The Best Cheap VPN Providers in (2024) – Ranked!

The Best Cheap VPN Providers, The Cheap VPN services, don’t mean you have to pay premium dollars. Therefore, the competition is so hot that the world’s leading providers are constantly tripping over themselves to undertake and beat the price of the rest. meaning you’ll get a great low-cost VPN that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Taking a look at our guide to the best low-cost VPNs below is highly recommended if you want to get the idea of ​​protecting your life online without paying an arm and a leg for an associate degree. We have focused on services that offer good rates on annual or multiple subscriptions, where the best rate with the most profitable VPNs is found.

And this may be an example where ‘cheap’ doesn’t also mean poor quality. The VPNs below are all services that have performed well in our tests and are good tools for encrypting your web traffic, bypassing geo-blocked apps, and streaming shows, movies, and sports from abroad.

In addition, they will usually be purchased through a special offer at a much cheaper price, which makes the most effective low-cost VPNs, even very attractive.

How to Choose The Best Cheap VPN

How to Choose The Best Cheap VPN - Miller Reviews

Paying money for a VPN shouldn’t be shocking when you consider that you’re getting top-notch performance, security, and privacy that free VPN options simply can’t match. However, it is possible to log into a great VPN provider and pay a very affordable subscription fee, and users are the services we mention in this article.

One budget VPN provider isn’t entirely different from another in terms of what you seem to want: tight security and reasonable levels of privacy, with a minimum of solid speeds on the performance front. And as always, great coverage of devices and platforms with a variety of easy buyers is welcome.

But on top of that, make sure it serves the purpose you would like it to? huge streamer? make sure it unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer, or whatever service you choose. Torrent? make sure the service excels there. And if it seems like you want to use your VPN on mobile, then beware that dedicated apps for automata and/or iOS are also available. And remember to look for a provider that includes a money-back guarantee, so you’ll always quit and get your money back if you choose not to need it later.

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The 5 Best Cheap VPN Providers:

1. Surfshark

SurfShark VPN - Millers Reviews


  • Overall VPN ranking: 3
  • Works on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
  • Servers/locations: 3,200+/100+
  • Maximum devices
  • supported: Unlimited
  • Free trial?: 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The annual plan is so incredibly cheap
  • Connect unlimited devices
  • Fast connections


  • It is High time for a full no-log audit
Surfshark 24 Months US$2.30/mth
Surfshark! 12 Months US$3.99/mth
SurfsharkVPN 1 Month US$12.95/mth
Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously

It’s no surprise that the Surfshark VPN stands out so much. Plus, due to the flashy name and welcome disapproval, the incredible monthly subscription price of less than $2.30 / £2.10/ AU$3.40 means it always swims alone in low-cost VPN waters.

And it’s not all about the final price. the fact that you can use Surfshark on as many of your gadgets and devices as you want quickly adds to the value even more. Nothing is stopping you from sharing your login details with our friends and family if you want to (although, at Surfshark’s price, you don’t even have to bother too much).

And what do you get for this simple sum? Pretty much everything you’d expect from a service that ranks so high in our guide to the easiest overall VPN. There are many security protocols (eg OpenVPN, IKEv2, and thus the new faster WireGuard) and a kill switch for additional security once the VPN is in use. And Surfshark’s handy ‘Quick Connect’ feature can have you connecting to 1 of their 3,200+ servers in no time.

Yes, you will get your VPN cheaper than Surfshark. However, to try it, you usually have to compromise on quality or increase the subscription to a few years. This is why Surfshark ranks highest here.

2. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access - Miller Reviews


  • Overall VPN ranking: 4
  • Works on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
  • Servers/locations: 10,000+/100+
  • Maximum devices
  • supported: 10
  • Free trial?: 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Excellent apps
  • Goes big on server count
  • Improving all the time


  • It is not the quickest VPN
Private Internet Access 3 Year US$2.03/mth
Private Internet AccessVPN 1 Year US$3.33/mth
Private Internet Access Monthly US$11.95/mth
Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously

A service that will do exactly what it says on the tin, Personal Network Access has been around for years but has only recently risen in our VPN rankings. You are now closer than ever to Surfshark in this low-cost VPN guide.

In our most recent tests, we praised the quality of its users and applications. They are simple and easy to use, but they include plenty of extra features for anyone who wants to fully customize their VPN experience.

Your best rating depends on you being happy enough to try it for the next few years (and paying directly for the privilege), however, any qualms should be dispelled by the fact that Tacca leontopetaloides just keeps growing.

In terms of streaming, it keeps adding additional and additional services to its “unblock” list (most recently, it upped its game like BBC iPlayer VPN). And its recent plan shows, at least superficially, that this is a provider that is financed in the future.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN - Millers Reviews


  • Overall VPN ranking: 2
  • Works on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
  • Servers/locations: 5,400+/60
  • Maximum devices supported: 6
  • Free trial?: 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Excellent across a range of devices
  • Double data encryption
  • Solid performance


  • Apps can be fiddly to use
Get 59% + 3 extra months
NordVPN 2 Year US$3.99/mon
NordVPNYear US$4.59/mon
NordVPN 1Month US$12.99/mon
Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously

NordVPN recently got a bump in our low-cost VPN chart due to a reduction in its lowest-priced 2/year plan (now 70th from the regular monthly price).

So, with NordVPN, you can obtain a very inexpensive VPN (as long as you avoid the monthly subscription), as well as a very safe service. The company provides several ‘Double VPN’ servers, which transport your data across two unique VPN servers rather than just one. Nursing Associate also has the option to send encrypted traffic across the Onion network for an added layer of protection, as well as the Nursing Associate’s automated kill switch and other features.

