Ace VPN Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

Ace VPN (review) may be a ten-year-old VPN that is owned and operated by an American company called SecureNet LLC.

They cover more than 25 countries with more than 50 servers.

Ace VPN describes its service as fast, secure, and anonymous. That’s the promise of Trinity of VPN. It is what all companies try to show.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

But it is one thing to mention that you are the simplest and another completely to endorse it.

We put Ace VPN on the doorbell, testing everything from usability, to speed, to leaks, to customer service.

We want to answer three questions in our Ace VPN review. Are they quick? Are you certain? Is it true that they are as anonymous as they claim to be?

Ace VPN Review

OVERALL RANK:#71 out of 78 VPNs
USABILITY:Not user-friendly
LOG FILES:Some Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:26 countries, 48 servers
SUPPORT:Great customer support
NETFLIX:Unblocks Netflix USA

Ace VPN Pros

Ace VPN uses state-of-the-art 256-bit AES encryption and allows you to establish a variety of industry-standard protocols for a secure Internet tunnel.

They can also block your public IP and relocate you to the country of your choice so you can stream your favorite Netflix content.

Unlimited torrents are allowed. They support many different devices. And it was really a pleasure interacting with customer service.

Here’s a full review of what they did right.

Next-Generation Encryption and VPN protocols

AceVPN uses the industry-leading 256-bit AES standard. This is often the equivalent of banking and military equipment that security professionals around the world depend on. So they are not following around here.

What’s more, no known supercomputer has ever been ready to go remotely to the brink of cracking it. the superior result is a virtually bulletproof connection.

They also use IPSEC IKEv2 VPN servers with a 384-bit elliptic curve digital signature algorithm. this is usually a safe program.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

Governments use the Elliptic Curve for top-secret communications.

AceVPN also offers the OpenVPN protocol to make a secure connection for many users. This is usually an equivalent default protocol used by many of the highest VPNs in the world.

However, if you don’t want to use any of these options, Ace even offers you more options:

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

One of the four servers that work with Netflix

One of the four Netflix servers we tried functioned well.

A 25% success rate doesn’t sound very good on the surface.

But in today’s age, where Netflix has cracked down on VPN providers, the fact that ANY job can be a huge asset.

The majority of VPN providers will claim to work with Netflix. As an example, AceVPN includes Netflix in its list of supported services as a neighborhood of its Unblock TV Safe DNS feature.

But that’s where our tests separate fact from fiction.

You may need to explore AceVPN a little longer to locate a suitable server, but you should ultimately locate one.

Torrenting is allowed on the Ultimate VPN plan on servers outside of the US and UK.

There is nothing better to transport massive files virtually than downloading torrents.


Gaming giant Blizzard uses it to distribute its products. Even social media companies like Twitter use it internally to handle large files.

But let’s be honest.

Most people consider torrenting to illegally download copyrighted material.

This, plus the fact that connecting your device to a group of strangers leaves you open to all sorts of potential problems.

This is why many VPNs are heavily restricting torrenting to a couple of specific P2P servers, or just not allowing people to use them in the least.

AceVPN does not generally allow torrenting. But they recently got back on topic, blocking torrents and P2P file sharing on their US and UK servers.

Due to this limitation, they didn’t make our top ten list of VPNs for torrenting. But the very fact that they are allowing it still gives them a foothold.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

A Large List Of Compatible Devices

As of 2020, AceVPN is compatible with almost any device you can imagine.

It works on basic desktop and mobile platforms such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. But it also extends to the realm of smart devices, routers, and gaming systems.

Ace VPN can also be used in:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • PlayStation gaming systems
  • Xbox gaming systems
  • Nintendo Wii gaming systems
  • Linux
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android phones
  • Android tablets
  • Windows Phones
  • Windows tablets
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Kindle Fire TV
  • Asus routers
  • Tomato routers
  • DD-WRT routers
  • Blu-Ray Players
  • And more

Caramba! one of the most comprehensive lists of platforms and devices we’ve ever seen. during a good way!

Built-In Kill Switch

The existence of a built-in kill switch is another excellent feature of AceVPN. This is very useful when there are leaks (what they could be, read on to find).

