HostPapa Review (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

In this HostPapa Review, I’ll explore this lesser-known web hosting service to determine if it meets the needs of small businesses in terms of price, performance, usability, security, and customer support.

HostPapa Reviews

While not as popular as Bluehost or GoDaddy, HostPapa competes with these giants in the web hosting industry.

I must admit I’ve had previous encounters with HostPapa, and I have to be honest – I was disappointed with my experience. However, I believe in giving second chances.

After reading recent HostPapa reviews, I discovered that the provider has performance and overall hosting experience improved. To verify this, I purchased a plan and embarked on an adventure.

I conducted an extensive examination of HostPapa, covering every aspect. This article is quite lengthy, so if you’re seeking a final verdict, feel free to jump to the conclusion at the end.

General Info & Hosting Overview:

⭐ Rating:4.0 ★★★★
💲 Price:Prices start at $2.95/mo.
▶️ Uptime:100%
🏘️ Hosting types:Shared, and managed WordPress, VPS, and reseller
🌎 Server locations:US, Canada, Europe
👨‍💻 Support:24/7 live chat, phone, and tickets

Pros & Cons Of HostPapa

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Free domain with all plans.
✅ Standard cPanel interface.
✅ Data centers in 3 locations.
⛔ Server response time could be improved.
⛔ The native account management panel is outdated.

HostPapa pricing

During my research for this HostPapa review, I discovered that their prices fall within the average range, starting from $2.95/mo to $5.95/mo for shared hosting, and they also provide other hosting options such as Managed WordPress, VPS, and reseller hosting.

Type of HostingBest for
Shared HostingHostPapa is ideal for small-to-medium websites, even if you need technical expertise. Take advantage of the current 80% OFF discount and get HostPapa now!
Managed WordPress HostingMid-sized WordPress sites. No technical knowledge is needed.
VPS HostingOnline stores and popular websites. Some technical skills are needed.
Reseller HostingAgencies and designers, or to manage multiple websites.

When examining the hosting plan choices, it’s evident that HostPapa targets small businesses with options like shared hosting for affordability, VPS for popular sites or online stores, and budget-friendly reseller hosting plans for launching your web hosting brand or serving clients.

Shared hosting is the primary focus and where most people start their journey with HostPapa.

The provider offers 4 shared hosting plans, including free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, Cloudflare CDN, SSL certificates, and multiple free email accounts.

StartThe entry-level plan allows you to connect 1 website and provides 100GB storage and 10 email accounts.$2.95/mo
PlusThe next plan allows you to connect 10 websites, offers 100GB storage and 100 email accounts, and includes staging and a free 30-minute training session.$5.95/mo
ProThe top-tier plan allows unlimited websites, storage, and email accounts. It also provides Enhanced SSL certificates and automated server backups and hosts your site on servers with fewer accounts, in addition to the offerings of the Plus plan.$5.95/mo
UltraThe Pro plan includes everything from the previous plan but with larger server resources and enhanced security through the Protection Power Pro package.$12.95/mo

It goes without saying that the plans are filled with abundant features and resources. While the prices may be average, you receive generous storage and many additional features.

Best Value

For optimal value, consider the Start plan. By opting for a 3-year billing cycle, you can secure the plan for just $2.95/mo. Although this requires a larger upfront payment, you can enjoy lower monthly rates for an extended period.

As expected, the advertised prices are applicable only for the initial billing period, and upon renewal, they will revert to the original price, which is three times higher.

It’s important to note that HostPapa offers a standard 30-day money-back guarantee but keep in mind that not all purchases are eligible for a refund. SSL certificates, domain names, domain privacy, and email services are excluded from the refund policy.

Lastly, to make your experience even more convenient, HostPapa provides a complimentary website migration service. The professionals will handle the entire process if you want to transfer to HostPapa.

Overall, HostPapa offers prices within the average range, but their plans encompass ample resources, delivering excellent value for your price.

Hosting management – is it easy to use?

