Wix Web Hosting Review (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

Wix Web Hosting is probably the most popular website builder in the world. It’s a one-size-fits-all: With three different types of editors, lots of themes, and thousands of plugins, it’s versatile on the other side of the competition. This and so for many people looking for a platform to create a website. Let’s Dive into a Detailed Wix Web Hosting Review.

Speaking of options, here’s a fun calling hack: Build your product smart for everyone, and you won’t have to waste time “finding your audience.”

Wix Web Hosting Reviews

While some website builders try to specifically target an audience (i.e. Shopify, for eCommerce, and Zenfolio, for photographers), Wix can be a terrifyingly notable outlier.

That’s because it does…everything?

  • A simple website builder for beginners? Control!
  • Is it a possibility for hardcore designers who build websites for a living? Of course!
  • A solid blogging possibility for both creative writers and rising entrepreneurs? Completely.
  • A simple eCommerce answer with all the business essentials? Affirmative, partner!

But are you able to do everything and taste good? That’s what I’m trying out these days: I signed up and created my own website, trying out all the tools Wix should provide.

General Info & Wix Web Hosting Review:

Rating: ⭐Our Verdict: 4.6 ★★★☆
Speed:860 ms
Ease of use:Powerful interface, quite easy to use
Templates:Over 700 numerous templates
Business features:Wide variety of varied shopping options
Performance:Somewhat low metrics, solid real-life performance
Business features:Get online for just $17 a month

Wix Web Hosting Pros & Cons

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Beautiful fashion templates.
✅ Great skill.
✅ Solid business options.
✅ A good app store.
⛔ Some editor options will be daunting initially.
⛔ 3rd party plugins might have an additional price.

Wix for Different Websites

Website typeAdditional applications, additional priceLimitations
BlogAdditional applications, additional priceLargely 3rd party tool area unit, making Wix more expensive than other blogging options
Portfolio siteExtreme flexibility in design has specific tools for artistsYou can’t modify a model once you start writing one; all content is removed
Business websiteAdditional applications, additional priceAdditional applications additional price
Online storeExcellent eCommerce tools, options for beginners and executivesThe platform does not allow you to migrate

Wix for blogs

It can be a solid blogging option for creative writers and budding entrepreneurs alike. The Wix Web Registry Editor allows you to create formatting changes to your text, add bullets, links, and more. Wix also allows you to customize your weblog post’s title tag and meta description. Still, it also allows you to modify your weblog posts’ default Universal Resource Locator.

However, considering the fact that there are numerous blogging platforms that allow you to publish your creative writing for free, Wix is one of the more expensive alternatives for blogging. Wix’s free setup is pretty limited and has the Wix stigma about it; the most cost-effective setup option with Wix is ​​$17.00/month, that’s pretty expensive.

Wix for portfolio sites

Due to Wix‘s almost unlimited customization, this builder can be a good fit whether you’re trying to create a winning portfolio website for your design or want to sell your art online. The tools for the commercial art area are all there, and this builder will certainly suit the needs of both beginner and experienced website builders.

Unfortunately, most of the tools are appropriate for visual artists: third-party print-on-demand integrations, digital downloads, and image-driven templates won’t be very useful for artists of a unique caliber. While the constructor is incredibly versatile, many visual artists and designers find themselves choosing it for their portfolios.

Wix for business websites

Wix offers many tools curated specifically for business, not to mention that you will be continually searching the app store and purchasing additional plugins for your website. This builder has the most effective custom writing tools, and once you combine them with Wix SEO and marketing options, and deep customization, you can create the web presence of your dreams.

However, while Wix offers you the freedom to customize, it doesn’t have all the tools you’d like. For that, you will have to visit the app store and pay some money for your favorite tool.

Wix for online stores

Wix offers everything a small business owner could want: a good eCommerce suite and strong tools for promotion and SEO but as specific templates for online stores. Your website visitors may have many options to fill their search carts – you will be selling both digital and physical items. The editor allows you to create a very custom store and populate it with byzantine third-party integrations like Google Analytics.

