Best VPNs for France in (2024) – Ranked!

There are many reasons to use a VPN. It would be to protect your privacy, stream geo-blocked content, or stay connected to favorite sites and services when in France or traveling abroad.

In their personal lives, the French have always cherished privacy and protection, which extends to cyberspace and makes VPNs very common in France.

We’ll go through each VPN in-depth, but if you want a quick recommendation, here may be a summary:

The 7 Top Best VPNs for France in (2024)

  • NordVPN: Our number one choice for a VPN for France. Easy to use option with fast servers. Strong privacy and security policy to keep your online activities private. Unblock Netflix and other popular streaming sites. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included.
  • Surfshark: The best economic option. A privacy-prioritizing VPN that features excellent unblocking ability, a no-logging policy, and plenty of security options.
  • ExpressVPN: Speed-optimized servers make it a great streaming VPN. Tight security and no traffic logs make it ideal for P2P. Unblock most of the major streaming content sites like Netflix.
  • CyberGhost: is fast, cheap, secure, and works with most streaming services.
  • IPVanish: Perfect for torrent users and Kodi users who need a lightweight and easy-to-remote-control solution. Excellent security and decent speed. They are often unpredictable with Netflix.
  • VyprVPN: Fast, safe, and easy to use. It is not the most profitable on this list.
  • PureVPN: is a virtual private network (VPN). Strong protection, reasonable speeds, and strong smartphone applications are all advantages.

Despite France’s firm dedication to privacy, there are many reasons to use a VPN to access the internet securely in France.

Using a VPN will also unblock a number of geo-restricted content on sites like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC iPlayer. For French residents traveling abroad, using a VPN is also a great option if you want to continue streaming local premium services like Eurosport, Canal +, and Play TV.

How we Select VPNs!

We have used the following criteria to choose VPN:

  • Strong Encryption Parameters
  • Speed ​​& Stability
  • No Usage Logs
  • Ability to Unblock Geo-restricted Content Like Netflix
  • Suitable for Torrents & P2P

The Best VPNs for France in (2024):

1. NordVPN

NordVPN - Millers Reviews


24 months + 3 Months Free:$3.29/mon – 60% OFF
12 months:$4.49/mon – 59% OFF
1 month:$11.99/mon


Servers in France:5,492
Speeds:55.54 Mbps
Moneyback Guarantee:30 DAYS

NordVPN features a true zero-logging policy: it does not retain data about users’ visits to the site when they connect to its servers or the time, date, and duration of each session. Their servers are confiscated in at least one case, but there was no stored data that authorities could use to identify users.

The default protocol NordVPN uses is OpenVPN over TCP. It also has servers that are configured for double VPN, Tor over VPN, anti-DDoS, and video streaming, among other items. DNS leak protection and an inline kill switch are included, making it one of the most robust VPNs when it comes to encryption parameters.

The VPN provider has been in business for over a decade and can stream HD video without lag while enabling low-latency online gaming and fast downloads. Unlimited torrents are allowed with no speed limits.


  • Operates over 180 servers in France, ideal for unlocking geo-restricted content
  • One of the fastest VPN services available.
  • A dependable partner with over a decade of experience in the sector.
  • The default security settings and privacy issues go far beyond what is anticipated.
  • Does not keep records


  • You can select the location of the servers in the city, but not specific servers.
Available ForUnblocks

BEST VPN FOR FRANCE: NordVPN is our best option. The extremely high speeds make it a perfect choice for streaming and torrenting. Connect up to six devices simultaneously. Provides a 30-day money-back guarantee for you to try it risk-free.

2. Surfshark

SurfShark VPN - Millers Reviews


24 months + 2 mo. FREE$2.30/mon – 82% OFF
12 months:$3.99/mo – 69% OFF
1 month:$12.95/mon


Servers in France:1,700
Speeds:44.29 Mbps
Moneyback Guarantee:30 DAYS

Surfshark has more than 1,700 servers in more than 60 countries, including France, making it a great option for anyone looking to stream French TV abroad. Better yet, its speeds are fast enough to watch live video with no noticeable lag or buffering, and with no connection limit, you’ll be ready to protect all the devices you own simultaneously.

