OVH Review (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

This company is one of the world’s largest providers of servers and cloud hosting, trusted by more than 1.3 million customers. The company was founded in 1999 in France and already offers services worldwide: 28 knowledge centers hosting 300,000 servers on four continents.

The team is capturing a growing audience due to its own fiber-optic network with a speed of twenty Tbit/s of worldwide network capacity, useful cloud-based plans, and many different solutions for Internet projects of any size.

In this OVH review, you can see the help that this hosting provider often offers you. Despite all the OVH reviews available online, you will have some doubts. However, can this hosting improve your site’s ranking on the program’s results pages?

Let’s take a closer look:

General Info & OVH Review:

Rating: ⭐Our Verdict: 3.0 ⭐⭐⭐
Uptime guarantee:99.9%
Server response time:160 ms
Support options:Dynamic, persistent storage,
Multi-site manageability (from five to 500),
High Manageability SSD,
Let’s register the SSL Certificate,
A courtesy domain name for the first year,
Detailed statistics, traffic observation, and different automatic systems,
Commodities of AI computing power and cubic centimeters, etc.
Hosting plans:Private/Public Cloud, Optimized for CMS, Dedicated Servers, VPS, Hosted Email Exchange
CMSs:Strong knowledge base, 24/7 support via phone, email, live chat, and multi-level support (standard, premium, commercial, enterprise)
Features:Dynamic persistent storage,
Multi-site manageability (from five to 500),
High Manageability SSD,
Let’s register the SSL Certificate,
A courtesy domain name for the first year,
Detailed statistics, traffic observation, and different automatic systems,
Commodities of AI computing power and cubic centimeters, etc.
Servers location:North America (Beauharnois, Vint Hill), Europe (Paris, London, Frankfurt, Strasbourg, Gravelines, Roubaix, Warsaw), Geographic Region (Singapore), Australia (Sydney)
Starting price:$4.39/a month

OVH Pros & Cons

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ A feature-rich provider with many alternative services (hosting, domain names, emails, etc.).
✅ High-speed affiliation to the worldwide network with a total capacity of twelve Tbit/s.
✅ Extremely secure knowledge centers around the world.
✅ Anti-DDoS infrastructures to cover against attacks.
✅ Unlimited monthly traffic.
✅ Daily knowledge backup and on-demand recovery.
⛔ Servers run on average quite quickly throughout Europe; however, in America, square measure speeds are greatly above average.
⛔ A restricted variety of pre-installed content management systems.
⛔ Low level of customer service work, apart from support from influencers for an additional fee.
⛔ Several options for an additional fee.
⛔ Not the fastest way to cancel your OVH account and get a refund.

When to Use OVH Hosting

OVH could be a win-win possibility for those whose products need to scale quickly and easily and work with high performance. Such is the typical square measurement of large companies. The company has extensive experience in the market, is not inheritable over time, and knows how to facilitate big players in any business.

But people who want to quickly and easily launch their website, or even several at the same time (remember about multisite support), should also take a closer look at this feature.

With low costs on all plans, it makes it easy to access them for all users who are interested in the superior quality of hosting services. With the help of OVH, it will be easy to customize any project, keep it updated and expand technical capabilities, making it an honest hosting provider to start your Internet project from scratch.

When Not to Use OVH Hosting

It is not the most demanded hosting provider among people who are just starting their journey in developing and launching online services. Some options, like hybrid and multi-cloud solutions, may or may not be necessary for budding bloggers or some startups.

And in such use cases, for example, a network with a high measure of information is not required. Although it is for that and many other superior features that you can only pay for. Furthermore, several of the planned solutions need a comprehensive set of information for successful operations.


In this OVH hosting review, we have a tendency to specialize in professional opinions once in-depth reviews of feature performance and repair quality are titled.

OVH Performance

The server hardware and software package elements are of the highest quality and up to date with the latest technology. This only incorporates a positive impact on SEO. Inexpensive hardware can offer faster response times and faster loading of pages with content of varying complexity. With the additional software package, you earn twice the specified result.

For example, with an intelligent CDN (content delivery network) that can be fully integrated into your hosting setup for an additional fee, you can significantly improve the performance of your CMS and get an optimal user experience.

Due to the updated versions of PHP supported by OVH, you can enjoy additional performance and stability.

There are completely different rate plans that contain the parameters of basic and additional services that you can incorporate for the mandatory performance.

OVH Speed Test Results

Speed ​​is one of the factors in program rating, i.e. the sum of server reaction time, server performance, and server load. The shorter the load time, the faster your resource should load for users.

This is essential for a better user experience, and many reviews have connected slow sites with lower conversion rates. For more than a month, we have been closely monitoring the speed of OVH victimization on Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. What can we see?

TestAverage Loading Time
GTmetrix test3.1s
Pingdom test1.22s
PageSpeed Insights (Google)4.8s

On average, OVH performed well, with a median load time of 3.04 seconds. Should be slower than other providers, however, this variety is in optimal speed ranges for SEO.

OVH Uptime Guarantees

The high time period of the website allows search engines to frequently index the location and increase its position. What is offered on The insured term is 99.90%, supported by the OVH SLA (Service Level Agreement).

Therefore, they guarantee a minimum period of time of 99.9% (without regular maintenance). This corresponds to an unplanned time period of 1.44 minutes per day or 0.9 hours per month. That is not vital for SEO actions and metrics.

