InMotion Hosting Review (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

In this InMotion Hosting Review, I’ll thoroughly examine the provider’s pricing, performance, features, customer support, and more, following the style of Pat Flynn. I aim to uncover all the positive aspects and any drawbacks that every potential user should be aware of before deciding whether to choose or skip InMotion Hosting.

InMotion Host

InMotion Hosting has been in the industry for 20 years, establishing itself as a reliable provider. Although not being heavily marketed on platforms like YouTube or other advertising channels, they are still very much in business.

Over the past year, I’ve observed several changes at InMotion Hosting. They’ve given their website a fresh look, modified their plans, and expanded their reach to new audiences.

In the past, InMotion Hosting primarily focused on enterprise solutions, offering a range of VPS and dedicated hosting options. While it wasn’t the cheapest option, people chose it for its reliability. The provider’s own-operated data centers are a key factor that keeps them in high demand.

However, shared incredibly popular hosting took a back seat to InMotion Hosting. But as the company shifted its mindset and is now prepared to compete with the giants in the shared hosting market?

To find out, I purchased a plan from InMotion and embarked on a mission to determine if they could genuinely hold their own against the top shared hosting providers. I won’t sugarcoat it – this article isn’t a quick read because I delved deep into my research. If you’re eager to skip ahead, feel free to jump to the final conclusion at the end.

General Info & Hosting Overview:

⭐ Rating:4.3 ★★★★☆
💲 Price:Prices start at $2.29/month
▶️ Uptime:99.98%
🏘️ Hosting types:Shared, and managed WordPress, VPS, reseller, and dedicated
🌎 Server locations:US (East and West coast)
👨‍💻 Support:24/7 live chat, email, ticket, phone support, and Skype

Pros & Cons Of InMotion Hosting

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Fast page loading time.
✅ Very stable and reliable host.
✅ 90-day money-back guarantee.
✅ BoldGrid website builder for WordPress.
⛔ Servers are located in the US only.
⛔ Higher than average prices.
⛔ Automated backups are an extra charge.

InMotion Hosting pricing

InMotion Hosting offers budget-friendly pricing, starting at just $2.29 monthly for their most affordable shared hosting option. Additionally, they provide a variety of plans, including WordPress hosting, VPS, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers.

Hosting typeBest for
Shared Hosting#1 option favored by most small to medium websites: Choose InMotion Hosting today and enjoy an impressive 75% discount!
Managed WordPress HostingExperience a superior performance by having fewer users sharing a server, all at a price that remains remarkably affordable.
VPS HostingElevate your online store or high-traffic website with enhanced performance and top-notch security measures.
Reseller HostingPerfect for agencies or web developers/designers seeking to offer web hosting services to their clients.
Dedicated server HostingFor enterprises seeking maximum customization and advanced features, look no further than this highly flexible option.

Shared hosting remains the crowd favorite among the diverse range of hosting options in InMotion Hosting, particularly the Core plan, which sets InMotion apart from competitors like DreamHost or Bluehost.

Without the Core plan, InMotion Hosting would be slightly higher in pricing than SiteGround or A2 Hosting.

Nevertheless, InMotion Hosting offers four shared plans, including a free SSL certificate, security suite, free email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth. Except for the Lite plan, all plans also include complimentary domain registration.

CoreThe first plan supports 2 websites, 100 GB of SSD storage, and 10 email addresses.$2.29/month
LaunchWith the second plan, you’ll enjoy a complimentary domain, the ability to host unlimited websites, NVMe SSD storage, and unlimited email accounts.$4.99/month
PowerThe third plan includes a free domain, caching capabilities, unlimited disk space, websites, and email accounts.$4.99/month
ProThe fourth plan provides a free domain, caching features, unlimited NVMe SSD storage, websites, email accounts, and an impressive SLA uptime guarantee of 99.99%.$12.99/month

When it comes to hosting packages, InMotion Hosting offers great options overall. However, keep in mind that you need to handle a few additional aspects, such as purchasing a domain for the Core plan or paying an extra fee for automated backups. While the pricing is reasonable and the resources provided are substantial, not all plans offer the same level of value.