With 256-bit encryption, a kill switch, and IPv6, DNS, and WebRTC leak protection enabled by default, this VPN ensure your traffic is secure in the shortest time possible. There’s also a NoBorders mode that bypasses nationwide restrictions and a built-in ad blocker and malware scanner. Surfshark does not log any data that can be traced back to you, but if you are concerned about privacy, you will pay in Bitcoin, Ripple, or Ethereum. If you want help, you will contact the 24/7 helpdesk via live chat.

Mods for iOS, macOS, Android, Windows, and Linux are available from Surfshark. It also operates for certain network routers, but they must be manually programmed.


  • Fast enough for flawless streaming
  • Great unlocking capacity
  • Does not keep records
  • Places greater emphasis on security and privacy
  • Connect as many devices as you want


  • Smaller network than many of its rivals
  • Some slow servers
Available ForUnblocks

BEST BUDGET VPN: Surfshark lets you connect a large number of devices, as well as unblocking major streaming platforms from abroad. This service can be a great option with high speeds, powerful security measures, a coffee price, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. ExpressVPN

Express VPN - Millers Reviews


12 months:$8.32/mon – 35% OFF
6 months:$9.99/mon
1 month:$12.95/mon


Servers in France:3,000+
Speeds:51.65 Mbps
Moneyback Guarantee:30 DAYS

ExpressVPN has a policy of not keeping any user data other than “days (not times) when you connect to our service, choice of server locations, and therefore the cumulative amount according to their website, “millions of pieces of knowledge are shared every day.”

Its encryption standards are among the best in the industry, with OpenVPN links encrypted by default with 256-bit AES-CBC. 4,096-bit DHE-RSA certificates are identified using the SHA-512 hashing algorithm. The service uses both HMAC authentication and excellent forward secrecy. With this provider, split tunneling is an alternative.

During our extensive speed tests, we noticed that it was streaming 1080p video smoothly and exhibiting zero lag when it came to online gaming. Their servers are designed for speed and reliability, and they don’t impose any speed limits, making them the best VPN on our list.

If you want to torrent, ExpressVPN is a perfect option and considering Netflix’s prohibition, it’s still one of the only VPNs that can get around it.

Users outside of France who choose to watch French streaming services like ZDF, Canal +, and will use ExpressVPN.


  • Works exceptionally well in France and unlocking French content abroad
  • The fastest connections are great for smooth HD streaming and downloading.
  • Top-notch security and privacy.
  • Unblock most of the major streaming sites, including Netflix France, ZDF, Canal +, and France. Tv and more.


  • More expensive than other providers
  • Power users may find the dearth of advanced features frustrating
Available ForUnblocks

FAST AND SECURE CONNECTIONS: ExpressVPN can be a fast, privacy-focused service. It excels at unlocking French broadcast channels with its entire French network of servers. Hard to beat in privacy and security. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included in both plans.

4. CyberGhost

CyberGhost - Millers Reviews


2 Years + 2 Months$2.19/mon – 83% OFF
6 months:$6.99/mon
1 month:$12.99/mon


Servers in France:6,987
Speeds:47.92 Mbps
Moneyback Guarantee:45 DAYS

CyberGhost, which is based in Romania, has greatly improved its service after a change of address last year. It offers strong encryption, including fast speeds and excellent customer support.

At the time of writing, it provides access to more than 5,700 servers in 90 countries. France hosts 418 of them, so you shouldn’t have a problem trying to accumulate an area IP address. CyberGhost works well with geographically restricted streaming services and therefore the client application will guide you through the method with a step-by-step tutorial. Several of the sites it works with are Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.

This provider protects all web traffic with 256-bit encryption, perfect direct secret, online kill switch, and DNS leak protection. will not store user data of any kind, including IP addresses. A billboard blocker, anti-malware protection, and anti-tracking are among the additional security features.

The service is available on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, and macOS. A single subscription requires up to seven computers to communicate at the same time.


