VPS vs Dedicated Server Comparison 2023 – Which One Should You Use?

VPS vs dedicated server in Between having a hard time distinguishing?

Unlike shared hosting, both a VPS, short for a virtual private server and a fanatic server offers your website its own resources. However, they accomplish this in slightly different ways and at radically different value points, so you’ll want to be sure you pick the right answer for your wishes.

In this post, we will nicely compare VPS hosting to dedicated hosting to help you perceive the key variations and decide on the right approach for your wants and budget.

VPS vs Dedicated Hosting | 7 Differences You Should Know
VPS vs Dedicated Server Comparison 2023

What is a VPS?

With a VPS, you continue to share the resources of a server with different users. However, unlike shared hosting, your website still gets dedicated resources on your server-side.

For example, if the server has eight GB of RAM, your VPS will likely get one GB of that eight GB of RAM. However, the necessary problem is that you never have to share that GB of RAM with anyone else, it is 100% yours.

To divide these resources, a VPS hosting provider uses something called a hypervisor to create virtual machines for each client on the server. It is not very necessary to understand the technology: you just have to know that each account in the VPS is completely isolated from the other accounts.

Let’s investigate housing as an associate degree analogy. A VPS is reasonably a kind of condominium building. If you own a home in the same building, that home is 100% yours. Your neighbors can’t just hijack your living room because they’re throwing a huge party (that’s how shared hosting works!).

However, you may not own the entire building – you are still just one room out of many. this means that it cannot, say, beautify the entire building. In server terms, this means you can’t customize the hardware to your wishes because it’s still only 1 tenant on the server.

What is a dedicated server?

As the name suggests, a fanatic server means that you get the entire physical server dedicated to your website(s). instead of just getting a server location as you do with a VPS, you get all the trouble.

Aside from probably gaining additional resources, the big advantage of this approach is that you only have complete management over the particular physical hardware within your server, and therefore the software package that runs on it.

For example, you might like AMD processors over Intel processors – you have that level of management with a fanatical server. In addition, you will be able to manage each software package on the physical hardware.

Let’s go back to the housing analogy. during this situation, a fanatical server would be like buying your own house. You are the sole owner of that building, it is 100% yours. Also, you have full authority to customize the entire building to the maximum amount you want.

Explaining some other key terminology

Beyond the distinction between VPS and dedicated servers, there are also 2 different necessary terms that you would like to know in order to fully understand VPS and dedicated hosting.

Managed vs unmanaged VPS and dedicated servers

Both VPS and dedicated servers are available in 2 ways:

  • Unmanaged
  • Managed

With an associate-grade unmanaged VPS or dedicated server, all you get is the basic hardware. So you are responsible for setting everything up and maintaining your server. This doesn’t mean just installing WordPress, you’ll also need to install the underlying technologies.

For example, if you want to use WordPress, you need to install PHP, an Internet server (Apache, Nginx, or LiteSpeed), etc.

It goes without saying that the unmanaged provider area unit is much more advanced. They are only an honest option for developers or technical users.

A managed VPS or dedicated server is just the opposite. With this setup, you still get the dedicated resources for your site(s), as we mentioned above. However, your hosting provider can still handle server setup, administration, and maintenance for you.

Managed servers highly value unmanaged servers for this reason. However, unless you’re a complicated technical user, it’s worth shelling out the money to urge a managed server so you don’t feel helpless over all the technical details.

VPS hosting vs cloud VPS hosting

Nowadays, there is another term that can trip you up: cloud hosting or cloud VPS hosting. Cloud hosting uses consistent fundamentals like a standard VPS, with one key difference:

  • Traditional VPS – Your website gets its dedicated resources from a portion of a physical server.
  • Cloud VPS – Your website gets its dedicated resources from multiple servers (the “cloud”).

Today, a number of forward-thinking providers have fully leaned towards the cloud VPS approach as it is a bit more flexible. However, for the needs of this post, it’s completely fine to think of a VPS and a cloud VPS as exactly the same problem.

