Digital Ocean Review (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

DigitalOcean has gained a lot of recognition and smart feedback from users in recent times. If you want our take on the matter, check out our review below. No matter how smart? Area unit Are there better alternatives for cloud hosting? Browse to search & Let’s Dive into a Detailed DigitalOcean Review.

In 2011, the Yankee cloud hosting company Digitalocean launched its first server. Since then, they have put all their efforts into making it easier for developers to launch apps faster and more effectively.

Digital Ocean Reviews

In the beginning, Digitalocean was a small business established in the city of the big apple. Today, it is a well-known company that offers great cloud hosting services and a whole new experience for developers. Recent statistics show that more than 500,000 people use their DigitalOcean cloud servers.

Digitalocean aims to use SSDs or Solid State Drives to dramatically increase transfer speeds to and from the cloud. The company must enable its various buyers to use a simpler cloud platform.

DigitalOcean Review:

Ease of Use:5/5 ★★★★★
Customer Service:4/5 ★★★★☆
Features:5/5 ★★★★★
Value for Money:5/5 ★★★★★
Pricing:Basic Droplets (starts at $5/mo)

DigitalOcean’s main goal is to help developers build API backends or network applications on a solid infrastructure. Since its inception in 2011, DigitalOcean has grown exponentially, providing high-quality hosting services to more than one million developers and one hundred and fifty thousand businesses worldwide. By roughing up DigitalOcean’s SSD (Solid State Drive), developers will increase throughput, speed, and also traffic generation to a website.

DigitalOcean prioritizes privacy and security and has applied cloud firewalls and complicated ISO 27001 certification technology. Featured products include Droplets, the area unit’s promotable virtual machines, and DigitalOcean Kubernetes, the area unit’s managed Kubernetes clusters. In addition to these distinctive products, DigitalOcean also offers a range of hosting solutions.

Pros Of DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean Review 2022: Features, Pricing & More!

Fantastic “Average” period of 99.99%

The standard period for a cloud service is accepted to be 99.94%Digitalocean provides 99.99% uptime which sets a great exercise in trading.

From April 2018 to March 2019, this hosting provider was not offered eight times. However, the combined general outages lasted less than 43 minutes; statistics for 2020 show even higher results. From May 2020 to November 2020, the period was 100 percent. once the numbers speak, the planet listens.

The lowest participation of the period registered this year was in March, with 94.22%. A month later, server performance was back to full throttle. To us, this means that Digitalocean knows how to shake things up, continues to improve, and generally offers the USA a reliable web hosting company.

Lightning-fast loading times

Fast loading times area unit is the second issue to consider when choosing between different hosting companies. Fortunately, DigitalOcean comes again with one of the simplest services on the subject. Speed ​​is crucial to winning web hosting.

Internet is growing fast, and although it is not a limitation. There are many data companies offering these types of services on every corner. No one would have to wait more than a moment to open your page online at any time, so if you have an isolated website, this can cost you to lose even one loyal customer of yours.

To some, this may sound crazy, but the main reason so many of us fail with our websites is load time and their web hosting services; that area is the cause of their slow websites.

An analysis you can check out on the web states that over 74% of potential mobile traffic will be lost if a page has hovered for more than 5 seconds. it is safe to mention that speed sells.

Well, don’t worry about it! This is precisely why we tend to do this research, look up various Digitalocean reviews from current developers, and test it ourselves. solely to provide detailed data and smart recommendations for the simplest cloud services.


Digitalocean will wonder once that involves fast loading times. In fact, we tend to be happy to say that this review features the fastest virtual server we’ve come across while doing these reviews. various hosting providers will only learn from Digitalocean. the company is an “ocean” of prospects and surprises.

The average upload speed among most service providers is 890ms. Digitalocean offers a speed of 218 ms, which is incredibly fast. However, I would assume that the server can reach a normal speed, at least at its slowest point. Guess again! The minimum speed in 2019 was 496ms; in 2020, the numbers dropped to 316ms.

With this fast hosting and wonderful user reviews, Digitalocean is climbing higher and higher toward the victorious future of the industry. Currently, the fastest loading time belongs to the A2 hosting.

Developer-friendly product system

Web developers have a huge responsibility for the experience of site visitors. If guests have a lot of fun browsing your website, they will return.

The bad experience means that whoever creates and designs the positioning is not mistreating its full potential. Or at least, it seems that they are responsible. Generally, the options provided by online hosts restrict the developer’s area unit. However, this is often not the case here.

Digitalocean offers a lot of freedom for developers. The United Nations agency assumes that associate degrees have an expansive imagination.


DigitalOcean Droplets

Droplet Area Drive virtual machines that are based on Area Drive SSDs. they are resizable and include additional storage that will be updated at any time, depending on your wishes.

The capabilities of this cloud computing company exceed all expectations. Digitalocean’s droplet area unit upstream computing platforms are well thought out to function as enterprise information hubs. All business wishes can be fulfilled with this host. Advanced security unit and viewing area provided.

Do you often travel around the world? You can use your Digitalocean droplets within the company’s eight server locations.