  • Operates more than 320 servers in France, ideal for accessing local content abroad
  • Impressed by the speed of your server during testing
  • The programs are simple to set up and use.
  • Good value for money supplier


  • Does not add China
  • Little control over advanced features
Available ForUnblocks

BEGINNER APPS: CyberGhost presents a simple discovery. Works well in France and unlock French content without speed limits. This is a good option if you want a fast and safe connection with a simple interface. Money-back guarantee for 45 days.

5. IPVanish

IPVanish VPN - Millers Reviews


2-Years:$2.96/mon – Save 75%
1-Year:$3.33/mon Save 72%
1 month:$11.99/mon


Servers in France:1,300
Speeds:29.23 Mbps
Moneyback Guarantee:30 DAYS

IPVanish is one of the few VPN providers that physically owns everything on its server network (unlike others that also rent), making it a valuable ally in the quest to preserve anonymity online.

It does not keep logs or logs about the user’s browsing history, except when people sign up for the first time. IPVanish’s OpenVPN protocol defaults to 256-bit encryption, SHA512 authentication, and a DHE-RSE 2048 key exchange for perfect forward confidentiality. DNS leak protection and a VPN kill switch are built into the system architecture to keep you on your toes.

While IPVanish isn’t ideal for unblocking geo-restricted Netflix content, it does have amazing speeds, making streaming videos from YouTube or other major platforms a breeze. Torrenting is certainly part of the package, and it is also part of our list of the simplest VPNs for this specific purpose.


  • For their remote-friendly applications, Kodi and Firestick TV are favorites.
  • Impressive 4K transmission speeds achieved during testing
  • Operates in over 60 countries, ideal for unlocking geo-restricted content
  • Strong encryption makes applications safe.


  • Customer service is usually a bit slow.
  • Has difficulty unlocking larger streaming platforms
Available ForUnblocks

VALUE AND PERFORMANCE: IPVanish offers great privacy and excellent security with a huge number of IPs and servers, plus additional protection against DNS leaks. Kodi and torrent users are also in fashion. 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. VyprVPN

VyprVPN  - Millers Reviews


12 months:$8.32/mon – 35% OFF
6 months:$9.99/mon
1 month:$12.95/mon


Servers in France:700+
Speeds:44 Mbps
Moneyback Guarantee:30 DAYS

VyprVPN is considered a premium service, given the fact that it owns its own servers rather than renting them from a third party, so it is optimized for things like speed and connection stability.

It does, however, keep details on user activity, which could be of interest to certain users. “The user’s source IP address, the VyprVPN IP address used by the user, the link start and end times, and the total number of bytes used,” according to the organization.

The company is incorporated in Switzerland, which suggests it is out of the reach of pesky US and UK government agencies. It uses the OpenVPN protocol, industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption, 2048-bit RSA keys with no direct perfect secret, and SHA256 authentication.

If you subscribe to the service, you will see that DNS servers are included with built-in DNS leak protection. There is also a built-in kill switch, which means that VyprVPN will temporarily stop all traffic if the connection goes down.

VyprVPN isn’t a great option for torrenting (the company doesn’t allow this activity on its servers), but it does unblock geo-restricted content on services like Netflix and Hulu.


  • No logs policy overrides France’s 1-year data retention law.
  • Fast speeds are perfect for streaming.
  • Class-leading security and advanced privacy features
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Other VPNs have more advanced configuration options.
  • The two-tier pricing structure is often confusing.
Available ForUnblocks

UNLIMITED DATA USE: VyprVPN is easy to use. VyprVPN owns both servers, so you can expect good speeds and uptime. Great online privacy and excellent security. Unblock popular French channels. It is not the most profitable option. 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. PureVPN

PureVPN  - Miller Reviews


24 + 3 months Free:$2.08/mo – 81% OFF
1-Year:$3.24/mo – 70% OFF


Servers in France:6,500
Speeds:100 Mbps
Moneyback Guarantee:30 DAYS

PureVPN does not retain any data about the user’s browsing history apart from the timestamp and total bandwidth used when connecting to a server. The company is based in Hong Kong, which does not have mandatory data retention laws, which means it is out of the reach of state agencies.

