Wix Web Hosting Review (2023): Features, Pricing & More!

Best Overall Website Builder

Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review


5 stars out of 5 Wix’s drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create informative websites without knowing a line of code! Wix web hosting helps you to create and sell your website using a variety of templates and resources. Wix is a beginner-friendly and flexible platform that can be used for everything from personal online portfolios to small business websites.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Wix?

✅ Easy to use editor, with a side menu to add images and applications.
✅ Excellent help features, including a searchable knowledge domain
✅ Automatic website backups keep your work safe
⛔ Unable to change templates after a site is active
⛔ You may need to spend more on third-party applications to improve scalability.
Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review
Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review

Overview of Wix

Wix web hosting is ​​employed by more than 100 million people in 190 different countries. It’s a reasonable, easy, and hassle-free way to create your own website in minutes.

Building your own website is usually something that only skilled coders can do. Or people who were rich enough to pay great coders to try it for them!

Wix, on the other hand, allows everyone to create their own website. Wix’s powerful template editor gives you absolute creative control, regardless of your ability level, without requiring you to know a single line of code.

If you take a look at some of the website examples created by Wix, they are beautiful and professional.

Of course, Wix web hosting isn’t the only drag-and-drop website creator. However, it is currently the easiest in the world.

Why can we think that? First, it covers many industries, more than the other website builder. Just inspect what it has for …

  • Small companies
  • Cafes and restaurants
  • Hotels and hospitality
  • Musicians
  • Photographers
  • Graphic designers

Whatever your industry, Wix web hosting has templates, resources, and applications to suit your needs. Do you need dog walkers? What makes a good coach? Internet celebrities? It’s much easier to list the industries that Wix does not support!

Since its launch in 2006, Wix has quickly established itself as the leading website builder in the market. However, before we delve into this Wix review,

Let’s take a step back and explain what a website builder really is:

A website builder is a web platform that helps you create your own website, without coding.

There are two main types of website builders: the classic template-based platforms and thus the more modern AI (artificial intelligence) platforms.

A classic website builder allows you to choose from a wide range of predesigned templates. You can then easily customize the template and fill it in with all of your own content, adding useful features as you go.

AI website builders work by asking you a series of questions, such as the type of website you would like and your design preferences. then create a website for yourself. It will still make some adjustments to the planning, but this approach is basically for people who need an easy website to install quickly.

Wix web hosting can be a classic template website builder and artificial intelligence platform in one. You’ll choose from over 500 industry-specific templates and make use of its amazing drag-and-drop editor. Or if you prefer, use the Wix ADI and let Wix design a website for you.

Wix has a huge reputation, but here at Website Builder Expert, it’s our job to scratch below the surface and tells you exactly how good it is. Unlike many Wix reviews, we conduct our own extensive research and testing to provide you with expert analysis.

Throughout this Wix web hosting review, you’ll study its strengths and weaknesses, how suitable Wix is ​​for various types of websites, and how it fared once we put it to the test.

How Easy Is Wix to Use?

We asked a lot of ordinary people to give Wix an attempt to tell us what they thought.

The comments we received speak for themselves – people loved Wix! These are just some of his thoughts:

“I was genuinely surprised that setting up a website could be done so quickly. I didn’t think I could finish it all, but in an hour, I’ve done it all. “

“Once it was a piece of cake & I had to deal with it. “I could certainly see myself using Wix to create my own personal website.”

You have two choices with Wix: Wix ADI or Wix Editor. Wix ADI designs your website for you, supports your answers to a couple of questions. You will make edits to the final design, but this process is not ideal if you want full control. In contrast, Wix Editor uses drag-and-drop functionality, which means that anything on your website is often repositioned by just clicking and holding the item, then moving it wherever you want.

Wix scored a powerful 4.3 / 5 in our research for simple use, and we were particularly impressed with how quickly you’ll create a site with its drag-and-drop editor.

Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review

For those who are a bit more tech-savvy, they will also use Corvid by Wix (formerly called Wix Code). This allows you to access and edit the raw HTML behind your template for even greater customization. Using Corvid by Wix web hosting is ​​by no means essential, but the option is there if you want to dig a little deeper.

Customer Satisfaction

After everyone finished testing Wix, we asked them if they would recommend it … Well, the results are ready and shining.

A massive 88% of people who used it could recommend Wix to a lover.

