FastComet Review (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

FastComet hosting plans incorporate all the vital options and area units backed by some of the most effective support agents in the industry. Still, the biggest issue regarding FastComet is its variety of knowledge centers, several of which are in hard-to-reach places like Bharat, East Asia, and Oceania. This global readiness means that your website will be served immediately, regardless of your visitor area. Let’s Dive into a detailed FastComet Review.

But is FastComet an honest pick, even if your audience is in America or Europe? I tried it for an amount of 3 months to find out.

General Info & FastComet Review:

Our Verdict4.5 ★★★☆
Free SSL✔
Uptime Period99.9%
Live Chat✔
Features Of Managed WordPress✔
Starting Price is$2.19/month SAVE 80% Off (Renewls $10.95/mo)

FastComet Pros and Cons

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ 45-day money-back and 99.9% server uptime guarantee.
✅ SSD hosting: location stacks 300%* faster (*according to FastComet).
✅ Free website migration and free daily and weekly backups.
✅ NGINX and HTTP/2, as well as free SSL and Cloudflare CDN.
✅ WordPress auto-installer with free theme setup in one click.
✅ Free virus detection, built-in firewall, and brute-force protection.
⛔ Only the FastCloud add-on fix comes with RocketBooster speed and security.
⛔ You cannot host additional websites in the entry-level FastCloud setup.

A Full Spectrum of Hosting Options

FastComet is remarkable because it has almost every hosting category you need.

There are specialized area unit options for WordPress, Joomla, and a few others, all of which are the same value as regular shared hosting.

Fastcomet Reviews

But for those just trying to find a standard resolution for their website of any size, they have the “big three” at their disposal: shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting.

Feature Packed Shared Hosting

At first glance, web hosting looks like one of the best deals on the market. Most “free domains” are only free for one year, but a domain registered with FastComet web hosting is free forever. This is applicable to transfers of domains already registered yet.

FastComet Pricing & Plans

Here’s a look at some of the best options you get with FastComet shared hosting:

  • cPanel hosting
  • Softaculous one-click installer for applications like WordPress and Joomla
  • 24/7 support and access to chunked tutorials
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
  • Drag and drop site builder
  • Free domain transfer
  • Site transfer
  • Fixed renewal fee
  • Daily backups
  • SSL-certificate
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Unmetered traffic

Shared hosting providers tend to skimp on extras, so this can be pretty cool! FastComet claims that its hosting is faster than HostGator, BlueHost, and GoDaddy.

You also get unmetered traffic, regardless of the setting you choose. This might not be anything new, but having it all for free is nice.

And all this can be in the most affordable plan. The more expensive options allow for multiple websites, additional SSD (solid-state drive) space, and advanced add-ons like additional RAM and unlimited additional domains.

Whether you want a website or an area unit running a thriving small business, these plans are a bargain.

Fully Managed VPS and Dedicated Hosting

For websites requiring more resources or seeing higher levels of traffic (or both), FastComet offers a variety of cloud VPS plans and dedicated hosting options.

Let the online host handle the technical details.

Both forms of hosting area units are fully managed, so unless you want to install applications yourself, otherwise you are interested in system administration, you can sit back, relax and let FastComet take care of the back-end of your web hosting for you.

Overall, FastComet‘s options in this space aren’t as staggeringly packed with options as their shared plan, but they’re still great options at mid-range prices. Both cloud VPS and dedicated hosting packages come with a seven-day money-back guarantee Warranty.

It’s worth noting that a few extras, like the free domain for the life of your service and, thus, the Cloudflare CDN, bring the world together across all FastComet services. Giant in every aspect.

Cloud VPS Hosting

FastComet VPS hosting is not the maximum amount of steal like their shared hosting. However, it is still a good option for medium-traffic websites. The price is not cheap, It starts from $46.16/mo, and even the lowest-priced plan offers some pretty tight system specs. When it comes to hosting a business-related website, this is critical).