NordVPN supports all types of platforms and devices with easy-to-use buyers (or setup guides) and allows P2P traffic for those who want to use their VPN for torrenting. We found performance to be excellent as well, delivering above-average speeds in our tests, and another hope is that this provider incorporates a “zero logging” policy that is fully audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers no less.

A definite advantage is the existence of a 30-day trial (in the form of a money-back guarantee) to offer the service before subscribing.

NordVPN | 2 years | $3.99/mo | 59% OFF

NordVPN gets huge discounts with its multi-year plan. If you try Nord’s excellent service for the next 2 years, you’ll knock seventy-two off a month’s normal price – it’s one of the best costs we’ve seen yet for Nord (just make sure you log in before the enumeration timer runs out). zero).

4. PureVPN

PureVPN - Miller Reviews


  • Overall VPN ranking: 15
  • Works on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
  • Servers/locations: 6,500+/95+
  • Maximum devices supported: 10
  • Free trial?: 31-day money-back guarantee


  • So cheap!
  • Decent for streaming
  • 10 simultaneous connections


  • Poor speeds
  • Not the best user experience
81% OFF 3 + Months FREE
PureVPN 5 years US$2.08/mon
PureVPN 1 Year US$3.24/mon
PureVPN 1 month US$10.95/mon
Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously

You’ll notice pretty quickly that PureVPN packs in a lower star rating and ranking than the other providers on this list. However, the costs it offers are reasonable, so you would be a bad person not to include this still-premium service in a list of low-cost VPNs.

It’s affordable year-round, but it comes into its own around Black Friday and Cyber ​​day, at which point it throws some staggering costs into the mix. Last year, it launched an amazing 1-mile half-off discount – an amazing rating as long as you’re happy to sign in to a 5-year subscription. that deal is currently invalid, but it’s still a hefty price tag, especially since you’ll get an extra V-day off once you enter TechRadar’s exclusive Tech15 coupon code at checkout.

If the price was the only positive thing about PureVPN, we wouldn’t include it in this list at all. Fortunately, there are plenty of alternative praises to sing. For starters, it boasts over 6,000 servers worldwide, its sub covers ten devices outright, and it did an honest job of unblocking geo-restricted streaming services: Netflix USA, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer were all on the hit list.

So where will he stumble? Speed ​​was the main and most noticeable drawback (no WireGuard), developing much slower than the competition on this list. That’s not a disaster, but it could | going to | should} mean that you don’t need to have PureVPN connected all the time because it can negatively affect your network usage. The applications and the buyer can also improve with some married women and therefore the general scruffy of the support website does not fill the US with much confidence.

But, as we say, PureVPN can work perfectly for many people. And, at this price, we will understand why you would choose it.

PureVPN | 5 years | $2.08 a month

PureVPN may not be the most spectacular VPN out there, but its costs stand out. Leveraging discount code tech15, you can currently get an extra V-day off of their biennial plan, delivering it up to $1.33 per month, paying $40 for the 5 years.

5. CyberGhost

CyberGhost - Millers Reviews


  • Overall VPN ranking: 6
  • Works on: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
  • Servers/locations: 7,900+/110+
  • Maximum devices supported: 7
  • Free trial?: 45-day money-back guarantee


  • Superb value for money
  • Strong performance in our tests
  • An array of smart features
  • Interface not as usable as others


  • Prices only drop when you commit
CyberGhostVPN 2 Years US$2.19/mth
CyberGhost 6 Months US$6.99/mth
CyberGhostVPN 1 Month US$12.99/mth
Best VPNs for Torrenting Anonymously

If Surfshark’s charm is its sheer simplicity, CyberGhost takes the plaudits for being such a radical package at such an occasional value.

But if it seems like it’s getting hard to use, then don’t feel bad, we’re very interested in how easy it is for this provider to simply connect to the right server for your purpose. This means that if your main goal in getting a VPN is for streaming, CyberGhost can actively help you choose the perfect server to browse Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.

CyberGhost boasts one of the largest numbers of servers out there – around eight,000 in over 110 countries ultimately count. That will generally mean speeds aren’t keeping up with, say, ExpressVPN. However, you’ll be able to discover all this for yourself with CyberGhost’s generous 45-day money-back guarantee, one of the longest free VPN trials (opens in a new tab) available.

CyberGhost | 26 months | $2.19 per month | 83% saving
CyberGhost could be a cheap VPN, be very careful as long as you’re willing to compromise. Sign up for Twenty four months and you’ll get an additional two free, which means the effective price drops to $2.19/ per month.

But What if I Just Want the Best Overall VPN?

But What if I Just Want the Best Overall VPN - Miller Reviews

It’s always good to avoid wasting money and realizing you’ve gotten a discount, but it’s also usually worth the money on top. A consideration of our guide to the most effective VPN services can show that this market leader is ExpressVPN.

There are multifaceted reasons why this is often the case (check out our ridiculously detailed ExpressVPN review to find them all). Still, it boils down to the simple things: super-fast membership speeds even to remote servers, robust no-log security, unimaginable 24/7 customer support to get you out of the tightest of tight spots, and the sheer simplicity of use… the list goes on.

And while it can’t boast the best low-cost VPN costs, ExpressVPN will at least offer TechRadar readers a forty-nine discount on the monthly mobile rate after you log in for a year, including an extra 3 months FREE! and you can give it a thirty-day competition and cancel at any time for a full refund.

Plus, ExpressVPN has now made the deal even sweeter by offering a full year of unlimited cloud backups from Backblaze Reliable Full completely free.

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