ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review In 2023: Features, Pricing & More!

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review

Zone Alarm Review: Quick Expert Summary

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review, Check Point’s Zone Alarm family of antivirus solutions guarantees that you will require protection against cyber-attacks at a consecutive level and are sure that more than one hundred million users worldwide will try it. But does the performance of these products match the company’s skillful promotional efforts?

I put Extreme Security and Professional Antivirus and Firewall to the test to examine whether or not they are an extremely capable area unit in providing users with protection against “all styles of cyber attacks” and living up to the brilliant coverage they need to receive from user reviews. I found out that this can be so.


Extreme Security will feature some spectacular options that give users of this product complete peace of mind that they are doing everything in their power to keep their PCs running clean.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review In 2023 - Security
ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review

First of all, Extreme Security offers protection against all zero-day attacks, those growing cybersecurity threats that target vulnerabilities that have not yet been formally documented. this can make possible thanks to the technology cloud signature information that the system verifies in real-time.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review

When you’re running an Associate in Nursing antivirus that manages to stay ahead of even the bundling companies, you know you’ve got a winner.

Sandboxing Secures Virus Removal

Extreme Security also features a nice virtual sandboxing environment that allows users to send all email attachments to a virtual machine at intervals from their laptop where they will be safely separated. Once there, the file area unit scans the cloud-based virus definitions to make sure they don’t contain any malicious code. This “threat emulation” method follows a rigid four-stage procedure. Any code found to be malicious while being analyzed in the sandbox environment is now transmitted to the Zone Alarm network to help defend other users. And it works: I was able to successfully verify the sandbox environment against a dummy piece of malware that the program successfully separated, scanned, and detected. All that was left for me to do was click a button to remove it from the software package and enjoy the information that I could have kept countless alternate users safe in the process.

Both products feature Zone Alarm’s acclaimed virus protection that prides itself on the advanced and temporary nature of its protection. Zone Alarm protects against an entire alphabet soup of cybersecurity threats, as well as viruses, malware, Trojans, worms, and bots, not to mention zero-day attacks.

Kernel Level Scanning for Deep Protection

It is also important to note that Zone Alarm’s antivirus programs work at the kernel level of the software package, which is its simplest part. There are also some nice ones to have, like deeply customizable scanning modes and a signature list that updates much faster than several competitors on the market.

Running any of this company’s products, I’d feel confident of having best-in-class protection against any threats that might be waiting to zero in on my Windows machines.

What is remarkably notable about the protection of the Zone Alarm family (besides its broad nature of threat coverage, of course) is the fact that its definitions area unit updated over some time against information on the cloud. Because of this, and also due to the diligence of the Zone Alarm team, users will have complete confidence that they are invariably protected against even the latest vulnerabilities.

A Top-Notch Firewall – From the Inventors!

Extreme Security also comes with a sophisticated firewall that features a patented technology, OSFirewall, that keeps a detailed view of programs trying to use unusual tricks to get around old firewall protection methodologies. These include SCM and COM attacks, as well as data access, and exploit attempts. It is also a bidirectional firewall that monitors outgoing traffic from the native network to the general public network. The built-in kill controls will disable programs trying to leak data from the network before it needs a chance to fill up.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review In 2023 - Security

The Firewall also offers protection during the early stages of the push, when most security systems and programs haven’t even kicked off yet, as well as associate degree application management that will be similar for individual programs. Truly, Zone Alarm has gone to great lengths to build a labyrinthine system of measures and double measures that would cause a significant challenge for any would-be hacker.

As if that wasn’t enough, Zone Alarm’s firewall also includes an associate-grade automatic wireless network security tool. That displays wireless network intelligence analysis to determine and use the most acceptable firewall policy. For security-conscious business users (like the author!) World Health Organization realizes who often switch between public hotspots and more secure networks. Not having to constantly update firewall settings could be a feature worth its weight in (digital) gold. On the other hand, the purpose of Check includes what is just about the most effective firewall within the enterprise. So it shouldn’t come back as much of a surprise. In 1994, the business was credited with developing the first Stateful Firewall technology.
Between temporary threat detection, a bulletproof firewall, and a wide variety of threats it protects against. I might not hesitate to entrust my network security to any of Zone Alarm’s programs.


ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review In 2023 - Features
ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review

The two Zone Alarm products I tested include a host of additional options. That put them well ahead of the chasing package in the competitive market for high-end virus protection.

Here are several people who affected me significantly:

Anti-Phishing Chrome Extension

Zone Alarm offers an associate-grade antiphishing extension for the Google Chrome browser that adds another important layer of protection for users (this is included in the Pro Antivirus + Firewall and Extreme Security packages).

Let’s face reality: Few people have the choice not to continue using desktop email programs. Email and online banking are just two of the areas where hackers are waiting en masse to seize the details of unprotected users. The addition of an associate-grade antiphishing engine that lives inside an Internet browser could be valuable. Addition to each product’s feature offerings.

The Chrome extension is based on the company’s enhanced browser protection feature. That scans URLs to prevent users from accessing websites known to harbor security threats. Once your network security system checks URLs for threats before they’re loaded and scans your content for phishing later. You know you’re running strong protection.


