The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)

Welcome, fashion enthusiasts, to a world of chic and captivating style! Get ready to embark on a stylish journey through the world of footwear as we unveil the ultimate guide to the top 10 trendy women’s ankle boots. Ankle boots have become a staple in every fashion-forward woman’s wardrobe, and we’re here to showcase the crème de la crème when it comes to the latest trends and designs.

Whether you’re looking to elevate your casual outfits or add a touch of sophistication to your evening ensembles, these ankle boots are the perfect blend of style and versatility. So, get ready to step into the realm of fashionable footwear and discover the must-have trendy women’s ankle boots that will take your outfits to new heights.

The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots:

Blundstone 500 Series Original Boot

Blundstone 500 Series Original Boot - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 5-11 with half sizes
  • Material: Water-resistant leather
  • Design: Double pull tabs, lug sole

Blundstones have received ample praise on the Strategist, but it’s the 500s that have truly captured the attention of the stylish individuals we spoke with. Jo Zasloff, co-founder of Sisters skin-care line, aptly describes them as the perfect everyday boot.

Meanwhile, Emily Vaca, the founder of Minnidip, an inflatable-pool purveyor, affectionately refers to them as “Blunnies” and considers them to be reliable workhorses. Whether she’s donning them with Dickies for warehouse duties or sipping cocktails after hours, these boots effortlessly transition with her.

Eva Alt, a dancer, and consultant, relies on the 500s to conquer treacherous city streets, while audio producer Amy Pedulla appreciates their aging process, transforming into a “smudgy, comfy glove on your feet.” Pedulla also reveals an industry secret: Blundstones are the footwear of choice for nearly everyone in podcasting. In Pedulla’s case, she relies on them to transport audio equipment between studios.

Matisse Caty Ankle Boot

Matisse Caty Ankle Boot - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 5.5–11 with half sizes
  • Material: Leather
  • Design: Western-style, 2 ½” stacked block heel 

These boots present an excellent alternative for those seeking a wallet-friendly option compared to the Leandras. With a dramatically pointed toe, they add a touch of flair to any outfit. Style coach Kim Hancher particularly enjoys pairing them with bootcut or flare pants, allowing the toe to peek out and draw attention.

The chunky stacked block heel, at the perfect height, provides stability, a welcomed feature for Hancher and her feet. Unlike spikier heels, this design offers support and comfort. Available in various shades, prints, and textures, including cow and leopard, Hancher opted for a beige-and-tan snakeskin pattern that she claims elevates the boots’ appearance, making them appear more expensive than their actual price tag suggests.

Alohas West Black Vintage Boots

Alohas West Black Vintage Boots - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 35–44 (equivalent to US 5–13)
  • Material: Leather
  • Design: 3” block heel, slim shaft, pointed square-toe 

One style that stands out to Hill is the Alohas West Black Vintages. What she loves about them is how the square toe strikes a perfect balance between modern and timeless. Unlike the curved-edge toes of the Lazaros, these boots sport a sharper shape with a touch of Western aesthetics, beautifully contrasting with the sculptural block heel.

Hill also highlights another advantage: Alohas’ sustainable on-demand approach. By offering most of their shoes for preorder, sometimes at discounted prices, the brand ensures they produce the exact number of pairs needed, minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency.

Aedye Leandra Leather Ankle Boots

Aedye Leandra Leather Ankle Boots - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 35–41 (equivalent to US 5–11)
  • Material: Leather
  • Design: 3” block heel, pointed square-toe

Taylor, Sokolov, and Sold Out NYC founder Kiane von Mueffling expressed their admiration for Berlin-based accessories house Aeyde. All three appreciated the subtle squareness at the end of Aeyde’s pointed toe, which lends their shoes a charming “subtle Western vibe,” as Taylor describes it. Sokolov and von Mueffling specifically recommended the Leandras from Aeyde’s collection.

As a self-proclaimed Aeyde enthusiast, von Mueffling applauds the high-quality leather used in their styles, noting its reasonable pricing and remarkable durability over time. Meanwhile, Sokolov admires how the Leandras effortlessly elevate even the most casual outfits, thanks to their glossy finish.

Everlane The Glove Boot ReKnit

Everlane The Glove Boot ReKnit - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 5-11 with half sizes
  • Material: Polyester, nylon, elastane
  • Design: Ribbed detail, 2” heel

Despite its more affordable price point, the Glove Boot certainly holds its own among the recommended options. Stylist Christel Langué and blogger-TikToker Nana Castro both speak highly of this choice. While being budget-friendly, these boots don’t compromise on quality. Langué appreciates their low block heel, which ensures comfort during long days of walking, making them a go-to for her.

On the other hand, Castro is particularly drawn to the boots’ aesthetic appeal. Crafted from renewed plastic bottles, the knit appearance cleverly conceals their sustainable origins, creating a stylish and eco-friendly option.

Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Boots

Dr. Martens 2976 Chelsea Boots - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 5–12
  • Material: Leather
  • Design: ½” platform, lug sole, pull tab, Docs stitching

Docs reign supreme when it comes to ankle boots; among them, the 2976s stand as the original Chelsea design. New York Review Books marketing manager Abigail Dunn praises the 2976s for their understated elegance, distinguishing them from more extravagant Docs. With a subtle platform and nearly matte leather, these boots exude a sense of subtlety. Jenni Lee, founder of luxury sock label Comme Si, highlights their functionality alongside their timeless appeal, remarking on their ability to combat slushy winters and serve as reliable rain boots in the spring.

Notably, the 2976s secured a spot in our guide to the best Chelsea boots, earning the admiration of Freddie Harrel, founder of beauty company RadSwan, who appreciates their capacity to add an extra touch of badassery to any outfit. Before we conclude, here’s a pro tip: Docs are known for their initial stiffness. Dunn suggests generously applying the brand’s Wonder Balsam to soften them up and ensure their near-indestructibility.

Dr. Martens Black 2976 Platform Chelsea Boots

Dr. Martens Black 2976 Platform Chelsea Boots - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 5–12
  • Material: Leather
  • Design: Branded pull tab, 2” heel, 1 ½” platform

Presenting the platform rendition of the celebrated 2976s, which proudly earned our coveted Best Overall title. Lisa Sokolov, co-founder of Social Goods, indulged in these boots driven by nostalgia, having been a wearer of Docs since her middle school days. The chunky one-and-a-half-inch platform and two-inch heel provide a modest lift without compromising comfort and walkability.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time we’ve encountered enthusiastic praise for these boots. Elizabeth Tamkin, content and partnerships manager at Kule, joins the ranks of admirers, expressing her fondness for Docs with thicker soles. Clearly, these platform 2976s have left an indelible impression on those who value both style and ease of movement.

Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Boot

Dr. Martens Jadon 8-Eye Boot - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 5–12
  • Material: Leather
  • Design: Lace-up front, side zipper, 2” heel, 1 ¼” platform

The Jadon line from Docs, featuring their lace-up platforms, has garnered significant acclaim from three influential celebrities who consider these boots essential in their lives. Actress-singer Dove Cameron and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain hold the Jadon 8-Eye Boot in high regard, even naming them as life-changing.

Chamberlain describes the boots as empowering, evoking a rock-star sensation that makes her feel capable of stomping on a drum set if the mood strikes. She emphasizes their ability to transform an outfit from simply “cool” to a jaw-dropping “whoa, look at her.” Cameron shares Chamberlain’s enthusiasm, having fallen in love with her Jadon 8-Eye Boots while donning tactical attire for her villainous role in Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Cameron embraces a unique style off-screen by casually tucking sweatpants and excessively long jeans into her boots. Model Georgia May Jagger recommends the Max version of the Jadon shoes for those seeking additional height. She hails them as a formidable statement of “I mean business,” thanks to their impressively thick soles that exude a sense of armor-like strength.

Tecovas The Daisy Boot

Tecovas The Daisy Boot - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 5-12
  • Material: Leather or suede
  • Design: 2 ½” heel, snipped toe, toe-bug stitching

If you’re on the lookout for some genuine cowboy-style ankle boots that don’t bear the Ariat name, let me introduce you to Tecovas. Now, let me tell ya, Tecovas is a brand that has captured the hearts of not one but two of our very own Strategist staffers. You see, people, who happen to have wider feet, often struggle to find the perfect fit with boots.

But guess what? The Tecovas Daisys (and let me disclose, they were a gift) slipped on like a dream and provided them with instant comfort. And here’s a surprising twist: People with wider calves discovered that Tecovas boots require no break-in period. Now, that’s quite the accomplishment, considering the usual lack of space they face with other boots!

Rothy’s The Merino Ankle Boot

Rothy’s The Merino Ankle Boot - Review-Itis
The 10 Best Trendy Women’s Ankle Boots for All Season (2024)
  • Sizes: 5-13 with half sizes
  • Material: Knitted from merino wool and plastic bottles
  • Design: Back pull tab, stretch panels on sides, square-toe 

The allure of these Rothy’s lies in their unique construction, seamlessly blending merino wool with the brand’s signature thread derived from recycled plastic bottles. Richter’s decision to acquire a pair was inspired by an Instagram post featuring a fashionably dressed influencer traversing Vermont with a toddler.

Curiosity piqued, Richter decided to try these boots, and they proved to be a perfect match for her needs. Their flat design, easy slip-on feature, and ability to endure icy New York winters due to their machine-washable quality left her thoroughly impressed.

On top of that, these boots offer unparalleled comfort akin to wearing cozy slippers. They require no breaking-in period and feel practically weightless. Richter enthuses, “It’s like wrapping your feet in a snug merino sweater while effortlessly maintaining a chic appearance.”


As we wrap up this captivating exploration of trendy women’s ankle boots, remember that fashion is more than just clothes—it’s a form of self-expression and a way to showcase your unique style. The 10 remarkable boots we’ve unveiled in this guide are more than just footwear—they’re a gateway to creating unforgettable fashion moments and turning heads wherever you go.

From casual outings to special occasions, these boots have the power to transform any outfit into a stylish masterpiece. So, step into confidence, embrace your individuality, and let these extraordinary ankle boots become your trusted companions in the pursuit of fashion greatness.

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