Hide All IP Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

Hide ALL IP Review claims to cover your IP address, prevent WebRTC leaks, torrent safely, and override IP bans.

It uses the HTTP tunneling protocol instead of OpenVPN, which is more common and perhaps more secure.

You can order your VPN for $ 29 a year.

In addition, Network & Speed Inc, which began its VPN service in 2014, run Hide ALL IP.

They are located in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong and, as of July 2019, they need more than 150 open servers in 38 countries.

Find out if the VPN app is really worth using.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

Hide All IP Review

OVERALL RANK:#47 out of 78 VPNs
LOG FILES:No Logging
LOCATIONS:30+ countries, 150+ servers
SUPPORT:Limited customer support
NETFLIX:Unblocks Netflix USA
ENCRYPTION/PROTOCOL:RSA 2048, AES/DES encryption; HTTP Tunneling

Hide All IP Pros

Hide ALL IP ensures a stable connection, supports Netflix and allows torrenting without limits.

Have a look.

No IP, DNS, or WebRTC Leaks Detected

Leaks undermine tons of VPNs.

If your ISP is able to detect your activity, the VPN is useless. This might be an obvious concept to most, but we’ve found that 8 out of 17 VPNs can leak your information only through Chrome extensions.

Not well.

Two of the most common leaks that cause failures are WebRTC leaks and DNS leaks.

DNS (or naming system) controls a domain’s website and email settings. Once you access a site on the Internet, DNS controls which server it reaches.

A DNS leak occurs when your system sends an unencrypted query that is filtered out of the VPN tunnel. which means your ISP (and pretty much everyone else) can see which websites you are visiting.

WebRTC is an open project used by a variety of web browsers that will filter your IP address, even if you are using a VPN. To do this, it provides real-time communications (the “RTC” part) to the browser.

Each VPN we review is tested six different times to make sure none of your data is accidentally leaked.

We put Hide ALL IP through the doorbell and I am pleased to report that it is a secure program.

The following were the experiments we conducted:

  • https://ipleak.net/ – (no leaks)
  • https://www.perfect-privacy.com/check-ip – no leaks)
  • https://ipx.ac/run – (no leaks)
  • https://browserleaks.com/webrtc (no leaks)
  • https://www.perfect-privacy.com/dns-leaktest/ – (No extension)
  • https://dnsleak.com – (no leaks)

No IP leak:

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

No WebRTC Leaks Either:

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

No IP leaks:

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

That isn’t the only thing we’re searching for, though.

We also check the legitimacy of the VPN installation files to make sure there is no hidden malware insight.

Hide ALL IP passes the test once more.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

Hide ALL IP is hence impenetrable to leaks.

3/5 Netflix Servers Worked

Netflix HATES VPNs.

In fact, the most popular streaming service in the world has stopped working thanks to the implementation of one of the most sophisticated VPN detection systems in the world.

Why do they care?

Netflix and other popular streaming sites like Hulu are subject to license restrictions. That is why someone in Canada does not have content equivalent to that of Americans.

The answer was once simple.

A Canadian craving American Netflix content hooked up to his VPN, selected a server within the US, and it worked.

So, Netflix caught on.

We run Netflix through five different servers at Hide ALL IP. Three out of five of these servers worked perfectly.

However, Hide ALL IP is very careful not to mention Netflix by name on its official site. They mention Hulu, the BBC, and iPlayer, but not Netflix.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

So while some servers worked with Netflix, it is not a service that the company is necessarily promoting.

Unlimited Torrent Allowed

Unlimited torrent allowed
The torrent feature allows you to download huge files at fast speeds.

But that always comes at a price.

You are also completely exposed to other users on an equivalent network. Using a VPN to download torrents gives you an extra layer of security, blocking your connection in front of others.

Hide ALL IP confirms that they provide torrents on all 150+ servers, with no restrictions. They recommend using two programs, uTorrent, and BitTorrent, for maximum performance.

Also, there is no premium package or additional torrent fee. Hurrah!

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

Hide All IP Cons

Hide ALL IP offers tons of love.

Their registration policy is pretty basic (honestly). They came out completely clean from our leak tests. and that they were also friendly to Netflix and Torrent users.