For instance, the Core plan is designed with beginners in mind who are starting a personal blog or portfolio. On the other hand, the Pro plan caters to larger sites and even eCommerce websites.

This leaves us with two remaining choices: Launch and Power.

If you’re planning to run a few small websites or a single medium-sized one, Launch is the ideal option to consider. Launch and Power offer similar resources at the same price point. However, it’s worth noting that the renewal price for Power is considerably higher.

Best Value

The Launch plan is the way to go for those seeking the ultimate bang for their buck. Opting for a 3-year subscription will bring the monthly rate down to a mere $4.99 for the first 36 months.

Lastly, InMotion Hosting provides a generous 90-day money-back guarantee, surpassing the industry standard of 30 days. However, domain registration is non-refundable unless canceled within 60 hours of purchase.

Considering everything, it’s important to acknowledge that InMotion Hosting may not have the lowest prices in the market. Nevertheless, it offers a compelling set of features for your price. Moreover, it remains more affordable than competitors offering similar shared hosting plans tailored to small businesses.

Hosting management – is it easy to use?

When it comes to user-friendliness, InMotion Hosting excels. It combines the native Account Management Panel (AMP) and cPanel to enhance the user experience. However, there are instances where these two interfaces contradict each other. Moreover, a few improvements in UX choices could improve the overall experience.

Nevertheless, both control panels are well-organized and straightforward to navigate. Remember that while they may share a similar appearance, they are not identical.

Every time you log into your account, you’ll be directed to the native AMP interface, which presents itself as follows:

InMotion Hosting account management panel

Does it look familiar?

You may have noticed that InMotion Hosting’s native AMP bears a striking resemblance to cPanel. However, it’s important to note that what you see is not cPanel. To access cPanel, click on the orange “cPanel” button:

InMotion Hosting cPanel

Look at what InMotion has done – they’ve given cPanel a custom skin, seamlessly blending it into the interface. However, this is precisely where the UX challenges arise.

AMP is primarily for account management, covering billing, domains, and account details.

However, InMotion Hosting incorporated a few hosting management features into AMP. This means that not only can you conveniently access cPanel from there, but you can also find some of the cPanel modules like Softaculous, Email, and SSL management.

At first glance, this might seem convenient. However, some tasks you typically perform in cPanel can now only be accessed through AMP. This threw me off when I needed to activate my SSL.

Usually, SSL activation occurs automatically through cPanel. However, in my case, the SSL was “self-signed.” I searched through cPanel but couldn’t locate any SSL-related settings.

Upon contacting support, they directed me to AMP, explaining that their SSL tools were there. Once I accessed the appropriate tools in AMP, I had no trouble activating the SSL.

SSl Certificate activation in InMotion Hosting

Nevertheless, a few minor UX glitches do not significantly diminish the intuitiveness of InMotion Hosting. cPanel continues to be a widely recognized control panel model in the hosting industry, simplifying tasks like WordPress installation and email account creation.

Speaking of which…

Installing WordPress with InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting relies on the widely used Softaculous app installer for all installations, including WordPress. Whether you’re a beginner or have created numerous websites in the past, it’s incredibly user-friendly.

Regardless, you’ll need to locate the “Softaculous” icon, which can be found in either the AMP or cPanel. Alternatively, click the “WordPress” icon in cPanel’s Top Applications section.

WordPress installation InMotion Hosting cPanel

You will land in the user-friendly Softaculous interface regardless of your chosen path. From there, you can effortlessly install WordPress or any other application required for your website’s needs.

Installing WordPress on InMotion Hosting

During installation, you’ll be prompted to create a username and password and choose a website title. Rest assured, you can always modify these details later on if necessary.

