Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Antivirus Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Antivirus Review, based in San Jose, California, may be a technology company that focuses on planning and producing high-end security software. During this review, we are going to specialize in your Endpoint Protection software, discovering its various features and add-ons and seeing how it compares to your own claims and thus the performance of the competition.

In the modern era, companies around the globe employ workers who often access the company network through a large number of devices. To keep your business safe from threats, you would like to have endpoint protection that takes servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and a host of other devices into account.

Has Broadcom Bought Symantec?

On November 4, 2019, Broadcom completed its acquisition of Symantec’s enterprise security business for $10.7 billion. With the integration of Symantec’s enterprise security business into Broadcom’s existing portfolio of enterprise software solutions, Broadcom has expanded its capabilities in the enterprise security market. This market is an area of growing focus for the company, and the acquisition has allowed Broadcom to offer its customers a wider range of enterprise security solutions.

By acquiring Symantec’s enterprise security business, Broadcom has been able to strengthen its position as a leading provider of enterprise software solutions. The acquisition has enabled Broadcom to expand its customer base, particularly in the global market where Symantec’s enterprise security business has a strong presence. With the addition of endpoint security, network security, and identity and access management solutions to its portfolio, Broadcom is better equipped to serve its customers in the ever-evolving cybersecurity market.

Overview: Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Antivirus Review

At its core, endpoint protection is about protecting your network from malware, adware, ransomware, and additional types of intrusions from outside influences. Endpoint security is also important to stop data leakage problems due to human error.

Symantec Endpoint Security Overview
Symantec Endpoint Security Overview

Broadcom’s Symantec Endpoint Security products generally work well against external threats. These products are affordable and priced fairly, but that doesn’t mean they’re missing something in the way of power. With Broadcom, you have a variety of protection schemes against multiple online attack angles, with the power to detect, classify and block problematic or potentially harmful items. One objection we had with these products is that they lack the power to reliably detect phishing emails. That poses a threat, especially since many company employees may not have the technical knowledge to identify these potential security breaches.

Everything You Need to Know

  • Simple installation – Easy-to-use one-click process
  • Comprehensive: Endpoint Security Complete includes software capabilities for each introduction to the potential attack strategy manual.
  • 24/7 on-site support – live chat, email, and phone support, and on-site resources
  • 60-day money-back guarantee – give it a try and make a decision
  • Compatibility – Available for all your business devices and excels in the area of ​​mobile device protection
  • User interface: the interface is optimized for simple use and shows potential threats
  • Add-on: There is a charge for additional encryption technology.

There are several factors to consider before purchasing virus protection software. Here is a practical guide to our positive and negative experiences with Broadcom Symantec.

Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Pros & Cons


  • Excellent customer service
  • Designed for ease of use
  • Step-by-step protection for all stages of a cyberattack
  • Established name and reputation


  • Not transparent about their prices
  • You must connect with a sales partner to make the purchase.
  • Lacks mobile device protection in many of its packages

Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Products

This review mainly focuses on Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Complete and Symantec Endpoint Security Enterprise. Each of those products efficiently provides protection to the terminals, but they also bring different elements to the table.

Endpoint Security Complete

This is the most comprehensive suite of endpoint security available from Broadcom Symantec. Basically, the goal of Endpoint Security Complete is to provide protection against all threats at every step of the potential attack process. These steps include:

  • Pre-attack
  • Attack Prevention
  • Prevention of Infringements
  • Response / Remediation

To start the offer, we will affect the pre-attack methods. Endpoint Security Complete features in-house malware detection capabilities as part of the threat and surface reduction. It also continually sends bogus threats through the system to identify potential vulnerabilities.

The second step is the prevention of attacks. This includes additional security against malware and zero-day exploits. The Network Connection Security feature provides VPN services when troublesome WiFi hotspots are detected. In other words, additional protection measures are triggered when a network device connects to an incomplete WiFi network.

Breach prevention is probably our favorite feature of Endpoint Security Complete. Symantec’s product uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to continually increase the protection parameters used by the software. As threats recover by evading detection, detection protocols recover as well. In addition to blacklisting dangerous websites and devices, the program also uses deception techniques to judge the intent of potential threats. For example, it provides attackers with fake directories and uses bait and decoy practices to catch attackers with bad data.

