Wish List For The Season (2021)

Even though we stay home and don’t know when it will be safe for everything to open. I used to be brooding over various things on my spring/summer fashion wish list. If you are wondering why my answer is simple. the main reason is that several sales are taking place immediately. Reason two: now is the right time to wash the closet and work on refining my personal style. And my final reason is when everything is finally opened copy, I do not want to wish Even not I have nothing to wear. I would like to be inspired and excited about my wardrobe. wish list for the season (2021).

When I came up with the idea for this post. I used to be a little dubious about doing it because it had been one of the posts that I could write as an area filler and not because I really wanted to and what I wanted. to avoid this point around the blog. However, I assumed how to vary the format a touch from the wish lists I had made before and celebrated with that. If you’ve read my personal style post, you’ll recognize that I like to recommend shopping with inventory so you don’t stray too far from it. It’s okay to select something that you just see supports your style inspirations, but try to stick to your shopping list.

My Shopping List

Wish List For The Season (2021) My Shopping List
Article: Wish List For The Season (2021)

A Black Bag

If you have been reading this blog since I launched it or you follow me on Instagram. You will have noticed in what proportion I prefer an honest bag. Finding the ones that suit your style and needs has always been a challenge. A black bag can be a must-have on my behalf because it goes with everything and therefore the right type of bag can make it my new resource for everyday use.

A Jumpsuit

When jumpsuits became popular a couple of years ago. I used to be hesitant about trying them on because I didn’t want to believe how difficult it would be for me to put on or feel comfortable at all times. the day and that I didn’t love the styles I used to see. However, lately, the trend is growing in me, so I think that since I have more time lately. It is the right time to buy and look for a method that I will be very happy to use once we go out to find something other than the essentials. again.

2 Extra Tops

I’m always looking for new, eye-catching tops. Styles are always changing, so it is interesting to look at the various styles and see if it is something that could fit my own style. I don’t even have any set colors or styles that I’m trying to find yet. I just avoid a square neckline because I have enough of that in my closet already.

A Matching Separate Set

An identical separate set appears to be a step up from the jumpsuit. I wasn’t a huge fan of the monochromatic look of the matching jumpsuits and separate garments. But you’ll easily break it up with accessories and thus the incontrovertible fact that you get three built-in outfits. I can’t wait to fiddle with a twist.

Now that you just know what’s on my shopping list, let’s get to the fun part, shall we?

Spring Summer Fashion Wishlist

Wish List For The Season (2021) Spring Summer Fashion Wishlist
Article: Wish List For The Season (2021)

Polished and Balanced White Bag

Once I first saw this bag on the Red Dress website, I was blown away. I have always liked the chevron detail when it comes to bags and therefore the gold chain detail gives this bag an elegant touch. This bag comes in 7 colors. Although for some strange reason you would like to choose a color other than white to make sure the red option appears. This bag would be fun to wear with my white jeans and just makes me think of spring or summer.

Short Camisole Top

Where has this top been? I really like this concept because I recently discovered the ratio that I hate. I would like things with a touch of detail to highlight my style. I hope I can put this over another camisole to have a little fun mixing the colors.

Side Tie Green Blouse

I prefer the wrap over the detail on this shirt and want to take a shot at some green hues this spring. Although if it weren’t for the wraparound detail. I’m not sure if I could get hold of this shirt as the side tie isn’t exactly visible while sitting in my wheelchair. However, this is often a reasonably green shade so I hope it inspires some cute outfits.

Asos Design Broderie & Kimono Sleeve Top with Belt Detail

I’m not so sure about this color, but I actually like the sleeves and the belt detail. However, I’m not sure what I’d like to include in both this and the other green top in my closet, so we’ll see which one I buy.

Double Breasted Military Jacket

Once I saw this I went crazy with it, but I’m torn between getting it in black or white. Now I choose black because I wish it would give me more outfit options.

Well, that’s it for my spring-summer 2020 fashion wish list anyway. It took me hours of browsing to select these 5 items because I had my list and a general idea of ​​the outfits I wanted to recommend. Even though I actually only added 2 of the things on my shopping list to my actual wish list, I’m fine at the time. I deviated a bit from my plan, but I am excited about the outfits. I would be ready to create with these pieces. Since I’m staying home right away, I keep searching, putting on outfits, and having fun refining my style.

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