Best Green Web Hosting Providers in (2024) -Ranked!

Welcome to our guide on the Best Green Web Hosting Providers! These providers offer eco-friendly hosting options that minimize environmental impact. By prioritizing renewable energy sources, energy efficiency, and carbon offsetting, they help create a cleaner internet.

In this Article, Discover their features and benefits as we explore their commitment to sustainability. Let’s make an environmentally friendly choice for your website hosting needs!

Who is the Best Green Web Hosting Providers?

But first, what exactly makes a hosting provider “green”? Green Web Hosting providers typically address this using one or a combination of the following methods:

  1. Purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (REC): Suppliers purchase green energy “credits” to offset their carbon footprint by helping to supply equivalent “green” energy (wind, solar, etc.)
  2. Practices to minimize your carbon footprint: These include the use of more efficient software and hardware, a robust recycling process, and inspiring performance from home.
  3. Support green initiatives, such as tree planting.

Here’s a sneak peek at how our top green web hosting providers stack up:

Hosting ProviderGreen CredentialsStarting PriceCool Features
GreenGeeksOffsets carbon footprint by 300%$2.95/moFree daily backups
InMotionEnergy-efficient hardware, partnership with nonprofit Trees For The Future$2.29/moBest shared and VPS hosting
Free backups
A2 HostingSupports tree planting initiative and has many green workplace practices$2.99/moAnytime a refund guarantee
Excellent help and support
iPageOffsets carbon emissions by 200%$1.99/moCheap prices across the board
SiteGroundOffsets carbon emissions by 100%$3.99/moFree daily backups  and automatic WordPress updates
Great uptime guarantee
HostPapaOffsets carbon emissions by 100%$2.95/moHost two websites, even on the most cost-effective plan
DreamHostGreen workplace practices$2.59/moLoads of storage available
  • * Some of those prices are promotional prices that are only valid for the main period. We’ll explore the promotional and renewal pricing in the more comprehensive reviews below.

Now let’s take a better look at all of them.

1. GreenGeeks

Best Overall Green Web Hosting

💲 Price: USD $2.95/mo

💾 Disk Space: 50 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

With GreenGeeks, you are effectively offsetting your carbon footprint with an element of three.

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ The carbon footprint is reduced by 300%.
✅ Customers praise the customer service and support staff for their speed.
✅ Backups are made every day for free.
✅ 98% guaranteed uptime (highest of all providers on this list).
⛔ Only some hosting plans/forms are available at a higher renewal price than other providers.

How green is GreenGeeks?

When it comes to web hosting, there is nothing more environmentally friendly than GreenGeeks. In his words, “For every amperage you draw from the grid, you invest 3 times more in renewable energy through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.” This means that with GreenGeeks, you are effectively offsetting your carbon footprint with an element of three. Great job, GreenGeeks! 

Relevant organization member: GreenGeeks is 300% Green Web Hosting Powered by Renewable Energy.

How good are the GreenGeeks hosting plans?

GreenGeeks has strong hosting plans, but it doesn’t cover all types of hosting. They are shared, reseller, WordPress, and managed VPS hosting options. This is often in line with the GreenGeeks ethos: Dedicated hosting is the most polluting type of hosting, but it could leave large sites needing options.

Since shared plans are the greenest and generally the most popular, we have focused our attention there. The GreenGeeks Lite plan packs a punch with a starting price of just $2.95/month (if you plan on three years); you get tons for your money: unlimited domains, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth and storage, also free domain, free backups, and a Free SSL certificate.

GreenGeeks Pricing

GreenGeeks also offers widely praised 24/7 live chat and phone support.

There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee available, plus free website migration if it’s already hosted elsewhere, so you can easily take advantage of their services for a risk-free test drive. It is clear that GreenGeeks is committed to simply being “green.”