While preparing for this HostPapa review, I discovered that it is undeniably user-friendly, thanks to its utilization of the original cPanel for hosting management. This intuitive tool allows for effortless website management, from domain and email address setup to WordPress installation and security configuration.

For those seeking proof, I added a domain and installed WordPress within 3 minutes of purchasing a plan.

However, it’s worth noting that the initial interface you encounter is the native account management dashboard, which, in my opinion, lacks visual appeal and sophistication.


Right in the center, there’s a prominent advertisement urging you to purchase a domain name, while essential features are concealed within the menu bar at the top. I’m not a fan of this design choice.

Thankfully, accessing cPanel is just a click away – press the “My cPanel” button to reach it. This interface also serves well for contacting support (notice the green “Chat Now” bar at the bottom), managing services, and monitoring the performance of HostPapa’s server network.

Fortunately, you won’t encounter this interface frequently, which is a positive aspect.

Now, let’s delve into the more crucial aspect – cPanel.

HostPapa cPanel – what does it look like?

HostPapa’s hosting management relies entirely on the standard version of cPanel, which makes it immediately intuitive for new users and always familiar to those with prior experience in web hosting services.

Without further ado, let me show you what the 100% standard cPanel interface of HostPapa looks like:

HostPapas cPanel

Regarding various tasks like WordPress installation, backups, adding a domain name, and creating an email account, cPanel is your go-to tool with HostPapa.

Personally, when purchasing web hosting services, I always:

  • Utilize “Addon Domains” to add a domain name, as I prefer having a dedicated domain registrar for easier management across multiple hosting accounts.
  • Take advantage of the automatic SSL activation through “Auto SSL” or similar tools available in cPanel.
  • Make use of the Softaculous installer library to install WordPress effortlessly.
  • Create an email account, noting that even the cheapest plan allows 10 mailboxes, which is beneficial.

Based on these tasks, I can gauge the ease and functionality of a provider. If I can complete everything within a couple of minutes, it signifies a smooth and user-friendly experience.

With HostPapa, they have genuinely excelled as it didn’t even take me 3 minutes to accomplish all the tasks. It was effortless and quick.

Is it easy to install WordPress with HostPapa?

When it comes to installing WordPress with HostPapa, the process is incredibly straightforward. Locate the Softaculous App Installer section at the bottom of cPanel and click on the “WordPress” icon.

Softaculous app installer in HostPapas cPanel

By clicking on the “WordPress” icon, you will be automatically redirected to the Softaculous installation page, where you will be greeted with the following screen. Just click on “Install.”

Installing WordPress with Softaculous on HostPapa

To ensure complete accuracy, I prefer manually filling in all the information fields to fully prepare my website rather than opting for the “Quick install” option that automatically populates the fields.

Installing WordPress with HostPapa

And there you have it! It only took about a minute. Now your website is live and ready to customize to your heart’s content.

HostPapa email hosting – can I set up a professional email?

HostPapa truly excels in terms of ease of use. Like the quick WordPress installation, creating an email account is a breeze and will only take a minute. Within the cPanel, navigate to the Email section, select “Email Accounts,” and effortlessly add a new email account with a few simple clicks.

HostPapa email section in the cPanel

Once you complete those steps, this is what you’ll see.

Creating an email account with HostPapa

Yes, it requires a bit more field-filling, but you’re done with just a few simple steps! Now you have a professional email account. However, remember that since these email accounts are stored on your server, they must be more suitable for extensive marketing campaigns or frequent mailing.

HostPapa proves to be remarkably easy and intuitive to use. Every aspect functions flawlessly, and navigating cPanel is a breeze. All the essential tools, including domain, email, and database management, are conveniently located there.

Performance – is HostPapa fast?

In this HostPapa review, I thoroughly tested the provider’s reliability and speed through three rigorous examinations. While it maintained a flawless 100% uptime over two weeks, the response time wasn’t the strongest point. Nevertheless, the provider showcased impressive speed overall.

