Best Free Website Builders & Providers in (2024) – Ranked!

Website builders are online tools that make designing a website simple, fast, and painless. Get the Best Free Website Builders & Providers. They are a less costly alternative to hiring an internet designer, and you don’t even need to know how to code!

We believe that everyone should be able to create a website and grow their online presence, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a time-pressed entrepreneur. So our mission was to bring you the best website builders on the market.

Some will be perfect for you, while others will not. It’s not always about finding the simplest or most attractive website builder; Instead, it’s about finding the one that best meets your needs.

The results are in after checking over the 10 Best website builders…

Best Free Website Builders

Top 10 Best Free Website Builders & Providers

  1. Wix – Best overall
  2. Squarespace – Best template designs
  3. Weebly – Ideal for small businesses
  4. SITE123 – Great help and support
  5. Strikingly – Amazing value for money
  6. Duda – Perfect for making multiple sites
  7. GoDaddy – The fastest way to build a website
  8. – Great for blogs
  9. Jimdo Creator – Cheap ad-free plan
  10. 1&1 IONOS – Good for multilingual sites/ white-collar businesses

Wix is the best all-around website builder because it combines ease of use with complete creative flexibility, allowing even novices to develop professional-looking websites. Squarespace’s designs are the most basic on the market, making it suitable for creatives, while Weebly’s features make it ideal for small businesses and portfolios.

1. Wix

Best all-round website builder

Wix Website Builder

Price RangeFree – $500 per month.

Wix Overview

Wix is a website builder that is particularly user-friendly for beginners and gives you complete creative control over your site. Unlike other builders, it doesn’t trade off power or customization for simplicity; instead, it blends quick drag-and-drop editing tools with a wide range of options.

It provides a free plan as well as eight premium plans that start at $ 14 per month. It recovers from 500 templates to settle, but choose carefully; once your site is online, you cannot modify your template.

In our testing, Wix received the best “likelihood to recommend” score from our users, so our advice is if you’re not sure which website builder to use, try Wix for free and see how it fares.


Wix features a fairly generous free plan, which includes:

  • SEO (search engine optimization) tools to help your site get found on Google
  • Share on social networks, so it will promote your site
  • An editor for mobile devices, so it will make your site look great for mobile devices.

Wix also comes with a huge app store, so if you want additional features, you’ll easily add them to your site.


Wix comes with over 500 templates to choose from; it’s a powerful number, especially since they’re all professionally designed. Divided into different industries like “Events” and “Photography,” Wix’s templates are easy to filter until you discover the right one.

However, you can’t change templates once your site is live, so take some time to choose.

It’s easy to make your site unique – drag items like text boxes and images to the exact place you would like, add pages, and remove anything you don’t want. Wix gives you total creative freedom!

Best website builders wix editor


Wix introduces a free plan where you can stay as long as you want, which is a great place to start. However, they are limitations, so you will want to look at a very professional site’s paid plans.

There are eight premium plans in total, the cheap is starting at $4.50/month (billed monthly). This removes the ads from Wix and allows you to use a custom name and increase your storage allotments.

Wix is ​​our highest-rated website builder because it gives beginners the tools to create a very beautiful website.

Wix best website builder templates

Wix has more templates than the other creator – 800+, across a wide range of industries.

Wix best website builder editor

Customize your layout by dragging and dropping items into place, a kind of PowerPoint presentation.

Wix best website builder nazella

How awesome is this site created by Wix by indie-folk band Naz & Ella?

Wix best website builder adi

Did I escape? Try the Wix ADI option: it will create a unique site for you, supported by the way you answer a couple of set questions.

2. Squarespace

Best for creatives and quality designs

Squarespace Website Builder

Price range: $16 – $49 per month (Annually billed)

Squarespace Overview

Squarespace can be a sophisticated website builder with many features to offer to creatives and businesses alike. It’s not the simplest builder to use on the market, but it still won’t take long to urge you to do so; it just takes a little more time and patience than Wix.

Where Squarespace really shines are its template designs – they’re the simplest on the market and perfect for creatives who need a visually stunning website. However, it is not a case of favor on the bottom: Squarespace also has a wide range of features to give your site the facilities it needs.

Squarespace also has a 14-day free trial. If you’re interested in the trial and need to sign up, there are four premium plans to choose from, starting at $12 per month.


