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SecureVPN (review) was recently launched in June 2015. SecureVPN Inc., a corporation situated in the United States, owns and operates it.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

As of February 2019, they need five servers in five countries.

Insurance may be a word that most users value. After all, that is what we are trying to find when using a VPN. But it loses its meaning a bit when everyone claims that it IS the safest on the market.

We know you will talk to them, but during this SecureVPN review, we will find out if you can.

SecureVPN Review

USABILITY:Easy to install and use
LOG FILES:Some Logging Policy
LOCATIONS:5 countries, 5 servers
SUPPORT:Email-only, vague response
NETFLIX:Unblocks Netflix USA

SecureVPN Pros

SecureVPN offers a neat app that has a built-in kill switch. A server we tested worked with Netflix. and they also promote unlimited torrent downloading.

This is what you will enjoy using them the most.

SecureVPN is Fast

All VPN connections will hamper your internet speed.

But it often pays to increase security if all you sacrifice is a couple of percentage points.

We test the speeds of each VPN we review, connecting to servers within the EU and US, and we record the speed drop to let you know if the trade-off is worth it (or not).

We are happy to report that SecureVPN maintained high speeds.

The EU test was by far the simplest, with download speeds barely exceeding 10%.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

EU Speed Test

  • Ping: 42 ms
  • Download: 86.22 Mbps (11% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 28.78 Mbps (45.6% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

The US server test was a bit more mixed.

Download speeds were fine, but upload speeds were almost 100% slower than the first connection.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

U.S. Speed Test

  • Ping: 223 ms
  • Download: 54.72 Mbps (43% Slower Than 97 Mbps Benchmark)
  • Upload: 3.69 Mbps (93% Slower Than 53 Mbps Benchmark)

SecureVPN’s strong EU performance still helped them place the 11th fastest out of over 70 VPNs we’ve reviewed.

Works with Netflix

Netflix has cumulative contracts with a large number of providers, which state that they will only show certain content in certain geographic regions.

For example, the content available on the UK version of Netflix will not be available in the US.

For a short time, this was no big deal. If an American wanted to watch UK content, they would just log into his VPN, connect to a server within the UK, activate Netflix, and that’s fine.

Then at some point, this happened.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

Netflix has since declared war on VPNs, employing one of the world’s most advanced VPN detection systems to block access.

Because of this, a VPN that can successfully bypass Netflix’s countermeasures is worth its weight in gold.

That’s why Netflix testing is one of the key points in our review process. We chose four SecureVPN servers from the VPN and tested them to determine if Netflix will work.

One of them worked. Not stellar. But the mere fact that either functioned in the slightest can be a bonus in these dark days of broadcasting.

SecureVPN also offers advice on the Netflix problem within the blog section of its official website to increase your chances of success.

Torrent Downloading Is Allowed

The torrent feature allows you to download large files at lightning-fast speeds. This is often accomplished by connecting to other users’ computers and allowing them to connect to you.

This enormous network makes use of everyone’s resources. It does, however, come with a larger danger.

Cybercriminals have been known to use torrent services to invade other systems, thus far taking remote control of your computer.

This is why VPNs are perfect for torrenting. The added layer of security they provide keeps your system safe, allowing you to download torrents in peace.

Unfortunately, many VPNs don’t allow torrenting. Or they severely limit it to just a couple of servers.

SecureVPN allows you to torrent, but P2P transfers are only allowed through its premium package.

Easy to Put On and Use.

I was very happy with the ease with which this product was downloaded, installed, and used. The entire process, from clicking the download link to connecting to the service, was successfully registered in less than three minutes.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

Once installed and ready for use, you used to have the option of choosing between five servers in five different countries. These are found within the US, Singapore, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and India.

I chose the Holland server and got going.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

As expected, the transition was seamless and my speed was still in acceptable ranges. YouTube videos play instantly without lag.

Then, I connected to Netflix. And it worked like a charm too. beat them all, this app is highly recommended.

Built-In Kill Switch

SecureVPN includes a built-in kill switch as an added layer of security.

