they did not advertise this feature on their website.

Unresponsive Customer Service

VPNhub is proud to announce 24/7 support.

We wanted to be sure that they are genuine in their statements.

We e-mailed them to find out the reaction time and found it to be approximately 10 hours. Not bad, right?

We were pleased to hear your answer, as well as your courtesy and ability to provide short and easy answers.

The main reason their support remains terrible is the incontrovertible fact that after asking follow-up questions, they still haven’t sent us the answer. Our second email was sent 4 days ago, which is a 24/7 service.

As time passes, people expect immediate solutions to problems, so a live chat or phone number would be much more convenient.

However, if you want quick and general answers, you may want to check out their FAQ page.


VPNhub claims it doesn’t log but is it true?

When your app opens for the first time, you will prefer to allow VPNHUB to receive your advertiser ID or not.

Turning it off will degrade your overall experience.

This is a clear sign of a hook that needs to be swallowed.

Advertiser ID can be a personalized ID that tracks your browsing habits and more. It usually collects and sells data, but it also focuses on ads.

Let’s even take a look at their Privacy Policy.

To have a transparent understanding of the data they record, it is important to read each line carefully.

security measures of VPNhub

The first thing to keep in mind is that they do have a quantity of your personal information and therefore an employee who must perform their job functions associated with this data can access it.

That’s how it is!

Second, they clearly state that they cannot guarantee that your personal data will not be disclosed or seen by others.

In short, it is not responsible for any damage that may occur due to leaks.


One more thing.

Pornhubs partner IPVanish was arrested for searching everything and turning over records to the feds.

Recently, court documents have been released revealing how IPVanish recorded and shared the real IP address, full name, username, EOB data, connection sites, connection timestamps, and timestamps of disconnection.

Subscriber information was requested and Highwinds Network Group, Inc, the parent company of IPVanish, provided a report identifying the suspicious user.c

The paragraph from the case document

The relevant section is often seen during this image.

Lying about logging is not a surprise to us. There are many VPNs that claim a “no log” policy, but they actually do. Here may be a list of more than 100 VPN log policies.

26 VPNs out of 115 collect hidden log files in their privacy policy.

VPNhub Cost & Plans

VPNhub knowingly advertises that its services are free.

The reality is that the opposite.

When you start scrolling your website and flipping through the little texts, it becomes clear that it is free for each week only.

Not only is it not free, but it is also expensive!

After a 7-day trial, you will be billed $13.99 per month or $6.99 per month if you select the annual plan.

VPNHub pricing
Article: VPNhub Review In 2021

Going back to security, we don’t like iTunes billing.

This is the only option you have to buy, both for Windows / Mac and Android / iOS.

As Pornhub has partnered with Verge Cryptocurrency, there is a possibility that the billing methods will change in the future.

We had some hope about payments when they were asked about this directly by email.

We were told that a one-day subscription will also be possible on the desktop version.

Bad Usability

The interface is usually easy to use both in the application and on the desktop.

vpnhub connection failure ios app
Article: VPNhub Review In 2021

The design is simple and understandable. they need to try to give it a smooth look.

Still, there are tons of bugs.

As stated above, Kill Switch is not working on desktop and within the app, we never get the connection to work, not sure why!

There are currently no ratings within the iOS app store.

When looking on Google Play, it seems that there is no problem with Android devices, as out of 3,945 ratings, the type can be a little more than 4 stars.


Should we trust Pornhubs VPNhub to surf the internet safely?

We believe – No!

They partnered with IPVanish to perform the service, and although IPVanish is considered a legitimate business, they need a bit of the past to record user details.

Also, VPNhub itself is still too green and shady. Their registration policy does not guarantee protection against personal information leaks.

There is a great VPN provider that is reputable and trusted. Why do you ever have to risk using an expensive and inaccurate company instead of the best solutions available? It just doesn’t square from any angle.

If the software was truly free and unlimited as advertised, it would be worth a second guess.

But is not!

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