2. InMotion Hosting

Best Green Shared Hosting

💲 Price: USD $2.29/mo

💾 Disk Space: 10 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

If you have a smaller site, InMotion may be a winning option. It is the simplest VPS and shared hosting plan of all the providers we have tested:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ The best provider for shared and VPS hosting.
✅ The student plan includes a free domain.
⛔ Pricey renewal cost.
⛔ Regular sales can come out cheaper than the student discount.

How green is InMotion?

As GreenGeeks and HostGator focus their green attention on compensation, InMotion sees more value in reducing its initial power consumption. Its green data center in Los Angeles uses an air-cooling technique that circulates outside air rather than relying solely on air conditioning. This has helped InMotion reduce its carbon production by more than 2,000 tons per year.

InMotion has also partnered with Trees For Long-Term to plant 5,000 trees across the developing world. 

Relevant Organizational Member: N/A

How good are the InMotion hosting plans?

InMotion offers a variety of various types of hosting, but here we will focus solely on their VPS and shared plans, as they are their strongest products; in fact, InMotion excelled at both in our independent research.

Let’s start with the shared hosting plans. InMotion offers four exclusively discounted plans for WBE users, from $2.29/mo to $12.99/mo. The Lite plan is the cheapest (plus, it’s only available to WBE visitors!), But we recommend spending a bit more to boost the installs plan for $4.99/mo. That way, you get all the equivalent great features: unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, free SSL certificate, free backups, free name, plus double the installation (i.e. more CPU cores), for your visitors never have to wait.

InMotion also stands out for VPS hosting. It scored 95% on features in our tests due to unlimited CPU cores, free backups, root access, and one of the best storage capacities and bandwidths of any VPS plan. We believe it is the simplest managed VPS plan on the market. Plans range from $14.99/month to $44.99/month (if you buy 3 year Plan), but InMotion always offers some very generous offers for new customers, where you will save over 67% on this price.

Like previous vendors, InMotion’s help and support are excellent. The only area it falls into is uptime, which guarantees only 99.97%. However, it is worth remembering that this is often only a minimal warranty and only works for about a couple of hours a year. Either way, your best bet is to give InMotion a shot and then take advantage of the generous money-back guarantee (30 days for VPS hosting, 90 days for shared hosting) if you experience any uptime performance issues or activity.

InMotion Hosting

3. A2 hosting

Best Value Green Web Hosting

💲 Price: USD $2.99/mo

💾 SSD Storage: 100 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

A2 Hosting offers an honest and ecological product at a good price:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ A carbon-free company.
✅ Anytime money-back guarantee.

✅ Excellent help and support.
⛔ Relatively low 99.95% uptime guarantee.
⛔ Does not include a free domain.

How green is A2 Hosting?

A2 Hosting has used an energy offset scheme to remain effectively carbon neutral since 2007. It also encourages employees to telecommute to reduce traffic emissions and promptly recycle old hardware. A2 Hosting was also one of the leading providers to provide SSD hosting, which is much less carbon-intensive than traditional HDDs.

A2 Hosting works closely with and is known to run special promotions to plant three trees with each new registration during certain periods.

How good are the A2 Hosting plans?

A2 Hosting can be a great all-rounder. It wasn’t the first in our research for any particular type of accommodation, but it scored well across the board, and it’s the provider we found to offer the best value for money.

Even though you lose a free domain, you’re getting a free site migration once you join, access to friendly help and support 24/7, and a money-back guarantee anywhere. Moment, That’s right, A2 Hosting is so confident that you will love their products that they will refund you at any time if you are not satisfied. You need to admire a corporation with confidence!

A2 Hosting has four shared plans to set up, making it easy to upgrade when and once you need it. With the Drive plan ($5.99/month) and above, you’ll even split your hosting on one site and get free automatic backups too. This is often why we recommend this plan, even if you only have one site.

