360 Total Security Antivirus Review In (2024): Features, Pricing & More!

360 Total Security, established in 2014, offers a range of antivirus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware protection solutions.

With its array of additional features such as webcam protection, sandbox, and keylogger blocking, among others, it presents itself as a comprehensive package.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

Furthermore, tools like Data Shredder, Privacy Cleaner, and the Driver Updater contribute to maintaining your device in optimal condition.

It’s important to note that while the company combines antivirus engines from Avira and Bitdefender, it may not match the performance of these standalone engines. Nonetheless, one can appreciate the abundance of advanced features aimed at safeguarding internet-connected devices.

Overview of 360 Total Security Antivirus Review

360 Total Security, an antivirus developed by the esteemed Chinese internet security powerhouse Qihoo 360 Technology, has garnered an impressive user base of over 500 million individuals worldwide, with an additional 600 million relying on their mobile antivirus solution.

This freemium antivirus tool offers users the choice to upgrade to the paid version, which, at an annual cost of $14.99, unlocks a range of valuable add-on features such as a firewall, file shredder, driver updater, and disk analyzer, among others.

Despite offering a wealth of features, our research suggests that 360 Total Security falls short of the exceptional anti-malware protection provided by renowned brands like Norton or Kaspersky (Kaspersky priced at $59.95).

It’s important to note that the brand hasn’t undergone recent independent lab tests. Nonetheless, their cloud-based engines diligently monitor your system around the clock, ensuring real-time threat detection to keep you safeguarded.

How to Set It Up and Uninstall

Installing this antivirus is a breeze, but be cautious as it includes additional software during the installation process. Stay vigilant and keep an eye out.

1) Download the installation file from the official website.

2) Double click the file and select the checkboxes as needed.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

3) The installation is quick compared to all other antiviruses that we’ve tested. Just follow the steps on your screen. Once the installation is completed, you’ll see a welcome screen.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

4) Click on Start, and you’ll be taken to a screen where the antivirus recommends you to download and install recommended apps. Click on Select None and close the window to be redirected to the dashboard.

To remove the software from your Windows device, please follow these steps: Access the Apps and Programs feature on your device and proceed with the uninstallation process.

  • Select the program called “360 Total Security” from your list of installed applications.
  • Locate the “Uninstall” option for 360 Total Security and click on it.
  • Keep an eye out for a pop-up message that asks if you want to remove the antivirus permanently. Make sure to click “Yes” to proceed with the uninstallation process.
  • After the uninstallation is complete, it’s recommended to restart your device.
  • Once your device has restarted, check for any leftover files or folders related to the program.
  • If you find any redundant files or folders, go ahead and delete them to ensure a complete removal of 360 Total Security from your device.


When it comes to antivirus platforms, 360 Total Security stands out with its impressive array of robust features and a combination of top-tier core antivirus engines. If you desire a comprehensive suite that effortlessly maintains your device’s security, Total Security is the ideal choice.

The premium version particularly shines with its remarkable attributes, including multi-layered ransomware protection, real-time malware protection, anti-phishing capabilities, Sandbox for secure testing, document guard, firewall, browser protection, and a host of other valuable features. It’s an all-encompassing solution designed to provide utmost security and peace of mind.


Money-back GuaranteeYes, up to 30 days from the date of purchase
Free Version✔️
PlatformWindows, macOS, Android
Parental Controls
Email Protection
VPN Services
Smartphone Optimizer✔️
USD Virus Scans✔️
Automated Virus Scans✔️
Game Mode✔️
Safe Browser
Passive Mode✔️

Threat Protection

Adware Prevention


360 Total Security goes beyond being just a virus scanner by offering a powerful speedup and cleaning engine that optimizes your device’s performance.

By removing unnecessary startup programs and directories, it ensures a smoother and faster experience. An added benefit is the visual chart that displays the average boot time of your device, enabling you to track progress as you disable redundant startup programs that contribute to slow boot times.

We particularly appreciated the flexibility of Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Custom Scan options, allowing us to hand-pick specific files and folders for scanning. Furthermore, the product sets itself apart by offering a choice of different scan engines, distinguishing it from its highly competitive counterparts in the market.


PlanPriceNumber of Devices
Top Features
360 Total Security Premium$26.993First-Priority Support, Firewall, Ad Blocker, Sandbox.
360 Total SecurityFree1Wi-Fi Security Checkup, Device Cleanup, Device Speed Up.
360 Total Security EssentialFree1System Protection, Privacy Protection, Internet Protection.