Torrenting is allowed on most servers, but the service is not ready to bypass Netflix’s VPN restrictions. It uses AES 256-bit encrypted L2TP / IPSec protocol, DNS leak protection, and a VPN kill switch.


  • Unlock geo-restricted services
  • Large network of servers
  • The GUI is simple to use and has a lot of customizable options.
  • Unlimited bandwidth


  • Connecting occasionally took up to a moment during testing.
  • Speeds are sometimes unpredictable.
  • Overcoming the stigma of previous bad press around privacy
Available ForUnblocks

EASY TO USE: PureVPN features a great app. It offers great security and therefore the ability to unblock popular French channels. Fix some fast speeds, but may have some connection issues. 7-day money-back guarantee.

VPNs to Avoid

In some cases, VPN providers are caught handing over user data to authorities or illegally extracting browsing history to sell to external advertisers. Here are a few that we recommend that you avoid:

HideMyAss - Miller Reviews


In 2011, London-based HideMyAss allegedly cooperated with US and British authorities and released the login details of 23-year-old Cody Kretsinger, accused of hacking Sony Pictures.

The incident signaled a twisted philosophy at the company. He claimed not to record or store any user data other than log-in and logout time, but subsequent actions proved otherwise. You’ll read our Hide My Ass review here.

Hola VPN - Miller Reviews


Hola, based in Israel, who had developed a browser plugin designed to bypass geographically restricted content, was caught engaging in a ton of spurious activity, including selling your data to anyone willing to spend the cash, diverting traffic through your personal Internet connection, and continuously monitoring your browsing history.

Betternet - Miller Reviews


Betternet comes as a result if you are looking for a free VPN option and from the outset, it seems like an honest option as long as it allows multiple simultaneous connections and is comparatively fast. But it’s not a charity by any means – all the cash you pay to rent server space and maintain a technical team is recovered through a billboard platform that you run.

This ad network uses cookies to flood you with ads, software install suggestions, and other migraine-inducing material.

Can I use a Free VPN for France?

There’s always the option of finding a free VPN service – they’re hiding in plain sight and an impromptu search on Google or Reddit will certainly get the job done. Technically, these services do not charge you money for use, but that does not mean that they are free by any criteria.

Our recommendation is to avoid these types of options just like the plague. They’re also businesses, which means they have to make money to stay afloat, so they’ll bombard you with all sorts of nasty ads and sell your data to third-party companies for monetary compensation.

Contracting a malware infection can be a definite possibility and ditch getting equivalent speed or customer service that paid VPN options to offer. At the end of the day, you’ll be more than happy to spend a couple of bucks and get exemplary service. Trust us, it’s worth it.

How to Get a French IP Address

If you are a French resident planning to live abroad for one tap, a lot of local content is likely to remain inaccessible if you log in from a faraway country. One method to avoid this problem is to connect to a VPN recommended above; Before allowing Internet access to online facilities, certain French banking and financial institutions need an area IP.

The benefits of obtaining a French IP address also transcend access to geographically restricted content. Your program will assume you are in France, so it will show you the most relevant results for you and in your local language if you prefer. Before allowing Internet access to online facilities, certain French banking and financial institutions need an area IP.

What is the Longest Term on the French Internet?

France is often regarded as pro-privacy. For example, French regulators imposed a fine of US$166,777 on Facebook purportedly because of concerns over the way it tracks user data “without legal cover.” Authorities added that the social media leviathan didn’t offer users sufficient warning about the methods it uses to extract personal information about their browsing habits.

However, recent years have seen an erosion of privacy rights.

Emergency powers put in place by President Hollande in 2015 gave authorities sweeping powers to conduct house arrests, raids, and searches of electronic devices such as laptops, PCs, smartphones, and tablets without any warrants.