VPS vs Dedicated hosting Pros and Cons

👍 PROS It is much more profitable than dedicated hosting.
You still get dedicated resources for your website, even assuming you don’t have the full physical server.
You will be able to “scale” your hosting even more easily, especially if you work with a VPS in the cloud. That is, you will be able to simply upgrade your VPS just by adjusting the virtual partition.
You get complete management over your server’s physical hardware and software package.
Your website is physically isolated from other accounts because it is on its own physical server (whereas your site is almost isolated with a VPS).
👎 CONSYou do not have complete management of the physical hardware of your server.It can be terribly expensive.
It can be robust to accurately assess what resources you’d like (and it’s more durable to alter resources than with a VPS since the resource area unit is partitioned physically rather than virtually).
VPS vs Dedicated Server Comparison 2023

Should you use a VPS or dedicated server?

Most people can do much better with a VPS than a fanatic server, especially if you go with a cloud VPS provider.

A cloud VPS has many of the constant advantages of a fanatic server, but in a much more cost-effective package with a lot of added flexibility. This may be why, in 2023 and on the other side, most business area units are moving towards cloud hosting instead of their own dedicated hosting.

A dedicated server is only smart for high-traffic websites with very different hosting needs. for many different sites, going with a cloud VPS might be a better option!

Best VPS hosting providers

If you’ve figured out that VPS hosting is the best option for your situation, here are some of the best hosts to help you get started.

First of all, here are some great options for managed VPS hosting:

VPS hosting from Cloudways vs dedicated server
VPS vs Dedicated Server Comparison 2023
  • Cloudways – A simple thanks to the use of cloud VPS hosting from numerous cloud providers. Plans start at $10 per month for the most profitable DigitalOcean VPS.
  • Bluehost – A popular option with VPS plans starting at $18.99 per month.
  • SiteGround – A well-regarded host with cloud VPS plans starting at $80 per month. a little more expensive than other alternatives but quality service.
  • A2 Hosting – An affordable option with managed VPS plans starting at $19.99 per month or unmanaged plans for as little as $4.99 per month.
  • InMotion Hosting – Another cheap option with managed VPS plans to start at $17.99 per month or unmanaged plans starting at just $5 per month.

However, if you specifically want unmanaged VPS hosting, your best option is usually to travel with one of the popular cloud VPS providers:

You can use a tool like RunCloud or ServerPilot to more easily manage your unmanaged VPS hosting. Or you can also install cPanel or Plesk on your own VPS.

Best dedicated hosting providers

If a fanatic server is a better fit for your needs, here are some smart options to help you get started:

Bluehost dedicated hosting
VPS vs Dedicated Server Comparison 2023
  • Bluehost – A popular provider with managed dedicated servers starting at just $80 per month.
  • A2 Hosting – A high-quality host with managed servers starting at $141 per month and unmanaged servers starting at $100 per month.
  • Hetzner – A popular budget option for those in Europe with managed servers from €89 per month or unmanaged from just €34 per month. However, it is not a good option for people outside of Europe.
  • LiquidWeb – A well-regarded host with dedicated servers in both the US and Europe. The cost of managed servers starts at $169 per month.

Final thoughts

When the general public launches a website, they start with shared hosting because it is the most profitable thanks to the creation of a WordPress website. However, as your website grows, you’ll want additional resources for your website and avoid sharing resources with other sites.

Both a VPS and fanatic server help you achieve those goals.

With a VPS, the host pretty much splits up a server’s resources into completely different components and gets one of those components entirely for their website. These resources will come back from one machine (a “traditional” VPS) or come back from a network of multiple machines (a cloud VPS).

In contrast, with a fanatic server, you get the entire physical server to yourself.

For most people, a VPS is a stronger option unless you’re running a high-traffic website with specific needs.

To get started, check out our assortment of the best VPS hosting providers.

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