If the VPN tunnel’s reliability is in doubt, a kill switch can terminate your session instantaneously, before your IP is revealed. As a result, we think it’s a must-have feature.

Super Efficient Customer Service

We fear most customer support tests.

Normally, we look for a chatbot and if there is not one, we get in a bad mood.

Having to submit a support ticket or email almost always adds an extra day or two of roundtrip messages.

You have to watch for someone to respond, follow up to verify a few points, and continue with what should be a two-minute conversation for most of the week.

We had to email AceVPN support. But eight hours later, we got a complete and helpful answer.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

This is an ideal answer. Not only does it answer my question, but it also offers educational links to help me understand better.

AceVPN also has a support forum, where you will ask questions. they need to approve all topics once submitted. Again, I got an excellent response.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis


Ace answered my question and asked rating questions to help them better understand what I used to be trying to find.

From a customer service standpoint, this was a success.

Tor Access

They allow access to the TOR browser, which helps add an extra layer of security to your session. TOR has been under attack in recent years and many VPNs don’t support it on their servers.

Using a VPN in conjunction with TOR not only hides your activity, but it also hides that you were simply ever using TOR in the first place.

Bonus points here!

Ace VPN Cons

Ace VPN almost passed with flying colors.

There was so much to love about their service.

Unfortunately, a couple of problems started to crop up once we dug below the surface.

These are some of the biggest drawbacks to think about before signing up.

Minor Personal Information Records

AceVPN claims on most of its website pages that it does not keep logs of your internet activity.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

But I even have some trust issues, so I made the decision to open up their privacy policy and see what’s what.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

There is a touch on personal information and the way it is used. All pretty basic stuff during a post-GDPR world, but still, we feel comfortable sharing it with a VPN company that claims no login.

So far nothing about collecting information about your web activity.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

There it is, clear as day. They don’t monitor your internet usage or your bandwidth, but they do keep your personal information. This shouldn’t be a drag if you keep everything going, but it completely defeats the goal of anonymous web browsing.

The other reason we’re considering this a full-blown handicap is because of the next point below.

The USA, Five Eyes Jurisdiction

SecureNet LLC, the company that owns AceVPN, is based in the US This poses a potential security issue, both within the US and abroad.

The United States may be a founding member of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance, which shares intelligence on espionage among its partners.

Participating countries include:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Since then, another nine countries have been added to bring this total to 14 known participating countries.

What this suggests is that if the US government required AceVPN to hand over your information, they are required by law to try. So that information is often legally shared with the governments of these other countries.

AceVPN has a full page on its website dedicated to the present.

In what they call their official transparency report, which is released quarterly, Ace claims that they should never have been forced to demand a government investigation.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

While the looming threat of the intelligence alliance looms over your product, it is refreshing to determine this level of transparency.

Detected Leaks

Leaks are the most recent VPN disaster. Your IP becomes accessible to your ISP if a signal leak happens.

This usually occurs in the type of DNS and WebRTC leaks.

When the VPN server is totally bypassed as a consequence of a mistake, a DNS leak occurs. When this happens, you are not notified and may still believe that you are protected. In the meantime, your ISP has a front-row seat for some or all of your activities.

WebRTC is actually very beneficial, but it wreaks havoc in the VPN world. This service aids developers in the development of improved real-time communication apps for browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Android, and iOS.

But WebRTC can also interfere with a VPN and discover your original IP.

Every VPN we examine is put through six tests to see whether it has any IP leaks. AceVPN went through an equivalent process and one of the six failed.

  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • – Passed
  • Passed
  • – Failed
  • – Passed
Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

No IP, no WebRTC leaks, though:

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis
Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

Fortunately, its installation files passed our score. Therefore, you should not have to worry about malicious programs or potential viruses infiltrating.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

Reduce Internet speed by up to 91.3%

There is no VPN to speed up your Internet connection. By its nature, service slows you down. But that doesn’t mean you should say goodbye to acceptable speed levels.

There are many VPNs that slow down, but not that slow.

Unfortunately, backed by our test results, AceVPN is not one of them.

We put every VPN we examined through a radical speed test. We check servers within the EU and US and keep track of the proportion of speed that we are sacrificing within the process.