In the event of a leak or any instance during which your connection is no longer secure, the kill switch is activated and automatically terminates the session before your IP is compromised.

It is not something you will often notice after enabling it. But rest assured, it will play a crucial role when you need it most.

SecureVPN Cons

There was a lot to love about SecureVPN.

It is unfortunate that this review does not stop here.

Because many of the negative problems we saw outweigh the big ones.

From a murky description of your encryption software to private information registration to poor customer support, there are tons here that will take you a step back.

Register A Quantity Of Your Data

On their official website, SecureVPN describes itself as being “100% private and safe no matter where you are.”

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

It sounds perfect, and once you take it at face value, I would assume that the company is not recording your information.

But many VPNs keep track of your activity and save tons of your personal data.

To get the important story outside the corporate marketing line, you would like to be patient and examine their privacy policy.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

Right there at the top of this image, you will see that they are collecting your personal information, including your external and internal IP.

That is kind of a record.

The last line indicates that they are not logging your web traffic, but further, down the page, there is another part that provides me with a pause.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

From the beginning, they are saying “yes, we encrypt your data … but if it doesn’t work, it’s not our fault.” This refusal to take on your VPN service is jarring, to mention the least amount.

Then there is the last line …

They don’t record their use, but are they going to give the government their usage data? That is wildly misleading and makes me nervous.

No, thanks.

U.S. Jurisdiction (5 Eyes Alliance)

SecureVPN Inc is based in the USA.

Normally, you would possibly think that it is something honest. However, not when it comes to a VPN.

The United States can be a founding member of the 5 Eyes surveillance alliance. It is often a decades-old spy agreement between five countries to share information they have obtained.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

The five original member countries of the 5 Eyes alliance are:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • New Zealand

Since SecureVPN is located within the US, they are forced to adapt to each and every surveillance demand that the federal government makes. So the United States is obligated to share that information with the governments of those other four countries.

Is your browsing really safe and anonymous if five different governments could access it on demand?

Especially when SecureVPN can’t even endorse their product within the privacy policy?

Lack of Transparency Around Protocols and Encryption

SecureVPN is quite secretive about its encryption specifications.

They repeatedly claim that it is “the same encryption technology as the military and the banks.” Going through their site and other information that I was able to get online, I didn’t find anything about the encryption standard they use.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

According to the Townsend Security Data Privacy Blog, “AES (128 bits and higher), TDES (Minimum Double-Length Keys), RSA (2048 bits and higher), ECC (160 bits and higher), and ElGamal (1024 bits and higher) are examples of industry-accepted and proven encryption algorithms and standards.”

This makes me nervous. Especially considering that almost all of the higher VPNs we’ve reviewed tell you exactly what encryption they are using.

It was only by doing a few extra digs that I used to be ready to find out that they use OpenVPN protocols to tunnel their connections back to the encryption standard. This is usually an honest thing to do, as most security experts agree that OpenVPN is your best option for safe browsing.

However, SecureVPN does not offer you the option to switch protocols at will. While OpenVPN is the industry standard, you may struggle with some iOS platforms or older computer systems.

Giving a secondary option is usually an honest idea, so you don’t alienate a variety of potential customers.

IP leaks and Possible Viruses Detected

The function of a VPN is to establish a secure connection that allows you to browse online safely and anonymously.

In principle, it’s fine. In actuality, however, this does not always occur.

A VPN may not provide security thanks to IP leaks. In other words, your security could be undermined, literally pouring data out of your connection, and you would never know it.

Leaks allow your ISP to determine your real IP, denying the whole reason for a VPN in the first place.

This is a huge problem that affects many great products. In fact, more than two-thirds of Chrome VPN extensions suffer from DNS leaks.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

When the VPN tunnel is circumvented due to a mistake, your computer connects directly with a DNS server, this is known as a DNS leak. This displays your true IP address.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

WebRTC can be a useful gadget that propels the browser forward, but its presence can discover your IP, even when using a VPN.

Every VPN we review goes through a rigorous leak test, covering six different exams.

We put SecureVPN through these same tests, and it didn’t farewell.