Cloud VPS Hosting

Even though the planes are fully managed, you get root access to handle the body tasks yourself (although if you’re not curious about doing this, you don’t have to). There is an area unit of four completely different VPS hosting plans those you can opt for, each varied within the range of electronic equipment cores, display RAM and data measure, and disk space you get. FastComet provided VPS servers in minutes, so you immediately started acting on your website once you signed up. With corporate. FastComet groups the following options with all the VPS hosting packages:

  • cPanel Dashboard
  • Fast measurement
  • Free backup, restore, and snapshots

This area unit is a typical asset of a VPS hosting arrangement. However, some providers charge for these privileges.

FastComet Cloud VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

There is dedicated hosting for people who need a complete server whose sole task is to host their website.

Dedicated Hosting

FastComet‘s dedicated hosting options are the same as VPS hosting (right down to the two options having the same list of features). There are four different servers to choose from, each varying in the range of electronic equipment cores, display of RAM and data size, and disk space you get.

With FastComet, you’ll be paying affordable value and getting some pretty good hardware out of the deal, along with extra add-ons that alternative hosts don’t usually offer for free, It is starting from $107.06/mo.

WordPress Hosting

Those who have designed websites that exploit the WordPress schema will notice that the FastComet Those WordPress hosting options stand out.

WordPress Hosting

In addition to getting WordPress-specific cloud-based hosting, plans come with:

A free name(FastComet may cover your fees for the life of your plan, not just the first year like other hosts)
Easy one-clickWordPress installation
SSDs (Solid State Drives), which are units faster than HDDs, & hurt WordPress website performance by as much as three hundredths.
Cloudflare CDNSo you can cache your website and serve it from the closest location to your users
Daily & Weekly backups
WordPressConsultant Support
Virus scanning& Malware Removal
FixedPrice Renewals

If you’re unsure if FastComet is your WordPress host, the company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee, so there’s no problem trying the company & Starting price is $2.19/mo.

Does FastComet Hosting provide additional services?

FastComet also offers some alternative services.

Domain Services

These include domain registration. Unlike others, it offers second-level domains, new extensions, country codes, etc. And don’t forget that you only get this domain for free.

Do you need a website? try the DIY website builder

We also offer a website builder, which comes with the purchase of shared hosting. The template area is nice and modern, with giant images and lots of white areas. Otherwise, it’s a common drag-and-drop builder.

Free SSL Certificates

Lastly, there is unit area SSL certificates. All plans come with a free one, and you’ll also buy additional expensive certificates, though it’s not entirely clear why the $70 personal SSL is higher, considering they all have the same options. Either way, the best certificate covers subdomains together, but it doesn’t come cheap.

Which area unit has the drawbacks of FastComet?

It was quite difficult to find something not to like about this host. Though if you’re sitting idle on this host, it’s very likely that they won’t convince you to dodge them.

Minor Security Issues

Of the few negative reviews that can be found, it took over 20 pages of scrolling to notice a few, most indicating occasional technical issues. Downtime, DDoS attacks, and spam blacklisting were some of the complaints. In addition to a free domain (for life) and free website transfer, FastComet hosting plans come bundled with free Cloudflare CDN. Cloudflare greatly increases website loading speeds.

These problems appeared few and far between, and looking for discontent in any aspect was absolutely exhausting. Also, some patients should be had once dealing with these issues. No host will block every individual attack or stop every spam attack. It’s just one thing to keep in mind.

Uptime and repair level agreement

FastComet does not provide any data about its time period or the provision of a minimum service level agreement. If having an associate degree time guarantee (where the host guarantees a minimum amount of time and compensates you if you don’t meet that goal) is very important to you, you may want to consider another host.

Not the most Affordable Web hosting

To be clear, this can’t be a super expensive or unaffordable service, and it definitely wouldn’t be honest to expect FastComet to offer the lowest costs ever with everything they offer for free. However, the fact is that there are cheaper accommodations per unit area. If you are ever the most effective deal, this host steals the show. However, if the range is all you care about, you will definitely find less expensive providers.

In fact, your value comparisons will be a bit dishonorable. While the feature comparison is totally true, they are not always compared to the cheapest arrangement. This makes it appear that FastComet has the most important plugins and, therefore, the lowest value, while only the above is true.

