WPX Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

WPX Review can be a hosting provider specialized in ensuring the proper functioning of your company’s sites on the WordPress platform. The company’s goal is to make the service as simple as possible, to free its customers from most of the technical needs related to running a business. it is ideal for beginners. Its intuitive interface, easy settings, and responsive speed make WPX a good resolution for small sites on the WordPress platform.

Let’s take a deeper look:

General Info & WPX Review:

Rating:Our Verdict: 4.8 ★★★★★
Uptime guarantee99.95%
Support optionslive chat, tickets
Hosting plansWordPress Business, Expert, Elite
FeaturesUnlimited Website Migrations to WPX, Unlimited SSL, Staging Areas, Email, Manual Backups, DDoS Protection
Starting price$20.83 a month
WPX Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

WPX Pros and Cons

+ Website speed improvement
+ Unlimited transfers to websites
+ Blazing-fast CDN
+ Daily malware detection and removal
+ Fixes the website if it is down
+ Daily backups
+ Easy dashboard
No unique web hosting
No control panel

When to Use WPX

As we have already indicated, this provider makes a specialty of the WordPress platform. It means that if your company website is dedicated to this platform, then WPX can be a good way to play online. It can be your company newspaper, an identity card website, or a small e-commerce website. Either way, all WordPress platform options are supported here. therefore, any website that the platform allows you to set up can dead run on this hosting.

It is a good thank you to start online if you have no experience hosting a website. With the only possible setup, intensive information, and responsive support, you’ll have no problem getting your resource up and running. No problem with the technical half, just room for your creativity! Create the website of your dreams and host it on WPX!

When Not to Use WPX

Well, it’s time to discuss that the UN agency should not use WPX. If your website is not running on WordPress, you may need to look at alternative providers. That doesn’t make WPX a bad provider, just that you are not the audience for that company. Larger sites also rank higher on a single hosting provider, because the performance here is not the best.

Well, what did you want for the price? it’s affordable managed hosting with wonderful practicality, which is enough to hide most styles of basic business tasks. do not demand the ease of the extension of the expensive market.

Also, you should not host themed sites here. If you intend to sell dirty substances or offer services of a dishonorable nature, the provider could block your website until it is suitable to reactivate it. Be careful!

WPX Review Performance Data

The performance of providers is what you, dear users, should listen to first! The more the provider wants to improve performance, the better and more reliable their website will be.

WPX servers are optimized for WordPress websites. WPX uses Lite-speed to make sites work similarly.

This provider has information centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. Your custom CDN comes with every setup. it is free and integrated with the service. With the CDN and also the cache plugin that WPX recommends (W3 Total Cache), the sites work quite fast.

WPX offers AN upgrade service free of charge. Your team of developers can review your website and see what can be done to improve its performance. good option!

WPX Speed Test Results

As you’ve probably already noticed, we have a habit of checking provider performance. To do this, we tend to use standard free services. currently, we tend to make progress to verify the speed of transfer of the content. By the way, you can also use these online programs to determine those sites whose content loading speed you are interested in.

Here are the results:

TestAverage Loading Time
GTmetrix test6.0 s
Pingdom test1.82 s
PageSpeed Insights (Google)3.3 s
WPX Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

In general, the results are not unhealthy. However, users note in Wpx hosting reviews that the speed of the provider’s services may be higher for such value. In fact, the indications are slightly below those of the more expensive competitors!

WPX Uptime Guarantees

If your resource is often available, then users have no problem accessing it. It seems obvious, but once you choose a hosting service, you should listen to the period guarantees. Market leaders have 100 percent Period Warranties.

We asked the customer service specialist, and he told us that the Warranty period is 99.95%. That’s not a bad figure, but there is a chance that your website will be untouchable at some point. Usually, these are circumstances of force majeure. the company ensures that user access to its website will be repaired in the shortest possible time, regardless of their occurrence. We’re hoping that WPX won’t let you down!

WPX uptime guarantees

WPX Server Response Time

Let’s check the transfer speed of the main computer’s memory unit.

WPX server response time
WPX Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

We use Bitcatcha’s service and as you can see they rated the provider AN A+. is an excellent rating, and it means that sites on this host can load fast.