Squarespace isn’t just a reasonable face – they’re also the simplest quality features of any builder. For example, with Squarespace, you can:

  • Install multiple templates to feature directly
  • Use video backgrounds
  • Add custom codes
  • Upload and share music
  • Link your social accounts

Squarespace’s wide range of functionality is developed in-house. This suggests that high quality and safety are guaranteed, and you can enjoy having everything you want at your fingertips.

If you want to optimize and expand your site, you will use Squarespace Extensions to integrate with a variety of third parties, such as Printful, Quickbooks, or ShipStation. Squarespace third-party extensions are a great way to grow your site without updating your plan.


Squarespace has the simplest quality designs of any website builder on the market. With sleek, sophisticated, and modern templates, create truly impressive websites. Ideal for creatives and people looking for real customization, Squarespace knows the way to make your site look good.

You can easily change your template, even after you’ve published your site, and you can even work on one template at a time.

Best website builders squarespace editor


Squarespace offers a free 14-day trial, so you’ll test their builder risk-free. Then there are four premium plans starting at $16/month to $49/month (billed annually). The best two plans unlock advanced eCommerce features.

Squarespace Pricing Plans
Squarespace best website builders homepage

Squarespace is the most strong, stylish, and well-designed website builder for creatives.

Squarespace best website builder templates

Squarespace’s selection of templates is somewhat small, but everything is perfectly formed.

Squarespace best website builder ease of use

It takes a bit more time to urge Wont to build with Squarespace, but the final look is worth it.

Squarespace best website builder amanda gorman

Inaugural poet Amanda Gorman built her personal website at Squarespace, and we love the clean, fresh look.

Squarespace best website builder rice over everything

It’s also easy to sell a couple of products through Squarespace if this is something you’d often like to try later. We love the modern and vibrant design of Rice Over Everything.

3. Weebly

Best for small businesses and portfolios


Price RangeFree – $26 per month

Weebly Overview

Weebly can be a simple website builder, yet it packs a punch when it comes to features, especially eCommerce and blogging. It is quite easy to use, but it is also more limited than its competitors in terms of design and customization.

He has a free plan and three paid plans from just $10/mo to $26/month (billed annually). These inexpensive starter plans make Weebly one of the most affordable website builders on the market.


In our research, Weebly was the favorite in terms of features. It combines more built-in features than Wix with a powerful app store. This makes it the best option to grow your business online.

Weebly has some excellent blogging tools as well as built-in SEO guides to assist you in optimizing your site for Google.


Weebly’s designs aren’t as fancy as Squarespace’s or as daring as Wix’s, but everything is sleek and well thought out. There are over 50 themes to choose from in total, and you will change your template at any time, even after publishing your site. This makes any redesign a breeze later!

best website builders weebly editor

Like Wix, Weebly can be a drag-and-drop website builder, though it offers less creative freedom than its competitor. Weebly has more structured templates – this makes it very easy to create a website if you want more guidance on planning your pages, but it can feel limiting if are you looking for complete creative control.


Weebly Pricing

Weebly features a free plan that you’ll use to create and publish your website, and it has three premium plans that start at just $10/month (billed annually). It will sell online with all Weebly paid plans, making it a reasonable option for small businesses.

Weebly is good and easy to use and an ideal choice if you are building a business website or online portfolio.

Weebly best website builder themes

Weebly’s selection of themes isn’t our favorite, but it’s okay. You’ll add custom code to your templates (if you want) and additional features through the Weebly App Center.

Weebly best website builder app center

The Weebly App Center is also the place where small businesses can find the tools to improve their marketing strategy.

Weebly best website builder truesourcehome

Weebly is reasonable and easy to use, but you will still create complex sites with it, like this one from TrueSource Home Specialties, which advertises several different services.

Weebly best website builder johnnydry

Weebly is also hot on some creatives (like director Johnny Dry) looking for a cheaper alternative to Squarespace.

4. SITE123

Best for help and support via live chat


Price RangeFree – $5.80 per month

SITE123 Overview

SITE123 goes back to basics to bring you a great simple, and beginner-friendly website builder. It’s best for those who aren’t tech-savvy because it can quickly become a limitation if you ask for too much of it.

SITE123 makes it easy to create simple websites. Thanks to its live chat support and simple design, you will publish your website without missing a beat.

Excellent customer support is the main strength of this website builder. The live chat feature means that you will easily get help if you pause while creating or editing your website. If you are a beginner or looking to get your site ranked quickly, SITE123 may be a safe option.