While Wix can be a good fit for online stores, it has a big drawback: you can’t move your store. Once you have signed up for Wix, your search will be stuck on the platform. Scaling is simply potential within the Wix system itself; therefore, the platform does not allow trading of your website.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers an impressive total of Eight plans, from Completely Free to $35/month. Five plans are geared toward regular professional sites, while the other three are designed for eCommerce. Overall, the cost area unit is quite affordable and within the industry average.

Here the website area unit organizes the options:

FreeA simple fix to test the platform.Free
ComboGreat Tools for Simple Websites$8.50/month
UnlimitedUnlimited Information Measurement, Additional Promotion Tools – Smart for Growing Businesses$12.50/month
ProE-commerce options for online trading$35.00/month
VIPAll superior options and priority customer care$24.50/month

Now let’s tell these plans in a little detail.

Wix free plan

A free disposition usually attracts attention. After all, WHO doesn’t like not spending money on one thing, right? Well, you may want to consider this before you investigate your savings.

With an intelligent conscience, I can’t recommend Free Pledge to anyone in this Wix review – that’s too many limitations to be used on a proper website. Wix ads are displayed on your page as infrequently as possible, and instead of a custom domain, you should use a subdomain with .wixsite.com at the end. Wix site is a free subdomain, which marks all websites created by a Wix free fix, and for a business, it’s just a bit inexperienced.

Actually, the free setup should be seen as an “unlimited trial to test Wix” above all else.

Is Wix free? Technically, yes. There’s a free deal, and you won’t need any of your Master card details. However, the area unit has too many limitations.

Wix premium plans

In general, all paid plans can allow you to use a custom domain (and also adopt a free name for the first year), add a free SSL certificate, and remove ads. And it’s the premium plans that you have to choose.

So what area unit are you planning for each of those premium websites?

  • The combo pack includes all the essential options, making it ideal for people trying to create representative or personal small business websites.
  • The unlimited organization includes a large amount of storage, some ad credit, and a number of other useful promotional tools. So naturally, it’s an acceptable decision for small businesses trying to connect with a website.
  • For online branding from A to Z, Wix has pro and VIP packages. Each allows you to use the Wix brand builder and transfer branding files for social media and the event calendar app to display upcoming events. The only tangible distinction between the $12.50/mo Professional and $24.50/mo VIP plans is that the latter adds a lot of storage and priority customer support.

But before jumping into a concept, I’d like to draw your attention to the fine print. Let’s improve.

Wix premium plans

Site Booster and Analytics app (available with $12.50/mo Unlimited Plan) and Events Calendar (available with $24.50/mo VIP plans), area units are only free for one year. So what happens when the year passes?

Well, not much. Free plans are available for all website programs (Website Booster, Analytics, and Events Calendar). However, they have their own premium options, adding many listing options, larger traveler limits, and unlimited events. Costs for the premium versions can start at around $8.50/month each. And on Wix plans, you can purchase those premium versions free of charge for a year, so you can decide which ones keep the unit value and which ones don’t.

Still, it’s one thing worth keeping an eye on, as premium apps, your Wix expenses could go up quite a bit.

Wix eCommerce plans

But that is not all! Wix also has three options aimed at those who want to use their websites to sell online.

Here area unit the planes here.

Business VIPAdditional subscription sales, drop shipping, and merchandise review options$49.00/month
Business UnlimitedAdditional subscription sales, drop shipping, and merchandise review options$25.00/month
Business BasicEverything: loyalty program, calculation of special taxes, and priority assistance$17.00/month

And if you’re a visual learner, I’ll also leave you with this screenshot with all the e-commerce options of those plans compared.

Wix eCommerce plans

Overall, I found all three Wix eCommerce plans to be a good value in this Wix review. Unlike other platforms, no group action fee is attached to any of them. Also, in some advanced options (such as abandoned cart recovery), area units are rarely seen in low-cost plans.

