Best Non-Profits Web Hosting Providers in (2024) – Ranked!

Welcome to our guide on the Best Non-Profits Web Hosting Providers! Non-profits positively impact society, and a reliable website is crucial for their success. Non-profit web hosting providers offer specialized solutions tailored to their unique needs.

We’ll explore top providers prioritizing non-profits, offering affordable pricing, donation integration, security, and excellent support. By choosing the right provider, non-profits can showcase their mission, engage their audience, and maximize their online presence. Join us to find the perfect hosting solution for your non-profit and empower your organization with a reliable online platform!

What web servers will assist you get the foremost out of your non-profit site?

Factors like your budget-required features and, thus, the extent of support required to play an enormous role when choosing a hosting provider. This is often why we’ve done in-depth research on the only web servers, specifically in regard to non-profit websites, paying special attention to the discounts offered for non-profit organizations. In this article, we’ll discuss Best Non-Profits Web Hosting Providers.

Best Non-Profits Web Hosting Providers

Best Web Hosting for Non-profits

Although each non-profit organization will have its own personal needs, some common denominators exist.

Since non-profits don’t make a profit (obviously), cheap hosting deals are always popular. Security is another factor that the majority consider, especially when asking for donations, as they need insurance because of the sensitive customer information process.

Reliable uptime and comprehensive help and support also can play a critical role find an honest non-profit host.

To save you countless hours trying to urge all that information, we’ve created a table that compares all that vital information and more – best in one place!

Comparison: Top 8 Best Non-profits Web Hosting Providers

Hosting ProviderStarting Price (monthly)Money Back GuaranteeSSL SecurityUptime24/7 Help and SupportFree Backups 
InMotion$8.9990 Days✔99.97%✔✔
A2 Hosting$11.99Anytime✔99.95%✔✔
DreamHost$5.9997 Days✔99.95%X✔
iPage$7.9930 Days✔99.94%✔X
HostGator$11.9545 Days✔99.99%✔X
SiteGround$14.9930 Days✔99.98%✔X
Bluehost$10.9930 Days✔99.98%✔✔
HostPapa$10.952-30 Days✔99.97%XX

Of course, there are more features to believe, but all of them vary depending on the accommodation you’re trying to find. If you would like shared hosting, there are different resource limits for people accompanying VPS hosting, etc.

Confused? Quickly read our guide to shared hosting versus VPS hosting to determine the difference and the sort you should use.

Let’s break down and appearance of our top eight vendors in additional detail.

1. InMotion Hosting

Best Overall Non-Profit Hosting Provider

InMotion is one of our top hosting providers, and thus the additional advantage of a non-profit reduction makes it a worthy winner of the title of “best overall non-profit hosting provider.” Just take a glance at how well it performed in our research:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Top Rated Providers for Shared & VPS Hostings.
✅ Unlimited email accounts are provided.
✅ Non-profit discount available upon request.
✅ Free backups with all plans.
⛔ Monthly visitor limit on shared hosting plans.
⛔ Only Linux server hosting is available.


With InMotion, you’ll gobble up a shared hosting plan for as low as $2.29/month as part of a 3-year agreement. The normal monthly price for InMotion’s shared hosting service is $8.99/mo to $22.99/mo, but if you intend to process tons of donation payments, we recommend that you upgrade to VPS hosting.

If you propose to process tons of donation payments, we recommend that you upgrade to VPS hosting. InMotion offers the simplest VPS hosting of any provider and comes with increased security to keep both your information and your promises safe. Plans for VPS hosting range from $54.99/month to $121.99/month.

InMotion prices are already competitive, but there is an additional bonus on offer:

Non-profits are ready to request a reduction by contacting InMotion directly.


Since InMotion is well known for its shared and VPS hosting, it seems only right that we take a look at what comes with both services.

InMotion’s shared hosting is powered by cPanel, an easy-to-use industry-standard control panel that includes unrestricted email accounts and meterless transfer. An SSL license, a free domain, free backups, and 24/7 support are included with all plans.

The monthly visitor limit is 360,000, which shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re a global charity or experience a sudden and extreme spike in traffic. In short, InMotion’s shared hosting is great, but there is a small security risk, like all shared servers.

For added protection, VPS hosting is the smart choice. InMotion gives you root access, which suggests that you will install your own security software in addition to what is already provided. You can increase up to 8GB of RAM, 6TB of bandwidth, 260GB of storage, and unlimited central processing unit (CPU) cores.

InMotion is the best overall provider for non-profits, with leading VPS and shared hosting services. If you want quality web hosting, put the gears in gear today…

2. A2 hosting

The most cost-effective choice

A2 offers fantastic features at a low price, with a non-profit discount available. Here’s how it fared in our research on non-profits:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Non-profit organizations receive a discount.
✅ Excellent assistance and support are available at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
✅ Guaranteed money back.
✅ Installation of a free handcart to safely receive donations is given.
⛔ There are no free domains.
⛔ Total uptime is 99.95%.


