How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

When it comes to pet ownership, 1,000,000 queries are going through your head before you create a call. What rabbit can you get? What will decide you? And, most importantly, is it indoor or outdoor living? Having a rabbit as an indoor pet is nice, but some people prefer to keep them outside where they are closer to their natural environment. If you are about to keep your rabbit outside, you need to make sure you consider all possible defenses to keep them close for your entire period of time. Where do you start with all this? Follow this step-by-step guide on how to best take care of a Rabbit outside.

How to Care for an Outdoor Rabbit

Before you even think about buying a pet rabbit, you need to get organized for them beforehand. However, if you’ve never had a rabbit before, you may not be able to bring one home. Follow these steps to organize your new friend’s move home and ensure they need a safe and happy future.

Supplies and Equipment

How to Care for an Outdoor Rabbit -Review-itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

Rabbits are not like cats and dogs, wherever they are fine with shelter and food. There are loads to buy, and you want to make sure you have everything you want before settling down so you can be prepared for any situation. Here is a list of things you will need:

  • Hutch or cage
  • Litter box and scoop
  • Food dishes
  • Water bottle or bowl
  • Exercise run
  • Carrier
  • Brush
  • Hay
  • Toys
  • Rabbit-friendly cleaning sprays
  • Rabbit chews

You can arrange to buy a few extra things for your pet in the future, but this is a general list of basic items that are enough to get you started. Your house is one of the most important things on the list. Rabbits want the house to thrive and they won’t thrive until they do. If they are trapped in a cage that is too small, they can get sick or stressed and possibly hurt themselves. When it comes to buying a rabbit hutch, get one big enough for your rabbit to grow in and one that also gives them extra area, just in case.

Another essential item on this list is the execution of Associate in Nursing exercises. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in a cage with no room to run or stretch your legs, so why put your rabbit in that? The exercise runs will connect to the cabin or separate. It gives your bunny more space wherever he can run outside and be free.

Setting Up the Cage

Setting Up the Cage -Review-Itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

The cage is the most important part of keeping an outdoor rabbit because it is his permanent home. Cover the floor of your hutch with newspaper and fill it with some soft fodder or straw so that it covers the entire surface of the bottom. Moist straw should be changed daily, and cage cleaning should be done once weekly.

Have one or two food bowls placed around their cage and allow them constant access to it. Most rabbit house owners want to use one bowl for old-fashioned rabbit feet and another for treats like kale, cabbage, and broccoli. Clean bowls once daily with hot cleaning water and allow them to dry completely before refilling.

All animals want access to a large amount of uncontaminated drinking water. Bowls or bottles are great selections. However, if you use a bottle, ensure the tube doesn’t get blocked so they stay hydrated. Refill the water system whenever it is low so there is always plenty available for them.

Protect Your Rabbit

Protect Your Rabbit - review-Itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

Keeping your rabbit outside has many advantages. However, there is still one big disadvantage. The outside has predators, and your pet is at all times under the organic phenomenon. This is not to say that they can’t live safe lives outdoors, but you do want to implement extra safety measures so they aren’t exposed to the elements or in danger of being taken over by someone or something.

Rabbits are born for the outdoors and enjoy a day trip outside in the great outdoors. However, if the temperatures get too hot or too cold, this could harm them. Rabbits can get overheated in the summer, so they should have a shady area to cool down and plenty of water to stay hydrated. Winters are often harsh, especially if you reside in northern climates. If you expect a sharp drop in temperature or a thunderstorm overnight, bring them along until conditions calm down.

Due to the weather and free-roaming predators, you want to visualize your hutch every day. The rabbit hutches, or cages, must be weather resistant and a place where they can defend themselves from the elements. Also, you may not want there to be any loose doors or wires for them to go through. On top of that, their food and droppings attract pests, so make sure you keep the cage as clean as possible.

Give Your Bunny Attention

Give Your Bunny Attention - Review-Itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

Rabbits enjoy your company and are progressing to live terribly lonely lives if you don’t give them the love and attention they need. It would help if you spent time with your rabbit every day for a minimum of 0.5 hours. They are social creatures and can be much happier once they get agitated.

Stimulate Your Rabbit with Toys

Stimulate Your Rabbit with Toys -review-itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

Toys keep your rabbits mentally and physically agitated. They thrive with a mind full of life and bodies of work. They may get bored at one point, so change them every few weeks so they’re always up to something new. Here are some things bunnies like to partake in:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Shredded paper
  • Toilet paper tubes
  • Balls

Socializing Rabbits

Socializing Rabbits - Review-Itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

Rabbits are prey species and very cautious in new environments. They each have individual personalities and generally don’t like another rabbit intruding on their area. Rabbits from a similar litter usually do well together, but be careful once you introduce them to a new friend. Consider spaying them so they don’t accidentally get pregnant and leave you with another litter to worry about.

Handling Rabbits

Handling Rabbits - Review-Itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

As we said before, rabbits are extremely cautious, and loud noises or quick movements can startle them. Before selecting them, let them invite your presence. If they seem calm, gently pick them up or watch for them to come toward you. Never grab them by the ears. You want to have a firm grip so they don’t get loose, but it still needs to be light enough not to hurt them. Several rabbits prefer to be cradled against your body with their paws resting on your forearm.

Register the Rabbit at the Vet’s Office

Register the Rabbit at the Vet’s Office - Review-Itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

Just like cats and dogs, rabbits too would like to get a medical check-up, so the sooner you can register them at your local vet’s place of business, the sooner the vet will be sure they are healthy. physiological. They will also inoculate your rabbit and advise you on the next steps to cure them. Don’t be afraid to ask your vet any questions you have about your new pet for a wealth of informative advice.

Consider Getting Pet Insurance

Consider Getting Pet Insurance - Review-Itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

Accidents and illnesses happen, and if you don’t have pet insurance, it can leave you with a pretty big bill. Insurance protects you against loss, theft, and death from illness or injury. Shop around to find the simplest policy and see if it’s a decent investment for you.

Grooming Your Bunny

Grooming Your Rabbit - Review-Itis
How to Best Take Care of a Rabbit Outside (2024)

Bunnies need a bit of maintenance, and you should spend time grooming them. They get hairballs and teeth so big that you must force yourself to stop the control. Brush your rabbits several times a week. Rabbit chews are available at most pet stores and keep your rabbits agitated and their teeth at an affordable length.


Final Thoughts

Domestic rabbits are a lot of work, and if they plan to live outdoors, you must be sure they need the cleanest, healthiest, and safest environment possible. If you look at the time to hang out with them, their personalities start to shine, and you’ll be surprised why you didn’t get one sooner.

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