To put that score in some context for you, that recommendation is:

People loved the freedom Wix web hosting gave them when editing and how easy it was to throw and drop things on their website. They were also amazed at how quickly they could create something that they would be happy to post online.

The only criticism people had was that Wix can be overwhelming, to begin with. There are so many options, in terms of templates, features, and customization, that it takes a couple of minutes to install on the platform.

However, for pure and simple use and artistic control, Wix is ​​unrivaled.

Who Is Wix Best For?

Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review

Depending on your needs, Wix could be the solution you are trying to find. However, there could also be another platform that is better suited to the job. Next, we’ll look at why people create websites, discuss what Wix is ​​capable of, and suggest other options to Wix if we think there are better options.


Commercial websites are the bread and butter of Wix. There are many templates to choose from, specifically designed for various industries. From practical services to advertising and marketing, land, finance, and law, everything is covered.

Wix also features a host of wonderful business features, such as sign-up forms, appointment booking, and email marketing, and an app marketplace packed with amazing plugins.


Wix eCommerce has you covered if you want to start selling online. Using Wix Editor or Wix ADI, you can easily and quickly build your own awesome online shop.

Wix allows you to sell a large number of products, whether physical, digital, or service-based. You’ll also create promo and discount codes, control your shipping options, and even manage your store on your mobile app. The mobile app is especially a plus, as mobile commerce is projected to account for 45% of the US e-commerce market by 2020.

If you want to take your online store to the next level, we recommend that you use a Wix app called Ecwid. This gives you access to guest payments, inventory tracking, social commerce, and more.

Wix has also invested tons of energy in making its eCommerce analytics that much more powerful. Through your dashboard store analytics, you will now access internal data to compete with that of dedicated eCommerce platforms.

That said if you’re making six-figure monthly earnings and want a solid platform capable of managing bulk orders and scaling with you, check out Shopify or BigCommerce. These are eCommerce website builders designed solely for creating online stores.


Personal websites are another strength of Wix. Whether you want a site for an occasion (like your wedding), a portfolio to showcase your work, or maybe just a web resume, Wix has you covered.

There are templates for just about everything imaginable, and with Wix’s intuitive editor, you’ll really express your personality.

However, if you are in a creative field, such as photography, art, or graphics, you will be happier using Squarespace. Their templates are beautiful and are best suited to those areas.


Wix offers enough features for you to create an amazing blog. That said, if you want a blog-only website, there are better options.

Wix lets you make blog posts, separate them into categories, and even add a comment section and search bar for your users. Perfect if you want a blogging section on your site, and most people do, as businesses with blogs generate 55% more website visits than those without.

However, for a more complete experience, you can’t leave out Weebly. Weebly’s blogging features are great and are used by some very well-established bloggers. To learn more about Weebly, read our expert review here.


While chatting with our users, some expressed concern about whether you will be leaving a Wix website behind. However, in all fairness, unless your website becomes a household name around the world, Wix has enough to scale with you.

Wix’s app market is great and it is generally releasing new and exciting plugins that will enhance your websites, either in terms of the functions, it can perform or the standard of existing ones.

As mentioned, if you want a huge and powerful eCommerce website, Wix may not be the simplest. Otherwise, the Wix developers constantly improve the platform and it keeps up with almost every need.

How Good Are Wix’s Templates?

All Wix templates appear as if they are designer websites. There are hundreds to choose from and therefore the designs are up to the latest trends.

94% of first impressions relating to website design, suggesting that stellar templates are a requirement.

Any of them can give your site the modern, professional look it needs, even if you don’t have the slightest bit of design or coding skills.

All Wix templates are categorized into website types, such as business, blog, photography, etc., and are completely mobile. This suggests that your website will automatically adjust to fit mobile and tablet screen sizes.

Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review

Wix Has Over 500 Templates

And you can look at them all for free! Take a look at Wix’s beautiful templates and see if it’s the best fit for your platform. I’d like to see the Wix models.

One downside to using Wix is ​​that you simply can’t change templates after your site has been published online. confirm that you do not rush to select a favorite template; if you change the templates later, you will lose your content and customizations.

We sat down with a leading web design expert to get his take on Wix templates and those offered by other major platforms. What they had to say was as follows:

“One of the reasons I like Wix because it has a lot of consistent features on the website. Weebly and Squarespace have more consistent design trends, but Wix is the only one with a personality.