A2 Hosting Shared Plan

4. iPage

Best Cheap Green Hosting

💲 Price: $1.99/month

💾 Disk Space: Unlimited

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

iPage offsets its carbon footprint by 200%. The plans are affordable, but the features and speed are not strong points:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Compensates the carbon footprint by 200%.
✅ Very cheap accommodation plans (especially promotional prices).
⛔ Plans lack the facilities and speed of other providers.
⛔ Lowest uptime guarantee of 99.94%
No free backups.
⛔ Reactivating your site will cost $ 100 anytime.

How green is iPage?

For a hosting provider that is often labeled as “cheap and cheerful,” we were very impressed with the steps iPage has taken to counter its impact on the environment. iPage’s hosting runs entirely on wind power because iPage buys RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) from wind power. In fact, you buy enough to hide twice the energy you actually use, which means you are effectively offsetting your carbon footprint by 200%. If you host your website with iPage, it will even display a green badge on your own website. 

Corresponding organization member: N/A

How good are the iPage hosting plans?

IPage plans are super affordable. The company also offers huge promotional discounts, which means you’ll gobble up a shared plan for just $1.99/month or a VPS plan for $24.99/month. However, keep in mind that renewal prices for shared iPage plans start at $7.99/month, which is the same as InMotion.

But, as we said earlier, iPage’s lower promotional prices come with a price, the cost of which is speed. Across all types of hosting, iPage also scored low on features compared to competing plans. Plus, it’s the lowest uptime of any vendor we’ve tested, guaranteeing only 99.94%.

iPage lacks the ease and reliability to fully support a sizable website. However, it is an honest choice if you have a small personal site that you have to host economically and in an environmentally friendly way.

iPage Host

5. SiteGround

Most Reliable Green Hosting

💲 Price: $3.99/month

💾 Disk Space: 10 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

SiteGround can be a reliable hosting provider with a replacement commitment to green energy (through its partnership with Google Cloud). We recommend SiteGround as a reliable and feature-rich hosting provider, but their introductory prices are well above the competitors:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Reliable, best uptime guarantee (joint).
✅ Free automated daily backups.
✅ 100% renewable energy mix for new customers.
⛔ Plans are expensive, especially once it’s time to renew.
⛔ A domain name is included.
⛔ No VPS plans.

How green is SiteGround?

SiteGround is currently quite green, and it is growing so. In 2020, it began using Google Cloud to host a portion of its infrastructure. All the clients that registered within the US or Europe after now were automatically added to the Google Cloud platform, and SiteGround also started the method of transferring some existing clients.

Google matches 100% of the energy it produces with renewable energy equivalents (by purchasing REC). So any new SiteGround customers within the US and Europe (and some who joined before 2020) will effectively have carbon-neutral accounts.

How good are HostPapa’s hosting plans?

SiteGround offers some really useful perks, like free automated daily backups and automatic WordPress updates. It guarantees a solid 99.98% uptime performance and features a comprehensive help and supports setup, with someone available to provide support via live chat 24/7.

If reliability is at the top of your priority list and is environmentally friendly, SiteGround may be a natural choice.

SiteGround may be a consistently high-performing hosting provider, but ultimately a reasonably expensive one, which is why it only ranks 5th. Shared plans start at $3.99/mo (for a 36-month contract) and roll back to $14.99/mo thereafter, which is twice the value of other introductory shared hosting plans. At this price, you would expect to have a website name launched for free, but you weren’t so lucky. SiteGround also doesn’t offer any VPS hosting, which many of us find a useful upgrade to shared hosting as your website starts to grow.

SiteGround Web Hosting Price

6. HostPapa

Best for Promoting your Green Hosting

💲 Price: $2.95/month

💾 SSD Storage: 100 GB

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

HostPapa can be a carbon-neutral hosting provider, with many ways of signaling to your visitors that you care about the environment. However, their shared plans are not as generous as those of the providers mentioned above:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Selecting badges/banners to signal to your visitors that you are using green accommodation offsets.
✅ The carbon footprint to be effectively carbon neutral.
⛔ Disk space (storage) is not unlimited on the most cost-effective plan (as it is with all the providers listed above).
⛔ No 24/7 support is available.