The same year, the French Constitutional Council approved most provisions of a new law that forces internet service providers to monitor the online behavior of suspicious users and relay that information back to intelligence agencies.

There are concerns that this law can be abused to establish a far-reaching online surveillance apparatus that will directly impact the lives of all French residents, whether they like it or not.

These troubling developments make a compelling argument for using a VPN when browsing the web in France. Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN encrypts your internet traffic and routes it through a remote server, thereby shielding its content and destination from internet service providers, hackers, and government agencies like the NSA.

Even the United Nations committee for human rights has warned against the tenets of the law – saying it “grants overly broad powers for very intrusive surveillance on the basis of vast and broadly defined objectives.” It added that French authorities must balance the subsequent interference in private life according to defined principles of legality, proportionality, and necessity.

Not only does the law allow electronic monitoring of mobile devices, but it also gives intelligence agencies the right to install secret cameras and recording devices in people’s homes. It’s also possible to install keylogger devices and metadata can be stored for up to five years.

Other advocacy bodies, such as Privacy International and La Quadrature du Net, also sharply criticised the developments, saying the poorly-drafted bill makes no provision for judicial authorisation and that the French parliament had “endorsed a fundamental decline in human rights.”

Watch French TV Abroad.

Using a VPN can also unblock French television. This suggests that French residents traveling abroad can hide their location by signing up for a VPN (we recommend one of the paid ones on this list), selecting a server in France, clearing cookies in their browser, and then accessing individual streaming links.

Anyone with a French IP address can browse the following networks for free. It’s worth noting that this isn’t quite an exhaustive list, and more could be added:

  • Euronews
  • France24
  • TV5 Monde
  • Arte
  • RTBF
  • BFM TV
  • LCP
  • Eurosport
  • Pluzz
  • TF1
  • M6
  • France2
  • France3
  • France4
  • Gulli
  • PlayTV

I’m Not in France, So How Do I Watch Ligue 1?

The French league, also known as Ligue 1, is very fashionable among French residents. Naturally, this translates into an enthusiasm to watch the games live as they are broadcast. We recommend using a VPN to change your IP address to French and log into channels like Eurosport that show live games. you may have to sign up and register for the service with a French master card beforehand, check with individual broadcasters before proceeding.


How do you Get Netflix Shows in French?

Netflix actually allows you to watch a large amount of content in French, including all the original Netflix titles. That is how:

First, start playing a program.

At the bottom right, you will see a speech bubble icon; hover over it,

Now, select French from the list on the left.

Click on your user icon at the top right of the screen and choose Manage Profiles.

Adjust the default audio language to French in your profile.

Are Torrents Illegal in France?

Torrenting is not illegal in France: in any case, it is just a special way of downloading content. Problems arise if you have torrent content you don’t have the right to, such as movies, TV shows, or games. If you are caught, you will face a fine, although after the repeal of HADOPI’s gradual response.

Which Mobile Network is the Best in France?

Approximately 80% of the French are with Orange, making it the country’s most important network. This makes it less likely that you will run into places that lack coverage, but with SFR rapidly expanding its 4G capabilities and Bouygues Telecom entering the broadcast space, each has something unique to offer. Ultimately, there is no objectively “best” network, so stick with the one that suits your needs and budget.

Is it legal in France to use a VPN?

In France, using a VPN is completely legal. VPNs are, in practice, legal in the majority of countries. There could also be cases where using a VPN goes against the terms of service of a specific website, such as Netflix France. However, it is highly unlikely that action will be taken against you. Of course, employing a VPN for any illegal activity (such as the distribution of copyrighted material) can be a different matter and should have legal repercussions as a result.


When it comes to browsing the internet in France, using a VPN can make all the difference. Our recommended VPNs for France are fast, reliable, and secure, with a variety of servers both within the country and abroad. By using a VPN, you can bypass restrictions on certain websites and content, while also ensuring your online privacy is protected from prying eyes.

Whether you’re a resident of France or simply visiting, we hope that our article has given you valuable insights into the best VPN options available. Don’t forget to take into account factors such as speed, security, and server locations when making your final decision.

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