So, which of those 3 plans is the best for you?

  • Business Basic is a great entry opportunity and has all the right tools for a small personal or family operation.
  • Business Unlimited is good if you intend to sell subscriptions, drop ship, or have a lot of experience in data-centric marketing and commerce.
  • The VIP organization is kind of a big acceleration in value. Invest if you intend to line up a loyalty platform or scale a business into a significant operation.

And I’ll say what some of you may be thinking: Wix isn’t all that cheap, and not everyone has the budget to contribute several hundred dollars a year to maintain a website. However, even the most affordable plans here offer value not seen in other similarly priced plans.

Is Wix Easy to Use?

  • The configuration method: everything is quite simple. You get a quick launch menu that allows you to select the type of website you want to create and the editor to use.
  • Website Editors – You will have 2 options: the normal editor and Wix-ADI. The regular editor can offer you many themes and a lot of writing freedom. Wix ADI can generate a website supported by the knowledge it provides you.
  • Manage your website: The question of the method may depend on the editor you choose. The classic editor can have a bit of a learning curve. However, it should only take a day for a beginning user to learn the ropes. The ADI, however, is as simple as it sounds.

Wix offers partners an all-in-one website-building experience: hosting, domains, and website admin unit are all available under one hood. And if you’ve already purchased your own domain elsewhere, connect it to Wix. And overall, that half makes exploiting Wix pretty easy.

As for creating your own website… Whether Wix is ​​easy or not depends on the approach, you decide to follow.

It is the variability of options that can cause most of the headaches.

And before you decide whether or not to utilize Wix to build your website, you should see all of these issues in action. That’s why I’m writing this Wix review!

So take the traveler’s seat next to the US state, and let’s get started. During this half, I will create my own Wix website. In fact, I’ll show you what I got here – click the image to check it all out.

Wix Web Hosting Review

That’s how the experience was.

Getting started with Wix

The registration procedure was quite simple. Honestly, before they ask your name, you’d like to tell Wix what kind of website you’re going to build.

Wix Web Hosting Review

And then, you will have to choose one among the 2 editor options.

Wix Web Hosting Review

Now, don’t waste your time considering for hours here. All those options can be modified and reversed. You will use a Wix account to create many websites, and always, this is the screen you will see. So, come with what you feel looks best on you. If not, you will invariably do that again everywhere!

So what are these options like?

  • Wix Artificial Style Intelligence: “Let Wix ADI produce a website for you” describes it around. This selection is intended for complete beginners who need a website quickly and don’t seem interested in in-depth written material and custom styling.
  • Its Editor – This method allows you to choose a template, edit fonts, add blocks, drag and drop components, and do many other things to have a truly unique and distinctive website.


For beginners who don’t want to go into the trouble of using a drag-and-drop editor, I wish Wix AI is a good option.

If you decide to use it as your preferred option, all you have to do is answer a few basic questions that describe your ideal website. The self-proclaimed rule can then shuffle all the answers, your laptop can bzzzzz, and your website is good to go!

So, let’s use this Wix review to dig in and quickly build a store that sells dog apparel!

Wix Web Hosting Review

So, naturally, you may be interested in: “Why would that matter?”. From what I perceive, your selected niche can decide 2 things. The main one is the placeholder medium that can be placed on your website. The other is the next step: the options that can be added to your website.

Depending on your choice, you will be told the most important options such a website would need.

Wix Web Hosting Review

But at another time, you’ll scroll down a bit and like adding more regardless of whether you feel like adding – Wix won’t put limits simply on what you chose.

Wix Web Hosting Review

Then comes the fairly easy part of adding your business name.

Wix Web Hosting Review

And once you’re done with the overview…

Wix Web Hosting Review
Wix Web Hosting Review

…You will be asked to choose the most popular type of website. But good the ADI may be, it still needs a bit of fashion guidance from you. If you already have an emblem for your business, you can also adapt your website to the color theme of your emblem.