Information fields while installing WordPress on InMotion Hosting

The software handles everything for you once you click the “Install” button. The entire process should be completed within a few minutes without any hassle.

To access your WordPress management panel, you can either go to or navigate to the Softaculous management area.

Adding a professional email with InMotion Hosting

Similar to the seamless WordPress installation process, setting up an email account is equally straightforward. Follow the prompts provided. However, it’s essential to manage your expectations as the email clients offered by InMotion Hosting are rather basic and outdated.

To begin, navigate to the cPanel and locate the Email section. From there, click on “Email Accounts.”

Email section in the InMotion Hosting cPanel

Once you’re in the Email Accounts section, click “Create” to initiate the process. You’ll be prompted to provide some necessary information, such as creating a mailbox name, setting a password, and optionally configuring additional settings according to your preferences.

Creating an email account with InMotion Hosting

Once you have completed the setup, you can access your email account by clicking the duplicate “Email Accounts” icon.

Now, when it comes to webmail client options, you have a choice between RoundCube and Horde, both of which are open-source solutions. In this instance, I opted for RoundCube, which offers a slightly more visually appealing interface.

InMotion-Hosting webmail client options

Nevertheless, RoundCube and Horde are somewhat outdated regarding features and design. Additionally, your email will be hosted on the same server as your website, meaning you’ll be sharing resources (and reputation) with other users. This arrangement can lead to potential issues such as poor deliverability and a quicker depletion of your website’s resources. Moreover, if your server neighbors engage in spamming activities, there’s a risk of your email being blocked for the same reason.

So, is InMotion Hosting’s email service suitable for your needs? It can serve well for collecting and responding to contact form submissions or handling casual emailing. However, if you’re planning extensive email campaigns, exploring paid options outside your server for better deliverability and more robust features is advisable.

WordPress website builder aka BoldGrid

One of the standout advantages I discovered during my research for this InMotion Hosting review is the inclusion of the BoldGrid website builder. BoldGrid consists of a collection of WordPress plugins designed to transform the content management system into a visual website builder. With BoldGrid, customizing the appearance of your WordPress site becomes a breeze, making it significantly more user-friendly.

I have had a highly positive experience with BoldGrid in the past. It was a valuable tool that enhanced my website-building process. Here are some of the standout features that make BoldGrid genuinely exceptional:

  • The selection of templates is impressive, and they are fully responsive to ensure optimal viewing across different devices.
  • Unlike rigid templates, BoldGrid allows for effortless customization, enabling you to tailor your website according to your preferences.
  • A range of intuitive tools is at your disposal, making it effortless to create visually appealing pages, posts, and design elements that truly stand out.

The best part is that getting accustomed to BoldGrid is a breeze. You’ll be able to craft a professional-looking website in no time, and I’m not exaggerating. Every tool within BoldGrid has been crafted explicitly with beginners in mind.

Once you dive in, you can choose a template that resonates with your vision and style. This initial selection sets the foundation for creating a visually appealing website that suits your needs perfectly.


No need to stress too much about the category of the template. Each design is fully customizable, so the category primarily influences the layout rather than the images.

Once you activate your chosen template, it will seamlessly import the designated pages along with their layouts and demo content. This serves as a solid foundation to build upon.

This is the easiest and quickest approach: replacing the demo content with your own within the pre-arranged layout. However, BoldGrid offers much more than that. You also have the freedom to drag and drop each element, allowing you to create a design that is truly unique to you. Remember that this method may require more time and effort, but the result will be a highly personalized and distinctive website.


You can make all these customizations directly on the page or post you wish to edit, giving you complete control over the design process.

For those seeking even more flexibility, additional plugins like “Post and Page Builder” allow you to create entirely unique designs that truly stand out.

In summary, BoldGrid is an invaluable and adaptable tool, particularly for individuals looking to swiftly establish a professional website or those new to the world of web development.