However, there were a couple of issues that we saw when reviewing the service.

These are some of the most important warts that we find.

Questionable Log Activity

Hide ALL IP states that it does not record any of your information in its FAQ.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

It’s as simple as that. “No records have been saved.” Isn’t it enough to earn your confidence?

Well, you should have trust issues online.

All VPN companies claim that they do not record your information. To drive the important story forward, it’s best to dive into the convoluted world of privacy policies.

These are long and grueling data series that will be tedious to examine. As a result, don’t scrimp on the coffee (or something stronger).

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

Well … that’s pretty short. Unusually so.

Tons of data is not shared here, which instantly worries me. But what I really want to determine is the details of your data collection efforts.

Let’s concentrate.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

“Other customer survey and/or offer-related information.” That’s the part of the statement that makes me think. Is there enough data? What websites do you go to? It’s your birthday, right? Is my information being sold to third parties? This isn’t enough information.

So, even if the company’s official position is that they don’t log information, I don’t trust that assertion enough to accept it.

Incomplete Local Jurisdiction

Hide ALL IP is owned by Network & Speed ​​Inc., which is operated from Hong Kong.

This is an honest thing on the surface!

Hong Kong does not participate in the 5 Eyes international surveillance alliance.

This is the knowledge-sharing agreement between the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and therefore the US Since its inception, the membership has expanded to 14 developed nations around the Free World.

That means the US can and can give its information to its allied nations, if necessary.

Just one problem.

They are still subject to Chinese laws. And China has strict laws on VPNs.

So you won’t have to worry about multiple countries accessing your data. However, you will still have to worry about an authoritarian regime that will do whatever it wants, when it wants.

Maybe it’s a little better. But not much.

Hiding ALL IP Addresses Slows Your Internet Speed by 94% +

One of the main reasons people search for a VPN is because they need to stream geo-blocked content.

But that needs decent internet speeds. Which is an area where Hide ALL IP fails dramatically.

After looking for leaks, we put Hide ALL IP through a series of speed tests.

We were anticipating a reduction. Virtual private networks (VPNs) all slow you down a little.

How much depends on a variety of things, including the distance to the server, the web speed provided by your ISP, the standard of your encryption, and therefore the current load on the server.

However, the findings we discovered were a little exaggerated.

We started with 97 Mbps download speeds and 53 Mbps upload speeds.

We went online to cover ALL intellectual property and tested two servers, one within the EU and one within the US.

Unfortunately, the EU primary test was a symbol of bad things coming back.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

EU Speed Test:

  • Ping: 74 ms
  • Download: 5.1 Mbps (94.5% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 3.16 Mbps (94% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

It is not an honest start.

Spoiler alert:

It did not improve.

Our USA speed test was the very definition of horrible. The speeds got to the point that it left me scratching my head.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

U.S. Speed Test:

  • Ping: 149 ms
  • Download: 2.58 Mbps (97% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 1.07 Mbps (98% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

When you consider that Netflix recommends a 5Mbps download speed for HD content, the EU server barely makes the cut and thus the US server fails by almost 50%.

On their website, Hide ALL IP addressed the issue. A little. Sort of. If you can decipher what it implies.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

Hide ALL IP’s speed is ranked 73rd out of 78 VPNs. It’s no surprise that it isn’t the fastest VPN we’ve tested.

Limited Availability Of The Protocol

Hide ALL IP uses HTTP tunneling protocols (as against OpenVPN) to make an immediate network link between two locations. It’s okay.

However, a weakness of this technique lies in not having the ability to modify protocols. OpenVPN is widely considered the industry standard, but Hide ALL IP does not support it.

Or any other for that matter.

Hide ALL IP also employs “industry-standard RSA 2048 and AES / DES encryption,” according to the company. It’s government-grade encryption, so it’s quite safe.

But it is almost as strong due to the AES-256 key that other major VPNs use.

It is safe? Absolutely. It may be better? Yes.

Only Works on Desktop Devices (Not Mobile)

Hide ALL IP only works on computers and does not have mobile or smart device functionality.

That means it doesn’t work with gaming systems, smart TVs, routers, or Linux either.

