What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021

Unsweetened or minimally processed fruits make a great snack, as they are rich in a kind of nutrients that support health and wellness. Fruits can also help with weight loss when people include them as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

The natural sweetness of most fruits can also help people satisfy sugar cravings. This in turn can help them avoid processed foods and snacks and reach a moderate weight. However, some fruits may also be better than others for weight loss.

In this article, we discuss the connection between eating fruit and losing weight. We also list the simplest fruits that people can include in their diet when trying to be successful at a moderate weight.

Fruit use and weight loss

What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021
Article: What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021

Fruit is one of the healthiest carbohydrate sources. Fruits, when consumed in conjunction with a balanced diet and daily exercise, will help you lose weight.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025, people should consume 2 cups of fruit daily as part of the diet.

ResearchTrusted Source also suggests that eating fruit can help you reach and maintain a moderate weight. However, it will be that different types of fruits have different effects on weight, according to the trusted source for this 2016 study.

According to other research, most fruits have health benefits, including anti-obesity properties, and contain a range of vitamins and minerals. As a result, some health groups advocate eating fruits to reduce weight.

What role does fruit play in weight loss?

The fruit can contribute to weight loss in a number of ways.

What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021
Article: What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021


The fruit is rich in fiber, which is indigestible as part of plants and carbohydrates.

Studies Reliable source links higher fiber intake with a lower weight. Fiber can make people feel full for a long time, which can reduce the overall number of calories during a person’s diet.

The authors of a 2019 study relied on the Source report that as a result of consuming dietary fiber, obese or overweight adults who followed a calorie-restricted diet lost weight and adhered to dietary recommendations.

Calories and hydration

Many fruits, like berries and melons, are high in water content. As the exclusive source of fiber and water, fruits are a filler option that will help people feel full.

Glycemic index: low

The glycemic index (GI) measures the consequences that food has on blood glucose levels.

Lower GI foods will cause slower blood glucose changes than high GI foods. Experts consider that foods with a value less than 55 have a low GI.

ResearchTrusted Source indicates that a calorie-controlled, low-GI diet may also be simpler for weight loss than a high-GI diet that is low in fat.

While most fruits have a GI for coffee, tropical fruits, such as pineapple, mango, and watermelon, have a moderate or high GI. However, moderate to high GI fruits can still be part of a healthy diet.

Natural sweetness

The natural sweetness of fruits can help curb sugar cravings. Choosing fruits instead of cookies or cakes will help a person consume fewer calories and less added fat and sugar while allowing them to enjoy a sweet treat.

When people use fruits as a substitute for other sweet foods while on a diet, they will experience weight loss.

Fruits that help you lose weight

What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021
Article: What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021

All fruits contain nutrients that play a crucial role in overall health. Studies have shown that subsequent fruits can help with weight loss:


A medium apple contains a reliable source of 104 calories and 4.8 grams (g) of fiber. Eating apples on a daily basis can help you lose weight.

According to a 2015 report by reputable outlets specializing in children and teens, people who consumed whole apples and apple products had lower BMI z-scores than those who did not eat these foods. Obesity was even more common at the last party.

The BMI z-score is an adjusted score that takes into account the sex and age of the child. It is also known as the BMI variance score (s.d.).


Half an avocado contains a reliable source of 120 calories and 5 g of fiber. it’s also an honest source of heart-healthy fats, vitamin K, and folate.

Avocado can increase feelings of fullness and reduce appetite, which are factors that will support efforts to control weight.

According to reputable sources, eating avocados on a daily basis will help people maintain a healthier weight. Participants who were moderately overweight at the start of the study gained slightly less weight over the course of four to eleven years than people who did not eat avocado on a regular basis.


One banana is a healthy source of 112 calories and 3.33 grams of fiber. Bananas are also high in potassium, which is helpful to cardiovascular health.

Bananas, with their sweet flavor and high fiber content, will help you feel complete and reduce sugar cravings. They’re also a really compact nutritious snack that’s convenient to eat on the go.


Berries are a great option for weight loss as they need a high water content and therefore the lowest GIT trusted source of all fruits. Different berries have slightly different nutrient profiles, but they all contain essential vitamins and minerals that support overall health.