Let’s dive into the detailed reliability, speed, and stability test results.

HostPapa uptime and response time

When conducting this HostPapa review, my initial focus was assessing the host’s reliability. For approximately two weeks, I closely monitored the provider’s performance.

HostPapa showcased an exceptional track record with zero outages during this extensive observation period. Achieving a flawless 100% uptime is remarkable and exceeds expectations, especially considering that HostPapa officially guarantees a 99.9% uptime. Such results are undeniably impressive.

HostPapas uptime and response time monitoring

Now, let’s delve into the response time aspect, which tells a slightly different story. On average, HostPapa recorded a response time of 1.19 seconds. While it’s not the worst performance out there, there is room for improvement. Comparatively, the market’s average response time hovers around 600 milliseconds, making HostPapa’s response time almost double.

Although it may not be a cause for concern among your visitors, it does fall short of the market’s average.

HostPapa’s reliability remains impressive, boasting a flawless 100% uptime. While the response time could be better, there’s no immediate need for worry.

HostPapa speed

Moving on to the second test, we delve into the crucial aspect of website speed and what your visitors can anticipate. Initially, I examined the loading speed of a blank site from three different locations: the US, the UK, and India.

Given that my website is hosted in the US, it is no surprise that the best results were observed there, with the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) registering at an impressive 434 milliseconds.

Although the UK and India showcased relatively higher LCP values, they can still be regarded as commendable outcomes.

HostPapas loading speed test from different locations

Why does the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) matter?

LCP is among the various factors that Google considers when determining the rankings of websites on its search results page. As long as this metric remains below the 2.5-second threshold, the website has a better chance of achieving higher rankings or appearing in the search results.

Good To Know

During the process of selecting your hosting plan, you have the option to choose the desired server location. HostPapa provides three choices: the US, Canada, and Europe.

Given this information, it is evident that HostPapa is performing admirably thus far. Nevertheless, evaluating the performance of an empty website only scratches the surface. What if we were to test a fully developed site?

To simulate such a scenario, I installed an Astra theme with a Startup template and its content and conducted the test once more. The resulting Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) for the loaded site was measured at 1.2 seconds.

HostPapas fully built website loading speed test min

As expected, increasing the Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is a natural outcome when dealing with a heavier site, resulting in a longer load time. However, the LCP still falls comfortably within the recommended threshold of 2.5 seconds, posing no issue.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to consider the LCP and the visitors’ ability to interact with the site and its overall load time. In this regard, the Fully Loaded Time stands at a mere 1.5 seconds. To ensure an optimal user experience, this time should ideally be at most 3 seconds, and HostPapa meets this requirement flawlessly.

In summary, HostPapa demonstrates impressive speed with quick and seamless loading. However, I’m intrigued to see how the provider handles increased traffic without any slowdowns.

HostPapa stress testing

In the final test of this HostPapa review, we assess the provider’s ability to handle increased server load. To simulate this, I deployed 50 virtual users (VUs) to navigate my site for 5 minutes.

To put things into perspective, 50VUs is a significant number and can impose a heavy burden on the server, leading to slowdowns or even crashes. Sustained traffic of this magnitude would equate to approximately 50,000 monthly visits.

Unfortunately, this influx of visitors did not bode well for HostPapa, as the initial test resulted in a failure.

HostPapa stress test failed min

With surprising tranquility and no spikes in response time (blue line), HostPapa faltered on 6,617 out of 8,905 requests. That accounts for a staggering 74% of all requests, signifying a complete knockdown for the provider.

It’s worth mentioning that it’s not uncommon for a shared hosting provider to struggle in the initial test. Nevertheless, I remain curious about the extent of HostPapa’s capabilities.

The first round involved 15 virtual users (VUs).

HostPapa stress test passed min

In this round, the response time (blue line) was noticeably influenced by the growing number of visitors (grey line), indicating some slowdown when more visitors joined.

Nevertheless, achieving success with 15 virtual users (VUs) is commendable. Sustaining 15 concurrent visitors on your site every 5 minutes could result in approximately 15,000 unique monthly visits, even on the cheapest plan.

