Dell Endpoint Antivirus Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

The Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is designed to provide comprehensive data protection and encryption for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, this solution is tailored to meet your security needs.

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It’s worth noting that the suite is compatible with both Dell and non-Dell hardware, making it a versatile choice. However, individuals seeking antivirus software with basic functionality may find other options more suitable.

Overview of Dell Endpoint Antivirus Review

The Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise provides businesses with two versions to choose from. You can opt for the standalone software or go for the integrated version that seamlessly works with Dell hardware.

The integrated option offers an added layer of security with its seamless integration and hassle-free deployment capabilities. This comprehensive program caters to the needs of enterprises by offering protection against malware and threats, along with robust data encryption to ensure compliance with security requirements.

How to Set It Up and Uninstall

The installation process for the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is designed to be fast and user-friendly, with just a single client to handle. You have the option to perform the installation through either the user interface (UI) or the command-line interface (CLI). While both methods are available, using the UI is generally more straightforward and user-friendly. To get started, follow the steps below to ensure a seamless installation experience.

  1. To initiate the installation process, double-click on the .exe file.
  2. Follow the prompts and click ‘Next’ to proceed through the installation wizard.
  3. Accept the license agreement by agreeing to its terms.
  4. Enter the Server Name of the On-Prem Dell Management.
  5. Select the desired components for installation.
  6. Click ‘Install’ to begin the installation.
  7. After clicking ‘Finish,’ your PC will restart.


The cybersecurity suite offered by Dell is packed with a multitude of valuable protective features that are incredibly beneficial for businesses. One of its standout strengths is the ability to automate threat detection, prevention, and resolution. This suite takes a proactive approach by thoroughly analyzing processes and applications even before they are launched, effectively thwarting malware right from the start. By leveraging this cutting-edge technology, businesses can enjoy heightened security and peace of mind, knowing that potential threats are identified and neutralized before they can cause harm.


Money-back Guarantee
Free Version
PlatformWindows, Mac, Linux
Parental Controls
Email Protection✔️
VPN Services
Smartphone Optimizer
USD Virus Scans✔️
Automated Virus Scans✔️
Game Mode
Safe Browser
Passive Mode

Threat Protection

Adware Prevention


When it comes to scans, the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise delivers rapid results while keeping CPU requirements to a minimum. This efficiency is paired with exceptional accuracy, ensuring that potential threats are swiftly identified and addressed. Businesses can appreciate the seamless scanning process that swiftly assesses their systems without causing any significant impact on system performance. With this combination of speed and precision, organizations can efficiently maintain a robust security posture without compromising their operational efficiency.


While Dell extends its solutions to non-Dell users, it’s important to note that pricing plans are subject to change and may vary depending on the local reseller. To obtain accurate pricing information tailored to your specific situation, it is recommended to reach out to Dell directly. By contacting the company, you can receive a personalized quote that aligns with your requirements and ensures transparency regarding the costs associated with implementing their solutions.


Dell offers highly competitive prices, particularly advantageous for large corporations seeking robust cybersecurity solutions. Furthermore, the company extends additional discounts to users who choose to integrate the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise with Dell hardware. This combination of competitive pricing and discounts demonstrates Dell’s commitment to providing value to its customers. By leveraging these cost-saving opportunities, businesses can benefit from top-notch security measures while optimizing their budgetary allocations.

Privacy and Security

Privacy – is a paramount concern for businesses, and the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise addresses this with its robust encryption capabilities. This program ensures that data traveling to and from a company remains secure and protected from potential compromise. Administrators also have the flexibility to enforce new encryption policies seamlessly, without causing disruptions to underlying processes.

security the suite’s malware and threat protection functionalities are highly effective, shielding devices from the risks posed by unwanted software. With these robust privacy and security features in place, businesses can confidently safeguard their sensitive information and mitigate potential threats.

Performance and Protection

While the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise may not offer extensive features for personal use and does not extend coverage to mobile devices, it excels as a formidable protector of PCs. This robust suite is specifically designed to safeguard and fortify computer systems, providing a reliable shield against various threats. While individuals seeking comprehensive protection for personal and mobile devices may need to explore alternative solutions, those focused on safeguarding their PCs will find Endpoint to be an excellent choice. Its specialized capabilities and dedication to PC security make it a trusted and valuable asset for businesses and organizations alike.

Malware Protection

Once again, the malware protection offered by the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise is nothing short of exceptional. This suite demonstrates its prowess in effectively shielding systems from the ever-evolving landscape of malware threats.

With its advanced detection and prevention mechanisms, businesses can trust in the suite’s ability to promptly identify and neutralize malicious software. The robust malware protection provided by this suite ensures that organizations can maintain a resilient defense against potential cyber threats, reinforcing their overall security posture.