360 Total Security maintains cost-effective pricing options. While the free versions offer most of the essential capabilities, they do have certain limitations. The sole premium plan, priced at around $26.99 per year, covers up to 3 devices.

The company hasn’t rolled out any enticing discounts or promotions, mainly because the free versions perform equally well based on our testing experience.

When upgrading to the premium version, customers receive a 30-day money-back guarantee. Opting for a longer subscription duration proves to be advantageous in terms of pricing. For example, a 3-year plan costs approximately $52.98 instead of $107.94, and a 2-year plan is priced at $ 47.58 instead of $71.96

The pricing is competitive, but we recommend considering the capabilities of the core antivirus engine rather than focusing solely on the add-ons before making a decision.

Privacy and Security


360 Total Security Antivirus prioritizes privacy protection with its impressive range of add-ons. We were pleased with the customizable options, allowing us to select features like ransomware and keylogger blocking.

The internet protection feature includes real-time scanning for downloaded files, the ability to block malicious websites, and secure online shopping. While the company offers four core protection modes, it lacks advanced privacy features such as a personal firewall, VPN, and parental controls found in brands like Bullguard and ESET.

However, features like Privacy Cleaner and Data Shredder enhance privacy protections, adding a valuable touch.


360 Total Security claims to provide advanced security by utilizing multiple core antivirus engines. In addition to Avira and Bitdefender engines, they incorporate their proprietary Cloud Scan engine, System Repair engine, and QVMII AI Engine to ensure comprehensive protection against ransomware and malware.

The sandbox feature, which is rarely seen in antivirus software, is exceptionally powerful and sets 360 Total Security apart. While standalone sandbox utilities are available, having Sandbox integrated into the toolset of 360 Total Security makes it more accessible for the average user.

However, since the company hasn’t undergone testing since 2017, we remain uncertain about the effectiveness of their malware and threat protection claims.

Performance and Protection

360 Total Security has not been included in recent tests conducted by third-party testing labs.

However, based on their performance in the AV-Test Product Review and Certification Report from September/October 2017, the antivirus, utilizing the Avira and Bitdefender engine, only managed to detect 91.7% of 202 samples in real-world testing and 0-day malware attacks.

This falls significantly below the industry average of 99.0%. With a final score of 4 out of 6, it lags behind the competition.

Malware Protection

One of the notable advantages of the cloud-based system in 360 Total Security is its ability to track threats in real-time and continuously update the database.

The built-in cloud engine, known as 360 Cloud Scanner, utilizes checksum technology and works in conjunction with the QVM AI preventative protection system to provide enhanced security. This engine constantly monitors the system, keeping a close eye on any suspicious activities.

However, despite the company’s claims of using industry-leading engines, it has received a relatively low test score. While the software does a decent job of safeguarding your system from malware, there is still ample room for improvement.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

Ransomware Detection

When it comes to safeguarding users against the growing threat of phishing websites, Total Security excels. It demonstrated comparable results to Webroot and Bitdefender, effectively blocking all suspicious URLs.

Additionally, its online shopping security feature automatically activates when accessing eCommerce websites, providing an added layer of protection. The antivirus performs admirably in protecting against hijacking and keylogging, contributing to a satisfactory defense against external threats and ransomware.

The inclusion of valuable features like the registry cleaner and Sandbox further enhances the overall experience, making Total Security an antivirus worth appreciating.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

Phishing Detection

Total Security’s phishing detection capabilities have impressed us greatly. It effortlessly identifies fraudulent emails and insecure pages, providing robust protection against phishing attempts. The browser extensions available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Yandex, and Opera further enhance security by safeguarding users from malicious websites.

In addition to these features, the software includes scanning for downloaded files and online shopping protection. For those seeking an extra layer of privacy, a VPN service is available for an additional cost.

Based on our tests, we can confidently state that Total Security matches the quality of industry leaders like Norton and Bitdefender when it comes to detecting and blocking phishing sites.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

Spyware Detection

Protection against spyware is a paramount concern, and 360 Total Security excels in this regard. Its multi-layered security approach ensures that your device remains safeguarded against all types of spyware. Notably, the antivirus includes an active keylogger blocking feature and an anti-crypto miner extension, both at no additional cost.

With a combination of five advanced security engines and cloud-based technology, your device and data receive real-time protection. However, it falls short in certain areas, lacking essential features such as a virtual keyboard and a dedicated safe pay feature.

Based on our tests, there is significant room for improvement, and it doesn’t quite match up to well-established brands like F-Secure or Avast in these specific areas.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

Firewall Protection

Total Security differentiates itself from other brands like TotalAV by not offering extensive firewall protection as a standalone feature. Instead, it serves as an add-on to enhance the capabilities of the device’s default firewall.