The Extreme Security program includes an associate-grade anti-keylogger feature that detects and prevents keyloggers from running on users’ computers. Keyloggers are programs that record users’ keystrokes to find out usernames and passwords that can then be passed on to would-be identity thieves. Adding a keylogger to a stellar antivirus engine greatly limits the possible ways hackers will compromise your system, or worse, steal your identity.

Online Backup Space

Zone Alarm generously offers users 5GB of storage space in which users can hold their most system-critical data. Backing up personal data is simply a must for any user hoping to operate a truly secure and reliable computer; unfortunately, too few providers offer this as part of their online security and antivirus products. So I was more than glad to see that Zone Alarm has broken ranks and includes this as part of their product. The Online Backup utility features file versioning, continuous backup support, and the ability to map drives—it’s truly an all-around fully capable solution and impressive addition to the product.

Find My Laptop

Extreme Security includes Zone Alarm’s “Find My Laptop” utility. Which gives laptop users the best possible chance of recovering and protecting their stolen laptops. Heard the story about the company whose lost laptop cost them over $2 million? Laptop theft has the potential to cause great financial damage, both for businesses and private voters. Zone Alarm’s laptop recovery utility will notify you once the login is complete.


Zone Alarm is not alone in maintaining a network of virus definitions for periods of spreading known viruses from alternate users; however, it puts the “real-time” back to “real-time”. DefenseNet™ works in good harmony with the ability of programs to pull definitions from the cloud in a close amount of time to ensure users have the ultimate in protection from startup to shutdown.

Ease of use

Usability is, of course, a non-negotiable for antivirus and network security tools. Zone Alarm has gone to great lengths to make its product as feature-rich as possible, so I was surprised to find a sleek and sturdy program as a result. Fortunately, this is not the case.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review In 2023 - Ease of use
ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review

For the professional Antivirus + Firewall product, the company has done well to separate the options into 3 main areas:

  • antivirus and firewall
  • web and privacy: includes anti-keylogger and privacy management settings pages
  • mobility and knowledge: includes “Find my laptop”, online backup, and identity protection

The main dashboard brings together everything users have to get a quick overview of virus definitions, accounts, and scan statuses. On the browser side, the Anti-Phishing tool doesn’t provide the same onslaught of pop-ups and threat alerts. Instead, every time a suspicious page is detected, users are redirected from ranking to a warning page and given a referral code if they want to dig deeper into why the page was blocked.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review In 2023 - Ease of use
ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review

Overall, I think Zone Alarm has done an excellent job of organizing its products‘ powerful feature sets in a way that doesn’t seem overwhelming to the average user.


Zone Alarm delivers when it comes to its product features and user interfaces, but what about support?

The parent company of the products, Check Purpose, has devoted a wide variety of resources to produce a moderately comprehensive support center.

My first port of call was to check out the live chat support. I asked, “Cid C” if my laptop would want to have “location services” enabled for the “find laptop feature” to work.

Despite deliberately mixing the language of the worlds of desktop and automaton computing and the commercial enterprise. The name feature (known as “Find My Laptop”), the law enforcement agency responded at intervals of a few seconds explaining the feature works so long because the laptop has 3 active WLAN points and offered more help if needed. So far so good!

If live chat isn’t your most popular mode of communication. The company also maintains a ticketing system as well as a vibrant user community. There are also helpful online tutorials and therefore the company will maintain a range of fees for requesting support. Although “Cid C” advised that technical issues are resolved using the live chat interface rather than over the phone. (This has meaning: signage is prominently missing from their support page). This is an area where I feel the company can improve. When it comes to solving difficult installation problems, I always like human action over the phone if possible.

ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review In 2023 - Support
ZoneAlarm Antivirus Review


ZoneAlarm offers two free products (an antivirus and a firewall) in addition to its paid offerings. Including ZoneAlarm Extreme Security and ZoneAlarm Professional Antivirus and Firewall.

Extreme Security is the more expensive of the two products, but it will include some terrifyingly spectacular features that quite justify the price difference in my opinion. (These include the anti-keylogger tool as well as the virtualized thread emulation system. Which is what it best suggests than feasible to prevent zero-day attacks). If for the sole reason that the threat sandboxing space provides an especially safe suggestion of ensuring that email attachments are free of unwanted viruses and malware. Regardless of where you receive them, I suggest you drop the distinction.

Pro Antivirus and Firewall are available for one and two years (with options to hide one or five PCs). While Extreme Security is also available for three months. Each product area unit is available for 30-day free trials. Therefore the company accepts all major credit cards in addition to PayPal.

Most importantly, do these merchandises represent good value for money? In my opinion, the solution could be a reverberating affirmative. After factoring in some of the extra options that both packages offer (like the online backup utility). You’re looking at big savings compared to what it would cost to cobble together. All the antivirus and web security tools are from totally different vendors.

Zone Alarm Products & Pricing

ZoneAlarm PRO ANTIVIRUS+ Firewall

$19.95 / year


$35.95 / year

Bottom Line

If you’re trying to find a product that aims to pack everything you’re likely to have to keep intruders out of your Windows machines. Then any of the Zone Alarm products I reviewed is an associate degree option I’d highly recommend. What became clear to Maine is that for products that contain a large list of options. Each one has managed to be surprisingly easy to install and operate, and therefore the support staff is knowledgeable and willing to help

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