However, it is not a solid builder – it lacks advanced features and is not a scalable option for growing an internet site. Still, with a free plan and excellent support, SITE123 can be a perfect choice for novice builders.


SITE123 provides the fundamentals you would like to drive to a small website, including social media integration and Google Analytics data.

Its best feature is its ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) setting. Answer a few questions, such as the type of website you would like, and SITE123 creates a custom template for you with all relevant functions built-in. Pretty neat, right?


All SITE123 templates are mobile responsive, which means your site will automatically adapt to different screen sizes. However, you cannot change your template once your site is live, so please confirm that you are 100% satisfied before clicking publish.

Customization is minimal but simple, making it suitable for beginners, over-ambitious or design-conscious builders.

Best website builders site123 editor


SITE123 features a Free and Paid plan that costs $5.80 per month. Signing up for the free plan will unlock more premium plans, from $0/mo to $5.80/mo (billed annually).

SITE123 can be a safe option, especially for nervous beginners who need a lot of support.

SITE123 best website builders support

SITE123 is generally available to provide support via live chat.

SITE123 best website builders templates

However, your templates can look a bit dated, and you can’t make very drastic changes to them.

5. Strikingly

Best for value for money


Price RangeFree – $49 per month

Strikingly Overview

Surprisingly it is another beginner website builder that focuses on one-page websites. It also provides the best value for money for all the website builders we tested!

While it isn’t appropriate for complicated websites, Strikingly’s free plan contains a range of useful features, making it popular among bloggers and freelancers. However, if you have big plans for your site, the one-page layout and basic level of customization can limit you.

You’ll need one of Strikingly’s three premium plans, which range from $8/mo to $49/month if you want to use a personalized name (billed annually).


Surprisingly, it just doesn’t have the necessary features to grow a solid website. However, if you are looking for a simple website, you will find everything you want at your fingertips, including:

  • “Simple Store” function: you will sell a product with the free plan or up to 500 with a paid plan
  • Integration with social networks, so you will promote your website
  • You can use blogging tools to build and share content.

It surprisingly features a variety of blogging features, including an RSS feed and a comment section. This makes it an excellent WordPress alternative, especially for beginners. Surprisingly, it’s a much easier function Object {[native code]} to use – you don’t have to code, and adding elements as the text is a breeze.


Strikingly’s free plan only allows you to create one-page websites. This is usually good if you want something to get published quickly and easily, but it is often a limitation if you are looking to create a fancy site.

Surprisingly it is meant to be user-friendly for absolutely everyone. The advantage of this is often that creating, customizing, and editing your website is an absolute breeze; However, the downside is that pushing the boundaries of your workforce can become very frustrating very quickly.

One of the simplest things about building with Strikingly is that it is very easy to vary the templates. it will change your template even once your website is live, and your content will automatically reformat to make your pages look good.

Best website builders strikingly editor


Strikingly’s free plan is very generous, but you can select from three premium plans if you need more advanced functionality. These plans vary in price from $8/mo to $49/month (billed annually), with a 14-day free trial.

Surprisingly, it offers excellent value for money and can be a good blogger for beginners.

strikingly best website builders editor

One-page websites are easy because they have a replacement project or idea.

Strikingly Pricing

You can even create two websites with Strikingly’s $8/mo plan, perfect for serial entrepreneurs and big dreamers.

6. Duda

Best for lending a creative hand


Price range$14 – $149 per month

Duda Overview

Duda can be a clear winner for anyone looking for a clean, refined, and straightforward website design.

The builder is simple to use and includes drag-and-drop features as well as elegant and well-structured models. This makes it great for someone who cares about design but isn’t ready to give their site full creative power.

There are over 90 templates to choose from, covering a variety of industries, from business to lifestyle. You get creative control over customization, but within the limits of the template; you are still largely guided by the design you chose.

These features make Duda ideal for web designers creating multiple client websites. In fact, that’s what Duda was originally created for!

The main downside to Duda is that it is the most expensive website builder on our list, with prices starting at $14/month. Still, there is a 14-day free trial for you to continue.


Duda comes packed with design features, from many font styles to a built-in photo editor. It doesn’t have an equivalent impact with its features like, say, Wix or Weebly, but Duda certainly has the tools to help your website grow.