When it comes to InMotion Hosting as a whole, it offers a straightforward experience. Managing your website and carrying out daily tasks is a breeze. While InMotion may have a few minor glitches, they are by no means deal breakers and can be swiftly resolved either with their support team’s assistance or through intuition. Additionally, the user-friendly nature of BoldGrid makes it accessible to beginners, further enhancing the overall experience.

InMotion Hosting for business

When it comes to InMotion Hosting, it has built a strong reputation as a hosting provider focused on meeting the needs of businesses. While shared hosting solutions may not suffice for some, InMotion steps up to the plate with its impressive range of resource-rich and robust VPS and dedicated hosting plans.

VPS hosting

If your website has outgrown shared hosting, the next logical step is to consider a more advanced VPS. InMotion Hosting offers managed and unmanaged VPS options, starting as low as $5/mo. However, the managed option is the more popular and user-friendly choice, starting at $19.99/mo.

Opting for managed VPS comes with several perks, including server management, cPanel, free data and website migration options, and a complimentary server or website setup included in your plan.

All of InMotion’s VPS plans include hosting features such as a free SSL certificate, unlimited sites, a dedicated IP, free website transfers, cPanel, Web Host Manager, security configurations, and server setup.

The resources provided vary across the plans, ranging from 2 to 8 CPUs, 2 to 8GB RAM, 45 to 140GB SSD storage, and 4 to 7TB bandwidth. It’s an impressive offering, considering that all these resources are dedicated solely to your website.

It’s worth noting that since VPS provides more power than shared hosting, the performance is also noticeably superior. While testing InMotion’s VPS hosting plan for over 2 weeks, my site maintained a flawless 100% uptime and demonstrated an impressive average response time of 585ms. And that’s on an empty server! Just imagine the speed improvements with a few optimizations in place.

To sum it up, InMotion Hosting’s VPS plans are highly powerful, easy to manage, and rich in resources. They undoubtedly secure InMotion’s position among the best VPS hosting providers. If you’re running an online shop or a larger website with medium-to-large traffic, this solution offers resources comparable to a dedicated server at a more affordable price.

Dedicated hosting

If you find that both shared and VPS hosting solutions need to meet your needs, don’t worry because InMotion also has dedicated server hosting options.

Dedicated servers are often necessary for large corporate websites with high traffic levels. By renting an entire server, you gain reliable resources and increased security since you’re the only user on that hardware.

InMotion offers managed ($139.99/mo) and unmanaged ($99.99/mo) dedicated server hosting, allowing you to choose based on your preferences and experience level. It’s worth noting that there are no increased renewal rates for dedicated hosting.

Naturally, managed and unmanaged plans come with different levels of responsibilities. The managed solution ensures that InMotion takes care of your server’s security and automated updates and provides a control panel. On the other hand, unmanaged means you’re responsible for all matters related to your private server.

Regardless of your plan, InMotion provides varying resources, including 4 to 24 cores, 1 SSD to 2TB NVMe SSD storage, 16 to 192GB RAM, and 15 to 20TB bandwidth. These are among the best-dedicated server hosting offerings available, particularly with the generous disk space allocation.

Since you have an entire server to yourself, the performance of your website will be significantly better than shared hosting. During nearly a month of monitoring, my site on InMotion Hosting’s dedicated server plan maintained an impressive 99.93% uptime and achieved a fast average response time of 414ms. And remember, there’s room for further optimization to make it even faster.

Overall, InMotion Hosting offers various dedicated hosting options at reasonable prices. The solutions are powerful and packed with resources, clearly demonstrating the provider’s focus on serving businesses effectively.

Especially considering the help you receive, it’s an excellent choice for companies needing VPS or dedicated hosting.

Performance – is InMotion Hosting fast?

