Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021)

You’ve probably heard Elvis sing about “blue suede shoes” or maybe you remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry ruined a suede jacket. Suede can be a type of high-quality leather, made up of the lower part of the animal’s skin. Characterized by a smooth and smooth surface and popular for fashion items such as shoes, accessories, and jackets.

What Is Suede?

Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021) What Is Suede?
Article: Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021)

Suede can be a kind of leather formed by the bottom of the animal product. Which gives it a smooth surface. Suede is typically made up of sheepskin but also made up of other types of animals. Such as goats, pigs, calves, and deer. Suede is softer, finer, and not as strong as traditional full-grain leather.

What Are the Origins of Suede?

Animal skins used to make clothing and other items since the Paleolithic. The term suede comes from the French word “gants de Suede”. Which suggests gloves from Sweden, but the term eventually came to mean any leather with a plush surface. Suede became very fashionable in the 20th century and was associated with high-end luxury for its soft and delicate touch.

How Is Suede Made?

Suede is often made up of any animal skin. To form the suede, the lower part of the animal product separated from the higher one, which creates a thin, fluid, and softer leather. this suggests that suede may be a split leather, as compared to full-grain leather. Some leather manufacturers simply turn the leather over so that the bottom is the same as the outside. Giving the appearance of suede but with equivalent quality of tough and stiff leather. However, it is often not technically suede.

The texture of suede is usually soft and smooth when it comes to lighter leathers. Such as those of younger animals. The material’s fluff, which is the small, raised hairs on the surface of the suede. Is often tougher if the fur comes from older animals or animals with thicker fur, such as cows and deer.

What Are the Different Types of Suede?

Suede differs in quality and appearance slightly compatible with the type of animal skin used in production. These are some of the most common types of suede:

  • Sheepskin Suede. This is usually the softest and most delicate type of suede, made up of sheep and lambs. it is a soft nap and is lighter than other chamois.
  • Cowhide Suede. Cowhide is the roughest type of suede, and therefore the older the animal, the thicker and rougher the nap is. Cowhide suede can also called split cowhide, rawhide, bush coat, rough, and calfskin.
  • Pigskin Suede. Pigskin can be a kind of thick, durable, heavy suede with a short, rough nap.

What Is Suede Used For?

Softer and thinner than standard leather, suede leather is popular for clothing and fashion accessories.

Foot Wear

Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021) Foot Wear
Article: Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021)

Suede’s soft nap gives loafers, flip flops, and boots an attractive look and structure. Suede boots are especially popular for their comfort and character. Suede is also lighter than standard leather, while maintaining durability, making it good for footwear.


Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021) Accessories
Article: Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021)

Suede, the name of the gloves, is popular for all kinds of accessories, from gloves to bags and belts. Suede’s unique look makes it a favorite among fashion designers for decorative items such as bags and belts.

Street Clothes

Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021) Street Clothes
Article: Why You Prefer Leather Or Suede (2021)

Western fringe jackets are made from suede, and a suede jacket can be a fashion staple. Due to the suede’s beautiful texture and durability.

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