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Are you looking for the best WordPress hosting company? Trying to choose between WP Engine and InMotion Hosting? You may easily host your WordPress website with InMotion Hosting and WP Engine. WP Engine is a managed hosting service that entirely dedicated to WordPress, as opposed to InMotion Hosting, which offers you a selection of hosting solutions including WordPress hosting and hosting for website builders based on WordPress.

In this article, we’ll compare WP Engine and InMotion Hosting, so you can decide which one suits your budget and desires better.

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting – Overview

Wp Engine 
Review - itis

WP Engine is one of the best WordPress-focused managed hosting solutions on the market. In addition to hosting, they offer a set of solutions to deliver a lightning-fast experience to your users, simply implement new website features and get detailed insights into website performance.

Non-legacy StudioPress themes from WP Engine, the #1 premium WordPress theme hub. With every WP Engine fix, you’ll be able to get access to any or all premium StudioPress themes at no additional cost.

Review - itis

InMotion Hosting is one of the best web hosting providers and offers many exciting features. They allow you to opt into a clearinghouse once language communication is available for a hosting arrangement and provide 24/7 in-house support in the US.

They partnered with Long Term Trees, a non-profit organization dedicated to offsetting carbon footprints by planting trees.

Best of all, they offer an unbeatable 90-day guarantee for associates to deliver their service, risk-free.

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting – Page Speed & Uptime

Website speed and time area unit are the most important factors that you need to consider when selecting a web hosting service.

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting Comparison For 2022

According to Pingdom, our WP Engine test website took only 582 ms to load, which is faster than 96 of all sites tested. Our InMotion Hosting website took 982ms to load, which is faster than the 90th of the sites tested, but slower than our WP Engine test website.

We often set up to check our test sites using Load Impact in addition to getting a complete picture of server performance. We frequently test the servers by sending a small number of fictitious users to our websites and planning up to 100 visitors at a time.

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting Comparison For 2022

The graph shows that an increase in traffic had no adverse effects on response times for our WP Engine website. However, our InMotion Hosting website only functioned properly up to a user count of 25. After that, there was a significant delay. During verification, your server’s performance was inconsistent.

After our Load Impact check, we tend to configure to do a server response check with Bitcatcha. However, it monitors that the servers are running from eight different geographic locations.

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting Comparison For 2022

According to Bitcatcha, WP Engine’s performance was ranked C, while our InMotion Hosting website was ranked A.

WinnerWP Engine

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting – Ease of Use

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting Comparison For 2022

Getting started with InMotion Hosting is simple. If you have ever run a WordPress website, then you will be able to create a website on InMotion Hosting without any problem.

You have access to cPanel as part of every web hosting package to administer your account. Additionally, you will have access to BoldGrid, a free drag-and-drop WordPress-based website builder.

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting Comparison For 2022

WP Engine can be a managed WordPress hosting provider, so you can be sure that your server is extremely optimized for blazing fast speed without having to handle server upgrading.

However, there are several restrictions on the WP Engine platform. for example, you cannot install linked plugins, which could conflict with hosting performance and built-in security measures.

Not to mention, there is a small amount of learning curve to go through before you can use WP Engine.

WinnerInMotion Hosting

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting – Features

Not all websites are made up the same way. It’s hard to go through the full list of hosting options from each WP Engine and InMotion Hosting to figure out what’s best for your website.

InMotion Hosting comes with all the essential options that beginners need to quickly get started on a website; like unmetered data measurement, 1-click WordPress installer, a website builder, free data backups, and SSD storage, Nginx, free CDN, etc.

While InMotion Hosting’s options area unit is geared toward a broader user base, WP Engine’s options area unit focused on specific customer segments, including developers, marketers, SMBs, agencies, and enterprises.

Some distinctive WP Engine options are:

  • 35+ StudioPress Themes: Get access to any or all StudioPress themes at no additional cost.
  • 1-Click Tool – Discover development and production environments quickly and easily with the 1-Click Tool.
  • Blazing fast performance – WP Engine has partnered with Amazon net Services and Google Cloud Platform to deliver a blazing-fast user experience.

WinnerWP Engine

WP Engine is also listed among the best magazine hosting companies.

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting – Support & Documentation

InMotion Hosting provides US-based 24/7/365 technical support via phone, live chat, email/tickets, and even Skype!

In addition to detailed documentation, they frequently update video tutorials on YouTube to visually answer relevant queries from their customers.

On the other hand, WP Engine simply provides live chat assistance. Their more expensive plans come with phone help. Additionally, only your custom dedicated server plans come with ticket-based customer assistance.

WinnerInMotion Hosting

WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting – Pricing

InMotion Hosting Plans Area Unit Mainly Targeted at Entry Level Users United Nations agency needs to start a website quickly and easily. Their regular trial plan starts at $7.99 per month.

At first, the price of building a website may seem quite high. That is why we have negotiated a subsume InMotion Hosting to offer the thirty-seventh discount to our readers. which means you will only have to pay $4.99 per month.

The typical monthly fee for WP Engine is $35. WP Engine offers a 2-cent reduction if you desire a monthly subscription, making the cost $28 instead.

WinnerInMotion Hosting

Recap – WP Engine vs InMotion Hosting

We believe that WP Engine may be a better WordPress hosting provider than InMotion Hosting. WP Engine comes with a collection of tools and features that help you quickly create a WordPress website and provide a stable and lightning-fast environment to your end-users.

When you sign up for a hosting plan, they provide access to over 35 premium WordPress themes, costing over $2000.

Unlike WP Engine, InMotion Hosting is suitable for a broader user base, from entry-level users to seasoned network professionals. Regardless of your skills and budget, you’ll find the right set of options to start your website with InMotion Hosting.

However, if you are trying to find a managed WordPress hosting answer, then WP Engine is the best option.

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