InMotion Hosting has consistently prioritized business users, delivering on their promise of exceptional performance. To validate these claims, I conducted thorough testing, and the provider exceeded expectations regarding reliability and speed. It effortlessly handled high traffic on the website, showcasing its robust capabilities. InMotion’s shared hosting plans demonstrate impressive Power and are particularly well-suited for popular blogs or small-to-medium business websites.

InMotion Hosting uptime and response time

Throughout my monitoring period of nearly two months, while writing this article, I diligently observed InMotion Hosting’s performance. During this time, the provider experienced three brief outages, totaling only 16 minutes of downtime. As a result, it maintained an impressive uptime of 99.98%. However, the average response time measured at 759ms, leaving some potential for enhancement.

InMotion uptime

When it comes to analyzing the numbers, let’s break it down.

InMotion Hosting guarantees a 99.9% uptime, which is the industry standard. However, the actual performance surpasses that expectation. With an estimated monthly downtime of just 8 minutes, InMotion Hosting exceeds the 99.9% target, where downtime should be around 43 minutes and 49 seconds.

Now, turning to response time, shared hosting providers typically average around 600ms. While InMotion Hosting’s response time is decent, it falls slightly behind other providers like Hostinger or SiteGround, who prioritize high-performance outcomes.

Overall, InMotion Hosting showcased remarkable reliability during the examination period. There were minimal instances of outages, ensuring consistent performance. However, the response time could have been more exceptional.

With that covered, let’s shift our focus to the website’s loading speed.

InMotion Hosting speed

Given that my website is hosted in the US data center, it’s no surprise that the best results are expected within the US. The Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) clocks in at an impressive 425ms, making InMotion one of the fastest web hosting providers. However, it’s important to note that the website’s loading time will naturally increase as we move away from the server location. So, it’s expected that the LCP will be longer in other places.

Testing InMotion Hosting loading time from different locations with GTmetrix

Why did I put so much emphasis on LCP?

It’s because Google now considers metrics like LCP in their page ranking algorithm. This means that if your site has a low LCP, it has a higher chance of appearing higher in search results. You’re in good shape if you keep your LCP under 2.5 seconds.

And here’s where InMotion Hosting shines—they stole the show with an impressive LCP time of 425ms. Even in India, the site loads fast enough to meet Google’s standards.

Good To Know

InMotion Hosting takes pride in being a green web hosting provider, operating green data centers solely within the United States. The only distinction you’ll find is the option to have your server located on either the West or East Coast. This makes them an excellent choice if your target audience is also US-based.

So far, everything is going well. I’d like to know if the results will hold when I reexamine my fully built website.

Although there was a slight increase, the LCP load time now stands at 663ms.

Testing fully built InMotion Hosting websites loading speed with GTmetrix

This provides plenty of flexibility, so there is no need to stress about meeting Google’s recommendations.

Furthermore, it’s important to prioritize your site visitors’ experience. If your site loads in under 3 seconds, your visitors are more likely to have a positive experience. This site falls into the category of fast websites, with a Fully Loaded Time of just 0.8 seconds.

InMotion Hosting stress testing

Okay, brace yourself for more numbers because we’re still going. Now, let’s dive into the exciting part with one final test. And trust me, this one is crucial.

So, here we go. Let’s find out if InMotion Hosting can handle some serious traffic.

To start off, I directed a whopping 50 visitors to my website. Yes, you read that right. It’s a substantial number. Having 50 visitors on your website every minute, around the clock, could translate to tens of thousands of monthly visitors. That’s quite a demand, wouldn’t you agree?

InMotion Hosting K6 stress test

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for… InMotion Hosting handled the traffic like a pro. As you can see, the influx of visitors to the site (represented by the grey line) had minimal impact on the site’s response time (shown by the blue line). Clearly, this level of traffic was a walk in the park for InMotion Hosting, and it aced the test effortlessly.

Whether it’s 50 visitors or just 1 visitor, there’s hardly any noticeable difference in performance.

Ultimately, InMotion Hosting proves it can maintain speed despite a significant surge in traffic.