A2 offers preferential rates to certified non-profits operating in the United States. To apply, you must provide A2 with all necessary paperwork to prove your non-profit status.

Because their discounts work on a case-by-case basis, providing you with a particular amount is impossible. However, A2’s shared hosting plans range from $2.99/mo to $14.99/mo, so you’ll expect to cut back a minimum of a few greenbacks per month.

According to our research, A2’s greatest strength is its managed WordPress hosting service. Plans start at $11.99/month, definitely worth considering if you own a custom WordPress website.


We’re sure you’ve got the gist of it by now – A2’s Managed and Shared WordPress Hosting Services are the cheapest (and the best!), So we’ll be the specialists on those features specifically.

But before all that, we would like to offer a greeting to the A2 support staff. After undergoing extensive training, they are more knowledgeable and better equipped to help you than the other provider. Ideal if you are a newbie in technology and want all the help you will receive!

Going back to the A2 features: shared hosting plans come with unmetered transfer and an SSL certificate. It’s more limited than InMotion, as there is no free domain, and backups only come with your top-tier plan.

Managed WordPress hosting is where A2 comes into play. Having been very impressed in our tests, A2 proved to be the second largest WordPress website provider (more on our favorite in the next section).

A2 takes a customer-centric approach to hosting and can hold your hand every step of the way. For A1 support, choose A2.

3. DreamHost

Most user-friendly hosting services available

DreamHost is the only top-rated provider offering web hosting to non-profit organizations with promotional prices starting at just $2.59/mo. See how it worked in our tests below:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Free backups and domain.
✅ Free handcart installation to accept donations safely.
⛔ 99.95% average uptime.
⛔ Not Supported 24/7.


The dream of many non-profits is to urge web hosting to be starting from $2.59/mo (if you go for a 3-year plan)… and DreamHost adequately responds to people’s sleepy wishes.

Any US-based non-profit can gobble up a shared hosting plan (including email hosting for $1.67/mo) at $2.59/mo. You need to provide the master card details!

Discounts are also available on managed WordPress hosting, and DreamHost is offering non-profits a 29% discount on their standard plans. These range from $19.95/month to $79.95/month, which means with a reduction, you’ll be hosting your WordPress site for as little as $16.95/month.


Let’s take a look at the features you will expect from DreamHost:

For shared hosting, you get an unmetered transfer, a free domain, free backups, an SSL certificate (crucial to keeping your site safe), and a large monthly visitor limit. However, there is no 24/7 support, so it is only available through DreamHost’s online help center or ticket system.

One-click installs, automated software updates, a free domain, free backups, and an SSL certificate are included for managed WordPress hosting. Depending on your chosen plan, you’ll also receive unmetered bandwidth and 30-120GB of storage.

There’s also a free handcart installation on all plans, so you’ll easily start receiving donations.

It sounds too good to be true, but DreamHost really makes Discount hosting a reality. Inspect your non-profit hosting and see for yourself.

4. iPage

Easiest since it is inexpensive and straightforward

iPage doesn’t offer any discounts for non-profits, but with promotional prices starting at just $1.99/mo, you’re unlikely to miss out. iPage’s features are solid overall too:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Inexpensive introductory price of $1.99/month.
✅ Generous features, including a free domain, SSL certificate, and handcart installation.
⛔ Only one plan, limiting scalability.
⛔ Backups are not included.
⛔ No free site migration.


IPage’s “main offering” may be a shared hosting plan, which you get for just $1.99/month, but as long as you sign up for a 3-year plan right away, the bat. After the promotional period is over, it will increase to $7.99/mo (a similar price to the competition).

There is no additional discount for non-profits, which seems fair enough when costs are already that low.


It would be easy to dismiss iPage as a “cheap and cheerful” provider, but it actually has some pretty good features. Most providers offer about three different “tiers” of shared hosting, and the features offered increase with each tier.

IPage’s single plan happily rivals these “top tier” plans, with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. There is also 24/7 phone and live chat support, so they will take care of you. iPage offers a free SSL certificate and a free domain, though you’ll have to pay an extra touch for backups: $2.75/month, to be precise.

iPage does not meet its uptime guarantee, which is relatively low at 99.94%. While this is usually just a guaranteed minimum, it does mean that your site will theoretically be “down” for longer than if you were with another provider. And if you’re switching to iPage, it’s a payment of $30.99/year for the iPage staff to do it for you.

With prices starting at just $1.99/month, iPage offers a great affordable price to get your non-profit site up and running.