It’s especially useful for web designers building client sites and has the added appeal of getting a widget builder to customize your site’s features. It is also unusual in providing you with eCommerce tools on its cheapest plan, which means you’ll start selling from day one.


Design is where Duda really shines. Their templates are professionally designed and structured to help guide you through customization. This makes Duda a great option for those who need a fancy site without being eager to spend hours designing it themselves.

Best website builders duda editor

There are over 90 templates, all of which are mobile responsive, and you will change your layout at any time while keeping your content original.


Due to all the features, it includes in its website builder, Duda’s plans are quite expensive. There are four premium plans to choose from – the most profitable one costs $14/month, while the top advanced plan comes with custom pricing.

Duda Pricing

There is no free plan, but you will try Duda’s Team plan for $22/month for 14 days for free.

Duda best website builders homepage

Duda may be a very design-focused website builder that helps you create a modern website.

Duda best website builder templates

Each of Duda’s industry-specific templates includes the necessary features for that type of business.

Duda best website builder editor

The Duda sign-up process is basically geared towards web designers and agencies, but don’t let this put you off, we found it surprisingly easy to understand.

Building multiple websites? The Agency’s plan has great value.

7. GoDaddy

Best for creating and publishing websites fast

GoDaddy Website Builder

Price range$9.99 – $14.99 per month

GoDaddy Overview

GoDaddy is extremely easy to use and is the fastest website builder to create an internet site. Their design assistance means you only need to enter your details before GoDaddy creates a custom website for you to personalize.

Simple layouts and guidance on how to add elements to your site provide a particularly easy and fast construction process.

However, GoDaddy is not the easiest option for powerful or complex websites; It will offer speed and ease, but this also means that it is not the simplest option for creating a highly personalized website.

GoDaddy might also be the simplest website builder for its speed, but its prices aren’t that impressive – plans range from $9.99 to $14.99/month. Fortunately, GoDaddy has a generous one-month free trial, so you’ll confirm it’s right for you before signing up.


GoDaddy failed in our research when it came to the standard of their features – they just don’t have much depth or power.

While the most cost-effective basic plan gives you most of the essentials for starting a website, including internal marketing tools, it doesn’t include SEO, which means your site will have a hard time being found online.

Considering that Wix and other creators include SEO tools even in their free plans, this is usually a major drawback to using GoDaddy.


The reason GoDaddy is so fast is that it uses ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) to create a custom template for you to edit. this protects your time and also makes customization much easier, since most of the diligence has already been completed.

GoDaddy’s editor is pretty simple, making it easier to stay fairly close to the template rather than trying to push the boundaries too far. If you are looking for flexibility in design, GoDaddy is not for you!

Best website builders godaddy editor


GoDaddy doesn’t have a free plan, but it starts with a huge month-long free trial, giving you plenty of time to make up your mind if it’s right for you.

There are three pricing plans to set up, starting at $9.99/month to $14.99/month (billed annually). For SEO tools, you would like a minimum of the standard plan of $10.49/month.

GoDaddy is the best website builder for anyone who needs a simple and elegant website online as fast as possible.

GoDaddy best website builder ADI

GoDaddy creates a site for you and helps you answer a few initial questions. It is fast and uncomplicated.

GoDaddy free site 2

It is an honest option for anyone who is really not confident in technology or is short on time.


Best for blogging

Price Range: Free – $25 per month Overview is the basic website-building platform that WordPress offers., on the other hand, maybe a more advanced content management system that provides more power, but requires more technical expertise. If you are curious about, you will inspect our comparison between and Except, for now, we’re going to dive into is not the simplest website builder to use; To form the top creator and expand your site, you will have to familiarize yourself with some basic codes. has a Free plan & 4 Premium plans, from $2.99/mo to $35.73/month (billed annually).

Lots of features, high-quality blogging tools, and reasonable prices make a great option. Easier to use than but still unsuitable for beginners, is ideal for bloggers with some technical confidence.

Features gives you all the blogging tools you need, including:

  • Social bookmarks
  • RSS Feed
  • Archive
  • Comments
  • Search feature

You also have control over details like showing the author’s bio in individual posts, or where you’d like featured images to appear.

If you want to create a web store or business website, you will too, but this works best when combined with a blog. If you’re trying to bend to do something other than a blog, you’re going to start having trouble pretty soon.


You recover from 300 themes to decide, some are free, while others you would like to buy. The prices of the themes vary but generally range between $30 and $80 (one-time payment).