Wix Web Hosting Review

And there you have it: your website is almost done. In the last step, you will be asked to decide which style you prefer.

Wix Web Hosting Review

And finally, you’ll have the opportunity to include something you’d love to see on your website. All those sections are adapted to the current theme of the ADI website.

Wix Web Hosting Review

And the website is finished and waiting for you to publish it.

Wix Web Hosting Review

The process takes no more than five minutes – and at that point, you’ll have the opportunity to create a website that matches your favorite fashions and has the pages you want.

If you’re trying to find a simple-to-use and easy website builder that gets the job done, it’s the decision for you.

Wix Editor

Wix Editor is the true builder of Wix. The starter, the one that puts Wix on the map, keeps it on top, and also the one that most Wix reviews like to say. And it would be a bit difficult to use from time to time, but it’s still a very efficient setup experience.

Once you decide to create a website with the Wix Classic Website Builder, you will be prompted to select a template.

Wix Web Hosting Review

You have many options for dozens of different functions. I decided to go with a fintech company, and soon after, I found something terribly appropriate. And then a simple click to “Edit” took Maine right into the Wix Editor, which looks loads like this:

wix editor overview

And from here, you are working on the written material for your website and making it your own!

Editing your Wix site

  • Editing with Wix ADI – This is an extremely easy experience, but for the most part, limited. Wix itself accepts this, even suggesting transferring a website to the regular editor to try serious changes.
  • Editing with Wix Editor – This is a very open and somewhat daunting experience. However, the prospects for written material are totally unmatched.

Naturally, both builders also offer a variable writing experience. Wix Editor lets you do it all, and the best feature of the Wix ADI is… letting you step right into the Wix Editor.

Editing with Wix ADI

Wix ADI allows you to edit in blocks: that means that you will only choose an entire section of your website, so you decide what to do with it. The “Layout” section can allow you to opt for another search for the blocks.

wix ADI editor design

And the “Edit” option can let you modify the text and also the media.

Wix ADI editor edit

Also, you can move the blocks up and down, still using the button, and between the sections to introduce some new ones.

Wix ADI editor adding section

And honestly, that’s it. Even the platform itself suggests that you take your website to Wix Editor Town, where the grass is green, and the written material options are pretty!

Wix ADI editor moves to editor

Speaking of beauty, this is usually a reasonable experience to talk about Wix’s other website builder option.

Editing with Wix Editor

Let’s go back to the editor screenshot I made earlier.

Wix regular editor

As you will probably see, there is a lot to try. will drag and drop all the weather seen on this website. Clicking it will edit them all separately.

The collection of icons on the left is what allows you to add new components to your website. The “Add” option is the one that can show you most of the available components.

Wix editor add new elements

The other options on the left include written material, menus and pages, dynamic background, combinations, adding additional apps, icon galleries, media, blog posts, booking, trilingual website creation, and access to numerous business tools. And also, the tools that you will notice there are too abundant to even make and list this great Wix review.

It’s a huge builder, and from time to time, you’re guaranteed to come across something that causes you queries. For example, once I created my own test website, I removed almost half of it. And instead of the website simply getting smaller, parts of it were replaced with one big surface.

It sounded pretty bad until I noticed that all removal processes started by clicking a button at the top called “Zoom Out and Reorder.” This goes into a substitution mode, material possession that you order and removes from any section of your website.

Wx editor zoom out

The same goes for adding and writing material to numerous website components. While the “testimonial” component looked completely different from my combination, it had an easily accessible associate degree, thanks to building any component that matched my favorite combination. I just had to grab where to look!

Wix edit color scheme

“Knowing where to look” is the whole Wix Editor story. There is more to what this platform offers, you just have to stay persistent and keep finding the right answer.

Wix likely knows this because, at any point in the written material, you can click the “Help” option at the top and open the Editor Support Center, which can include articles and even video tutorials.

Wix editor help center

And that’s the story. While Wix ADI has the basics, the Editor provides you with everything. You’ll choose from any 800 templates, add video backgrounds, pages, galleries, shapes, vector art, lists, charts, audio, and video players, insert custom code, social sharing bars, social media updates, and more. Plus.