5. HostGator

The best option to scale their company

Where iPage falls for scalability, offering only one plan, HostGator excels; If you are planning large-scale campaigns and a quick rise, HostGator is a great option. Here’s how it worked in our research:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Best 99.99% uptime guarantee.
✅ Wide variety of plans, so it’s easy to upgrade as you like.

✅ Free site transfer with most plans.
⛔ No free handcart installation with the starter plan.
⛔ No Automatic Backups.
⛔ It is recommended that you purchase CodeGuard.


Like all hosting providers, HostGator offers promotional prices for your first period. This suggests that you will start with HostGator’s Shared Starter plan for just $2.75/mo, which then rolls over to $11.95/mo, actually one of the cheapest renewal prices.

If you want to maneuver from shared hosting, HostGator offers the full spectrum of plans down to the best-dedicated server plan with a $159.99/mo renewal price. This is usually ideal for high-traffic sites.


HostGator scores pretty much across the board for features. It’s the simplest uptime guarantee of any provider, with an unbeatable 99.9% promise.

There are plenty of “unlimited” shared plans, too: disk space, subdomains, and email accounts, to be exact. You’ll get a free domain, SSL certificate, and unmetered bandwidth.

But there are some places where HostGator fails compared to other providers. First, HostGator recommends purchasing an additional service called CodeGuard to encourage automatic daily backups rather than providing them itself. This starts at $2.00/month for 1GB of storage. Plus, free handcart installation is only available on the most expensive plans.

VPS plans are a great option for non-profits that can run large campaigns and drive tons of traffic to the location. They mimic a fanatic server at a fraction of the value, which means you won’t compete for bandwidth with other sites nor risk people being unable to access your site at peak times. HostGator VPS plans start at just $23.95/mo for the primary period, rolling over to $59.95/mo.

There is currently no discount available for non-profit organizations.

HostGator is the most scalable hosting provider and is ideal for non-profits with high ambitions.

5. SiteGround

Best for hassle-free donation processing

SiteGround can be an independent platform that you can trust. As you will see, uptime and help and support are its two main strengths:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Excellent 99.98% uptime.
✅ Free CDN for faster page load speeds.
⛔ No free domain.
⛔ Limited storage space.


Although SiteGround has a dedicated page for non-profit hosting, don’t be fooled – these are precisely the same prices it charges the other website for hosting. However, look beyond this sleight of hand, and you will find a solid hosting provider with a lot to offer.

SiteGround’s shared hosting is their strongest product – there are other providers with better services for alternative types of hosting. Your shared hosting costs between $14.99/month and $39.99/month, not including long-term discounts. With a reduction, prices range from $3.99/month to $10.69/month.


We’re not sugarcoating it: SiteGround has some obvious flaws. Your storage space is restricted to between 10GB and 40GB, so if you want tons of media on your website, as most non-profits do, you will need to invest in a higher-tier plan. However, let’s not be too harsh; In any case, SiteGround is understood as Mr. Trusted for a reason.

For starters, its fantastic uptime means that you are unlikely to encounter downtime. And on top of that, it is equipped with a free CDN (Content Delivery Network), which helps to load your sites faster for visitors.

To top it all, SiteGround has excellent help and support, so you won’t be surprised if you have to stop with something technical. The platform may be a bit more expensive than the others on the list, but it will calculate SiteGround for a service that is as simple as it comes.

SiteGround is the stable Eddie of the online hosting world. If you want a reliable service at reasonable rates, SiteGround can help.

7. Bluehost

Best in customer service and assistance

Despite not offering free web hosting to non-profits, Bluehost still has a lot to offer. Take a look at how it accumulates within the key areas:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Excellent 99.98% uptime.
✅ Free domain and backups.
✅ Fantastic help and support via 24/7 live chat and over the phone.
⛔ Better suited to more expensive WordPress hosting.
⛔ Discontinued Free Non-Profit Hosting.


If you had asked us a couple of months ago, Bluehost would be the first or second on this list of recommendations. Unfortunately, free hosting for non-profits has since been discontinued. However, don’t let that put you off.

Bluehost still offers enough to be classified as a great option for non-profits. And with a starting price of $10.99/month (which drops to $2.95/month if you check in 3 years), it should be within most budgets.

WordPress hosting is where Bluehost has made a name for itself, and it’s what we would recommend for any non-profit site using the platform. Their managed WordPress hosting prices range from $10.99/month to $28.99/month, and they really set high standards for their competitors to follow.


We appreciate that cash never flows freely within non-profits, so let’s start with Bluehost’s features in their shared hosting plans.

A free domain and free backups are included, as is an SSL certificate and 24/7 support. The big point with Bluehost shared hosting is that if a specific website is taking up a lot of your server’s resources, it will look to temporarily relocate them so your website is not affected.