Design Customization

Wix templates are ready-made websites for your title. you will keep the fictional content and publish it directly if you want, but to create your own site you will have to edit it a bit.

Wix makes basic settings a breeze. for example, to edit text, just click on the dummy text and sort. Resizing it is also a simple matter of dragging a slider:

Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review

It’s also easy to upload content from your laptop or other online accounts, like Facebook or Instagram.

When you start to get more creative, Wix really comes true. You will soon discover that you will really turn that template into something special.

The animation button can be a great example. It will bring almost any feature (title, photo, menu, or whatever) to life by making it zoom in, fade out, or flip on the page.

Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review

Wix web hosting also has many additional site features, which you will add by dragging them into the template.

You can add blogs, restaurant menus, contact forms, music players, maps, interactive slideshows, video backgrounds … so much more than we have space to list here!

Once you have added additional functions, most of them are customized by changing their size and behavior, or by adding effects such as animation.

Wix Web Hosting Review

Wix offers a huge library of professional photos, graphics, and videos, all liberal to use on your site. Wix’s free media can save you a great deal of time and decision-making.

Wix’s Tools and Features

While its templates and features steal the show, it’s Wix’s tools that keep things running behind the scenes; in fact, Wix scores a 4.0 / 5 in our feature research.

We’d be here all day if we wanted to list each and every Wix tool. Therefore, we have selected some of the most important ones for you to think about.

App Market

Wix’s built-in tools are great, but they can’t do everything. Fortunately, if there’s something they can’t do, there’s probably a Wix app that will.

Wix App Market contains many third-party site features that make your website work better and longer.

Essentially, this means that there are certain resources that Wix does not provide as part of its core services, so to fill this void, Wix offers you a hassle-free 1-click installation of tools developed by third-party services.

Wix apps are like the “plugins” that WordPress will augment or the “extensions” that Chrome will augment; different names, basically an equivalent thing.

Our highest goal is to assist Wix website owners. Our mission is to provide a diverse range of apps that address current and potential consumer trends while also providing Wix users with their favorite and niche features.

Wix apps are very common. Wix users download 44,000 updates per day, equating to 16 million app installs per year!

Wix Web Hosting Review

Shopping carts, live chat widgets, and marketing tools are all available in the Wix App Industry. Many of these applications are totally free, but some charge a small subscription fee for premium versions with additional features.

App spotlight: 123FormBuilder 

With many applications to choose from, it is often difficult to understand where to start. We recommend 123FormBuilder, which can be cloud-based software designed to suit any business and individual who can collect data online and offline. Its flexible platform offers a variety of possibilities to create any type of form, survey, questionnaire, questionnaire, survey, and even timesheets.

Every app on the Wix App Market comes with details, user feedback, and video samples if you’re not sure what it does. This implies that you would have a clear idea if an application is appropriate for you before deciding to use it.

Help & Support

Wix web hosting scored 5/5 in our research for help and support. that makes it our favorite builder for customer service and therefore the only builder that reaches a level above 4.5 / 5.

The question mark buttons scattered throughout the Wix editor are small in size, but very useful!

Each button reveals a box containing smart suggestions about the tool it’s associated with, culled from Wix’s huge Help Center. A video tutorial is included in some boxes.

Wix Web Hosting Review 2023
Wix Web Hosting Review

If you’re trying to find a more personal touch, you’ll contact Wix directly by email or phone Monday through Thursday, 5 a.m. to 6 p.m. M. At 5 p. M. EST.

Currently, Wix does not offer live chat support, but you will get answers to your questions by contacting Wix directly on social media or by another user on the official Wix forum.

Domains and Social Media Integration

If you sign up for any of Wix’s premium plans, you’ll get a free custom name for the first year. The renewal price is $ 16.89 per year, and you will also transfer an existing domain and connect it to your Wix site once you upgrade to a paid plan.

Connecting your website to your social media accounts is a smart way to boost your connections on both platforms. It allows you to add social buttons, likes, shares, feeds, and follower counts to your website so that people can find and follow you from anywhere, which is useful considering that social networking sites are used by 72 percent of adults online.

Multi-channel marketing is one thing Wix hasn’t worked out yet. Unlike Shopify and BigCommerce, you can’t sell goods directly on social media or marketplaces right now.