There is a unit of area divided into regular or processor-optimized Digitalocean droplets. Digitalocean allows you to customize them however you want.


DigitalOcean Spaces

Spaces could be a security system designed to support businesses by complementing native and network storage. it’s simple object storage with a built-in content delivery network (CDN) for transferring massive amounts of content. each app can load much faster with this unhealthy boy.

Scaling your business will be easy and affordable with Digitalocean areas. It’s only $5 a month for reliable service, 250GB of storage, and unlimited uploads.

You can access it from anywhere. Developers from all over the world use Digitalocean’s cloud infrastructure. you have no restrictions with the areas. For $5 a month, you get reliable storage. Due to its intelligent drag-and-drop software AI, this feature earns points for its simple use.

The best feature is that it will simply produce storage directly. the whole method is easy. Upstream storage can never trouble you once you have to evolve and approve its concepts of it. We have a tendency for all knowledge to be frustrating when storage is full, and other people can’t grow their income the way they want.

Use the Digitalocean areas as your own service or with different corporate options. the selection is yours! What we tend to love about the product is that it offers developers a great deal of creative freedom and has all the services one would want up its sleeve. Digital Ocean areas allow you to store backup files, data analysis, blogs, and much more.


DigitalOcean Kubernetes

Digital Ocean launched Kubernetes in 2018. It is designed to deploy and manage instrument workloads within the cloud. abuse price is $10 per month if you want to start with a lower budget. Later, you can dose if you want.

Digitalocean Kubernetes offers a cheap measure of information and a free management blueprint. The product offers operators and developers easy application control, downloading updates, an associate degree, and increased overall productivity. It also frequently checks how your applications are doing and fixes any unresponsive instances.

Plans and Pricing

Hosting your website through DigitalOcean has several advantages. The unit of the Virtual Machines is specifically designed for developers. With this in mind, DigitalOcean’s Driblet plans a custom area unit to host and scale sites of any size.

Digitalocean Review - Plans and Pricing

Some DigitalOcean hosting reviews complain that the rating could be a bit advanced. It’s actually quite easy, and you set a monthly cap with a flat hourly rate at all clearinghouses. The area unit of the 5 Drops plans is as follows:

Basic Droplets

A shared processor setup designed for blogs, discussion forums, small databases, CMS, and dev/test servers.

MemoryvCPUsTransferSSDPer Month
512 MiB1 vCPU500 GiB10 GiB$4.00

General Purpose Droplet

A dedicated processor configuration designed for e-commerce sites, SaaS, high-traffic network servers, and medium-sized databases.

MemoryvCPUsTransferSSDPer Month

CPU-Optimized Droplets

A CPU-optimized setup designed for ad serving, active network front-end serversvideo cryptographymachine learning, and CI/CD. The following cost area unit for the 1xSSD variant:

MemoryvCPUsTransferSSDPer Month

Memory-Optimized Droplet

A memory-optimized configuration designed for long-term processing, superior databases, and in-memory caches. The following cost area unit for the 1xSSD variant:

MemoryvCPUsTransferSSDPer Month

Storage-Optimized Droplets

A storage-optimized configuration designed for system observation software, extra-large NoSQL databases, and other extra-large information stores. The following cost area unit for the 1xSSD variant:

MemoryvCPUsTransferSSDPer Month

Daily Backups

Although we tend to come across a review or two claiming that Digitalocean performs daily backups, this is often not exactly the case. It does offer weekly backups. However, one method of receiving backup snapshots for your droplets daily or hourly is with the community tool. you will be able to restore the information for the last 7 days.

Good Security

Digitalocean is extremely focused on providing smart security for its common user. they are the number one host in the industry because they are doing an excellent job making sure that every bit of their customer traffic and information area unit is fully protected.

There is an additional associate degree cryptography system to the Digitalocean volumes. In case your website needs even a lot of security, they provide very easy explanations on how to do it. the only problem is that you probably need very little cryptographic information to put the extra layer of security into action.

Cons of DigitalOcean

For Advanced Users

If you set out to peruse some web hosting to decide on the right host to start with, this review will not be the one for you. While not very experienced and data-savvy, it would be difficult for a person to jump right into cloud servers like Digitalocean.

Tech companies have a long way to go when it comes to outlining a way to properly work with all the options if you’re not a pro, otherwise, you’ve just entered the world of cloud hosting.

Some of them use jargon to call for specific services, actions, and options. If you’re dealing with a lot of technical information, it’s traditional to clear it up with all the difficult words and expressions you learned in the approach. However, the common soul cannot understand it, and we understand that. For a beginner, the entire ocean of unfamiliar words is simply not enough to make any sense.

Digitalocean is advertised primarily for developers, and if the other customer knows the technical terms, you have no chance to operate successfully with your hosting service. It will take a jiffy to look up what each form of the word means, although there is a test on their website. However, is someone alleged to grow their website if they can’t even launch or maintain it?

Beginners would like their hosting company website to provide data with remarkable language. HostGator could be a different Digitalocean with a simplified clarification of things that provides excellent support for newbies. Advanced users, on the other hand, would appreciate working with it.

