The 5 Best Ways To Travel From Rome To Florence in (2024)

Are you planning a trip from Rome to Florence and wondering about the best ways to travel between these two beautiful cities? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are our top picks for the best ways to travel from Rome to Florence.

First up, there’s the high-speed train, the fastest and most comfortable option for those who want to reach their destination quickly. If you want to save money, traveling by long-distance bus is also a viable option. And for even bigger savings without missing out on the scenic views, you can take the local buses and trains.

But that’s not all! For those who value speed and convenience, weekly flights between Rome and Florence are available. And if you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in the culture and history of Florence, you can also join organized tours with expert guides who can show you the best corners of the city.

Speaking of Florence, did you know that it’s commonly regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance and one of the best destinations in Italy for art lovers? This stunning city is located in the Tuscany region and offers a plethora of sights to see and experiences to enjoy. While it’s possible to do a day trip from Rome, we recommend staying overnight to truly soak in the beauty and charm of this ancient city.

So, traveling to Florence to see notable art, discover local design, or explore the Tuscan countryside are the best ways to travel from Rome to Florence.

List of the 5 Best Ways To Travel From Rome To Florence

From Rome to Florence by Tour

From Rome to Florence by Tour - Review-Itis
The 5 Best Ways To Travel From Rome To Florence in (2024)

If you want to go to Florence on a day trip. Then come to Rome, a tour of Florence and the city center from Rome is the right answer. Plus, this tour also takes you into the inner city for some extra nice memories.

This 12-hour round-trip tour starts at 7 am. m. in the heart of Rome (hotel pickup is also offered for centrally located hotels). Where your communicative guide associated with the driver can assist you on a cool bus. From here, you’ll drive south for 3.5 hours. Take in the views of olive groves and, thus, the sounds of the river’s watercourse as you traverse the Tuscan region.

The Duomo city center is your first stop on your thanks to Florence. Followed by Piazza Dei Miracoli and, therefore, the San Juan city center fountain. You’ll then make a quick stop at the Downtown Tower. Located just behind the cathedral, where you’ll take some photos of the world-famous bell tower.

From here, your journey continues until you arrive in Florence. Where you’ll have the opportunity to see several Renaissance masterpieces, as well as the Accademia Gallery. Home to Michelangelo’s famous David sculpture. You’ll also stop to see Florence’s Duomo and Giotto’s Tower. Plus, the medieval Ponte Vecchio over the Arno River and Piazza Della Signoria,

From Rome to Florence by Train

From Rome to Florence by Train - Review-Itis
The 5 Best Ways To Travel From Rome To Florence in (2024)

The Frecciarossa high-speed train (also known as the “red arrow train”) is the fastest, thanks to covering the route between Rome and Florence. Although not the most profitable.

These trendy trains travel between Rome and Florence at a speed of almost three hundred kilometers per hour and take around 90 minutes to reach their destination. Frecciarossa trains return equipped with cool cars, coffee cars, Wi-Fi, and electrical stores. Purchasing drinks and snacks from a food cart is also possible without taking your seat.

Another good possibility is that ItaloTreno, which offers four different categories (called “Travel Environments”), bets on how much|what proportion|how much} comfort you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it. : Sensitive Government, Comfort, Premium, and Club. The sensible thing is that it’s the least expensive option. With comfortable reclining animal skin seats, free Wi-Fi, and a snack space with vending machines. The comfort is comparable, however. It adds extra legroom and allows you to choose individual seats if you want more privacy.

Prima (the one corresponding to 1st Class) offers a quick arrival in Track, a welcome service with snacks, coffee, and drinks, and more spacious and relaxed seats. Club Ambiance is the ultimate possibility, with an in-station Club Lounge, in-flight work service, personal screens for each seat for you to watch movies and spacious lounge seating.

If price may be a concern. There are also cheaper regional trains on the market on this route. However, they take much longer and sometimes need at least one means of change, while high-speed trains are direct.