Did I not mention something specific that you need? Most likely, it is there. You need to recognize where to appear.

Wix website scalability

If you want to create a business website or online store, quantifiability could be an important topic to touch on. Are you able to build a scalable website with Wix?

Wix, on the other hand, only permits scaling within its own system. While you’ll be changing plans, you can’t change hosting: Wix keeps your website on their servers, which means you have to allow Wix to host your website forever. This becomes a spoil if you don’t just like servers or evaluation as you can’t just relocate your website.

However, long gone are the days when Wix did not allow its users to access the code. Quantifiability is less of a concern when you implement nearly unlimited customizations with the use of hypertext markup language and CSS.

Unpublishing a Wix site

First things first, unpublish and deleting a website are two different things. Unpublishing means you are simply quickly removing it from the general public. Delete completely removes your website from Wix’s servers, which means you won’t recover any of your content and information.

If you’re really sure you want to unpublish your website and not delete it, here’s what you’d like to do.

  • When you log in to your account, go to the “My Sites” area.
  • Select the website you would like to unpublish and click on it to be redirected to your dashboard.
  • Go to “Settings“; you will be taken to the “Overview” section by default. If not, please visit the “Overview.
  • Check the “Publishing Status” – you will see the associate degree option to unpublish your website.
  • After choosing to unpublish your website, you get a popup stating that your website has been unpublished.

And that is worrying. You will publish your website once again every time you want to abuse and equivalent advice regarding publishing.

Wix templates

  • How many templates? Wix has over 800 designer-created templates. That is the simplest result for a website builder.
  • They are intelligent? Most of the templates are pretty good, and some are pretty out of date; however, there are still plenty of smart selections.
  • How much do they cost? You will use any template you want. There is no additional price besides the subscription.

Choosing a theme from Wix will be a pretty serious decision because you are not allowed to modify a theme once you choose it. And the platform will not make it easy for you as there are more than 800 options to travel.

Fortunately, many of these topics are terribly limited to specific audiences – this is what happens if you choose to select “Business.”

Wix business templates

And this is what it will be if you go for “Creative.” Planning it out makes it clear why Wix is ​​one of the best website builders for artists.

Wix templates creative

The quality actually varies. There are some that look awesome:

good Wix template 1
good Wix template 2

And some of them look… genuinely pitiful.

bad Wix template

Despite my or your reading of any of these styles, it’s worth noting that all of them are mobile-friendly and can allow you to settle for guests from a wide variety of devices.

So, despite the unfortunate truth that you can’t modify your theme once you decide (and instead have to create a replacement website!), there’s still a terrifyingly wide and wonderful variety of themes to choose from. Don’t be put off by a couple of unhealthy apples. Harvesting at Wix can still give you a plethora of options to choose from, regardless of your business.

Wix Business Features

  • Sell ​​Online – At $23 per month, Wix offers a solid set of eCommerce options. Everything is quite easy.
  • SEO: Wix encompasses an amazingly sensible set of SEO options. Helpful guides are sensible for beginners, and structured information, XML sitemap, and canonical URLs, but as a quick sort, good for many advanced users.
  • Email Selling: Ascend by Wix allows you to capture leads, design emails, and automate emails. Plus, it includes analytics for your campaigns. Too bad that the additional prices.
  • App Store – A robust third-party app store adds even more options to Wix. It is one of the most important markets available.
  • Wix Mobile App – A pretty powerful mobile app that allows you to take care of and manage your deals on the go.

Wix’s target market is sole proprietors and small businesses. So it’s no wonder that there’s a good selection of management, marketing, branding, customer service, e-commerce, and other business tools available.

Overall, it’s an honest package for a small, low-end business.