Popular berries include:

BlackberriesOne cup65Trusted Source8 g
BlueberriesOne cup86Trusted Source3.6 g
RaspberriesOne cup78Trusted Source9.8 g
StrawberriesOne cup48Trusted Source3 g
Article: What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021

According to a 2015 Trusted Source survey of 12 premenopausal women, those who snacked on 65 calories of berries consumed less food at their next meal than those who snacked on 65 calories of sweets.


Half a grapefruit contains a reliable source of 65 calories and a couple of 0.5 g of fiber. it is also an exclusive source of vitamin C.

A 2011 Trusted Source study of 85 obese adults notes that participants who ate grapefruit or drank fruit juice before meals experienced a decrease in calorie intake, a 7.1% decrease in weight, and better cholesterol levels.

While participants who drank water before meals experienced an identical weight reduction, their cholesterol levels did not improve.

It is important to note that people should not consume grapefruit if they are taking certain medications, such as statins, calcium channel blockers, and some psychiatric medications. this is often because grapefruit can affect the way medicines work.


One kiwi contains a reliable source of 44 calories and a couple of 0.3 g of fiber.

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, each medium fruit provides 71% of a person’s daily value for vitamin C.

A 2018 study from Trust Source reports that people with prediabetes who ate two golden kiwifruits a day for 12 weeks experienced a 1.2-inch reduction in their waist circumference. They also had a discount in vital signs and an increase in vitamin C levels.


Various melons can contribute to weight loss due to their high water content and sweet taste. Common melon varieties include:

Cantaloupe melonOne cup53Trusted Source1.2 g
Honeydew melonOne cup56Trusted Source1.2 g
WatermelonOne cup47Trusted Source0.6 g
Article: What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021

However, thanks to the GI classifications of melons, people must consume them with care.

According to research derived from multiple studies from different laboratories, the typical GI of watermelon is 76, making it a high GI food. Both cantaloupes and cantaloupes have a moderate GI.


One medium orange contains a reliable source of 72 calories and three .7 g of fiber.

It also contains 81.9 milligrams of vitamin C, which is 109% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for women and 91% for men.

Passion fruit

This South American fruit contains a reliable source of 18 calories and 1.9 g of fiber.

It also features a compound called piceatannol, which improves vital signs and pulse and should increase insulin sensitivity from the trusted source. Insulin resistance can contribute to weight gain from Reliable Source.

Stone fruits

Stone fruits, or drupes, are fruits that contain stone or stone. Examples include:

ApricotsOne fruit17Trusted Source0.7 g
CherriesOne cup95Trusted Source3.2 g
NectarinesOne fruit55Trusted Source2.1 g
PeachesOne fruit63Trusted Source2.3 g
PlumsOne fruit35Trusted Source1 g
Article: What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021

Each fruit has its own nutritional profile which offers a variety of vitamins and minerals. Stone fruits often have a low GI for coffee and are usually low in calories, which can aid weight loss.

Some stone fruits can also provide other health benefits. For example, tart cherry consumption may reduce reliable source markers for metabolic syndrome, according to a rodent study. The syndrome can be a set of symptoms such as hypertension, central obesity, insulin resistance, and dyslipidemia.

The risks of a fruit-only diet

What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021
Article: What to Do About the Best Fruits for Weight Loss in 2021

Some people follow a frugivorous diet. Most people who eat this way will consume most of their calories from raw fruit, with a small amount coming from vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

While people on this diet can get many important vitamins and minerals from fruit, they won’t get enough of other nutrients, such as:

  • calcium
  • iron
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • protein
  • b12 vitamin
  • vitamin D
  • zinc

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) offers guidelines on daily fruit consumption amounts.


The fruit is usually an excellent aid to reach or maintain a moderate weight. While all fruits have health benefits, some may also be better than others at contributing to satiety and keeping blood glucose levels stable.

People who want to consume fruits to help lose weight should do so as part of a diet. Other factors, such as physical activity and adequate sleep, also play a role in weight control and overall health.

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