Betternet VPN Review In (2024) Features, Pricing & More!

Betternet VPN is a mostly US-based VPN service, offering a free version, smart speeds, Catapult Hydra secret writing protocol, split tunneling, a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface, and a streaming mode. to unblock Netflix and Youtube.

As its name implies, Betternet wants to provide you with a safer, more secure, and overall superior network experience. The interface even has some cute animations.

But let’s not jump headfirst and instead check out Betternet VPN from a little closer.

If you search for alternative Betternet VPN reviews on the net, most of them can warn you against victimization, and fairly so.

For one thing, Betternet speeds are woefully inconsistent. The free version limits data consumption per day, making it ideal for very casual and sporadic browsing. Some premium options are only available on Windows, and customer support is email only, which isn’t very cheap.

If you’re still curious and need more details, explore our Betternet VPN review to learn more about what we tend to find in our tests.

Betternet VPN Review

Overall Rank:#20 out of #31
 No Logs Policy:Extensive logging
 Price:From $7.99/month
 Servers:1800+ Servers in 80 Countries
 Streaming Services:Netflix US & UK libraries
 Coupons:Betternet VPN Coupon 39% OFF

Betternet VPN Pros & Cons


  • Good speeds
  • Unblocks the US and UK Netflix Libraries
  • Easy to Use


  • Based in the US
  • Let’s not kill the mechanical man, macOS, and iOS
  • Lacks additional options
  • Very inconsistent speeds

Speed Performance: is Betternet Fast?

Our impression of the speed of Betternet is that it is incredibly inconsistent and that the protocols are poorly enforced.

However, VPN speed can be a difficult characteristic to review, and any measurement result is very much related to the situation, the user’s network affiliation, and a variety of alternative factors. To solve this problem, we measured speeds in many different locations and compared them to the benchmark speed, thus deciding the overall approximate speed of a VPN provider.

An alternative issue that we tend to measure was ping. Ping is very important for network calls, live streaming, gaming, and something that requires the least amount of delay. 50ms to 100ms is an average ping, and anything below twenty is an exceptionally low ping. anything over 100ms, the delay becomes unhealthy. and the worse the delay, the more serious the communication with your colleagues and friends through calls, the more serious the online gaming experience, etc. You get the idea: a coffee ping is the best ping.

Baseline: 1 ms ping, 300 Mbps download/300 Mbps transfer

Visit Betternet VPN

Hydra Protocol

LocationPing (ms)Download speedUpload speed
US (NY)110144.6832.63

IKEv2 Protocol

LocationPing (ms)Download SpeedUpload Speed
US (NY)10832.22102.81

Free Version

Ping (ms)Download SpeedUpload Speed

At one point in the speed test, there was some confusion as to whether Betternet had its protocols mislabeled. Hydra, which should have had a higher speed, was, in fact, worse than expected in the performing arts.

However, when it comes to fast commitment, we tend to conclude that this may simply be a result of the poor implementation and inconsistencies mentioned above.

Overall, it cannot be said at all that Betternet VPN offers the simplest or perhaps highest speeds of any of its rivals on the market. Because Betternet is often labeled as the hotspot protection scam and uses constant technologies, protocols, and servers, the speed inconsistencies are a bit surprising and unsatisfying.

Streaming: Does Betternet VPN Work with Netflix?

Betternet works with Netflix in the US and also in the UK. It unlocks libraries and allows you to view exclusive content from those countries.

However, it’s not the simplest VPN for accessing most geo-restricted content on alternative platforms, according to our tests.

NetflixUS & UK Libraries
BBC iPlayerno

Betternet VPN not only doesn’t make it easy to unblock other streaming services, like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or DAZN, but load times are phenomenally long. However, it will most likely come down to the inconsistent speeds mentioned above.

However, there is a consolation beneath this flowing dark cloud. Once your content finally loads, the standard is mostly smart and streams are not buffered. however, you cannot force it to work all the time. This may again be due to speed inconsistencies, as in a short time connections suddenly become extremely slow and do not facilitate streaming.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Betternet VPN for this explicit purpose when it comes to streaming.

Is Betternet VPN Good For Torrenting?

Based on our tests, torrenting is fine with Betternet VPN. The speeds are real, hovering around 3 Mb/s. though it is vital to note that such torrent download speed is considerably lower than that of alternative VPN providers.

