The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most (2024)

Whether it’s a celebration, a brunch, or a traditional gathering, everyone needs to look wonderful. While everyone looks beautiful with or without makeup, choosing the right product for you will be confusing.

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most. However, these beauty bloggers can have an Associate in Nursing put an end to your concern. They are very knowledgeable about things like skin tone, makeup, and products and help you look and feel confident! Take a look at some of the best Indian beauty bloggers; the World Health Organization can give you some great inspiration right here!

My Top 13 Favorite (Beauty Blogger) Types!

Malvika Sitlani

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Another gorgeous beauty blogger that we tend to admire is Malvika! Her content is simple yet extraordinary, which is why she has so many followers on social media platforms. She has multiple makeup tutorials alongside her IGTV and often still does product reviews. If she is not used to makeup, her account is her one-stop shop for everything she would like to understand.

Aanam C

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Aanam may be an outstanding beauty blogger who is always worth mentioning! Her Instagram feed is filled with product reviews, simple makeup looks, and fun experiences. She has been awarded the Indian beauty blogger of the Year and incorporates a YouTube channel with more than 200 thousand subscribers.

Debashree Banerjee

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

If you want to understand what artistic beauty blogs are like, then you must check out her profile! They exciting and experimental appearance of her can make you hooked on feeding her. We love her, but she doesn’t shy away from exploiting bold and lively colors every time she tries something new.

Shreya Jain

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Shreya may be a much-loved beauty blogger. The World Health Organization strongly believes in bridging the gap between societal beauty standards and reality. Her makeup tutorials are refreshing to watch and very simple to follow.

Ankita Chaturvedi a.k.a @corallistablog

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

@corallistablog is Ankita’s brain; the World Health Organization has been blogging since 2011. She can be a good makeup creator, and it’s all about simple, practical, everyday makeup looks. She will also do extraordinarily insightful product reviews. Plus, she’s also super quick to check out what’s new!


The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Faby may be a much-loved MUA who is based out of town by the World Health Organization. Her feed is chock-full of artistic and distinctive makeup looks that you just shouldn’t have seen before. Her lively and edgy eyeshadows can blow your mind. She also posts multiple makeup and grooming tutorials that you should check out!

Mrunal Panchal

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Mrunal is one of the most popular and knowledgeable bloggers we know! Besides being an avid beauty blogger, she is also an inspirational content creator and still documents her journey and journey experiences. With over two million followers on Instagram, Mrunal knows how to connect with her fans through giveaways, frequent product reviews, and advice.

Kritika Khurana a.k.a @thatbohogirl

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Kritika is not just beautiful but also extraordinarily competent in her field of work. Besides being a fashion and wonder blogger, she has her e-commerce store known as The Promotion and her brand still. She has a tremendous bohemian vibe and likes to maintain her style and elegance. In addition, she also incorporates a YouTube channel where she vlogs about beauty, travel, fashion, and more!

Shalini Samuel, a.k.a @knot_me_pretty

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Shalini is one of the country’s top influencers. She is extraordinarily hooked on beauty and hairstyling, and her feed is full of fun looks and tutorials. We tend to love. However, she also focuses more on care.


The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Anaysa is based on @shrutiarjunanand and is currently one of the most popular beauty blogs in India. Also, she has over nine 6 million subscribers on YouTube, isn’t that wonderful? Her channel has everything from beauty to grooming. We are completely sure that once she starts following them, she will soon become a professional in the field of beauty.

Lisha Batta

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Lisha’s page is also called ‘HeartBowsMakeup’ and we think she’s completely adorable! She is a proficient beauty blogger from Old Delhi. The World Health Organization has also been voted Best Beauty Blogger in 2019. She does multiple giveaways, live chats, and workshops in her field of expertise. Plus, we tend to love how she’ll pull off a curly makeup look so well!

Indian Girl Trisha

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

Trisha is a particularly popular skincare and beauty blogger whose work is only shared on YouTube by the World Health Organization. Her content is extraordinarily relatable and therefore, the advice she offers is simple to follow and sensible. Watch her YouTube videos of her, and you will notice an answer to every confusion you have.

Natasha Patel

The (Beauty Bloggers) I Admire Most - Miller Reviews

As well as being a skincare enthusiast, Natasha is also a Feature Manager at MissMalini. Her account has some perfect eyeliner tutorials and skin care hacks that you will simply follow. Also, her content is not limited to beauty; she also shares her usual experiences on her feed.

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