Wix eCommerce: Create Your Online Store

In the website builder market, the Wix eCommerce integration is perfect there at most. There are plenty of top-notch options to be had with the more affordable $25/month eCommerce setup, as no limits on the amount of merchandise you’ll sell and abandoned cart recovery for your users. You’ll also settle for reservations, accept online orders, and sell event tickets, without signing up for a more expensive setup or additional premium service. You see, though, Wix stacks up against other online store builders in our best eCommerce website builder roundup.

Addition and management of merchandise.

A simple Store items menu allows you to view and add items to your website. There, you will choose between a physical product, i.e. a product that can be sent, or a digital product, i.e. a downloadable product.

Wix adding products

Once you’re in, add all the fine print, which means images, videos, name, price, sale value (if any), options, etc.

Wix product page

It will also add it to the “collection” so people filtering/searching for a selected class can see it there. For example, if you sell t-shirts and jeans, you would assign the merchandise to your various collections, thus, each product is placed within different similar merchandise.

Sell your services

Let’s say you’re looking for a photography website builder to showcase your art and marketing services through your website, Wix is ​​good at that too. Wix Bookings will help you manage your calendar and reservations, giving your users the opportunity to log in quickly and helping you avoid overbooking.

Wix bookings

You can edit working hours for working members, add a time buffer between appointments, and even connect to the website via Zoom (best for consultants and trainers). There is a caveat: To unlock the full suite of Wix Bookings options, you need to sign in to their additional premium setup, which costs $17/mo.

So you will check some alternatives. Free apps like Boom Calendar, Sell Tickets, Event Viewer, and Schedulista Booking exist. And some good free options like Google Event Calendar or Bandsintown allow you to do similar things while paying nothing.

Wix SEO: A Solid Set of Options

Generally speaking, website builders are not known for their excellent software optimization. They are not what you choose to rank high in software results. However, here’s the thing…

Wix is ​​actually no-nonsense regarding SEO and has done an honest job of adapting to suit first-time users and their needs, securing a first place on our list of the finest SEO website builders.

Wix can offer you an SEO that you decide to follow to be seen in your most popular search results. On top of that, it will run ONE option to do redirects, add custom URLs, access the XML sitemap, edit your robots.txt map, and the like.


Content-wise, you have options to change/add meta titles and descriptions, customize your headers, and add EL tags to your images.

All in all, Wix can be a pretty good website builder for SEO. There are masses for beginner SEO experts to try.

Emails and Sale

For most companies, selling is their bread and butter. For those people, Wix includes a full three-course meal, and they decide to upgrade it. It’s ONE internal answer that combines email sales with content from social networks, contacts, invoices, and much more.

It allows you to quickly create and channel content to be successful with your audiences. I like their easy email builder, which allows anyone to put together a decent-looking message that grabs attention.

Wix ascend builder

In the same way, you will use this tool to form and distribute social media posts, create promotional videos, and connect with different advertising and sales tools to engage guests.

Wix ascend leads

There are plenty of pre-made templates for you to settle on, so if your styling skills are as good as mine, you’re in luck!

Wix review business ascend templates

Plus, you can connect your existing email marketing apps like Mailchimp or Constant Contact and connect your analytics to track crucial stats like open rate or CTR.

However, again there is a caveat, and again, it comes down to pricing: the premium version of Wix Ascend starts at $5 per month. It’s not a huge amount, but it’s still one thing to remember before jumping in.

Wix mobile app

If you want to manage your business or website on the go, you’ll love the Wix mobile app. I did! In fact, it will pretty much set up your entire website to mistreat nothing but your mobile app. And if you already have one, you’ll get by near something in the app.

Wix review mobile app shortcuts

I had no problem adding the merchandise and fixing the sales.

Wix review mobile app shortcuts

And for example, if your website has live chat functionality, this is the app that you can also use to respond to your visitors!

Overall, during this Wix review, I enjoyed roughing up the app – it’s just the right amount of practicality to keep many of you from ditching your computer every time you want to try something. Skilled!

Wix App store

For every built-in feature that Wix has, there are dozens that can be obtained from third parties. And the Wix App Market is wherever they are. With so many options for sales, e-commerce, services, media, design, and communications, there’s plenty to choose from.