On the contrary, it is as if Betternet VPN allows torrenting on all its servers. this can be a pretty smart issue as a VPN provider, hence Betternet approval for that.

However, for a good speed comparison, we tend to do a speed test with no P2P traffic. Here, we tend to notice a modification. The transfer speed, previously 3 Mb/s, was currently 11 Mb/s. This distinction between transfer speeds with and without P2P traffic is large enough to allow the US to cautiously assume that Betternet VPN could speed up torrenting traffic.

In general, while torrenting is doable with Betternet VPN, it is by no means the simplest VPN for P2P traffic.

Betternet VPN Features

Betternet VPN has the quality options of each VPN. However, some of the more advanced ones are only found in the premium version of the Windows app. Android, iOS, and macOS are very simple and do not include any of the following:

Protocol Selection

Protocol Selection Review-Itis
Protocol Selection

The premium version of Betternet VPN on Windows allows you to choose which secret script protocol you want your traffic to travel through. the choice of protocols, as elegant as it sounds, is not a top choice. there is the standard IKEv2 secret writing protocol and also the Hotspot Catapult Hydra protection signature.

IKEv2 allows you to reconnect without rebooting if your membership is interrupted (when you switch between mobile data and wireless LAN, for example). It’s fast, streaming-appropriate, and mobile-friendly thanks to intensive support.

Catapult Hydra, a protocol used by Hotspot Protect, is somewhat mysterious and secure. Not much thought is given to it, apart from it appearing on lists of the fastest protocols on the market.

IP Leak Prevention

IP Leak Review-Itis
IP Leak

Anonymous and secure browsing with a VPN is achieved by hiding the initial computer address. If there is AN hack, all that rerouting and connection to alternate servers is wasted. Computer leak interference ensures that your original computer address remains hidden whenever you use a VPN.

IP leak interference could be a common feature of all VPN services, AND it’s smart to understand that Betternet is no exception. It’s also absolutely working, that could be a and.


Autoconnect Review-Itis

Auto Connect is the feature that enables automatic VPN enrollment once you encounter public or unsafe networks. Public networks do not usually have a high level of security and are easily hackable. The auto connect function is beneficial when traveling, as it is unavoidable to connect to the public wireless local area network in cafes, hotels, and airports. If the feature is turned on, you won’t have to worry about security as the VPN can be connected by default.

Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling Review-Itis
Split Tunneling

Betternet calls split tunneling domain exclusion. Split tunneling is beneficial if you want to remain anonymous online and, for example, stream a game or show in constant time without interruption. Using a VPN slows down your web and can cause streams to buffer. However, with split tunneling, you will be able to exclude certain domains from VPN traffic. Your stream is then routed out of the VPN tunnel, providing so-so web speed.

Is Betternet VPN Safe?

Betternet VPN is not secure, because it employs labor-intensive policies. On top of that, it doesn’t have a kill switch (except on Windows), which can be a very important feature for any reputable VPN to possess. On the other hand, it uses constant cryptography protocols such as Hotspot protection, which are considered safe and reliable.


As for the encryption of your traffic, in addition to the Catapult Hydra protocol, Betternet VPN also employs the standard AES-256bit cryptography. meaning these protocols are recognized and recognized within the trade as absolutely decent and capable of high-level cryptography. Nothing to worry about in this aspect of Betternet security.


This is a feature of Betternet VPN that raises some privacy concerns for users. The privacy policy of Aura, and later Betternet, states that they are not “logging your VPN browsing activities in any way associated with it.” Betternet makes it pretty clear that you can’t share any distinctive information with ad networks or government agencies because you don’t have it. Sounds good, right?

However, there are other things that Betternet will track. for example, it derives such information from the user’s approximate geographic location, as well as data about their ISP. In addition, they jointly record the duration of the sessions and the measurement of the data consumed, the domains visited (on an associated anonymized basis) and the hashes of the device, all for surveillance, support, service improvement, and sales functions.

This sounds pretty affordable. However, it has long been established in the VPN world that the easiest working policy to use if you want to gain your customer’s trust is the final no-logs policy. There are other VPNs on the market that do not record the user’s location, data that measures consumption, and the other information mentioned above.

And while the information Betternet VPN will record doesn’t seem incriminating, I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself if this level of tracking is appropriate for you.


Betternet is based in the United States of America, which means that according to the law of the United States of America, the VPN provider is legally obliged to provide information about its users to government agencies. there is nothing that one does that, the law is the law and other people must comply with it. However, if you want to make sure your online activities go unnoticed, choosing a VPN that is primarily located in the United States of America is probably not your best option.