  • – Failed
  • – Approved
  • – Approved
  • Approved
  • – Failed
  • – Approved

As you will see, DNS and IP leak type issues were detected.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

If you are using SecureVPN, your IP will not be as secure as you thought.

Here’s an IP leak we found when testing one of their servers in the Netherlands:

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

Unfortunately, that’s not all we found out.

We also posted your installation files via and received a warning.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

In all honesty, it may be a false positive. However, when you combine this with known IP breaches, it’s a serious situation.

Limited Device Support

SecureVPN is proud to announce that its services can be used on all networks and devices.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

However, this seems to include only the mobile and desktop platforms.

That leaves an entire section of the market that is incompatible out of the box.

SecureVPN is accessible on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, which is fantastic. However, it would be preferable if it could be utilised in routers, gaming consoles, Fire TVs, Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, and other smart devices that link to a television.

Limited Servers and Main Features

SecureVPN has only five servers in five countries. Since most VPNs have many servers in dozens of countries, this feels a bit limited.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

There is a free version of SecureVPN available, however, it comes with a lot of restrictions. Although you will be browsing anonymously, there is a monthly data transfer restriction of 1000 Mb and individual sessions are limited to 20 minutes.

The free version will only get you one connection at a time, but the premium version offers five.

Access to P2P features is also blocked within the premium.

The free version seems beneficial if you are just looking to check your email or surf a bit while connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Otherwise, it is extremely limited.

Email-Only Customer Support and Vague Responses

SecureVPN uses a contact form on its website for all customer service matters.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

Simplicity is sweet, but I don’t really like email-only support. It is fine in some cases. But it’s nearly impossible to have follow-up conversations that often take a couple of days.

This is what I mean.

I wrote a fairly simple question, in addition to asking about your mysterious “military-grade encryption”.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

Eleven hours later, I received an answer. It hadn’t been one that I liked.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

Helen from SecureVPN customer service answered half of my questions. She talked a bit about her protocols, but my research on her lazy encryption software was left completely intact.

Her response was dismissive and slow. suggesting that she would have to wait days to urge a solution that should take two seconds.

SecureVPN Costs, Plans, & Payment Methods

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

SecureVPN offers a free service that is perfect if you are just testing the service.

It grants access to your SecureVPN, it does not include speed limitation, it gives you full access to Web and VoIP services, but it limits the time and amounts of data transfer.

Your premium package includes tons of extras. You get everything in the free package, plus P2P file transfers, unlimited sessions/data, five connections, and a reasonably hefty tag.

With only five servers, it’s a bit difficult to justify at $ 7.99 per month. Not when many other VPNs with server parks 10 times that size go for less.

As for the payment options, it is limited. They ONLY offer PayPal support. Traditional master card processing and cryptocurrencies are not accepted.

SecureVPN Review By Review - itis

It should be noted that there appears to be some discrepancy regarding the value of your annual plan. in the screenshot above it had been listed as $ 69.99, and here it costs $ 49.99. So there are more inconsistencies.

Initially, we thought that we had lost the money-back guarantee. Surely, it is on your site somewhere. Every VPN we’ve reviewed so far offers some kind of refund policy.

But not SecureVPN.

Instead, we had to go through all the terms and conditions to read the fine print.

First, they claim that users recognize that the company can pack for any reason and at any time. That is not very encouraging.

Then they go on to mention that while they will offer you a 30-day notice, “subscribers will not be eligible for a prorated, partial or full refund in the case of a package.”

Do I Recommend SecureVPN?

No, I do not do it.

It’s a shame I don’t recommend this product because it worked quite well. However, the concerns we have to outweigh the experience.

Logs and leaks of any kind always make you wonder. No matter how well a system works, if you are saving my information or leaking my IP address, then you are failing the first task of a VPN.

All the secret secrecy about its encryption is also disturbing. Not only are they coming out of their appreciation for not telling you their specs on the website, on the other hand, once you ask an employee about it, but they are also evasive.

Then there is the value. There are much better VPNs for less money. It had great speed and worked well with Netflix and torrents, but it’s still a pass on my behalf.

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