Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021)

With the increasing number of online stores. One cannot help but notice the presence of online retail stores on social media platforms or web pages on the web.

Online stores give customers the elegance of not booking hours to shop and queuing to make a payment. And have their items delivered to their address. Online retail stores took Ghana by storm a couple of years ago with the introduction of eCommerce websites like Tonaton.com and Olx.com now jiji.com and shops on Facebook and Instagram especially.

The numbers have changed now and with increasing numbers, comes the increasing benefits and drawbacks of buying items online. In this article, I will be able to discuss 7 reasons why people no longer buy online due to past experiences or why others I don’t want to give you an attempt in the slightest with some possible solutions.

Choice Overload

Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021) Choice Overload
Article: Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021)

Have you ever searched for a specific article on an eCommerce website and got unrelated articles? Or in another case, you bought items related to what you were looking for but you don’t know which one to choose or which one is of excellent quality because they all look alike?

The problem with this is often that with a brick-and-mortar store. You can talk to the salesperson or the customer’s assistant to help you create an honest choice about which item is good for what or of excellent quality. description and specifications. So the search is often shortened and provides a live chat for customer support. So the customer is in a position to decide on the right product.

Delay In Delivery

Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021) Delay In Delivery
Article: Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021)

Pick a setting. You order an item that you simply need in two days, but the item is delivered days after you need it. Is it sad right? Many of us believe that online stores should step up their game and offer a feature where a customer can request the time that they have their item (s) because sometimes their item is often delivered at a time when you will be at work or school. Or elsewhere and therefore the delivery man shows up at your door along with your item in hand. So you will have to bear the additional cost of catching up or paying more for the person to come back and find it anywhere. are.

In another situation, you order a dress that you simply need for a celebration the next day. But the store says delivery is 5-10 days. What is the guarantee that you will receive your item the next day?

For some people, they would simply refrain from purchasing. Possible Solution: Send a message to the customer when the order ships and then when it is expected to be delivered so that the customer is ready to receive it

Frauds in Online Purchases

Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021)
Article: Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021)

E-commerce websites that allow customers to also sell items on their websites have attracted very few bad people whose activities have become a threat and have deterred people and some others have lost their money. interest in buying back online.

These bad people or scammers post pictures of the important item online and introduce customers to the fake or inferior product that doesn’t last long. This spread to tons with widely used items like mobile phones. Where these scammers request that payment be made before shipping the item or delivering it to the customer.

This reason leads us to the next reason why people don’t buy online. Possible Solution: Sites should request the merchandise from a third party, review it. And ship the item to the customer to avoid such third-party scams.

Lack of Opportunity to Touch/ Feel Product Before Purchasing.

People who were previously sold inferior items or fake items through an online sale have this particular question at the end. How do you know that the subsequent item you buy is of excellent quality?

And for those who haven’t made the final purchase yet, how do I know this item is of excellent quality?
My suggestion is that if you want to purchase an item in the comfort of your home and to make sure it is of excellent quality, purchase that item from a documented e-commerce website with a return policy in case the item is not. what would you like?

The return policy allows you to bring an item back if it does not fit what you need. This policy only applies for a short period of your time. For some e-commerce websites, it is a 7-day return period.

No Close Examination of Product

Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021) No Close Examination of Product
Article: Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021)

Another reason people don’t shop online is the incontrovertible fact that they can’t evaluate merchandise before purchasing. Some people would like to see the permanent quality and excellent performance of the things they need before they buy.

Unlike physical stores, online stores do not grant customers this privilege. You should buy the item, wait for it to be delivered to you before evaluating it.

Boring Interfaces

Article: Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021)

While overwhelming site structures are often a bummer, websites with bland interfaces don’t do much either. It’s hard to get buyers’ attention, so confirm that you notice right out of the box. Buyers are an impatient bunch.

Grab their attention with attractive website designs that attract visitors and give them a pleasant experience both on desktop computers and other portable devices such as mobile phones, tabs, etc.

Possible Solution: Confirm that your sites don’t take too long to load. Provide interactive product guides to keep visitors entertained and engaged at the same time.

Hidden Costs

Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021) Hidden Costs
Article: Why You Don’t Shop Online (2021)

This is another common problem that customers face on some e-commerce websites. Online marketplaces don’t tell customers the hidden costs of many things. for example, the customer lured to buy something that he says has a cost at a particular price. Within minutes, they are paying tons more to drive merchandise delivery, additional shipping, and more.

This eventually leads the customer to pay the tons that he expected.
Possible solution: an easy solution is to keep the rates so obvious that buyers do not feel cheated and buy the products of their interest, it goes without saying.


Everything comes with advantages and disadvantages. I think websites should do more to improve the amount of profit and make online shopping attractive to people who have stopped shopping online and remove the fears of other people who have not tried to buy online before.

Many people would like to relax again while shopping from home and not worry about the hassles that come with shopping online.

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