How green is HostPapa?

HostPapa effectively stays carbon neutral by purchasing enough RECs to eliminate your energy use and was one of the major hosting providers to start offering this. If you host your site with HostPapa, a couple of different banners and badges will augment your site to signal to your visitors that you are making green choices. 

Relevant organization member: N/A

How good are HostPapa’s hosting plans?

In a word: Okay. HostPapa’s shared plans match the competition in terms of pricing (renewal prices start at $8.95/month) and include many of the standard gifts; free name, free SSL certificates, free site transfer, etc. The most cost-effective shared plan also supports two websites.

Although, Few things there are to keep in mind. Although the most cost-effective starter package allows for two websites, it has a 100GB disc space limit, while rivals offer unlimited space. The cashback guarantee is also a little deceptive; if you subscribed for a year, you have 30 days; otherwise, you only have 48 hours. With a HostPapa account, you will also have to pay extra for backups.

These details, including the acceptable but not exemplary green policy, put HostPapa in 6th place.

HostPapa Pricing

7. DreamHost

Best for Storage Space

💲 Price: $2.59/month

💾 Disk Space: Unlimited

👌 Support: Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

As you will see, DreamHost did not surprise us. While the plans are not the greenest, the storage is extremely generous, and their plans are quite inexpensive:

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ The cheapest shared hosting plan starts at just $2.59/month (if you plan for three years).
✅ Large storage capacity.
⛔ Comparatively low 99.95% uptime guarantee.
⛔ Don’t take as many steps to go green as other vendors on this list.
⛔ All claims are pretty vague.
⛔ No 24/7 support.

How green is DreamHost?

DreamHost has taken a number of measures to become more environmentally friendly, including working with an energy provider that uses a range of renewable energy sources and using recycled water in its cooling systems. DreamHost is excellent, but it falls short of the other hosts on this list in terms of quantifiable positive environmental effects.

Part of a relevant organization: N/A

How good are the DreamHost hosting plans?

DreamHost’s hosting plans are halfway there, like those from A2 Hosting. Unlike A2 Hosting, DreamHost does not include an equivalent level of dedicated support.

Their plans are good value for money, with their cheapest (full price) shared plan actually comprising the most profitable at $2.59/mo (if you plan on 3 years). The VPS and dedicated plans are equally affordable.

But why choose DreamHost over another provider on this list? The solution is within the amount of space to store DreamHost offers, particularly for their dedicated plans. In the curious catchy “Summer Moon SSD 64” plan, you get access to a massive 64GB RAM, 24 CPU threads, and 12 CPU cores – basically tons of power and storage.

Because DreamHost has numerous dedicated plans to decide on, it’s a breeze to start with a background plan ($149/month) to Save 11% Monthly, then gradually upgrade, so you’ll never pay what you’d like. For that reason, we recommend DreamHost to eco-conscious and media-rich sites that are just looking to turn their initiative into dedicated hosting.

Dreamhost Shared Hosting

Final Thoughts on Best Green Web Hosting Providers

So there you have it: our list of the best green web-hosting providers ranked and reviewed. We couldn’t help but give the highest rank to GreenGeeks; Green web hosting is clearly its “thing” and has an honest product to match.


Let’s remember what other providers do great and green things in the world of web hosting:

  1. GreenGeeks – Best overall green hosting provider
  2. InMotion – Best green shared hosting provider
  3. A2 Hosting – Best value green hosting
  4. iPage – Best cheap green hosting
  5. SiteGround – The most reliable green hosting
  6. HostPapa – Best for promoting your eco-friendliness
  7. DreamHost – Best for extra features

At the peak of the day, with all providers offering some money-back guarantee, the best thing to do is offer one and then switch if you don’t go ahead.

And if you’re still not sure what type of hosting you’d like, check out our guide on the difference between shared and VPS hosting or our guide on the simplest dedicated hosting providers.

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