The only silver lining is that you can simply use Hide ALL IP in a couple of web browsers.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

Hide ALL IP includes a kill switch, which can be disconnected if your VPN becomes unstable. This is often an added layer of security to make sure your IP address doesn’t accidentally show up on someone’s radar.

All major VPNs should include a kill switch, especially the ones being used by companies that protect their employees’ information while they work remotely.

Obsolete application

I’ll admit it:

This one has me a little stumped.

Overall, the installation and connection went smoothly. If you grew up in the dial-up era.

Aside from that, the app itself appears to be rather old. And not in the hipster-approved retro-chic style.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

To its credit, switching from server to server was not difficult. (Except, only countries were shown and not individual locations.) There is the option of finding the simplest server for a selected game that you simply want to play, and it will set a timer that can automatically switch servers at set intervals.

But once I tried the connection for the first time, the system crashed. And my browser froze.

In order for the app to work with Chrome, I had to close Chrome and open it again through its software. I know, weird.

The only other major problem I had was the poorly translated English instructions. it had been cumbersome to read across the board.

Only One Connection

Most VPNs give you 3-5 simultaneous device connections out of the box.

Connect to a router whose number jumps to an infinite number.

Unfortunately, as we have already seen, Hide All IP does not work with a router.

Your only plan comes with a connection.

There is no update available. If you want this service on three computers, you pay for it three times.

That would be an instant mistake for tons of users, however, Hide ALL IP has portable functionality and can be run from plug-in devices like a USB flash drive.

Hide ALL IP has access to more than 150 servers from 38 different countries. While it’s not the biggest server park we’ve seen, it’s not terrible.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

Limited Customer Support

I was disappointed in the dearth of customer support options.

There is no live chat, no support ticket system, just a really standard contact form.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

As you will see, the form has no categories to set from and only asks for your name, email, and question.

I submitted a question about internet speeds.

Received a solution an hour and a half later, which was awesome!

I was less impressed by the answer.

The question itself was simple:

“Hi, I used to try to find a customer service section, but this was all I found. I just wanted to ask if your product will slow down my internet speed, and if so, by how much? Thank you!”

I went into this knowing full well that I had been hitting my speed to death by over 90%. What he used to be trying to find was transparency and evidence of why, despite the loss of speed, he could still find value in his service.

What I got was this…

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

A sentence. That’s.

Yes, that is all that was needed to answer my question. Technically speaking.

But I really hoped to make sure they went beyond the bare minimum. When your customer service is limited to an easy contact form, you expect the support you receive to be substantial, giving you confidence in their service.

I was not so lucky.

Hide ALL IP Cost, Plans & Payment Methods

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

Hide ALL IP costs $29 for one year. weakened, that’s a touch pretty $2.40 per month.

This is the only package they offer. As noted above, the $ 29 gives you a connection. they offer volume discounts if you want to get a license, but do not indicate in advance how those discounts appear.

This is an honest price, especially considering Netflix’s functionality and unlimited torrenting capabilities.

But it only receives one connection, it doesn’t work on smart devices, and therefore the speed loss is epic. So there is a “you get what you pay for” scenario at work.

I am a lover of using PayPal in addition to traditional master card transactions. He also used to be happy to find out about them, including Bitcoin. It is always good to use anonymous payment methods that are compatible with software that supposedly makes you anonymous.

Hide All IP Review By Review - itis

As you will see, it is a fairly inclusive offer. The three-day free trial and a 30-day unconditional money-back guarantee are generous.

Do I Recommend Hide ALL IP?

No, I do not do it.

It is worth it. I prefer portable functionality, and I think this could be a useful tool if you’re primarily looking to torrent.

But overall, compared to other VPNs out there, it’s a difficult step for me.

I am still really uncomfortable with their privacy policy, and therefore with the incontrovertible fact that during a post-GDPR world I am not 100% sure how they are using my information. Yes, they claim they don’t log your data, but at the same time, there is the customer survey business. I do not love it.

Speed ​​can be a big problem. Losing up to 98% of my speed is not something I can prove.

Customer service and the general readability of their website were another big red flag on my behalf. They both make this VPN look suspicious.

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