What Inspired Your Look (2021)

Learn how to find inspiration in fashion and use a mood board to develop your own style.

How to Find Fashion Inspiration

What Inspired Your Look (2021) How to Find Fashion Inspiration
Article: What Inspired Your Look (2021)

Inspiration in fashion can come from anywhere, and therefore the most reliable style resources are at your fingertips.

Start With People You Know

What Inspired Your Look (2021) Start With People You Know
Article: What Inspired Your Look (2021)

If you have no idea where you really want to travel in personal style, use your most basic resources: family and friends. Who is admired at home? Who is admired at work? What are they wearing that makes you think they look pretty? Start using those outfit ideas as a reference point. You do not need to choose a particular genre. You do not need to choose a star. Everyone has someone in their life who makes them think, “They look good.”

Search Online

What Inspired Your Look (2021) Search Online
Article: What Inspired Your Look (2021)

Use a query engine to find the type of style you are looking for. If you recognize that you are curious about the boho or preppy style, look up those terms, if you’re not sure, keep it more basic. Whether you are a person, you will look for a “masculine style”. If you are a lady, look for “woman style”.

It is not binary, search for “non-binary style.” If it is plus size, it will add “plus-size style”. And there will be a host of options available to you. Start clicking on them and ask yourself, “Could it be me? Does that want me? Would you rather want that person?”

Spend time on social media and watch how friends and celebrities dress, from casual outfits to sweatshirts and leggings to blazers and turtlenecks for work. Blogs are full of inspiration and fashion advice, so find a couple of fashion bloggers whose style you admire and browse their archives for your favorite outfits.

Look to Off-Duty and Street Style

What Inspired Your Look (2021)
Article: What Inspired Your Look (2021)

If there is a star or influencer whose style you want, try to find images of their off-duty style. What do they wear when they are not in the spotlight? What are they posting for their Outfit of the Day (OOTD)? Try to determine who that celebrity’s stylist is and appear before them for inspiration.

Go Window Shopping

What Inspired Your Look (2021) Go Window Shopping
Article: What Inspired Your Look (2021)

Visit boutiques and designer stores. Focus on the style of the mannequins and find items that you simply like. This is usually a heartfelt thank you to determine which items are trending and explore layers, as mannequins are often designed to highlight various items in a store. Shopping works for online shopping too – many brands post searchable books on their websites that you can simply bookmark for inspiration.

Check Out Runway Shows

What Inspired Your Look (2021)
Article: What Inspired Your Look (2021)

Catwalks are a great source of inspiration, and you don’t have to attend New York Fashion Week to see them. You’ll find all the major shows from the last 20 years on Vogue.com, for example. Take a look at all the shows you want. Find the style trends that interest you the most.

That is even easier than shopping. You’re looking at what common themes would add to your wardrobe. And you are only inspiring. you are not buying that designer piece. The runway style and pieces are not meant for everyday wear. What you see on a runway can be a kind of art, but it can also be a great inspiration for an outfit.

Look Beyond Fashion

What Inspired Your Look (2021) Look Beyond Fashion
Article: What Inspired Your Look (2021)

When trying to find inspiration, remember that it doesn’t have to come from fashion. You may be inspired by botany, art, movies, or animals. If you see a flower with amazing colors, try incorporating those colors into its appearance. That kind of real-world style inspiration is where many designers get their fashion ideas. Inspiration outside of the realm of fashion can help you find a unique look, rather than modern.

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