Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison (2024) – 1 Winner!

WP Engine versus Bluehost: The ultimate clash of managed WordPress hosting services. As two prominent players in the WordPress hosting arena, WP Engine and Bluehost battle it out for the crown.

While WP Engine proudly offers a WordPress-centric managed hosting solution, Bluehost sets itself apart by providing a comprehensive range of hosting options, including managed WordPress hosting. In this impartial WordPress hosting comparison between Bluehost and WP Engine, we unveil their differences and guide you towards selecting the ultimate solution tailored to your specific requirements.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

Bluehost, a prominent force in the web hosting realm, has earned its rightful place as one of the leading choices among website owners. Notably, it holds the esteemed status of being an officially endorsed WordPress hosting service by none other than

When it comes to catering to the WordPress community, Bluehost leaves no stone unturned. With an impressive range of WordPress-centric hosting plans, including shared WordPress hosting, managed WordPress hosting, and WooCommerce hosting, they offer a comprehensive selection to meet the diverse needs of WordPress enthusiasts. Additionally, Bluehost goes above and beyond by extending their services to encompass shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting, catering to a wider audience seeking top-notch hosting solutions.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

WP Engine, in contrast, specializes exclusively in delivering exceptional managed WordPress hosting solutions. Regardless of whether you’re embarking on a blogging venture or managing a rapidly expanding enterprise, WP Engine has the perfect hosting solution tailored to meet your precise requirements.

Beyond their expertise in WordPress hosting, WP Engine offers an enticing bonus of complimentary access to a remarkable collection of 35+ StudioPress themes. Additionally, they equip you with a suite of performance enhancements and integration solutions, empowering you to build and expand your business with utmost efficiency and effectiveness

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Speed and Uptime

When it comes to selecting WordPress hosting, speed emerges as a paramount factor of utmost significance. Surprisingly, even a mere 1-second delay has the potential to lead to a distressing 7% decrease in conversions. Failing to prioritize the loading speed of your website could result in substantial financial losses.

In order to comprehensively evaluate the speed & time period of the hosting servers for our WP Engine vs. Bluehost comparison, we embarked on an empirical journey. To achieve this, we set up a test site on both hosting servers by subscribing to their shared hosting plans.

We proceeded to conduct a series of meticulously designed tests on our test websites, ensuring a thorough and objective assessment.

The details of our comprehensive testing process are as follows:

  • Utilize Pingdom to monitor loading times and availability, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Conduct Load Impact tests to assess server performance during peak load periods, ensuring smooth operation.
  • Leverage Bitcatcha to gauge server performance in 8 geographical locations, disregarding content for accurate results.

Now, let’s talk about outcomes.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

Based on our Pingdom test results, our Bluehost test site achieved an impressive loading time of 689ms when assessed from New York City, surpassing the speed of 94% of the tested sites.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

On the other hand, our WP Engine test site exhibited exceptional performance, with a loading time of just 582ms, positioning it as faster than 96% of the sites examined.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

Ensuring the hosting server’s resilience during a surge in traffic is crucial. To conduct our traffic surge test, we leveraged the powerful tool Load Impact. We simulated virtual users and gradually increased the visitor count to 100 at a time, meticulously assessing server performance.

From our comprehensive test, it becomes apparent that both Bluehost and WP Engine servers demonstrate remarkable stability, unaffected by the influx of live visitors.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

Based on the insights from our Bitcatcha test, our Bluehost server exhibited rapid response times, consistently clocking in at less than a second across the globe.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

In terms of overall performance, BitCatcha assigned a C grade to Bluehost, while WP Engine received an impressive A grade, showcasing its exceptional performance.

Winner: WP Engine

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Ease of Use

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

Bluehost consistently enhances their onboarding process, guaranteeing a seamless website launch for individuals with no prior experience. They provide a complimentary domain name, free SSL, hassle-free 1-click WordPress installations, and all the essential tools necessary to swiftly establish and deploy your site.

Bluehost vs WP Engine Comparison By Review - itis

In contrast, WP Engine prioritizes high-traffic websites and enterprise-level businesses. They take charge of all the intricacies involved in optimizing your server for enhanced performance. With WP Engine, you receive a meticulously tailored hosting setup specifically designed for WordPress sites. However, it’s important to note that they restrict the installation of plugins aimed at improving site speed, such as CDN or caching plugins.

While WP Engine offers a worry-free experience for running a WordPress website, catering to optimization and WordPress security, it’s essential to recognize that it may not be the ideal solution for everyone. Moreover, hosting your site on WP Engine may require a slight learning curve to navigate.

Winner: Bluehost

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Features

Bluehost hosting is specially designed to cater to beginner-level users, offering a comprehensive array of features necessary to kickstart a blog or website. Expect benefits like unmetered bandwidth, SSD storage, free SSL, and convenient 1-click installers to streamline your setup.

By opting for a slightly pricier plan, you unlock a world of unlimited email accounts, unlimited SSD storage, reliable site backups, and more.

As a managed WordPress hosting solution, WP Engine delivers exceptional availability, powered by the robust infrastructure of Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Their hosting plans are equipped with an extensive range of integrated tools, empowering you to effortlessly build, test, and migrate your site. Additionally, each hosting plan grants premium access to over 35 StudioPress themes for free. Moreover, you can swiftly set up development, staging, and production environments using their convenient 1-click tools.

Winner: WP Engine

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Support and Documentation

Bluehost offers round-the-clock support through live chat and phone, prioritizing direct assistance channels. As part of this focus, they have discontinued email-based support. However, it’s important to note that if you’re pressed for time and unable to wait for a live chat agent, you may face challenges in promptly resolving your support queries. This can be particularly frustrating for users seeking solutions to advanced issues that require more time to resolve.

On the other hand, WP Engine’s starter plan provides 24/7 chat support as the primary mode of assistance. Phone support is exclusively available with their higher-priced plans.

Winner: Bluehost

Bluehost vs WP Engine – Pricing

For Bluehost shared web hosting, the standard pricing commences at $10.99 per month. Starting a new website, which encompasses domain name and web hosting costs, can be a significant investment, especially for beginners. That’s why we’ve partnered with Bluehost to secure an exclusive offer of 70% off web hosting for our users. With this special deal, you’ll only pay $2.95 per month. On top of the substantial discount, you’ll also receive a complimentary domain name and a free SSL certificate when you select a web hosting plan from Bluehost.

As for WP Engine, their regular pricing begins at $30 per month. However, if you opt for a monthly subscription, you can take advantage of a discounted rate of $20 per month. Alternatively, by opting for an annual subscription, you can enjoy an incredible offer of getting 4 months completely free.

Winner: Bluehost

Bluehost proudly holds the esteemed position of being the top choice for the finest UK Web Hosting Service.

Bluehost vs WP Engine: Conclusion

Bluehost and HostGator are both reliable hosting providers with great reputations. They cater to beginners and professionals alike, offering affordable and competitive price plans. However, in this competition, Bluehost emerges as the top choice. With its established reputation, user-friendly interface, and strong WordPress integration, it’s the ideal option for all levels.

HostGator secures a strong second place with its impressive uptime and comprehensive customer support. Choose based on your specific needs – Bluehost for value, ease of use, and WordPress, or HostGator for exceptional uptime.

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