Considering everything, InMotion Hosting delivers reliable and fast performance with sufficient Power to support small-to-medium websites. You won’t have to worry about outages, and the impressive speed you’ll experience will keep your website competitive and provide a pleasant user experience.

Is InMotion Hosting secure?

When it comes to ensuring the safety of your website, InMotion Hosting has implemented a range of measures. They include a comprehensive “Security Suite” that is included in all of their plans. With this suite, you’ll benefit from free SSL, Hack & Malware Protection, and DDoS Protection. However, it’s important to note that automatic backups require an additional cost.

All the necessary security tools can be conveniently accessed in the cPanel Security section, making managing and enhancing your website’s security easy.

Security section in the InMotion Hosting cPanel

Now, let’s delve into the details of InMotion Hosting’s security suite and what it offers:

  • Free SSL: This is a standard feature provided by most hosting providers. It encrypts the communication between your website and visitors, ensuring data security and displaying the secure lock symbol in the domain name.
  • Hack and Malware Protection: While not visible in cPanel, InMotion Hosting assures us of their internal server security measures. We rely on the provider’s expertise to safeguard our websites from hacking attempts and malware.
  • ModSecurity: This web application firewall can be managed through cPanel. It filters website traffic and actively detects and prevents malicious attacks, making it a recommended security standard.
  • DDoS Protection: InMotion employs Corero to provide real-time automatic DDoS attack protection. While not accessible in cPanel, this proactive defense system identifies and thwarts malicious requests, ensuring your server isn’t overwhelmed. It is always active, requiring no manual activation.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Although InMotion Hosting doesn’t emphasize it, 2FA is available in cPanel, and I highly recommend utilizing it. By adding an additional layer of security through a unique code only accessible to you, it safeguards your hosting account from unauthorized access.
  • Automatic Backups: While InMotion offers this feature, it comes at an extra cost of $24 per year. If you value the peace of mind of having your website backed up and secured in case of glitches or bugs, it’s worth considering this additional expense.

Regarding security, InMotion Hosting provides the essential tools necessary to ensure a secure website. However, features like website backups at an additional cost are disappointing. While not the strongest security, InMotion offers sufficient protection against common threats, which should be satisfactory for most users.

Will InMotion Hosting support help me?

InMotion Hosting provides a range of customer support options, including 24/7 live chat, email, ticket, phone support, and even Skype, along with a comprehensive knowledge base, blog, and active community forum.

During my review, I reached out to live chat on multiple occasions, and the responses were typically prompt, which is commendable. However, there were occasional wait times between the agent’s answers once connected.

The first chat was with the sales team to inquire about a suitable plan for my website. Unfortunately, I now regret sharing my personal email, as the agent inundated me with follow-up emails containing special discounts and unique offers without an unsubscribe option.

This serves as a warning to use a fake email if seeking sales advice to avoid unsolicited emails.

On the other hand, my experience with tech support was entirely different. The agent was friendly and eventually resolved my issue regarding activating the free SSL certificate. However, there was a slight miscommunication at the beginning of the chat.

InMotion Hosting support chat

The tech support agent initially provided instructions on adding a paid certificate, but I needed clarification due to the abbreviations used. However, after clarifying that I was referring to the free certificate, they promptly provided step-by-step instructions on how to proceed.

InMotion Hosting support chat

Setting aside the initial confusion, everything turned out great. Kudos to InMotion Hosting for not immediately redirecting me to the knowledge base and instead providing personalized instructions for adding the SSL certificate. I appreciate the extra effort.

Despite the occasional hiccups, InMotion’s customer support is generally reasonable. However, it’s important to note that the experience can vary depending on the individual agent. We can only expect every agent to be equally knowledgeable in some areas, and they may have off days too. Unfortunately, there’s no training for that.

If you’re looking for information guaranteed to be accurate, the knowledge base is your best bet. The human element introduces uncertainty, but the knowledge base provides reliable and verified information.