Wix app store options

Wix also joins the party. You can choose between in-house or third-party with fifty “Made by Wix” apps – all free, freemium, and paid.

Sometimes third-party apps get much more love from users. And it’s nice to see that Wix rentals are thriving.

Wix forms

With the Wix Forms in-house app getting mixed reviews, you’ll even have the opportunity to use the free 123 Type Generator instead.

Wix 123 form

One of Wix’s greatest strengths is that even though some internal options or apps fail, a community can still provide suitable alternatives. And also, the Wix App Market is wherever all that appears.

And to wrap up the entire “Wix Business Features” section, I’d say:

Wix made sure that small businesses have full access to a host of options. Some of them may cost more, but with plenty of other options available, there’s still plenty to be excited about, even if you’re on a budget.

Wix Customer Support

If you ever have trouble building your website, realizing that you’ll have no-nonsense customer support to fall back on is always sensible. Wix now offers you 3 ways to request customer support.

  • Live chat
  • Callback telephone circuit
  • Submission of tickets

Of the three, the requested telephone circuit may be the most reliable option – you will definitely get the help of a person. In person, I tried to connect with a real rep while he chatted with a grub, but to no avail: he just offered to send a price tag or view the Help Center on my behalf.

Wix support example

Help Center: It is well-curated and answers problems that can occur in the regular and ADI editors.

A great advantage of Wix support is that it is available to both free and paid account holders: you will receive premium support for free. Although that premium assistance is only chatting with a chatbot…

All in all, Wix offers pretty good customer service options. The domain of knowledge is extremely deep and well-selected and has most of the answers to any problem that arises.

Wix Performance

Their blazing-fast performance does not usually identify website builders. With such a large amount of editable details, complicated website structures, and attention to having “as much of something as possible,” it’s no surprise to see Wix running a bit slow. However, poor performance results do not translate into negative performance in real life.

For the ultimate experience, I run my own test website through GTMetrix, which measures load time and overall site structure and provides a final rating.

Wix website performance report

A D score and “56%” performance sound unhealthy. However, throughout this Wix review, I visited the website a few times and did not notice a huge load time. In fact, it all went amazingly fast.

My experience is supported by GTMetrix still. While the website will take eight to 4 seconds to fully load, it only takes about three seconds to be fully interactive and load most of the visible components, and that’s a wonderfully good result.

So what do you have to subtract from this? It’s ​​not a super optimized driver, and it shows: except for regular users, Wix page load speed will not be a drag.


It is ​​the most popular website builder in the world, and there are reasons why. It’s incredibly versatile, and while I’ve created several websites with it, I’m sure I haven’t even figured out everything it will do.

Wix writing allows you to choose your own journey. I see a lot of use cases for each Wix ADI, the super easy quiz-based website builder that gets you quickly positioned on a good business website, and Wix Editor, the perfect choice with over 800 custom templates.

While the editor can often seem a bit difficult, and extra options may cost a bit more, this builder will help you create any reasonable website, any way you want.


Is Wix sensible for SEO?

Wix helps you rank extremely high on Google thanks to its built-in SEO tools. These tools allow you to customize URLs, modify header code, and edit meta titles and descriptions.

Is Wix suitable for giant websites?

No. Wix is ​​not the most efficient alternative if you have a large business and want a robust platform capable of scaling and managing bulk orders. It is more suitable for smaller business websites.

Is there a Wix free trial?

There is no free trial for premium plans. Instead, you get a 14-day money-back guarantee, during which you get everything you just purchased on your premium account.

Can you create cash on Wix?

You can earn money on your Wix website by placing Google AdSense ads on it. You will get a very low rate every time your users see or click on an ad. This is available only for paid installation users.

What is the price of a Wix website?

Regular website plans start at $8.50/mo, while eCommerce website plans start at $17/mo. A website is free for the first year but can cost an additional $14.95 per year as you renew.

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