Norton 360 Antivirus Review In 2024: Features, Pricing & More!

Norton 360 Antivirus Review: As one of the biggest names in antivirus, Norton may already be in your range. These days, however, an antivirus alone isn’t enough and that’s why Norton 360 exists: it offers “complete” protection against significantly more threats than just viruses.

Norton 360 will not only protect all your Windows, macOS, iOS, and auto devices. But it will also protect you by watching the dark web for your data. Such as passwords, licenses, master card numbers, and more. If any are found, you will be alerted and steps will be taken to address and mitigate any loss or issue should someone conceive of stealing your identity.

And over the last year, Norton has been adding and expanding options. VPN, for example, is currently a stronger rival to standalone VPN services. Alternative options unfortunately area unit add-ons and need separate payments. The new Anti-Track subscription offers strong protection against website trackers (and their advanced processing techniques) but costs £40/$49.99 a year for a Windows device.

Norton 360 Antivirus Review: Features

Before you get too much of anyone, it’s worth explaining that there are different area units at Norton 360 tiers, starting with standard. Then becoming more comprehensive with Deluxe, and ending with Premium.

The options below include full versions of the area unit. However, please note that Standard only protects 1 device. While Deluxe allows you to install protection on five and Premium covers ten devices.

  • Real-time malware protection
  • Unlimited use VPN
  • Smart Firewall for Windows (Firewall for macOS)
  • Password manager
  • Cloud backup (Windows only)
  • Webcam protection (Windows only)
  • Virus protection promise (when car-renewal is enabled)
  • Technical school support 24/7

Parental Controls, College Time Watch Area Drive, and Locked Darknet only in Deluxe and Premium.

If you prefer the sound of cloud backup, keep in mind that Standard comes with 25GB, Deluxe with 50GB, and Premium with 75GB.


Like several of its competitors, Norton 360 features a comparatively sleek and easy-to-use interface on all the devices it supports.

My Norton is currently the “face” of the products on Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This gives you an Associate in the Nursing status report at a glance that not only shows you the most important options available but also whether or not they are created and enabled.

Norton App - Millers Reviews
Norton App

Some of these you will add during installation. It’s nice that the cloud is one-click enabled, though this protects common folders like Documents. If you want to save alternate folders, you need to go in and add them to the list.

Good network protection is important these days, and Norton provides plenty of covers. There’s Browsing Protection, For example. This prevents web-based malware from exploiting browser vulnerabilities as you browse, and sites are flagged by name in search results. Downloads from the network are also scanned, and once scanned, a report on their safety appears.

The only drawback is that it requires you to install four extensions to each app you use: Norton Home Page, Norton Safe Search, Norton Safe Net, and Norton Sign Manager.

The home page and the safe search will be ignored as it replaces your traditional software with a Norton-branded version of Yahoo or Our recommendation is to simply modify Safe net. Which puts an inexperienced checkmark next to it to search for results from your favorite provider.

Mobile apps benefit more, or rather their users, from recent updates because you don’t have to transfer numerous apps to get the full range of options, like VPN. In addition, you may be warned of potential phishing messages that could otherwise trap you into giving up personal or payment details.

Identity Protection

Although Norton bought LifeLock a few years ago and identity surveillance is a component of Norton 360. It is not precisely integrated. You still have to be forced to install the LifeLock Identity app separately on mobile devices and on desktops. Where it’s known as darknet surveillance, you’re sent to Norton’s website.

The feature keeps an eye on dark internet sites in case any of their details become available, and will then let you know if they are. So it will take action to change passwords, email addresses, etc.

You’ll start by looking for the email address you use for your Norton account. But you’ll also add the following information:

  • Driver identification number
  • Mother’s last name
  • 5 insurance or identification account numbers (for example, medical, property)
  • 5 physical addresses
  • 5 email addresses
  • 5 phone numbers
  • 10 checking account numbers
  • 10 MasterCard numbers
  • 10 player tags
Norton Identity Protection - Millers Reviews
Norton Identity Protection

Because the options vary across devices, the home screen displays slightly different information. On Windows, for example, you have quick access to VPN, cloud backup, and password manager.