Although HostPapa passed this test, it did encounter 8 failed requests. While less severe than the initial trial, it hints that this may be the limit of the provider’s plan.

To summarize, HostPapa exhibited exceptional reliability with flawless 100% uptime. Despite room for improvement in average response time, the provider demonstrated impressive loading speed. However, it did show slight vulnerability in handling a significant surge in site traffic.

Security – is HostPapa secure?

While conducting this HostPapa review, I found the provider’s security measures satisfactory but needed to be flawless. Their cheaper plans include essential features such as SSL certificates, a server-level firewall, and DDoS protection for free. However, more advanced security features are either paid for or require purchasing the most expensive plan.

To delve into the specifics, here’s what you can expect by default:

  • SSL certificates – are crucial for all websites as they ensure a secure connection between your site and external clients.
  • Server firewall and monitoring: The firewall filters incoming data to your network, detecting and blocking any suspicious activity. HostPapa’s website only provides a little information on this, but it’s reassuring to know it’s in place.
  • ModSecurity: This web application firewall filters traffic and acts as a brute force detection mechanism, safeguarding your website against common malicious attacks.
  • DDoS attack prevention: HostPapa employs multiple layers of protection to defend against third-party attempts to bring down the server. Additionally, you can enhance this protection by enabling the free Cloudflare CDN included in all plans.

To access more advanced security features with HostPapa, you can opt for the Business Pro plan or pay an extra fee:

  • Automated website backups: These backups are crucial for ensuring the safety of your website and allowing easy restoration if any issues arise. HostPapa offers automatic backups for $19.95 in the first year and $35.88 per year upon renewal. Alternatively, you can set up backups for free using WordPress plugins or manually through cPanel.
  • Protection Power Security Software: This feature, available for $19.95 in the first year and $35.88 annually on renewal, aims to safeguard your website and visitors. It includes the following benefits:
    • Automatic daily malware scans
    • Automatic malware removal
    • 24/7 support for manual malware removal assistance
    • DDoS (distributed denial of service) protection
  • Domain privacy: This additional security service allows you to protect your personal data stored in a publicly accessible database when registering a domain. HostPapa offers domain privacy for $9.99 per year.

Regarding security, HostPapa offers more than some providers, although certain features, like automatic backups, come at an additional cost. Nevertheless, the included security measures should protect your blog or small business against common threats.

Customer support – will HostPapa help me?

HostPapa offers multiple channels for customer support, including live chat, phone support, ticket system, and even fax, all available 24/7/365.

Their PapaSquad support team is available in English, Spanish, and French, showcasing their commitment. With a vast knowledge base of over 2600 articles and guides, HostPapa ensures comprehensive self-help resources.

I opted for live chat to test their support and received immediate assistance.

The agent was courteous and well-informed, promptly guiding me through changing my primary domain. They even created a ticket to address my request, displaying their efficiency and attentiveness.

Live chat with HostPapa agent min

What truly impressed me was receiving the ticket while chatting with the agent—now that’s remarkable speed.

Ticketing email with HostPapa min

Once I confirmed my acceptance of the risks of changing the primary domain, the requested changes were promptly implemented within 30 minutes. Overall, the experience was outstanding, highlighting the excellent performance of both live chat and ticket support.

However, it’s important to remember that a human element is involved when dealing with support personnel. This is why customer reviews of various providers, including HostPapa, often have conflicting customer support evaluations. Some users may be privileged to connect with exceptional experts, while others may encounter support at a trainee level. While this variation exists, it is not necessarily a cause for concern but something to be mindful of.

In addition to the live chat, phone, and ticketing system, HostPapa offers an invaluable knowledge base. With over 2600 articles, step-by-step guides, and tutorials, users can access a wealth of information to gain comprehensive knowledge on hosting-related topics. The knowledge base is also available in multiple languages, catering to a broader audience.