You can customize your template, and this is often made even easier if you recognize some basic code. Beginners may have trouble with the edit layout, which isn’t as simple as drag-and-drop builders like Wix and Weebly.

It’s hard to customize templates for love or money other than blogging, so come up with what kind of site you’d like to create. for example, you would have a hard time creating a portfolio website with!

Best website builders editor

Pricing has a Free plan & 4 Premium plans starting at $2.99/mo to $35.73/month (billed annually).

Wordpress best website builders homepage can be a popular platform that is especially powerful when it comes to blogging.

Wordpress best website builder themes

WordPress is the original blogging tool and is inherently a great option for blogging. That said, tweaking your theme’s layout isn’t easy.

Wordpress best website builders plugins is a component of the larger platform, so you have access to a huge variety of plugins.

9. Jimdo

Best for removing adverts cheaply


Price RangeFree – $39 per month

Jimdo Overview

Jimdo is a simple website builder that works best with simple websites rather than complicated or flashy ones.

Jimdo actually has two different editors: Jimdo Dolphin and Jimdo Creator. Jimdo Dolphin uses ADI to help you build your site, while Jimdo Creator lets you build your site your way (similar to Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly).

Jimdo Creator has all the essential features that you would like to create your website for. But if you want the ability to edit, customize, or create something more advanced, the builder will start to feel stiff very quickly.

Each publisher has their own set of pricing plans, and both come with a free plan so you can create risk-free. Jimdo Dolphin has four plans starting at $9/month to $39/month (billed annually), while Jimdo Creator has three pricing plans from $15 to $39/month (billed annually).


Jimdo can be a halfway website builder – it’s easy to learn and has some useful tools built in. However, it is also not the simplest to use, nor does it provide the simplest (or worst) features out there.

Some advantages include the fact that you will sell up to 5 products on the free plan and remove ads for just $15/month on the most profitable paid plan.


If you want a site to update quickly, then Jimdo Dolphin may be a good choice – it works the equivalent of GoDaddy, using ADI to create a custom website for you.

However, we recommend Jimdo Creator over Jimdo Dolphin if you want to have more control over your site design, although we cannot promise that you will get a lot of free reins.

It is very easy to include images, text, and other elements with just a couple of clicks, but once you add them, it is difficult to edit and customize your page. It is quite rigid and offers little to no creative freedom to vary the design of the template.


Whether you select Jimdo Dolphin or Jimdo Creator, you will enjoy building for free. If you select to upgrade, there are four plans for each publisher:

Jimdo best website builder homepage

Jimdo can be an intermediate builder serving small businesses eager to connect.

Jimdo best website builders design

Jimdo carefully guides you through the method of building a website.

Jimdo best website builders editor

While Jimdo’s designs are appealing, they are limited in terms of customization. In recent years, the platform’s architecture has vastly improved.

10. 1&1 IONOS

Best for multilingual websites and white-collar companies

IONOS Website Builder

Price range$1 – $30 per month

1&1 IONOS Overview

1 & 1 IONOS has everything you need to build a professional-looking and usable website. It won’t have the same look as a Squarespace site or win any design competitions, but it will get the job done. The builder has all of the necessary features, which is ideal for small corporate businesses.

It’s also a great option for those on a budget because although 1 & 1 IONOS doesn’t have a free plan, their prices start at just $7 per month.

One of the biggest drawbacks to 1 & 1 IONOS is that their layouts look quite dated compared to the top opposing website builders on this list. 1 & 1 IONOS can be a functional rather than a fancy website builder; It won’t create the best-looking site on the web, but they are the features to make your site or business successful.

For the first month, 1 & 1 IONOS is $1/month, after which it charges $12 per month on its Plus plan. There are three proposals, one of which is for developing online stores.


One of the strengths of 1 & 1 IONOS is its multilingual function, available on all plans. This is usually great for expanding your visitor base and creating a contemporary website.

Email marketing and social media widgets are among the other features. Because of these tools and features, 1 & 1 IONOS is an excellent choice for scaling your website.

Another great feature is that you get a free domain for as long as you keep your plan; other creators only offer you the domain for free for the first year, after which you must pay.


1 & 1 IONOS is not the simplest website builder to create an impressive website or portfolio; honestly, their designs are pretty dated, and you have little to no creative control. Moving things around the page can quickly get frustrating, making it ideal for art projects.