Coupled with excellent uptime, this makes Bluehost a solid option if you don’t want to break the bank but still need a reliable service.

When it comes to managed WordPress hosting, you get one-click installs and automatic software updates. It will also host as many websites as you like, perfect for multi-site charities. Unmetered bandwidth and unlimited storage help recharge what is a truly comprehensive service.

Bluehost focuses on WordPress hosting and offers the simplest service for any charity website built on the platform. Spread your word with Bluehost.

8. HostPapa

Best place to go for green hosting

Despite being in eighth place, HostPapa could be the right choice for eco-conscious non-profits, offsetting their carbon emissions by 100%.

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Offsets carbon emissions by 100%.⛔ Without help and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
⛔ The less generous promotional discount for the first quarter.


HostPapa doesn’t offer any bonuses for non-profits, but their regular share prices are in line with other providers on this list, starting at $8.95/month. The “first period” promotional offers aren’t that generous – you’ll start at $2.95, pushing this to most providers.


Web hosting is one of the worst industries concerning carbon emissions and is on par with the aviation industry. All those data centers managed to stay cool, so the air conditioning required burns with a surprising amount of energy.

That’s why it’s great to know that some providers, like HostPapa, are taking the right steps to reduce their impact on the earth. HostPapa offsets all of your carbon emissions by 100%, suggesting that you invest in enough renewable energy to effectively offset the emissions you produce. Great job, HostPapa!

If you recognize that this is usually something that will align well with the values ​​of your non-profit, also because of the values ​​of your followers, it could be an excellent partnership, not to mention something you will yell at on your website.

However, there are a few key drawbacks to HostPapa – after all, it’s here in eighth place for a reason.

First, there is no help and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, neither by phone nor by live chat. It would be nice if technical problems could be conveniently located during office hours, but in our experience, this is not the case often. This could leave you with a nervous wait until the phone lines open!

You also won’t get free backups with most plans, though you will buy them as an add-on.

HostPapa makes green energy a top priority, perfect for environmentally conscious non-profits.


You may have thought that checking web hosting that is specific to non-profits would be too niche, we certainly did initially, but, as you already know, that’s not the case.

Hundreds of hosting companies provide exclusive discounts or features for charities. What we’ve done is presented you with the group’s choices. So, let’s have a look at who those providers are one more time.

Top 8 Best Providers for Non-profit Website Hosting:

  1. InMotion – InMotion’s features are impressive for any website, but its specific discounts for non-profits set it apart from the rest.
  2. A2 Hosting – Features and affordability go hand in hand with this provider.
  3. DreamHost – DreamHost’s shared hosting for non-profits can be a great opportunity to boost your name.
  4. iPage – If you need a simple and easy hosting experience, iPage is a reasonable option.
  5. HostGator – If you have big goals and need to grow, then your site deserves nothing more than HostGator.
  6. SiteGround – a reliable option with good uptime and support.
  7. Bluehost – stands out for its features, uptime, and customer service.
  8. HostPapa – The most eco-friendly hosting provider on this list.

InMotion is the best overall hosting provider and can be a great option from a security standpoint. This is usually especially important if you accept a lot of donations online.

A2 Hosting offers many great features at a very low price, plus an additional discount for non-profit organizations. We get the allure of a free option from DreamHost, but with only a few greenbacks up for grabs, we recommend that most non-profits try to spend this if they wish.

DreamHost is the only top-rated provider offering totally free web hosting to non-profit organizations. For that reason alone, we imagine that the provider attracts you the most. However, at the very least, it is worth considering investing a few greenbacks a month to update your plans.

Charity is what unites humanity. Please confirm that you are not disappointed with your accommodation, so you will help as many of us as possible. Your mission matters; make it count!


Is it safe to use DreamHost?

DreamHost can be a perfectly safe host to use. However, like any provider, there are risks if you go for a shared hosting plan. For example, if one of the opposing sites on your server exhibits a security breach, your website could be compromised.

Are there other Hosting options?

A lot of. This text only covers the simplest hosting services for non-profit websites, but if you want to request a broader review of the online hosting space, check out our best overall web servers here. Alternatively, head over to our comparisons to see them side by side.

What is the simplest hosting service?

Our extensive research and testing showed that Bluehost was the best overall hosting provider. However, which provider you should use depends more on the hosting you want. InMotion, for example, topped the charts for shared and VPS hosting.

Does a website need to be self-hosted?

Only if you are using a self-hosted platform. If your site has been built on top of a content management system, like WordPress or Drupal, then you will need to get your own hosting. However, you will use an internet site builder to get your hosting sorted.

What are the most important hosting features for non-profit websites?

Each organization will have different needs, but some commonly desired characteristics exist. SSL security can be important because it protects your site with ample storage space and high uptime. These features should be a priority over cheap monthly prices if possible.

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