Best VPN Providers in Indonesia (2024) Ranked!

Best VPN Providers in Indonesia, whether or not you want to access Indonesian content from outside the region or improve your privacy between them.

ExpressVPNThe most effective VPN for terrestrial use. is a fast and reliable VPN with progressive security measures to keep you safe and grounded servers.
CyberGhost VPNAn easy-to-use Associate in Nursing VPN that’s kind to the earth thanks to its commitment to user privacy. VPN servers in Jakarta.
NordVPNA great alternative to land due to its blazing-fast speeds, new security measures, and scientific directions from Indonesia.
SurfsharkA top-budget VPN that works well on land. It is the favorite of its regular users and has Indonesian VPN servers.
VyprVPNA solid alternative to abuse on the ground. It is an excellent all-rounder that has a network of servers. VPN servers in Jakarta.

To make sure you get the best VPN for land, we have chosen services that have the following features:

  • Ability to circumvent government censorship laws
  • A fast and reliable server network
  • An automatic switch and updated alternative security measures

The 5 Best VPN Providers in Indonesia in (2024)

1. ExpressVPN

Express VPN - Millers Reviews


12 months:$8.32/mon – 35% OFF
6 months:$9.99/mon
1 month:$12.95/mon

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for land and one we tend to recommend with confidence thanks to its impeccable documentation for keeping its users safe and unblocking content from around the world.

Available OnUnblocks

ExpressVPN is a great land-based provider alternative, and when it comes to security, you won’t find several to compete with. ExpressVPN’s TrustedServer technology ensures that user information won’t persist on your laborious disks; instead, they run everything in RAM, which means everything is wiped when a server goes down. 

ExpressVPN also has excellent DNS leak protection and kill switch and uses next-generation encryption protocols like Lightway, which incorporates a much smaller code base and allows ExpressVPN to determine faster connections. PwC recently did a security audit of ExpressVPN and confirmed that they are doing what they say on the tin, that’s another purpose of the support.

ExpressVPN incorporates a network of over 3,000 servers and coverage throughout Asia, Europe, and thus the Americas, so you’ll be able to unblock geo-restricted content from all over the world on land. ExpressVPN also performs consistently well in our speed tests, meaning you won’t be itching to watch movies and TV shows to buffer yourself. If you’re still not convinced, simply take advantage of ExpressVPN’s offer to refund you once a month if you’re not satisfied.

2. CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost - Millers Reviews


2 Years + 2 Months$2.19/mon – 83% OFF
6 months:$6.99/mon
1 month:$12.99/mon

CyberGhost is a consistently fast and easy-to-use VPN from Associate in Nursing that is kind to the earth and keeps no logs of user activity.

Available OnUnblocks

CyberGhost is the second VPN that we usually recommend for use on land. Significantly, it’s simple to use and doesn’t overly complicate your applications. this can be something of a gold rush for VPN newbies in Asia – the last thing you want to do while visiting banned sites like Reddit is fiddle with unnecessarily advanced VPN settings and not be sure if you’ve designed it correctly or not. When it comes to unblocking content, CyberGhost incorporates established documentation to allow its users access to content from around the world due to its server locations in eighty-eight different countries.

Located in the military headquarters of your Balkan country, CyberGhost’s NoSpy servers have an excellent team of dedicated security professionals and can even offer additional information to those who connect through them. Significantly, in a country like terrestrial, you want a VPN provider that you trust, and one whose perspective is totally at odds with the government’s approach to freedom on the net. 

CyberGhost is just that and is based in a country that refuses to sign up for EU data retention directives. Together they offer all the latest encryption protocols including IKEv2, L2TP/IPSec, and WireGuard for Linux users. CyberGhost’s money-back guarantee amount is fifteen days longer than the other VPNs on this list, so if you’re still undecided, no stress!

3. NordVPN

NordVPN - Millers Reviews


24 months + 3 Months Free:$3.29/mon – 60% OFF
12 months:$4.49/mon – 59% OFF
1 month:$11.99/mon

NordVPN is another VPN that could be a proper abuse for the Dutch East Indies. The fastest provider on the list, NordVPN also doesn’t compromise on security and comes with a variety of useful privacy tools.

Available OnUnblocks

NordVPN is a lightning-fast VPN coupled with a variety of handy privacy options that make it worth buying. although you can only get a normal security features area unit on your server in the Dutch East Indies, if you want to connect to places like America, the UK, and many other European countries, you can use their obfuscation technology to fool your ISP so you think you’re not even using a VPN. On top of that, its dual VPN functionality adds an extra layer of security by having your traffic go through two private servers instead of one. CyberSec, on the other hand, keeps you safe from malware and viruses.

If you want to access one of the many banned sites in the Dutch East Indies, NordVPN could be a good alternative – it’s proven itself as a reliable geo-spoofer and doesn’t bother to unblock most wanted streaming sites like BBC iPlayer. NordVPN also incorporates a variety of servers in Asia, so connecting to neighboring countries to browse their content online is a no-brainer. If it feels like the right VPN for you, give it a try – you have thirty days to make a decision or get your money back.

4. Surfshark

Surfshark - Millers Reviews


24 months + 2 mo. FREE$2.30/mon – 82% OFF
12 months:$3.99/mo – 69% OFF
1 month:$12.95/mon

Surfshark could be a cheap VPN that works well if you want to unblock geo-restricted content while in the Dutch East Indies and stream media without worrying about buffering.