Compared to the opposing best website builders, their template designs are basic and less attractive. With that said, the templates cover a variety of industries to suit your needs.


1 & 1 IONOS does not have a free plan or a free trial. There are three pricing plans to choose from:

IONOS Site Builder Pricing

The Discounted website plan is starting $1/month (if you go 12 months PLUS Package) for the main month until you cancel. The two opposing plans range from $5 to $15 per month.

IONOS best website builders homepage

1 & 1 IONOS can be an inexpensive website builder that has multilingual tools in all its plans.

IONOS best website builder signup

1 & 1 IONOS is the only platform on this list that needs payment details before you try it, even though you get the main month for free.

IONOS best website builder support

1 & 1 IONOS promises a point of contact for each of its customers.

How Do You Pick the Best Website Builder For You?

Now you recognize the ten best website builders on the market. But what if you’re still feeling a touch stumped? Which of those fine builders do you have to choose?

Sadly, we can’t read your mind through the screen and tell you the truth. Only you know what kind of website you want to create, your unique needs, and whether you’ll sell goods, blog, or showcase creative work.

However, we will offer you some handy tips about finding your perfect website builder – keep it up reading for 3 quick and helpful tips…

Make the most of free trials and free plans.

Most of the website builders on our list offer either a free trial or a free plan for you to use. This is often the proper way of judging if it’s the right website creator for you – try actually building an internet site, and work out:

  • How easy it’s
  • How long it takes
  • What you wish and don’t like
  • What you’d want to vary
  • If you’re proud of the instance site you create

Then, try more website builders. Albeit the primary one you are trying is ideal, it’s still worth having something to match it to.

Think about what you want to make.

This seems obvious, but numerous people pick an internet site builder due to how it’s advertised or just for the freebies that get thrown in. Safe to mention, this isn’t a wise thanks to choose the simplest website builder for you.

You’ve already taken the primary step by reading this text – the subsequent step is to make a decision on the aim of your website, then narrow down your builder list to support that. Don’t be dazzled by sale prices or features you don’t need!

For example, if you want to start a portfolio website, your best options will include Squarespace, WixWeebly, and Duda. Try all of them out, and see which one you wish the simplest.

In this example, choosing your best website builder is going to be much easier because you’ll ignore other builders (such as 1&1 IONOS and because – despite their other strengths – they don’t fit your specific needs.

Factor in your budget

It’s as plain as that: you don’t want to overspend on your website. Examine each builder’s pricing plans, determine how much you can afford to spend, and determine whether you want to pay for the year in advance or monthly (monthly prices are going to be costlier but offer you more flexibility).

Don’t make the error of underfunding your website, though – you ought to always buy the simplest builder you’ll afford. Yes, plenty of great free plans are out there, but free plans won’t give your site the features it must achieve by the end of the day.


You’ve now seen our rundown of the simplest website builders on the market, and hopefully, you’ve got a far better idea of which builders are best suited to your needs.

All of our recommendations are supported by in-depth research and feedback from people a bit like you – they’re not just picked out of nothingness – so you’ll feel confident that the knowledge we’ve provided you during this article is fair and accurate.

Let’s have a fast recap of our top 10 website builders…

Best 10 Free Website Builders

  1. Wix – Best overall
  2. Squarespace – Best template designs
  3. Weebly – Ideal for small businesses
  4. SITE123 – Great help and support
  5. Strikingly – Amazing value for money
  6. Duda – Perfect for making multiple sites
  7. GoDaddy – The fastest way to build a website
  8. – Great for blogs
  9. Jimdo Creator – Cheap ad-free plan
  10. 1&1 IONOS – Good for multilingual sites/ white-collar businesses

As you’ll see from our list, each website builder has its own strengths. Whether you would like a cutting-edge, stylish website, great value for money, or maybe a hand, there’ll be a builder out there for you.

Wix, on the other hand, was the most user-friendly website builder we found during our research. Its simple drag-and-drop interface makes it simple (even for technophobes), and its large selection of templates and features, such as contact forms and media galleries, allows you to customize and personalize your website.

If you’re unsure where to start, jumping on Wix’s free plan may be a good way to build and find out what’s and isn’t right for you.

Use the free trials (or plans) to try out as many website builders as possible. This may provide you with a true pity all and ensure that you choose the simplest option for your requirements.

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