OVH Server Response Time

It is necessary to see the reaction time of the OVH server. This is the time until the memory unit is received from the main computer of the online page once the buyer sends an invitation letter. The lower this indicator is, the faster the browser can start loading the page. What will the OVH check show with a special tool – Bitcatcha?

It is optimal when the server’s reaction time does not reach 200 ms, and we see that the common indicator is 4-5 times lower, which allows the U.S. to speak with confidence of OVH as a reliable and fast hosting. The server response speed is influenced by the type of hosting, specifically its capacity, server load, software package, and accessible resources.

How to change a hosting provider to OVH?

If you choose to migrate your website to OVH, you can avoid service interruption. First, confirm that you have administrator rights to the website and its domain. Also, don’t forget to create a full backup of your website. Second, request a hosting setup online.

Third, host your website on the web using the OVH repository (via FTP), create new OVH information via your Dashboard, and import your website files into it. Please note that all this can be fixed with the help of qualified technical support.

OVH Types & Pricing

Several services are available on the list, so you can see various packages on by searching for the project’s needs. They take topics from project to project to be started. This is why it is considered by many to be a viable option.

The OVH valuation is extremely competitive, and the plans cover most providers. Browse, from which you will be able to opt for a package of services on the spot.

Public Cloud

A wide variety of OVH cloud solutions can support and grow your business from time to time. Take full advantage of the flexibility of on-demand resources to scale from small businesses to large enterprises.

Starting value is $29/month or $0.0813/hour. With pay-as-you-go, you get a terrifyingly competitive price-to-performance ratio.

CMS Optimised Web Hosting

Are you making progress to increase your company’s presence on the web using WordPress, Joomla, or another content management system (CMS)? OVH offers some simple website hosting solutions. Opt for them according to specific criteria of needs: individual and business accommodation.

OVH Review - CMS Optimised Web Hosting

This is a good pick if you have a multi-site project, 500-500. Starting price is $4.39/mo but will go up to $13.19/mo depending on the resources needed.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Unlike shared hosting, the knowledge is isolated on a virtual machine completely dedicated to the user. OVH VPS is good thanks to cheap internet hosting plans and top reliable physical servers. It’s simple to manage the server’s physical hardware.

OVH Review - Virtual Private Servers

Starting at $4.20/mo, you can get basic VPS solutions (such as 2 GB of storage and 250 Mbps of bandwidth). But it’s worth considering additional costs that aren’t included in the packages (for example, automatic backups for $6.44/mo).

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server with cloud computing power allows all of the machine’s accessible RAM, storage, and processing power to be used only as needed by the project. This answer is available as a vacant metal cloud at OVH.

Dedicated Servers - OVH Review

The team ensures the physical comfort of all the mandatory resources of the machine, unlike virtual servers supported by simple solutions. A private network (vRack) with up to 10 Gbps speeds allows you to connect a fanatic server to your infrastructure or perhaps hardware RAID.


Since the terrible beginnings of OVH, security has been one of the first topics of the groups that design, operate, and develop services. For example, AN SSL certificate offers you a lot of security and much higher performance.

OVH uses hardware firewalls to protect its server from attacks. DDoS protection, included in all OVH services, offers a strong, persistent response to distributed denial of service attacks. In the case of AN attack, your actions will not be affected.


Many have completely different opinions about the technical support offered. If you want technical advice on some simple queries, you have access to a detailed mind object with chunked guides.

Plus, rest assured that a certified support team will also help you via phone, email, and live chat. Minor delays in responses were detected. This could be why the location offers multiple levels of support for additional fees.

You can heal responses to queries associated with the business and different areas outside the scope of the team’s responsibility.

OVH Quick Facts

Website migrationnot included
FreeAnti-DDoS options, let’s write in SSL code, domain for the first year
DashboardNon-Public Hosted Cloud Electrical Device
Email accountssearching in the chosen arrangement
Bandwidthfrom 500 Mbit/s to unmetered
Webspaceranging from 100 GB to unlimited
CDNordered an additional fee
Hidden fees and clauseswithout hidden prices

Do We Recommend OVH?

Considering all the points of, we could recommend this hosting only for people who value the fast lightness of the cloud, which is vital for promoting aggressive business. And while the service provider has cheap plans for those who come easily, hosting will seem terribly difficult for those with very little experience with cloud hosting.


What extras do I buy with OVH?

Extras like a Let’s Write SSL certificate and Anti-DDoS protection are included in all plans. However, most of them are scalable for later payments. You will be able to receive more products and services, such as a website name, convenience checker and registry, private infrastructures, automatic backups, AI and ML, and many other solutions.

Can I get a website through OVH?

Yes, you will be able to search and get a website with various accessible extensions. To safeguard transactions and transfers, OVH works as a trusted third party.

Is it possible for me to upgrade my OVH plan at any time?

Yes, you can modify your contract AND switch to an annual subscription at any time through the OVHcloud control panel. The request is completed according to performance plans.

Is OVH suitable for beginners?

This can be useful for newbies who want to adopt multisite features and are looking to grow a chop-chop. In constant time, it is necessary that they need a little expertise to know all the fine print of hosting.

Is customer service multilingual?

No, only in English.

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