But once again, never trust a biased comparison table!

Odd Support Policy

FastComet guarantees 24/7/365 support, but the restrictions the company places on users seem almost legal.

FastComet Customer Support

The support policy seems a bit dodgy. Among other things, they reserve the right to impose a fee or terminate support if the payment ticket requires an “excessive” amount of their time, requires in-depth debugging/code analysis (isn’t that the job of a managed host?), or if you have submitted an “excessive” number of associate degree tickets. As is typical of many technology policies, this entire world is overly vague and left to the discretion of the company. FastComet offers free website migrations.

It’s an honest plan to navigate through the Terms of Service carefully; you’ll be clear about what you agree to.

Get help by phone and email.

Another common complaint is that live chat is advertised but only available for sale.

You are damned by phone and email/ticket support if you want to make it easy.

Do the pros outweigh the cons?

It was much easier to find good things to mention about FastComet than negative reviews. Most buyers seem to agree that they are just plain nice. This company may be valuable because it has been shown to be one of the most effective out there.

Free and quality extras

I mean, what can I say? The feature list is somewhat impressive. A free domain forever could be a great deal, it would be worth buying hosting for that alone, and everything else is just pretty good. You’ll usually be able to get cPanel, backups, or a CDN for free, but not all three at once!

FastComet Flawless Start & Easy transfer

And their cloud hosting is good too. The servers seem reliable and fast, and everything is managed, so you get a pretty complete package for decent value, good options, and fast hardware.

Extremely high ratings

It’s pretty rare to imagine a group with a solid 9.8 rating from nearly 400 reviews. People tend to comment solely to complain, and the occasional but unavoidable unhealthy experience seems overblown. Therefore, it is wonderful to imagine a group getting such high marks.

It is quite clear why this may be. FastComet suits everyone, from startups to mass occupancy, and everything they offer is just plain good. According to customers, they are always fast, and their servers are extraordinarily reliable. On top of that, there are no hidden fees or expensive renewal fees. He is an excellent company and a much better host.

Great Support from the Technical School

Yes, we have already criticized the technical school support of ToS. Other than that little morsel of choice, though, the stand looks pretty good. Apart from being available 24/7, it is one of the most acclaimed positives in the reviews. It seems that even though agents can send a lot of queries, they are still extraordinarily helpful. The final consensus: they are polite, friendly, and fast. And, well, how much do you need?

FastComet also responds to negative reviewers, explains what went wrong, apologizes for mistakes, and provides solutions. It’s so nice to imagine a company so dedicated to serving its customers that they keep an eye on people who have problems off-site.

Awesome accommodation for all

Honest, fast, and quality. This can be FastComet during a shell. Aside from some minor, at best, instances of cheating, they stand out for their flat rate renewal policy: no matter what, you get what you signed up for. And their polite responses to negative reviews make it seem pretty clear, which is usually an and.

Fast SSD servers, while not much of a marketable feature anymore, go well with their cloud hosting and CDN to produce the fastest load times of all. And it has surely been the same regarding hosting and free plugins to convince you that this is high-quality hosting.

Frequent Inquiries

Here are some common questions about FastComet, with answers.

Does FastComet use cPanel hosting?

Yes, FastComet Object offers cPanel hosting. cPanel hosting is the commercial standard employed by most web hosts. It’s easy to navigate and allows you to manage your hosting account from a single portal. Although you have never used cPanel hosting before, the interface is intuitive and easy.

Which FastComet hosting plan is best for WordPress?

FastComet Object offers custom WordPress hosting options. The WordPress hosting package comes with a solid set of options and a one-click install. Quick Comet took care of speeding up your WordPress website with Cloudflare CDN. Advanced security measures and experienced assistance are also included in the WordPress hosting package.

What are the FastComet VPS Hosting Arrangement Options?

FastComet Object features a variety of VPS hosting plans. The most expensive plans include a lot of central processors, RAM, bandwidth, and SSD space. All VPS plans use cPanel hosting and is available with unlimited website support. You will also have access to other shared hosting setup options, such as free transfer and naming of the Website depending on where you are located along with your business site.

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