The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Annecy has all the trappings of a fairytale scene. With white swans flying through calm canals and a landscape of snow-capped mountains.

Adding to the charm. The former city (Vieille Ville) could be a winding labyrinth of largely pedestrianized cobblestone streets lined with elegant buildings. The pastel-painted houses feature decorative wrought-iron balconies and colorful window sills adorned with geraniums. Potted flowers further adorn the city’s canal walkways and thus the elegant waterfront.

Visitors can enjoy strolling through the city to find its storybook charm. Commonly known as the “Venice of the Alps” due to its picturesque canals. Annecy could be a jewel of the historic Savoy cabbage region in the heart of the Alps of northern France.

Close to impressive natural sites and ski resorts. The bright landscape evokes outdoor pursuits, while cozy chalets and old-school restaurants welcome tourists in old-fashioned Alpine style.

Plan your look and read about the best places to Visit in Annecy!

Island Palace

Island Palace - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Annecy’s most photographed monument, the 12th-century Palais Delaware l’Île, sits on a partner island within the Canal du Thiou. Tourists can take the best views and photos of the Palais Delaware l’Île on the Pont city lupus Thiou (bridge). From this perspective, the palace looks like a fortress with its durable polygonal construction resembling the prow of a ship.

The Palais Delaware l’Ile initially served as a jail, however, in the mid-14th century. The palace was used as a minting workshop. In the 15th century. The palace became the residence of the Dukes of Savoy col and in the 16th century, the Palace of Justice (Law Courts) was reborn.

Open to the general public every day of the year. The Palais Delaware l’Ile currently houses a small museum displaying exhibits on regional design. guests can see some of the old jail cells. guided tours are accessible.

Museum-Castle of Annecy

Museum-Castle of Annecy - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Perched on a hill high above the city, the Musée-Château d’Annecy offers magnificent views of the lake and thus of the nearby mountains. The castle was built in phases from medieval to Renaissance times. Throughout the 13th and ordinal centuries, the Counts of Geneva resided here.

Today, the castle repository covers a wide variety of disciplines. As well as regional history, medieval sculpture, genre, and modern art. The entire year filled with transient exhibitions.

The Musée-Château d’Annecy is open every day of the year, except public holidays and Tuesdays. Guided tours accessible square measure.

Recreational Activities at Lac d’Annecy

Recreational Activities at Lac d’Annecy - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Animal Product d’Annecy beckons guests with its unspoiled alpine beauty and myriad recreational opportunities. This sparkling expanse of crystal clear water considered the cleanest lake in Europe, and the scenery graceful. The snow-capped mountain peaks offer wonderful scenery for walking, cycling, sunbathing, swimming, and boating.

The main beach on Lake Annecy is the Plage d’Albigny (Avenue du Petit Port), which contains ample space for sunbathing and a path for walking or running. Albany Beach immaculately landscaped, with flowers and plants lining the course. Public bathrooms, showers, and a picnic area are available at this beach. shore stairs allow quick access for swimming. In July and August, lifeguards are on duty from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Adjacent to Praia d’Albigny, at intervals Parc Charles-Bosson, Plage Delaware l’Impérial (Avenue d’Albigny) attracts various guests for relaxation and outdoor activities. Boundaries can be a mixture of grass and fine sand. Well-equipped with facilities, Delaware l’Impérial Beach includes an eating house, a picnic area, playgrounds, ping-pong tables, and beach volleyball courts.

Families with young people appreciate Impérial Beach for its swimming pool, playground, mini golf course, and children’s games. Throughout the season, lifeguards are on duty.

Shopping and Dining on Rue Sainte-Claire

Shopping and Dining on Rue Sainte-Claire - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Close to the Palais Delaware l’Île, Rue Sainte-Claire is the place to travel to in Annecy to seek out and eat. One of the main streets of the city, the lively Rue Sainte-Claire oozes with old-world charm. Qualitative analysis of arcaded terraced houses from the 16th to 18th centuries have maintained their historic character. several of the houses feature carefully manicured window sills adorned with flowers.

The arcaded space of the street’s row houses filled with luxury retail stores, trendy cafes, chic ice cream parlors, and gourmet food institutions. Tourists can browse the boutiques, grab an ice cream, grab a bite to eat, or stop for a meal at one of the quaint restaurants.

Eglise Saint-Maurice

Eglise Saint-Maurice - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Designated as a historic monument, the Eglise Saint-Maurice is the oldest church in Annecy. This 15th-century church was once a chapel for the Dominican convent. In the 19th century, the building became the town’s parish church.

The exterior of the church reveals distinctive components of the Flamboyant Savoyard field of study. While the interior expresses an additional somber atmosphere. The imposingly huge area was designed in the typical form of Dominican churches to accommodate a large congregation.

Notable works of art include the elaborately engraved podium from the 18th century and a painting of the Madonna in Glory.

The church continues to host non-secular services and is open to the general public for tours throughout the year, free of charge.