HostPapa knowledge base

Everything is neatly categorized, ensuring easy navigation and finding relevant topics of concern in HostPapa’s knowledge base.

In fact, customer support and the knowledge base were major strengths of HostPapa in the past, making it one of the most impressive knowledge bases I’ve come across.

Overall, HostPapa’s support is both knowledgeable and efficient, offering various avenues to seek assistance from real people or access the extensive knowledge base. While the level of assistance may vary among agents due to the human factor, the overall support experience is commendable.

One-on-one training session

When choosing a shared plan (excluding Start), HostPapa offers a complimentary 30-minute one-on-one training session with a professional, allowing you to ask questions and request guides and tutorials on specific topics.

HostPapa one on one training session min

The uniqueness of this feature in the hosting industry intrigued me, so I decided to try it, and the outcome exceeded my expectations. As a beginner, I sought guidance on installing WordPress and creating a polished website.

The expert provided detailed step-by-step instructions covering everything from WordPress installation to theme customization. Their thoroughness and the abundance of resources offered truly impressed me.

The expert will deliver even if you’re a seasoned veteran seeking advanced information. This feature is akin to a golden key, and I’m astonished that it’s available for free.

HostPapa review – the final verdict

This HostPapa review has demonstrated that providers can indeed evolve. My previous encounter with HostPapa left a sour taste due to subpar server performance. However, this time, they have redeemed themselves by showcasing reliable performance. Their plans provide excellent value, the servers are dependable, and the user experience is incredibly smooth.

Now, let’s evaluate each aspect individually and reach a final verdict.

Feature4.0★★★★☆Hosting for small business websites
Pricing★★★★☆The prices may not be the lowest in the market, but they are still on the lower end, starting at $2.95 per month for shared web hosting. What’s impressive is that all plans come well-equipped with free domains, ample server space, and free email accounts, offering essential business features.
Ease of Use★★★★☆HostPapa utilizes the user-friendly cPanel for hosting management, renowned for its ease of use. However, the native account management panel could benefit from an update.
Performance★★★★☆In terms of performance, HostPapa excelled with an impressive 100% uptime, surpassing their 99.9% guarantee. The host proved fast and reliable, although it faced some challenges with more significant traffic surges.
Security★★★★☆Basic security features like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and server firewalls are included in all plans. However, additional payment is required for malware protection, removal, and backups, except in the most expensive plan.
Support★★★★☆HostPapa’s customer support is available 24/7 in multiple languages, and their agents are prompt and knowledgeable. I had a fantastic experience with their support team.

So who do I recommend HostPapa to?

HostPapa successfully achieves its intended goal, making it my recommendation for small business owners. HostPapa’s features are designed to assist you in efficiently managing and expanding your business website with minimal limitations. Additionally, choosing server locations can greatly benefit you if you have a specific target audience, as it can significantly enhance your site’s speed.


Is HostPapa a reliable hosting provider?

Absolutely! HostPapa offers various hosting options, feature-rich plans, and robust security tools. Moreover, their prices are incredibly reasonable, and their customer support is always there to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

Can I use HostPapa for WordPress hosting?

Certainly! HostPapa fully supports WordPress, allowing you to easily set it up with their convenient 1-click installation feature available on all plans. While they have specific “WordPress hosting” plans, they are essentially the same as their standard shared hosting offerings.

Is HostPapa a secure hosting option?

Yes, indeed! HostPapa prioritizes security by providing various protective measures such as server firewalls, continuous monitoring, the ModSecurity package, and proactive DDoS attack prevention.

Where are HostPapa’s servers located?

HostPapa operates servers in multiple locations, including the United States, Canada, and Europe. When you sign up for a plan, you can select the data center closest to your target audience, ensuring optimal performance.

How can I install WordPress with HostPapa?

Installing WordPress with HostPapa is a breeze. Access cPanel in your client management area, locate the Softaculous Installer icon and click on it. From there, select WordPress and follow the provided instructions. The entire process should only take a few minutes of your time.

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