Servers & Locations

Betternet offers servers in eighty countries around the world, but that’s for premium version users. If you are using the free version, the number of locations is limited to just ten while you do not have the option to choose specific sites.

The regions with the most prominent countries are Europe and Asia with the Pacific region:

Regions:Number of Countries:
Asia Pacific28
The Americas16
Africa & Middle East7

Betternet also keeps the number of servers a secret, but it’s safe to assume it’s around 1800, just like with Hotspot coverage, which is a pretty reasonable range. Still, different VPN providers are likely to provide a lot of larger networks of servers, spanning over 3,000 servers worldwide.

Plans & Pricing

Betternet VPN comes with a free version and a premium version. The latter comes with more options, such as a wider selection of possible locations, higher speeds, and five synchronous membership options. However, it comes out on the pricier side when placed alongside its rival VPNs on the market.

The good news is that you’ll only get the premium version for free per week, so there’s no need to commit from the start.

Premium SubscriptionPrice
1 weekFree Trial
1 month$12.99
1 year$7.99/month

Free Version

As for voice communication, if it is free, the user is that product. Previously, Betternet VPN bought its free users by creating display ads for them. while now that’s not the case (I didn’t find any ads except the ones expected from the premium version), nowadays free users are restricted to only 500MB per day.

The free version of Betternet VPN is great for smaller, occasional browsing that doesn’t need good speed, but not much else. The only good thing about the free version is that you don’t need to create an associated account to use it, but this is true for many free VPNs.

In general, the free version is not that nice and I would not suggest victimizing it.

User Interface & Ease of Use

User Interface & Ease of Use Review-Itis
User Interface & Ease of Use

The style of the computer program is incredibly easy, clean, and simple to navigate. Connecting to a server is a click away, and you’ll see different options such as customer support, settings, and streaming mode via the menu in the top left corner of your screen.

Betternet VPN uses a nearly constant interface for all of its operating systems, as well as iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows. Such a selection is attractive since it does not require the user to familiarize himself with navigation and once again switch between completely different devices.

Another cool feature is the cute animations and drawings, which make the user experience much more rewarding.

However, there is a distinction regarding the options. The premium Windows app has additional options to the apps for the other operating systems. These include a kill switch, protocol choice, and others. These additional options are reviewed in more detail in Betternet’s VPN options section.

Customer Support

Customer Support Review-Itis
Customer Support

24/7 customer support which is in the market via live chat or phone calls is mostly considered an important feature of any VPN provider who wants to make it in the market.

Betternet VPN does not have 24/7 customer support, no live chat, and no ability to contact customer support agents by phone. Instead, it appears that free users are restricted to the listing section on the official Betternet VPN website.

Paid users have the option to contact support via email. However, this feature in mobile apps is designed morbidly.

For the high-quality support that Betternet VPN has regarding its premium subscription page, it is by no means the simplest and not the cheapest.

Is Betternet VPN Any Good?

To be fair, there are much better options than Betternet VPN. the lovely interface doesn’t structure what the service lacks.

Despite all the claims regarding high speeds and unblocking of streaming content, Betternet VPN does not fit the bill. Speeds aren’t that fast and extremely inconsistent, and it unlocks only some of Netflix’s libraries, regardless of other streaming platforms.

Speaking of additional options like split tunneling and kill switch, only the Windows version has them, so if you’re using the other OS, you’re out of luck.

In short, Betternet VPN has nothing that the other VPN providers do not have, considering both the free and premium versions. it’s okay to encrypt your information when you’re just casually browsing, but not much else.


Is Betternet VPN Free?

Betternet VPN contains a free version, but it limits your data size to 500MB per day. It also allows you to only connect to a random US server, which is not good if you want to use the VPN to stream or access other geo-blocked content.
However, as is often the case with free VPNs, they also advertise the premium subscription, with which you get unlimited data and servers in eighty countries to connect to.

Can Betternet VPN Be Trusted?

Betternet VPN is mostly considered a reliable VPN as it is under US jurisdiction and owned by a US-based company. Also, it uses Hotspot Shield technologies which are not the worst in the sense of security.

Does Betternet work in China?

Betternet VPN does not add China. It does not have the necessary obfuscation options to bypass the good Firewall. If you are looking for a VPN to use in China, Betternet is not the one to go for.

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