My Daily Skin Care Routine (2024)

It’s not enough to have smart skincare products: To make your products the best. You also need to apply them in the right order. My Daily Skin Care Routine, Your routine may depend on your skin type. The ingredients, and the formulas of your products, as well as the time of day. However, an honest rule of thumb is to use the texture. From thinnest to thickest, thin wares will not be able to penetrate thicker wares.

My Daily Skin Care Routine

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

Whether you have a three-step or a nine-step routine. There’s one thing anyone will do to improve their care: use the products in the right order. Regardless of your skin concerns, you’ll want to start with a clean, toned base. Then apply targeted active ingredients, and finish with moisture protection and of course SPF during the day. Here are the steps to an honest care regimen:

Wash Your Face

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

Morning and night, rinse your face with water and rub a small amount of light cleansing agent between clean palms. Massage face washes all over with light facial battering pressure. Rinse your hands and massage your face with water to rinse your face until you have removed the cleansing agent and dirt. Gently pat your face dry with a soft towel. If you wear makeup, you will have to be forced to double cleanse in the dark. First, remove your makeup with cleansing oil or micellar water. Try to use special eye make-up removers for a few minutes to allow the make-up to come off very easily and avoid rubbing your eyes. Follow up with a light-forward wipe.

Apply Toner

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

If you use toner, do it after cleansing your face and before doing anything else. Gently glide a few drops of toner over your face in the palms of your hands or on a cotton pad. Use solely in the dark if your toner is exfoliating, meaning it eliminates dead skin cells with chemicals like glycolic acid. Every day, moisturizing solutions are frequently utilized twice as much. Exfoliating toner with retinoids or other exfoliants should not be used at the same time.

Apply Serum

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

The morning might be a good time to use a blood serum with antioxidants, such as a brightening ascorbic acid serum, because they protect your skin from the free radicals you’ll encounter throughout the day. The evening can be an experience to use a mucopolysaccharide moisturizing blood serum, which prevents skin from drying out in the dark, especially if you’re abusing anti-aging treatments or skin conditions that can irritate and dry skin. Serums may also contain exfoliants such as alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs) or carboxylic acid. No matter how rough you get, always remember: water-based serums should go under moisturizer; Oil-based serums should be applied as a moisturizer.

Apply Eye Cream

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews
My Daily Skin Care Routine – Miller Reviews

You can apply a regular moisturizer to the under-eye space; however, if you choose to use a specialist eye cream, you will generally need to layer the moisturizer under, as eye creams tend to be thinner than moisturizer facials. Try applying a fixed eye cream with a metal ball device and storing it in the refrigerator to counter puffiness in the morning. Using an eye moisturizer in the dark will cause fluid retention that will make your eyes look puffy in the morning.

Use Spot Treatment

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

It’s an honest plan to use skin disease blemish treatments in the dark once your body is in repair mode. Beware of acne-fighting ingredients, such as bleaching agents or salicylic acids, with axerophthol, which can irritate. Instead, make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your skin calm and hydrated.


My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

Each moisturizer hydrates the skin and completely locks in the opposing layers of the product you’ve applied. Look for a light lotion in the morning, ideally with SPF thirty or more. At night, you can use a thicker night cream. People with dry skin may want to use a cream morning and night.

Apply Retinoid

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

Retinoids (Vitamin A derivatives along with retinol) will reduce dark spots, breakouts, and fine lines by increasing skin cell turnover but will even be irritating, especially to sensitive skin. If you use retinoids, keep in mind that they break down in the sun, so they should only be used in the dark. They also make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so sunscreen may be a necessity.

Apply Face Oil

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

If you use a facial oil, be sure to use it when your other skin care products as nothing else will be able to penetrate the oil.

Apply Sunscreen

My Daily Skin Care Routine - Miller Reviews

It may be the last step, but almost any specialist can tell you that sun protection is the most important part of any skin care program. Protecting your skin from UV rays will stop carcinoma and signs of aging. If your moisturizer doesn’t contain SPF, you should still be forced to wear sunscreen. For chemical sunscreens, wait twenty minutes before going outside for the sunscreen to take effect. Look for broad-spectrum SPF, which means your sunscreen protects you from both UVA and UVB radiation.

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