WPX Site Migration

If you already own a WordPress website and really want to move it to WPX, you can have sex. Some people value using completely different tools and plugins more once they migrate such sites. The provider offers free migration services. What makes this WPX totally different is that the migration method is faster as it takes around 24 hours.

WPX site migration
WPX Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

WPX Features & Pricing

It specializes in supporting and hosting sites on the WordPress platform. It’s great that there’s specialization here. You can be sure that this provider is not set apart to produce all forms of services, but instead concentrates all its resources on improving the quality of service. costs start at $20.83 per month and you will be able to host 5 websites for that value. We show you all the plans and costs below.

WordPress hosting

WPX WordPress hosting has 3 rating plans here: Business, Skilled, and Elite. Aside from variations in memory provided and a variety of websites to host, you’ll notice a big difference in value. opt for a concept that takes into account the needs of your website. Keep in mind that with the Elite setup, you’ll be ready to drop thirty-five sites. For such value, it is a lot!

If you have any doubts about which Wpx hosting plans are best to choose, we recommend contacting customer support, and they can help you choose. Please note that all plans include the use of a CDN.

It’s like having a server close to any of your website visitors, which helps your website run faster and faster for them, even visitors from the other side of the world. a good possibility if your website users are from all over the world!

WPX Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

WPX Security Features

DDoS attacks are becoming increasingly frustrating for businesses online, as recent alarming real-life stories show. DDoS protection can be a vital security feature that a hosting provider will offer.

The hosting provider places a premium on ensuring the security of your company. Let’s take a closer look at what Wpx hosting options do to protect their clients’ sites:

  • Enterprise-grade DDoS protection
  • WHOIS Privacy
  • application firewalls
  • Daily malware scan and removal

These measurements should be enough for a small website. However, keep in mind that this is often not enough to produce the highest security for larger sites. If you want specific tools to protect your website, please contact support to see if you can implement the required practicality.

WPX Support Team

The speed and accuracy of responses from customer service specialists is the hallmark of a hosting provider. WPX makes it possible to contact customer service, even for those who are not yet buyers of the company. it is an honest opportunity for you to make inquiries before you sign up and place your website here.

We set out to see how quickly the support team responds to unregistered users, and we were pleasantly surprised! the solution did not take long and came from a specialist in a minute. it’s a great speed as we tend to drop requests every day, and Wpx hosting reviews say the same thing. the guys care about customers and potential users. Amazing!

WPX Quick Facts

  • Site Migrations: Unlimited
  • Bandwidth: 100 GB — Unlimited
  • Backups: automatic 28 days
  • Advanced Features: High-Speed ​​Custom CDN
  • WordPress Installations: 1 Click

Do We Recommend WPX?

We cannot recommend this service 100%. There are still questions about security measures, as competitors offer additional ways to protect your website. Also, for this price, the loading speed of the content is not wonderful. On the contrary, it is an ideal possibility for beginners! The setup here is terribly easy, and won’t be arduous to work in the slightest.

If you are a sophisticated user, you will lack some practicality here. And this is usually a good reason to look for another provider. In any case, there is a sure refund if you are not satisfied with the standard of the company’s services. it is a sincere thanks for trying if WPX is true for you.

WPX Alternatives

We have selected some additional standard providers that the United Nations agency focuses on the WordPress platform. If you’re still unsure, we tend to recommend reviewing these options to form your final selection.

  • Bluehost – Ideal for WordPress sites with several specific features;
  • GreenGeeks – the well-known WordPress provider;
  • Hostgator – A well-known low-cost web host.

The alternative we tend to offer our reliable services with a large global customer base. Our development team is constantly introducing new practicalities in line with platform updates. you can rest assured that you can only get first-class service. good luck with your choice!


What extras do I buy with WPX?

FREE website speed improvement
FREE blazing-fast CDN
FREE website if down

Is WPX customer support fast?

Yes! Speed ​​worries them! They will respond in a minute and help you with your question.

Is WPX suitable for beginners?

In fact, you are unlikely to look for suitable hosting for first-time users and website owners. Here everything is done in the easiest way possible so that you do not have any problems. And even though you can’t figure anything out on your own, there’s an intensive mindset and responsive customer service.

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