When it comes to SEO (search engine optimization), Wix web hosting is ​​one of the simplest website builders to help you rank high on Google with its built-in SEO tools. you’ll edit meta titles and descriptions, customize URLs, and even tweak the header code.

There are also a host of SEO apps available on the Wix app market if you want keyword guidance or support. From our own SEO tests, only Weebly came close to Wix for how good their SEO offerings were.

Security, Backups and Restores

All Wix websites include built-in SSL security certificates. SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer”, and all it really means is that your visitors will know that their location is secure because of the little lock icon that appears next to your URL.

To prevent you from pulling your hair out in case something goes wrong, Wix also has a handy autosave feature. Multiple versions of your website will be protected, so it will restore your website to a point in a matter of clicks. Phew!

Wix Ascend (Marketing)

As the name suggests, Ascend by Wix helps your business reach higher levels. It’s an all-in-one solution that allows you to connect with customers, automate your workflow, and generally promote your business.

What makes Ascend so different? While Squarespace and Weebly have introduced more marketing tools, the Wix package is much more ambitious. Covers 20 product areas above one place, including:

  • Live chat
  • Wix automation (such as custom messages and notifications)
  • Junk mail
  • Social media posts
  • SEO

Do you like the sound of that? The free version of Ascend by Wix comes with all Wix plans, and its premium plans are available as a separate subscription, from just $ 10 to $ 49 per month. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get with each plan below.

Lead Capture Forms50150Unlimited
Email Marketing Campaigns Per Month520Unlimited
Emails Per Month9,50050,0001,000,000
Social Media Campaigns Per Month520Unlimited
Wix Web Hosting Review

This shows how much Wix web hosting can help your business grow, and with three pricing options, it fits just about anyone. Will your website be on the rise this year?

Wix Pricing and Value for Money

Wix web hosting has a free plan, plus a two-week money-back guarantee on all seven paid plans. Wix also offers a high-end business solution called Wix Enterprise, which can be a custom pricing plan designed for giant companies. Overall, Wix scores 4.5 / 5 in the “value for money” category from our research. More resources:

For a full breakdown of each Wix pricing plan and its features, check out our Wix Pricing Review.

The longer you sign up in advance, the higher the value of your Wix premium plan. for example, you will pay less per month once you choose an annual pricing plan. inspect the differences in each Wix plan below:

PlanPaid MonthlyPaid Yearly
Business Basic$17/month$23/month
Business Unlimited$25/month$27/month
Business VIP$35/month$49/month

If it’s a great value you’re after, then the Wix Pro plan is for you. It is designed for small businesses that need the company branding to be taken care of. You get a free designed logo, typically $50 value, plus access to the Events Calendar app and social media logo files.

However, Wix’s most popular plan is its Business Unlimited plan. Unsurprisingly, you get unlimited bandwidth, along with access to all or any of Wix’s top support apps, features, and services. You’ll even build your own online store with Wix’s great eCommerce tools.

Wix Review: Summary

Wix makes it easy to create an impactful, powerful, and interactive website for any project, business, or idea you can imagine, and you’ll be up to speed one day – no coding required.

Their designer templates give you a great start. It allows you to extensively customize using drag and drop controls, which are more powerful than what you will find in the other website builder.

Wix’s best premium features are only a couple of dollars a month. They are great value for money and will make your visitors think you paid thousands of dollars for a custom website.

We recommend Wix to anyone looking to build a small business or personal website. For businesses, Wix has brilliant templates, SEO and marketing tools, and plenty of apps to help you scale. For private sites, you have everything you would like for blogs, portfolios, or CVs at your fingertips.


However, Wix doesn’t have everything for everyone. Its eCommerce features aren’t as powerful as Shopify’s, and it doesn’t allow you to switch templates or get help via live chat, both offered by Squarespace.

None of these drawbacks is a deal-breaker for us. for example, we expect the Wix support standard to far exceed the fact that there is no live chat option.

It’s easy to get started with urgency and it doesn’t cost a penny. Remember, all of Wix’s premium plans come with a two-week money-back guarantee, no questions asked (although you’ll use Wix for free forever if you want).

Wix doesn’t need to cost you anything more than half an hour of time, so give it a spin! in any case, it is the easiest way to determine if it really is the right website builder for you.

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