The firewall in Total Security is designed to monitor application bandwidth usage, regulate overall traffic, and block suspicious Internet access applications, resulting in a more secure and efficient network communication experience. We particularly appreciated the built-in virus scan feature, which enables users to identify unsafe Internet connections.

Additionally, it works silently in the background, blocking suspicious access and preventing malware from compromising personal data or consuming network bandwidth.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

Lab Test Results

360 Total Security Antivirus has undergone limited testing in recent years, raising concerns about the validity of the company’s claims regarding malware detection and other threats. In the September and October 2017 AV-Test, it fell short by only detecting 91.7% of 202 samples, while the industry average was 99.0%. The software received a cumulative score of 13/18, indicating its performance in areas of Protection, Performance, and Usability was subpar.

Furthermore, in the July to September 2017 SE Labs Home Anti-Malware Protection Tests, it ranked at the bottom of the list with a low 74% total accuracy. Comparatively, top performers like Kaspersky and ESET achieved 100% total accuracy. It’s worth noting that these tests likely focused solely on the native engines of 360 Total Security, without assistance from Bitdefender or Avira. Additionally, the initial deep scans can be time-consuming, taking up to an hour and consuming significant device resources. Considering the test scores, 360 Total Security may not provide the level of accuracy necessary for comprehensive device protection.

Ease of Use and Interface

The setup process for this antivirus is a breeze. A simple installation file quickly downloads the necessary system data and unpacks them as required. The user interface (UI) caught our attention with its clean and well-organized layout.

The options are neatly arranged, accompanied by visually appealing icons. Additionally, the software offers a range of themes for users to customize their experience.

You can easily access this option through the ‘Theme’ icon located on the main menu bar of the software.

360 Total Security Antivirus Review By Review - itis

The user interface of the software is designed for ease of use, with all categories and features conveniently placed on the left-hand side of the screen. Important functions like scans, Speedup, Cleanup, and the Tool Box are just a click away, ensuring quick access.

The company has taken care to make the icons self-explanatory, providing a clear understanding of what to expect from each feature such as Virus Scan, Speedup, Cleanup, and Full Check. The Tool Box encompasses additional functions, including the Firewall.

However, we did come across a couple of minor complications during our evaluation. Firstly, the software uses browser extensions to enhance online safety, but this information isn’t explicitly communicated, and the extensions aren’t automatically installed. Secondly, if you choose to skip the recommended downloads during installation, it can take multiple steps to reach that screen later on.

Customer Support

The official website of the antivirus provides a comprehensive range of resources for users, including helpful guides, tutorials, a blog, and dedicated “How to” sections. The latter offers detailed FAQs to address common queries. When it comes to customer support, there are multiple contact options available such as email, live chat, and phone support.

During our interaction with the support team, we were pleased to see that they were able to resolve our issues and answer our questions. However, it’s worth noting that not all consultants are security experts, and some responses may lack thoroughness, leaving room for interpretation.

Overall, the support service is prompt, and you should be able to find a solution to your problems. While the company is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and doesn’t have a claimed profile on Trustpilot, we reviewed customer feedback and found that the company generally has an average to good customer satisfaction score.


  • Minimal system requirements
  • Advanced PC maintenance suite
  • Custom firewall
  • Multi-layer security
  • Multi-layer security
  • Low impact on device
  • Real-time protection
  • Effective system scans
  • Runs on multiple antivirus engines


  • Unclear lab test results
  • The free version is full of ads
  • Deep scans have an above-average system impact
  • Supports only 3 Windows Devices
  • Most add-ons are underpowered
  • Doesn’t have much documentation online


This review of Ivanti Antivirus provides a comprehensive analysis of its features, pricing, and overall performance. The overview highlights its effectiveness in threat protection, scanning capabilities, and firewall protection. The software’s pricing and discounts make it an attractive option for users seeking reliable antivirus solutions. Moreover, the review emphasizes the importance of privacy and security, showcasing Ivanti’s strong malware, ransomware, phishing, and spyware detection capabilities. The inclusion of lab test results further reinforces its credibility.

Additionally, the software’s ease of use and intuitive interface are mentioned, making it accessible to users of all levels. Lastly, the review notes the availability of customer support, ensuring assistance and guidance throughout the user experience. Overall, Ivanti Antivirus proves to be a reliable choice with its robust feature set, affordability, and commitment to user satisfaction.

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