What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

What You Wear on the Weekends, wherever dating (in most places in the United States) is finally socially acceptable and safe (just have those vaccination cards ready). We’ve been waiting for over a year to remove every cold-weather item from our wardrobes that aren’t sweatshirts, but still, the pandemic has left many people struggling to shake our attachment to any or all things. comfortable. and comforting. Combining outfits to go out, and then wearing them during an event, these days feels more durable than ever.

If you’re pretty sure how to dress for specific occasions, like late-night dinners and bottomless brunches, you’re not alone. We’ve been out of the game for so long that naturally acting along with the right outfit to get out there once again requires a follow-up. It can also take many hours to read social media for inspiration if, of course, we haven’t already done that for you.

Below, we’ve rounded up some simple yet extremely trendy going-out outfit concepts, courtesy of our favorite Instagram fashion influencers.

Sweater Vests

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022) Sweater Vests
What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

Models like the doctor Edward Kendall, Bella Hadid, and Kaia Gerber all wear sweater vests as ace, and therefore the match is the smooth transition from summer to fall. Pair the weave with mummy jeans or wide-leg pants for a cute yet casual look, and spice it up by pulling your hair up into a claw clip. once the weather turns chilly, layer the vest over a button-down or turtleneck collar.

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What You Wear on the Weekends (2022) One-Shoulder
What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

One shoulder ace area unit is among the most versatile wear things that will increase your wardrobe. Not only are they the perfect transition piece for summer and fall, but they’re also a year-round staple. A one-shoulder jumpsuit will not only help you achieve a stylish combination, but it is also the last essential piece and can be combined with high-rise jeans, a mini skirt or pants, with a sports jacket in place of an old item. clothing.

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Animal Print

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022) Animal Print
What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

The 90s area unit fashion staples are coming, and animal print is one of those various vintage trends that have passed, and we mean all types of animal print. For the upcoming season, celebrity stylist and city partner Swennen told InStyle that pairing a bold animal print with a monochrome ensemble can make creating a press release easier.

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A Colorful Co-ord

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022) A Colorful Co-ord
What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

There’s a splash of color, then there’s color from head to toe. Co-ords create the latter seamlessly and easily to achieve. Pick your favorite shade and stick with it throughout your outfit (accessories and all) or go for neutral shoes and low-rise jewelry.

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What You Wear on the Weekends (2022) Trousers
What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

For anyone the UN agency isn’t ready for (or plans to forever boycott) jeans, leggings, and pretty much all skinny pants, pants are the answer. These fashionable pants are comfortable and acceptable to wear in the workplace. They will even dress up or down in heels or sneakers, a fitted T-shirt high or short; where you’re headed, the pants don’t just perceive the task, they master it.

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Slit Pants

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022) Slit Pants
What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

Slit pants, evening pants – no matter if you want to choose them, this bottoms area unit creates an itinerary for our fall wardrobes (and we’re here for that). They are primarily an upgraded version of black dress pants or leggings: comfortable, varied, and timeless, therefore they will have a place in your rotation of outfits to go out all year round.

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A Graphic Tee

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022) A Graphic Tee
What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

Casual outings, like running errands or just having lunch with a follower, require casual attire to go out. Enter the graphic tee, another recent trend from the ’90s sneaking into our closets in 2021. Ditch your favorite band tees or splurge on a vintage collectible, then experiment with combinations. You’ll dress it up with skinny jeans and heels or an oversized mid-size graphic tee tucked into a joggers test before you plan on sneakers.

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An Oversized Blazer

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022) An Oversized Blazer
What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

Here at InStyle, we tend firmly believe that you can never go wrong with an oversized track jacket. Throw on a brindle range (we love this one by Ramy Brook) over a white tee and jeans for a classic look, or ditch the underwear AND wear it as a dress with combat boots (shop this writer’s favorite try here) or over the -knee choice. The addition of overlapping necklaces can complete the planning. You’ll also be channeling cozy vibes in this double-breasted sports jacket with a constitutional-specific hoodie if you want to look dressy, but feel casual.

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Mesh Detail

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

For a date night, a touch of mesh is typically a great option. Apart from its flirtatious charm, the fabric is particularly suitable for breezy summer evenings. When the weather starts to cool down, grab a sports jacket on your way out the door to keep your shoulders warm. A mesh turtleneck, such as this one from White House Black Market, works well as a layering item as well. For a cool, laid-back style, layer it under an oversized t-shirt.

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A Flowy Maxi Dress

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

Just like blazers, maxi dresses are never a bad choice once an outfit is chosen to go out. They’re a made-in-one ensemble that’s comfortable enough to lounge in when the night is over, and going with your preference, you can dress up or down with the right accessories (think strappy heels vs. flats, dainty necklaces vs. chunky bracelets, etc.).

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Anything Plaid

What You Wear on the Weekends (2022)

As we tend to head into fall and winter, textiles are sure to create an anaglyph in your wardrobe. but often, when we consider the plaid pattern, it’s in the style of a button-up flannel, something dirty, or a farmer’s aesthetic. However, there are alternative routes to incorporating textiles into your going-out clothes, such as cloth jackets or vests that are generally designed to have a more tailored fit, as well as cloth pants, which look a lot like jeans.

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