The password manager is absolutely smart. It syncs your logins across your devices. Tells you how to strengthen your password area unit, and allows you to update passwords for certain websites. The only noticeable missing feature is the ability to share logins firmly with others.

At a very low price My Norton screen, a pop-up panel lists all the extra services you’ll buy for extra protection. There are many more than are available to users in the United States of America than within the GB where the list includes AntiTrack, Ultimate Utilities (Norton’s laptop cleaning software), and Supreme Support Table, which offers support for any tech school problem, not just 360 Deluxe.

SafeCam is another useful feature, although it is only available to Windows users. It monitors apps that request to use the camera on your device and alerts you, so it will block those attempts if necessary.

The included enhancement tools comprise 3 modules: Optimize Disk, File Cleanup, and Startup Manager. They are not very secure features and can be considered a bonus.

The file cleanup feature is useful because it frees up the area occupied by temporary files. Startup Manager uses the knowledge of the community to allow it to recognize that your applications use a lot of resources. So it will decide which one to disable.

Finally, there’s a helpful graph that shows all the top events along with malware detections, scans, and security alerts, along with performance tool usage.

Also worth mentioning is the smart firewall, again only for Windows. Also, it blocks external attacks, a bit like the Windows firewall. It monitors applications and warns you if it thinks they may be abusing your Internet connection.

It uses the information to understand that the applications area unit is trustworthy and allows them to use the association without disturbing you. But you can closely monitor unknown applications.

There’s a two-way firewall included in the macOS version of Norton 360, along with a VPN, password bin, and a cleanup tool that will free up closet space.


Norton Performance - Millers Reviews
Norton Performance

Norton antivirus has worked consistently over the years and can be a reliable defense against all kinds of malware, as well as ransomware.

According to AV-Test’s latest Windows report, it scored great as it did on both humanoid and macOS. Plus, it passed SE Labs testing, with immaculate check cards, earning it the highest rating.

As if that wasn’t enough, Norton offers a “100% guarantee” that any virus affecting your device will be removed by their specialists. And if they can’t help it, you get a refund. Just note that this currently applies on the condition that you have auto-renewal enabled for your subscription.

The Windows app is unobtrusive and shows few pop-ups at a minimum. Sometimes you will see a message about the completion of the background scan. But because it runs when you’re not using your laptop, it’s not intrusive. One of the only times you’re likely to see a pop-up is when Norton scans downloaded files for you, that may be a sensible thing to do.


Previously, we didn’t mind Norton’s VPN service at all. But we admit that since it didn’t cost you more, it was fine to use it for an extra layer of online security and privacy.

However, in 2022, it’s an entirely more compelling proposition. Currently, you will choose an area to connect with AND managed to unblock the North American country Netflix and Amazon Prime, an amazing surprise.

Norton VPN - Millers Reviews
Norton VPN

Since there are no limits on the amount of information. You can use it as much as you want, but it doesn’t offer apps for streaming devices. So if you want to use it on an Amazon Hearth TV Stick, for example. You would have to jump through a series of hoops to drop the humanoid .apk file.

Norton 360: Price & Availability

Norton 360 Deluxe protection price officially weighs in at £84.99 / US$104.99 for up to five devices. As well as laptops, Macs, iOS, and humanoids. Though you can get a huge first-year discount that brings the price down to £34.99/49.99 US dollars.

That’s for a year of protection, as well as 50GB of cloud storage, included is Norton’s VPN service, Arcanum manager, and dark web surveillance – options that are missing from some rival security suites.

Norton 360 Price & Availability  - Millers Reviews
Norton 360 Price & Availability


With improved apps and a good VPN service. It’s easy to suggest Norton 360 Deluxe to anyone with up to 5 devices to protect.

As always, malware protection is top-notch, and there are other useful things like cloud backup. Which offers extra protection for your vital files, though it’s often still Windows-only.

Add within the arcana manager, identity protection and it lives up to its name.

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