If you plan to take the train many times while in the Italian Republic, the associated Italian Republic Rail Pass can save both time and money. Otherwise, you’ll also save money on high-speed trains by buying your tickets as early as possible (at least a week in advance for the best prices).

Trains depart from Roma Tiburtina or Roma Termini stations at 5:35 am. m. until 9:30 p.m. m. There are trains every half hour so if you miss one or didn’t get an advance price ticket you’ll sit for the next one though keep in mind high-speed trains do need a seat reservation so it will not be possible to simply move one if you lose yours.

Take a day train if possible, enjoying views of the picturesque Tuscany region along the way.

All trains arrive at the new terminal in the city of Santa Maria. From there, you can access public transportation to reach any destination in the intervals of the city.

From Rome to Florence by Bus

From Rome to Florence by Bus - Review-Itis
The 5 Best Ways To Travel From Rome To Florence in (2024)

Buses are the cheapest means of transport between Rome and Florence and one of the most convenient, as there are more than twenty buses a day that make the trip from one city to the other.

The buses leave from the Roma Tiburtina or Roma Anagnina bus stations and arrive at the Via Santa Caterina fiscal Siena metropolis or the A1 metropolis bus station. The route will take between three and a half hours and {5} hours, depending on which buses you select and if they make stops in between.

Baltour, Flixbus, and Eurolines France all travel on this route. With tickets starting in the single digits if you go ahead and select off-peak hours (very early-morning tickets and late-night tickets tend to be cheaper since they are additional).

The first bus on this route leaves Rome at 1:40 am and the last at 11:35 pm. Bound for Florence in the following period.

From Rome to Florence by Plane

From Rome to Florence by Plane - Review-Itis
The 5 Best Ways To Travel From Rome To Florence in (2024)

There are an average of 4 flights a week from Rome to Florence. All departing from Rome Fiumicino Airfield (FCO) and inland from Florence Airfield (FLR). The route is only served by Alitalia Airlines, the flag carrier of the Italian Republic: affordable airlines like RyanAir and JetAir don’t fly on this route. This means you won’t be able to notice low-cost flights regardless of the time of year. Fly.

While the flight from Rome to Florence takes only 55 minutes. You need a 30-minute ride on the categorical train of engineers near the landing field. The train leaves from Rome’s terminal terminus, Termini, every half hour. If you increase the arrival and security time, requesting a train between the cities would be quicker, so keep this in mind when considering your options.

If you are more interested in flying into Florence. You may need to take a taxi or take the Volainbus shuttle to get to the city once you arrive. The buses leave the landing field every half hour and arrive at the new Santa María terminal twenty minutes later. From here, guests will take a taxi or walk to their favorite destinations in Florence.

From Rome to Florence by Car

From Rome to Florence by Car - Review-Itis
The 5 Best Ways To Travel From Rome To Florence in (2024)

The drive from Rome to Florence is spectacularly beautiful. Yet it is also 274 kilometers long if you don’t build any stops. That’s a little over 3 hours in smart traffic, so probably not ideal for a daily commute. However, if you’re staying overnight, it’s worth renting a car. So you’ll enjoy the sweetness of rural Tuscany and make plenty of stops along the way for some great photo opportunities.

Most of the journey is on the Autostrada (A1), a toll road. So have money (euros) or your open credit ready once you reach a toll booth. Also, keep in mind that every time you leave the highway to explore a city or attraction. You’ll receive another toll tag when you re-enter.

The city of Orvieto, with its splendid Italian history and views of the Tuscan countryside, is worth its time. The town of Cortona. Which is depicted in the novel and movie Under the Tuscan Sun, is another option.

Note that you usually can’t park in the city center. So having a car can be inconvenient once you get to a city (and you’ll need constant trouble in the city center of Florence). To avoid wasting time and headaches, look online for parking areas ahead of time. So you’ll drive straight there once you arrive.

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