Available OnUnblocks

Surfshark is located on the British Isle, and it’s always a good sign when a provider is located in a country with strict privacy laws and a government that doesn’t like strict data. that’s thousands of servers in sixty-five countries, so geographic spoofing from the Dutch East Indies isn’t an issue and considering it’s the (close) second fastest VPN on this list, you’ll be able to rest assured that your no-viewing experience Don’t be interrupted by an unpleasant affiliation.

For a cup’s worth of money a month, Surfshark will greatly improve your online privacy thanks to its innovative set of security features. On their server in the Indonesian capital, your information is encrypted using TCP/UDP protocols and you can activate Camouflage mode so your Internet service provider won’t even know you’re using a VPN.

This may be good news for Indonesian voters spooked by ministerial comments in recent years hinting at a VPN ban. If you also want to keep your family and friends safe, this provider could be a good choice as you will be able to install the app on an endless number of devices. Not convinced? If you pay the small subscription fee and don’t find it irresistible after a month, Surfshark can give you your cash back!

5. VyprVPN

VyprVPN - Millers Reviews


12 months:$5/mon – 50% OFF
1 months:$10/mo

VyprVPN could be a good all-rounder to use in the Dutch East Indies. is outstanding technical security and has had a fully independent external audit of its service.

Available OnUnblocks

VyprVPN combines speed and security in the same life. As we’ve already covered, VyprVPN owns all its servers, so it’ll enforce the no-logs policy in a much more in-depth and helpful way. Other spectacular security measures include its Chameleon Protocol, which, while not slowing down, encrypts the OpenVPN packet data, so by avoiding detection through deep packet analysis it cannot recognize it. It also comes with standard security features, as well as AES-256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and a DNS leak test feature. just the kind of privacy angle you’d need in a country with a history of social media website bans and different standard pages.

VyprVPN is another VPN on this list that has performed well in speed tests and unblocks content at a reliable rate around the world. If you want to connect to a server in the Republic of Indonesia, you are lined up as well, as you will be doing so in several of the neighboring countries like Singapore and the Asian nation. Try it for yourself, without risking your money, thanks to its fantastic 30-day money-back guarantee.

Unblocking Indonesian Content

Remember, all the VPNs on this list have scientific ROI addresses, so if you want to access geo-restricted content solely on the ROI market, they are priced positively as well.


How Does a VPN Work?

VPN stands for ‘Virtual Non-Public Network.’ A VPN funnels all of your network traffic through a personal server before it reaches the network.

The user’s scientific address area unit is then changed to the server’s scientific address, making it impossible for your network provider, or anyone else, to see where your traffic is coming back from.

Why Do I Need a VPN for Indonesia?

VPN area unit is legal to use in the Republic of Indonesia, and about four hundred of the population area unit is thought to use one when going online.

Net freedom in Indonesia has sunk in recent 2024.

This is largely due to Indonesia’s draconian censorship laws, which have seen authorities ban tens of thousands of websites because (according to the Indonesian government) they promote the extremist status, information, and ideology.

The government is keen to shut down the network entirely, and did so quite a few times last year, amid protests, in the Japanese state of Papua. Even more worryingly, last year a minister said that Indonesians should only use authorized VPNs. Others have said that they will soon be completely illegal.

What Sites Are Blocked in Indonesia?

In 2019, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram were made illegal for three days during a series of national protests because they were promoting news.

Telegram and YouTube, the latter of which is incredibly common in the country, have also been briefly illegal in recent years. Netflix has also been blocked and unblocked by Telkom, the country’s largest network service provider.

Sites Currently Banned in Indonesia:

Reddit: Discussion website with over 300 million active users.
Tumblr: A microblogging website with over 490 million active users.
Vimeo: Is a video-sharing platform with 1.46 million users.
Imgur: Image hosting website with over 150 million active users.

But such is the nature of the government’s relationship with the web and its constituents that any standard website can unexpectedly be illegal.

How to Set Up Your VPN for Indonesia

Simply follow the steps below to line up a VPN for the Republic of Indonesia.

Select one of the providers from the list above a.
Sign up for one of your account subscriptions.
To activate the VPN, follow the provider’s instructions.
Connect to a server established in the Republic of Indonesia.
Enjoy your non-public browsing experience!

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Free VPN in Indonesia

There are some good free VPNs on the market, however, several come with risks not usually associated with their paid competitors.

You need to remember where you are in the world. But especially in a country like the Republic of Indonesia, which is continuously banning websites and surfing the net, you need a VPN provider that can ensure that there are no records of your activity area unit intact or oversubscribed to third parties.

Unfortunately, this guarantee simply cannot be afforded to free VPN users. Free services must be required to have a way to make money, and usually, that comes in the form of commercial information to third parties.

The free VPN area unit is infamous for having problems with malware, and annoying ads, and hardly provides any real privacy.

It also requires a lot of your time, effort, staff, and associate degree commitment to be able to run an operation that will reliably protect dozens of users around the world at the same time, so it’s not surprising that finding such a service for free is implausible. Weird.


It’s no surprise that many Indonesian voters already use VPNs, considering the government’s propensity to ban and limit content.

More apparently can follow. So if you live in the region and need a broader online experience with lots of extra layers of security, be sure to transfer one of these:

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