Address: Place Saint-Maurice, Annecy

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre

Cathédrale Saint-Pierre - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre reached from a narrow street and a bit hidden from reading, however. It is worth taking the time to find it. Designed between 1535 and 1538. This church became the cathedral of the bishops of Geneva. The United Nations agency wanted refuge in Annecy during the entire religious movement.

The harmonious proportions of Italian Renaissance design distinguish the building’s exterior, particularly the Tuscan pilasters. Inside the cathedral, the Gothic style predominates, except for the neoclassical choir, which dates from the 18th century. Associated exquisite rose windows and 3 different stained glass windows illuminate the sanctuary.

Since 1822, the church has served as the cathedral of the bishopric of Annecy.

The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre is open to the general public for tours throughout the year, free of charge.

Address: Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Annecy

Pont des Amours

Pont des Amours - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

In an idyllic setting associated with a location under a tree-covered Bowery. The appropriately named “Lovers’ Bridge” spans the Canal du Vassé that flows from the Animal Product d’Annecy. This arched working bridge seeks to inspire romance with its majestic lakeside scenery.

The Pont des Amours could be a popular location for photo shoots, particularly for wedding and engagement portraits. A short break from the bridge is the Jardins Diamond State l’Europe park.

Picnic on the Champs de Mars

Picnic on the Champs de Mars - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

This seven-acre Champs Diamond State Mars borders the Animal Product d’Annecy and also the Jardins Diamond State l’Europe so the views area unit is very good. The Champs Diamond State Mars also called “le Pâquier” (“pasture” in the native dialect) because cattle used to graze here.

Today, this sprawling green area may be a favorite spot for locals to enjoy picnics and recreational activities on sunny days. many sealed sports trails run through the Champs Diamond State Mars.

Families with young children can rejoice at the Champs Diamond State Mars. Kids love the mini horses and little trains in the park. Kids (and anyone young at heart) can enjoy the chance to slide down the turquoise waters of Lake Annecy. On the lake side of the park, guests will notice pedal boats and rowboats offered for rent by the hour.

During the summer, Champs Diamond State Mars hosts cultural events such as the Fête Diamond State la Musique (Music Festival) on June 21 and the Fête du Lac (Lake Festival) once a year on the first business day of August. The Fête du Animal product is the largest fireworks display in Europe.

There are also fireworks shows given by the Fête Nationale du fourteen Juillet (Bastille Day), along with a performance by an associated orchestra.

Jardins de l’Europe

Jardins de l’Europe - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

The Jardins Diamond State l’Europe is another stunning lakeside Bowery park. This lush green area full of flowers is located next to the Pont des Amours and offers views of the d’Annecy farm. The Eglise Saint-Maurice could be within walking distance of the gardens.

If you’re visiting Annecy during the Fête Nationale du 14 Juillet (Bastille Day), the Jardins Diamond State l’Europe is one of the best places to experience the festivities. This beautiful park hosts a series of ordinal celebrations of the month of the city’s Gregorian calendar.

Basilique de la Visitation

Basilique de la Visitation - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Crowning a peak at the top of the recent city, this Neo-Romanesque basilica is worth a visit for the views alone. Getting here requires a steep and somewhat strenuous hike from the recent Pueblo; the trouble is rewarded with sweeping panoramas of the landscape near Annecy.

The unadorned exterior of the basilica contrasts with the ornate interior that includes kale-blue marble columns within the area, Venetian enamel mosaics within the niche, and energetic stained glass windows depicting the story of Saint Francis de Sales.

The American Basilica of the Visitation is hospitable to the general public every day throughout the year, free of charge. Target hunting tours are available.

Address: 20 Avenue de la Visitation, Annecy

Eglise Notre-Dame de Liesse

Eglise Notre-Dame de Liesse - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Except for the 14th- and 15th-century tower, the Eglise Notre Dame in the US state of Liesse was built in the 19th century when the first monument on this website was destroyed during the French Revolution. the easy façade and the rounded interior with Corinthian column area units typical of classical Sardinian design.

This type of building style developed between 1830 and 1850 when the state of Cabbage of Savoy was under the rule of the Sardinian domain.

The church is hospitable to the general public for daily tours throughout the year, free of charge. Mass is celebrated here on Sundays.

Address: Place Notre-Dame 74000 Annecy

Eglise Saint-François de Sales

Eglise Saint-François de Sales - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

This 17th-century church contains the tombs of 2 necessary spiritual figures of the region: the military leader of Chantal and San Francisco American State Sales. With its Italianate-style facade and richly embellished Baroque interior, the church could be a wonderful example of Counter-Reformation era design.

The Eglise Saint-François American State Sales is a vigorous parish church serving the local population. The church is also hospitable to the general public for visits throughout the year, free of charge.

Address: Place Saint François, Annecy

Avenue d’Albigny

Avenue d’Albigny - Review-Itis
The 13 Best Places to Visit in Annecy (2024)

Beginning near the Jardins American state l’Europe and reaching Parc Charles-Bosson, the Avenue d’Albigny is a picturesque stretch of the animal product boundaries d’Annecy. Tall, ivy-covered plane trees shade the lakeside walking path, which can be a nice place for a stroll while enjoying the perfect lakeside scenery.

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