Ransomware Detection

To provide an additional layer of protection against direct threats, Dell has thoughtfully included ransomware detection software within the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise. This proactive feature serves as a powerful defense mechanism against the rising tide of ransomware attacks.

By leveraging advanced algorithms and real-time monitoring, this software can swiftly identify and mitigate potential ransomware threats, ensuring that businesses can safeguard their critical data from extortion attempts. With this comprehensive suite and its integrated ransomware detection software, Dell empowers organizations to stay one step ahead of malicious actors and minimize the risks associated with ransomware attacks.

Phishing Detection

The program offered by Dell goes above and beyond in safeguarding businesses against directly targeted attacks, including the likes of Spear Phishing. Recognizing the sophisticated nature of such attacks, Dell has implemented robust security measures within the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise to counter this specific threat.

By leveraging advanced detection algorithms and proactive defense mechanisms, the program effectively shields organizations from the risks posed by Spear Phishing attempts. This proactive approach ensures that businesses can navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing that their sensitive information and critical assets are safeguarded against targeted attacks.

Spyware Detection

In addition to its antivirus and anti-malware capabilities, the software provided by Dell encompasses a comprehensive spyware detection system. This robust feature ensures that businesses can effectively identify and mitigate the risks associated with spyware, a type of malicious software that can infiltrate systems and compromise sensitive data. By integrating this advanced spyware detection system into the antivirus and anti-malware software, Dell offers organizations an all-encompassing defense against a wide range of threats. This proactive approach to security empowers businesses to maintain a secure digital environment, protecting their valuable information and maintaining the trust of their stakeholders.

Firewall Protection

The Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise comes equipped with a seamlessly integrated desktop firewall, and it truly excels in its performance. This robust firewall serves as a formidable defense mechanism, effectively protecting against unauthorized access and potential network threats.

With its advanced features and intelligent monitoring, the desktop firewall included in the suite ensures that businesses can fortify their systems and maintain a secure computing environment. By leveraging this powerful protection, organizations can confidently mitigate the risks associated with network breaches and maintain the integrity of their digital infrastructure.

Lab Test Results

While the Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise has not been extensively reviewed by multiple labs, it is worth noting that the NSS Labs conducted testing back in 2017. The results from their evaluation showcased an impressive 99% efficiency in preventing malware from infiltrating the system. This high level of effectiveness underscores the suite’s robust protection capabilities.

Additionally, the NSS Labs testing also highlighted the suite’s excellent encryption policies, further enhancing the security measures it offers. While more recent lab evaluations would provide updated insights, the positive outcomes from the 2017 testing demonstrate the suite’s commitment to delivering strong malware prevention and robust encryption features.

Ease of Use & Interface

While prioritizing user experience, this antivirus solution falls short in terms of dashboard functionality and analytics. The presented dashboards and analytics, unfortunately, lack sufficient data and fail to display the gathered information in a transparent and easily understandable manner, especially for non-experts.

This can be a drawback for users seeking comprehensive insights and a clear overview of their security status. Enhancements in the presentation of data and improved transparency could significantly enhance the user experience and empower non-experts to make informed decisions regarding their cybersecurity measures.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer and technical support, Dell truly excels in providing exceptional assistance to its users. They offer multiple avenues for resolving queries, including a dedicated phone number and a live chat feature, ensuring prompt and personalized support. In addition, the Dell Security Community forum serves as a valuable resource for customers, allowing them to gain further insights and engage in discussions related to security.

This platform fosters a collaborative environment where users can share knowledge, exchange best practices, and seek advice from the community. With its commitment to comprehensive support and the robust Dell Security Community forum, Dell goes above and beyond to ensure that customers have the necessary resources and assistance for a seamless experience with their security solutions.


  • Great threat protection
  • Scalable
  • Stable
  • No frequent updates


  • Complicated dashboards
  • Alerting system not streamlined
  • No mobile protection
  • Non-sufficient analytics
  • Backup speed issues
  • Price plans not fixed


The review of Dell Endpoint Antivirus in 2024 provides a comprehensive analysis of its features, pricing, and more. The overview of Dell Endpoint Security Suite Enterprise highlights its robust capabilities in threat protection, scanning, and firewall protection. The review also covers the pricing options, including discounts, and emphasizes the importance of privacy and security. Additionally, the performance and protection aspects are examined, with a focus on malware, ransomware, phishing, and spyware detection. The review includes lab test results, indicating the effectiveness of Dell Endpoint Antivirus. Ease of use and interface, along with the availability of reliable customer support, further enhance the overall user experience.

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