The EU exams weren’t the worst we’d seen, but they certainly weren’t the best.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

EU Speed Test:

  • Ping: 52 ms
  • Download: 37.25 Mbps (61.5% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 25.76 Mbps (51% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

However, our test in the US was a complete nightmare, with download speeds plummeting by over 90%.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

US Speed Test:

  • Ping: 253 ms
  • Download: 8.48 Mbps (91.3% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 10.58 Mbps (80% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

Out of the 78 VPNs we’ve reviewed, we rank AceVPN‘s speed at number 64, starting with the last 10.

It is not an honest demonstration.

Nightmare installation failed to connect

On paper, I assumed you used to really enjoy this VPN.

Literally, everything was lining up perfectly.

And then it was time to really test it.

I also learned new meanings for the term “frustration.”

To say that the installation process can be a nightmare is ironic.

While most VPNs require an easy click and installation, AceVPN can be a multi-step process, downloading multiple files, extracting compressed configuration content, copying files to new locations, and more aggravating nonsense.

First, download the OpenVPN software. Pretty easy, right?

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

Then you must give the app permission to be run by an administrator.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

Then you have to download a password file.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

Then you have to download the configuration files and extract them. Then copy them to a different destination on your C Drive.

So you are supposed to be ready to use the software (finally).

I picked a server using the right-click menu, but it didn’t function.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

I tried TEN different servers and each one of them did not connect.

This entire installation process proved that AceVPN is not easy to use. it had been a horrible experience.

One Connection at a Time

AceVPN has two premium plans. They are premium VPN and supreme VPN. Both accompany the Safe DNS Unlock TV service at no cost.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

While you will connect Ace VPN to multiple devices, you often only log in to one at a time. If you wanted, for example, to connect two iPhones simultaneously, you would need two paid accounts.

That’s pretty disappointing, as most VPNs will offer three to five connections per license.

The Premium VPN option can only access servers within the US, UK, and France in over 20 locations, while the Last Word VPN has full access to the entire line of servers, with over 26 countries and more. than 50 locations.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

It is worth noting that servers located in Brazil and Egypt can only be used with the Smart DNS service and do not have VPN support.

AceVPN Costs, Plans, & Payment Options

AceVPN warns users not to be deceived by its inexpensive costs, claiming that “no VPN provider even comes close to our service offers.”

That said, its price is quite high.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

While it is true that there are plans for as little as $ 3.89 per month, that is the lowest package that is restricted to fewer servers and does not allow torrenting.

The Ultimate VPN bundle is the only thank you for accessing all AceVPN features. a typical month of service will cost $ 15, which can be a lot. Most of the higher VPNs we’ve reviewed will only cost you around ~ $ 10 / month.

However, as you create more engagement, the value decreases … a little.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

As you will see, a year gives you a price of $ 13.75 per month. Three years reduce the price to $ 11.67 per month. Paying quite a bit $ 10 per month for a VPN that has limited torrenting capacity is asking for tons.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

The above price is for the Premium VPN package. This is usually more in line with the prices of most VPN services, however, it does come with restrictions.

Ace VPN Review By Review - itis

Payment options are restricted to PayPal, a mailed payment, or Bitcoin (via Coinbase). It is strange not to accept major credit cards, but you will pay with a MasterCard through PayPal.

It’s always good to check that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are supported.

The AceVPN Terms confirm that every new customer can charge a 7-day money-back guarantee.

However, there will be a $ 1 processing fee on refunds.

Waiting more than seven days means you will be saying goodbye to your refund. they will also not issue refunds for “disputed payments or chargeback.”

Do We Recommend Ace VPN?

No, we will not.

On paper, I liked their VPN service.

But there have been too many glaring problems, even before I couldn’t figure it out.

I do not like that they record personal information, and their presence within the United States is problematic for privacy.

Then there is speed. If you are sacrificing 93% of your Internet performance, it is a serious problem.

A flawless system is being required to urge me to bypass IP leaks, and this is often far from perfect.

Setting up and running the VPN was a total disaster and added a good deal of frustration to my night.

However, I have to add on another occasion that their customer service was excellent.

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