Lacks basic options offered by different client hosts

Other than the main scam, Digitalocean doesn’t care about the basic features that might be useful to someone who just signed up. Most cloud hosting products include similar extras, such as backups, content delivery networks, or digital certificates that will offer authentication for your website (SSL).

As we have already mentioned, Digitalocean is focused on winning the hearts of the most informed crowd. They don’t have a free name with hosting or the power to buy one. Free website migrations are also missing in its extras.

Limited Customer Support

It is always necessary to review customer support because it shows how much an organization cares about its users. It’s nice when there is 24/7 support, but this is not the case with Digitalocean.

Bad things happen. Possibly end up with an internet site that suddenly goes down at night. Suppliers to the United Nations agency selling products abroad should alter this example as soon as possible. However, there would be no one to talk to.

If this example happens, you need to travel to the Digitalocean website and do a support price tag. Then you need to sign in to your account and fill in the network type.

They could come back with a minimum of a chatbot to help out once problems like this occur. Time is cash, which could be a major inconvenience if your cloud provider can’t provide immediate help with your problems.

The virtual guarantees with “We will answer you shortly”. They are not supportive enough after being distressed about your business. On these occasions, customer service via a hotline is the best option. The interaction with humans in the period is higher and more comforting.

The worst thing is that the type of contact you have to fill in does not usually work correctly. Several users complain that they receive a message with a blunder. As a result, you need to email them asking them constant questions everywhere once again, so stay tuned for their response.

It’s a shame that a company as big as Digitalocean allows buyers to fix their problems on their own. We are hopeful that they will provide users with a stronger and improved support team and more hours of operation offered in the near future.

Complicated cPanel

A dashboard should be intuitive and easy to use. Developers with a solid programming language may not care, but as we mentioned, some beginners may experience serious difficulties trading Digitalocean. Building your website depends on the dashboard, and you can find that at present, that’s all you’d want to know in most cases.

When starting with Digitalocean, you must line up to install the cPanel. By putting into it you will acquire many writing skills. Then you may have to register your account and install the runtime file.

Covering all of this, you may also need to purchase the correct cPanel to use from a third party. It will set you back roughly $20 each month. If you have decided to use Digitalocean for your business and have no writing experience, we recommend hiring an expert developer.

The Price is Expensive

Although we tend to place the rating as a scam in our review, we think it’s worth it for all the merchandise offers. However, if you’re on a budget, this highly functional product can empty your notebook pretty quickly.

First, you need to purchase the Droplets which are divided into Basic ($6-$96 per month), General Purpose ($60-$1,200), CPU Optimized ($40-$720), and Memory Optimized ($80-$720). 2000) and Optimized Drop Storage ($125-$2500). you will be horrified by some of the costs, but keep in mind that they are for very high-end services.

You can get additional SSD-based block storage that is suitable for your data, application, file storage, mobile device, and backup needs. Block storage qualification starts from $0.02/GB per month. areas by Digitalocean start with 250GB storage, include a free two-month period and continue at $5/month.

Since they need many different options that are high priced, you might reconsider abusing Digitalocean hosting services if you have a small, low-end business, no written data, and are trying to find basic hosting.

Regardless, the speed and performance that Digital Ocean offers are unmatched, which is why Digitalocean is proud to place a high label.

The price is also sophisticated.

There are so many options and possibilities with Digitalocean that you can get confused about which one to use or upgrade to and how much the trip will cost. Numerous classes will make you dizzy!

You see security options, servers with totally different speeds, and CPUs, and suddenly you like them all. Trust us, for a keen developer, Digitalocean can “accidentally” take all your cash with its wonderful options. It’s some kind of lady looking at the mall. Once you get started, if you don’t have a temper, things can be extremely dangerous for your wallet.

Most companies offer a considerably smaller range of plans compared to Digitalocean. They usually justify what you get, you have all the value in front of you, so you use what you want from it. However, this may not be the case in this circumstance.

You don’t get the full rundown because you’d like to create your own setup, mix and match various options, and judge for yourself what you like best. Customizing everything yourself is no simple task, though if you recognize specifically what you’d like to accomplish, you’ll be a pro rather than a scam.

Do We Recommend DigitalOcean?

Yes, we tend to advocate it mightily for developers. For beginners, not most.

If you’ve only just started online, check out other easy alternatives before you make up your mind.

Digitalocean is fast and shows itself to be a high-performance product. On the other hand, it costs a lot of money, and customer support is not its advantage.

All United Nations agencies that want to support their website with an unmatched time frame and speed should make this product and see the benefits for themselves.


Is Digital Ocean Legit?

Yes, DigitalOcean may be a legitimate cloud computing company that is primarily based in New York. They need several international branches and have 1 million developers.

Is DigitalOcean smart for Website Hosting?

DigitalOcean is the best option for website hosting. they are extremely knowledgeable, as seen in various DigitalOcean reviews, and provide a variety of cloud hosting plans that will suit your business needs.

What are these DigitalOcean Droplets?

Droplets or virtual machines (virtual machines) based on Linux. Each new release created by the developer can be a new server.

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