What to Wear to a Wedding (2022)

Stylistically, weddings aren’t the easy, historically formal affairs they once were: once everyone was dressed in their finery, they got a little silly, and that was it. Recently, the wedding ceremony is casual, overly formal,, or perhaps themed (shudder), starting from the unusual: ‘wearing Hawaiian’, to the ultra-specific: ‘wearing pink stripes.’

Arguably even a lot of confusion is deciding what to wear to a wedding reception. If you only attend 0.5 per day, can you generate 0.5 of the effort? not

The only grace here is that because you are eschewing all elegance and ceremony, you can afford to have fun along with your clothes, as befits a joyful and positive occasion. But unless you’re also the fun, the fun isn’t crazy. A degree of sobriety is missing in your attire, though it is missing in your demeanor at the end of the night.

What to Wear to a Wedding (2022)

Wedding Reception Style Tips

Know the Dress Code

The invitation probably contains the most important information that will help you decide what can be used as a guest at a wedding. this could be specific, two pieces, for example, or, pointlessly obscure, “party wear”.

The latter possibly needs some background analysis, such as asking someone closer to the boyfriend for a more accurate interpretation. And if the invitation says that a particular dress is ‘optional,’ that usually means the bride and groom need you to wear it, says Christopher Modoo, dress expert and artistic director of UK trade division Kit Blake. So do it, in other words.


Respect the Hosts

A wedding reception is not an opportunity for fashion rebellion. No, at least, unless it is towards ideology. Sure, if the hosts are sporting, say, a certain amount of fashion, you don’t have to feel obligated to fit in. It’s just the reception anyway, it’s just a massive party.

That said, this isn’t the time to debut your new lime green two-piece and dazzling velvet slippers (in smarts, there probably never is a time for that). Although it is tempting, it will be to decorate a kind of Pitti peacock, it never seems that you are trying to outshine the bride and groom.

Consider Context

If you want to dress up, the cream linen trade will create a solid reception attire. That is if the marriage reception is being held on a beach. in the middle of the city? Not that much.

In addition to the time of year and general coding, the location of the wedding should play a big role in what you decide to wear. If it’s a country estate, feel free to dig up your valley plaid suit and trusty brogues. If the happy, hip couple has booked a renovated industrial building for their reception, it’s a sign that they’ll be very fashion-forward with the modern attacking industry.

Suit Supply

Embrace the Formal

Once men attend a wedding reception, there might be a temptation to wear ‘fancy’ clothes that they wouldn’t normally wear, says Modoo. “You see men in flashy, busy shirts, as an example. And invariably there’s a guy in an electric blue suit. It’s a look that’s more of a residential district real estate agent than a refined guest.” Dress up, sure. This isn’t Harry and Meghan’s big day though – stay calm, unless the invite says tomorrow’s suits.

Understated, well-cut business can invariably trump flashy in terms of class. You’re not there to drain the boyfriend’s attention. And besides, if the marriage is casual enough. You can do something individual by ditching the tie associated with an open-necked or grandfather-collared shirt.

What to Wear to a Wedding Reception – Three Looks

All-out Sharp


Let’s start by saying that it’s acceptable to wear your business suit to a wedding reception if it’s well-tailored. A well-fitting suit will serve you well for a wide variety of social occasions, especially if it’s in a versatile navy blue or gray.

Where you will be able to build a distinction is with everything else. Wear a subtly striped shirt; a not too formal unwoven tie; a smartwatch and some polished Derbys. Make sure your tie knot is on purpose, complete with a little dimple, and build a test along with your preparation. If you want to spice up your “normal” outfit, it’s the little things that will make a difference.

If the wedding reception is just the excuse you’d like to buy a new suit, select one thing that will wear out a lot. Think lightly structured, single-breasted, and patch pockets, which will allow you to wear the jacket on its own, separate from the pants.

Laid Back Tailoring


Since you won’t have to endure the additional formal ceremonies of the day itself, you often won’t have to travel and wear a nightshirt and tie at night. So, while you may prefer to wear a suit, you can go for a higher fit [*fr1]: a non-woven polo shirt or a shirt with a grandfather collar, perhaps.

This will reshape the outfit and instantly give you a more prosperous and disreputable edge. It removes any “business” connotation the suit might have, that’s fine if you sometimes don’t feel comfortable in one or don’t need to look too stuffy.

An easy way to nail the formal suit is to travel tonally, that is. Select a stitch or shirt in a very similar hue to the suit. It’s a hassle-free associate’s degree thanks to craftsmanship, especially if you skip the pocket square and go for dark brown or black shoes.

Smart Separates

Mango Man

One way to appear sensible but still easy is to wear separate pieces. That is a suit jacket with a combination of mismatched pants. There’s a trick to that, however, even if you get along, there’s no easier way to look great at a wedding reception.

Tailored separates allow for a degree of creative thinking that an everyday suit doesn’t. You can get fantasy together with your material mixes: combine the material with corduroy or brushed cotton with wool. Do the same for colors and patterns, though we recommend keeping things restricted there. Welsh aristocrats dressed in pinstripes can be a no-go.

Classic mixes include navy worn with lighter blues or neutrals like beige and brown. and since it is a more elegant and challenging craft, it pairs well with t-shirts and knitwear, if you want to travel the even more relaxed route.

Key Wedding Reception Pieces

The Suit

A simple mid-tone suit in very light wool can suit most wedding receptions year-round. Both are formal enough for the occasion and light enough to modify the warmth of the marquee or floor. If necessary, wear a tie, but consider a more attractive, shiny, or rough textured one – a non-woven tie can always work. To manage a two-piece suit with an added formal result, try a statement piece in plain silver grey.

Shop The Look

The Shirt

White is also too similar to office wear, so you need a warmer. Brighter tone without going into the more extreme territory: sky blue, cream, or pale pink can carry your look, but you’re also going for elegance. make sure your shirt has a structured, stiff collar to form the front of your tie. Avoid shirts with an odd description, such as buttonhole seams or distinctive piping.

What to Wear to a Wedding (2022) The Shirt

The Shirt Alternatives

If the reception is casual enough, ditch the regular collared shirt and wear something softer and more, individual. A high-neck look refines with a suit in winter. While an open-neck shirt pair beautifully with linen blends for summer weddings. Non-woven t-shirts and polos are even more casual but will work for the right event with the right style.

The rule of thumb for all of those options is to stick with simple neutral colors in tonal shades that match the suit.

What to Wear to a Wedding (2022) The Shirt Alternatives

The Shoes

Unless your outfit is extremely light in the shade, black Oxfords or chapeau shoes can work on many occasions. Serving to provide the desired ritual air. As the groom, this is not the time to wear new shoes, unless you’re trying to stay in your seat the entire time; neither overtly casual shoes from the area unit (boat shoes, driving shoes, even black) are acceptable.

What to Wear to a Wedding (2022) The Shoes

The Accessories

Although “formality” is the watchword, a wedding reception is also an opportunity for a level of style that work doesn’t always offer. The joy of the occasion will be reflected in the pleasure of dressing up: a pocket square, a tie pin, a watch and chain, cufflinks, and the like unit of the area all appropriate. “This is an opportunity to use the kind of accent you don’t see every day,” says Modoo.

What to Wear to a Wedding (2022) The Accessories

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