Ultimately, response and remediation come into play to assess the damage caused by threats and attacks and minimize that potential damage. The software is based on the research of more than 3,000 Symantec professionals and features an easy-to-use interface that displays the affected devices.

Users are ready to isolate devices to mitigate the impact. The software itself also isolates the endpoints and immediately begins recovering or deleting files as needed. Therefore, if an attack reaches the higher stages, the pool of compromised information will be as small as possible.

Broadcom Symantec is one of the big names in cybersecurity, so it’s no surprise that it has performed well. We could recommend this software for small and medium organizations as long as your software allows a lot of configurations and knowledge about the precise endpoints of a network.

Broadcom Symantec Endpoint Security Antivirus Review - Review - itis
Endpoint Security Complete

Endpoint Security Enterprise

The other product we are focusing on is called Endpoint Security Enterprise. This is often a much less robust product than the full version, but it follows an equivalent line. We also liked how you will upgrade your existing Enterprise subscription to terminate seamlessly, allowing your business security to grow as your network of devices and endpoints expands.

Endpoint Security Enterprise is flexible, with software that targets the full range of cyberattacks a business can experience: ransomware, viruses, spyware, and more. It also offers a centralized system for protecting passwords on network devices, which is particularly useful for small businesses that will not have a built-in function on their networks. The software is also great at detecting unsigned malware.

Again, what we like about these products is that they will be configured as needed. Fine-tuning is not for everyone, and there is no doubt that many business owners’ eyes get glassy when they ponder the technicalities of network security. But the IT department of any business will be excited to get their hands on Symantec Endpoint Security products and discover specific protocols for the types of protection your business needs.

Pricing Plans

Unfortunately, Broadcom Symantec does not directly announce its pricing structure. Instead, it encourages users to call the sales team or connect with a select Broadcom partner located near them. We found this lack of transparency quite frustrating.

The lowest tier of software offered by Broadcom Symantec, called Endpoint Protection Cloud, is reportedly priced at $ 28 per device. However, it appears that the company offers specific offers for companies. If you are curious about the merchandise, you should contact a sales office to get a much better idea of ​​the value.


Is Symantec an Antivirus Program?

Symantec’s endpoint security system is largely an antivirus program. However, yes, it detects and blocks viruses effectively. It also makes an equivalent for many types of malware, cyberattacks, and phishing scams.

How Does Endpoint Protection Vary From Antivirus?

Endpoint Protection can be a much broader type of security than antivirus. While antivirus protects exactly one endpoint (the device it is installed on), endpoint protection systems protect all endpoints within a given network. These include devices, servers, etc. Additionally, antivirus software generally protects against limited types of malware (primarily viruses). Endpoint protection targets your defenses against viruses as well as additional malware like ransomware, spyware, and more.

Has Broadcom Bought Symantec?

Yes. In 2019, Broadcom purchased cybersecurity company Symantec for a reported fee of $ 10.7 billion. The company now uses Symantec technology in its cybersecurity products, such as the Endpoint Security Complete and Endpoint Security Enterprise products discussed here.

Is Symantec Endpoint Protection Good for Home Use?

Symantec Endpoint Protection is ideal for home use, either as a private subscription or as protection for devices that also connect to your network. In particular, we were impressed with the convenience of the integration and advanced protection measures of Symantec’s EPP software on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Is Symantec Endpoint Protection Good for Business?

We recommend Symantec Endpoint Protection products for small and medium businesses. The software can provide the protection your business must keep safe from outside influences and attacks while displaying information in usable and actionable ways. To get the best of what’s offered here, your business needs to be small enough that your IT department can actually use the customizable options and track situations in real time because the software signals threats and vulnerabilities.


When it comes to cybersecurity, there’s a reason Broadcom Symantec has been in the game for so long. Their products work well, they work well, and they can be easily integrated into your network devices. Installation is straightforward, the instructions and explanations employed by the software are easy to understand, and therefore the price is at the affordable end of the cybersecurity spectrum.

These products are good at detecting many malware threats, including ever-worrying ransomware. However, where the products have a weak part is their ability to detect and stop phishing scams. However, through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence inherent in the Endpoint Security line, we hope this can be addressed in the future. You still get a recommendation from us, especially if you own a small or medium business.

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