WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021 – 1 Winner!

Looking for the simplest WordPress hosting provider? Trying to make a decision between iPage vs WP Engine? Both iPage and WP Engine allow you to host your WordPress website with ease. While iPage offers a couple of different hosting options, including WordPress cloud hosting; WP Engine can be a fully WordPress-centric managed hosting provider.

In this article, we will provide a direct comparison between WP Engine and iPage for you to decide which is the right solution for your budget and wishes.

WP Engine vs iPage – Overview

WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021

WP Engine can be a WordPress-centric managed hosting provider. Whether you’re starting a blog or running an extremely growing enterprise-grade business, you’ll find the right hosting solution to meet your needs.

With each plan, WP Engine gives you premium access to 35+ StudioPress themes for free. They also equip you with a suite of performance and integration solutions to help you build and grow your business. It is also a PCI-compliant web host.

WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021

iPage may be a hosting brand owned by Endurance International Group. They are well known for their affordable hosting options, which start at just $ 1.99 per month.

iPage was founded in 1998 and now serves more than one million websites around the world.

They are a Green Energy Partner of the EPA, suggesting that their data centers are powered by wind power, which greatly reduces the carbon footprint.

WP Engine vs iPage – Page Speed and Uptime

Speed ​​is one of the most important critical factors that you would like to think about when choosing WordPress hosting. Even a 1-second delay can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. Not to mention, if you don’t take website loading speed seriously, you’ll be leaving tons of cash on the table.

To analyze the speed and uptime of the hosting servers for our comparison WP Engine vs. iPage, we created a test site on both hosting servers by signing up for their shared hosting plans.

We run a couple of different tests on our test websites:

  • Test Pingdom to see load times and availability.
  • Load shock test to investigate server performance during peak load times.
  • Bitcatcha test to find out how servers would perform in 8 different geo-locations ignoring content.

Let’s see the results,

WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021

Based on the Pingdom test, our WP Engine test site only took 582ms to load, suggesting that the sites are faster than 96% of the sites tested.

WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021

In contrast, our iPage test site loaded in just 3 seconds and was faster than 60% of the tested websites.

Like the speed test, it is important to investigate whether your hosting service can survive a surge in traffic. For our traffic growth test, we used a highly regarded testing tool, Load Impact. With Load Impact, we sent up to 100 virtual visitors at a time to our test sites to determine how the servers would handle the traffic.

WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021

From our testing, it is clear that the number of live visitors does not have any negative impact on our WP Engine servers.

WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021

As for iPage, reaction time was slow when there were around 50 users at the location. then the page speed remained stable despite having more live users

wpengine bitcatcha server response time

WP Engine‘s overall performance was rated A by BitCatcha, while iPage was rated C +.

ipage server response time

Winner: WP Engine

WP Engine vs iPage – Ease of Use

WP Engine

WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021

Since WP Engine can be a managed WordPress hosting solution, you can be sure that your server will be optimized for superior performance without having to handle the technicalities of server optimization. which means you will have peace of mind while specializing in what you are specialized in publishing content and marketing it.


WP Engine vs iPage Comparison 2021

With iPage, the biggest downside is that it doesn’t offer cPanel. Instead, they provide their own custom version of an impact panel that they request as a vDeck. However, if you are familiar with cPanel, which is the most popular web hosting dashboard, there will be a hint of a learning curve that you need to address before using vDeck

Winner: WP Engine

WP Engine vs iPage – Features

WP Engine

Here are a couple of unique features of WP Engine:

  • Free access to StudioPress themes: You’ll get full access to over 35 high-quality StudioPress themes at no additional cost.
  • 1-click tool: You also get a 1-click tool for correcting development, production, and staging environments.
  • WordPress core updates: You don’t have to worry about staying up to date because WP Engine has you covered.


Now let’s take a look at a couple of iPage features.

  • All basic features: You will get a free name, free SSL, and a 1-click installer.
  • Ad credits: You get $ 200 worth of free ad credits
  • Only one shared hosting plan: iPage only offers one shared hosting plan with unlimited site hosting support.
  • Drag and drop builder: Create an internet site the way you want with an internet site builder.


WP Engine is also the No. 1 for PCI compliant enclosure.

WP Engine vs iPage – Support and Documentation

With its starter plan, WP Engine offers only live chat support. Telephone support is given to their higher plans. And ticket-based support gets your custom dedicated server plans.

iPage, by contrast, provides 24/7 support via phone, email, and live chat. You’ll also believe their documentation, which explains everything you’d like to know about starting a replacement website.

Winner: iPage

WP Engine vs iPage – Pricing

The regular pricing for WP Engine starts at $ 35 per month. We have negotiated an affected WP Engine, so our users will get a 20% discount on WP Engine, which means you simply have to pay $ 28 per month.

iPage is known for its affordable pricing options for its web hosting services. iPage is the most suitable option for users trying to find a cheap but reliable hosting service. Your budget hosting plan starts at just $ 1.99 per month.

Winner: iPage

Recap – WP Engine vs iPage

After our comparison, we believe that WP Engine can be a better-managed WordPress hosting provider. If you don’t want to optimize your WordPress hosting on your own, you might want to consider WP Engine to host your site.

iPage, by contrast, offers affordable hosting options for websites of all sizes and budgets. If you are already hosted by another hosting provider, you will benefit from a free website transfer. Best of all, its free site-builder lets you create a great site with ease.

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