Speaking of the knowledge base, I’m impressed with InMotion’s offering. Although the interface may need to be updated, the selection of articles and guides is truly outstanding. Not only is a wide range of resources available, but their quality is also top-notch.

InMotion-Hosting knowledgebase article

My research found that most articles in the knowledge base are regularly updated, ensuring they provide the latest information.

In addition to the traditional support channels, InMotion Hosting offers a community forum as an alternative option. While the forum may not be highly active, the presence of moderators actively participating in discussions is valuable. It’s more than what you typically find from other hosting providers.

Considering everything, I would say that InMotion Hosting’s customer support is good. Of course, there’s always the human factor to believe, but you can bypass that by utilizing their comprehensive and extensive knowledge base, which is a reliable source of information.

InMotion Hosting review – the final verdict

Among the plethora of InMotion reviews, the consensus often paints this web host as the amiable neighbor you can rely on. And I concur with that sentiment. It has proven to be dependable and hassle-free. However, in this comprehensive article, I ventured beyond the superficial aspects. Delving deeper, I discovered that while InMotion’s prices are less budget-friendly, numerous competitors offer better value. On the other hand, the performance aspect did not disappoint, showcasing impressive speed and unwavering stability. Additionally, one standout feature worth noting is the BoldGrid website builder.

How does this shape the final verdict of my InMotion Hosting review?

Feature4.3★★★★☆Fast, reliable, and beginner-friendly hosting
Pricing★★★★☆Regarding pricing, InMotion Hosting tends to be on the higher end compared to the industry average. However, they offer an affordable option with the Lite plan priced at $2.29/month. The comprehensive programs provide all the necessary features to kickstart a successful website.
Ease of Use★★★★☆The Account Management Panel and cPanel combination makes InMotion Hosting incredibly user-friendly. While there may be a few minor glitches, they are not significant. But the show’s real star is the premium BoldGrid website builder for WordPress, which is truly impressive.
Performance★★★★★In terms of performance, InMotion Hosting delivers reliability with an expected 99.98% uptime. The loading speed is impressive, and the hosting handles high traffic without a sweat.
Security★★★★☆InMotion Hosting covers all the essential security basics, including free SSL, malware, hack protection, and DDoS protection. However, more advanced security tools come at an additional cost.
Support★★★★☆The customer support department at InMotion Hosting is quite good. Live chat wait times are minimal, and the agents appear knowledgeable. However, be aware that sales agents can sometimes be overly pushy. On the other hand, the knowledge base is a quality resource if you prefer to read independently.

Who do I recommend InMotion to?

I highly recommend InMotion Hosting if you’re looking for a no-fuss classic web hosting solution. Its ease of use, speed, and high reliability make it perfect for hosting small-to-medium business websites. Even if you have little website development experience, the intuitive BoldGrid website builder can compensate for that.


Does InMotion Hosting offer a money-back guarantee?

Absolutely! InMotion Hosting offers a money-back guarantee. If you choose a plan with a 6-month billing term or longer, you qualify for their 90-day money-back guarantee. It’s important to note that the warranty doesn’t cover add-ons and domain name fees.

What forms of payment does InMotion Hosting accept?

InMotion Hosting accepts various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal. That option is also available if you prefer to pay by check or money order. Remember that checks and money orders must be mailed to their designated address, and the payment should be in US dollars.

Does InMotion Hosting allow adult content on its servers?

InMotion Hosting does not allow adult content such as pornographic, gambling, smoking, or alcohol-related material on its servers. However, it does permit certain types of artistic content. For specific clarification, I recommend contacting their support team for further guidance.

Is InMotion Hosting a green web hosting provider?

InMotion Hosting takes pride in implementing several environmentally friendly practices. They operate green data centers and actively contribute to the environment by planting trees and promoting greener office tactics. So, yes, you can consider InMotion Hosting as a green web hosting provider.

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