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Welcome to my Review, a web hosting provider serving users since 1998, making it one of the industry’s oldest and most established companies, known for its remarkable longevity and experience. Reviews - review-itis

Users consistently praise for its exceptional speed and impressive download times, ensuring a seamless online experience that leaves little room for frustration or delays.

But is without its flaws? In this review, we’ll dive deeper into its features and uncover any potential disadvantages that may exist alongside its reputation as the world’s best-known web hosting provider.

General Info & Hosting Overview:

Uptime guarantee:99.9%
Support options:24 hours (live chat, phone, mail)
Hosting plans:Web hosting plans, WordPress, Shared, Dedicated, Email
CMSs:WordPress, PrestaShop, Magento
Features:Unlimited disk space, the ability to create subdomains, including SSL certificate for secure browsing, scalable bandwidth for growing traffic, and robust eCommerce solutions.
Price:Starting at $3.75/month

Pros & Cons Of

While may not offer exclusive features found with some competitors, it remains a unique service, and now let’s take a swift glance at its Pros and Cons.

Pros ✅Cons ⛔ 
✅ Easy website setup.
✅ Low prices.
✅ Security features.
✅ Windows-based servers.
✅ Unlimited storage.
✅ 24/7 customer service.
✅ 99.9% uptime.
✅ Scalable bandwidth.
✅ Free SSL by Let’s Encrypt.
⛔ No monthly plans.
⛔ No uptime guarantee.
⛔ Concurrent HTTP connections.
⛔ Unmodern interface.

When to Use

If you’re seeking a provider that offers all the crucial functionalities of its competitors at an affordable price, look no further than, your ideal choice.

For those who have prior experience with similar providers, presents a cost-effective option, allowing you to save money while enjoying comparable functionality. stands out by offering e-commerce solutions and marketing tools, making it an essential consideration for businesses in that realm.

When Not to Use

Our concise review mentioned that newcomers might face difficulties navigating the interface as competitors offer more modern and user-friendly admin panels.

While seasoned users can navigate it independently, the support team might need to be more helpful with intricate tasks.

Before committing to, engage with their support team to ascertain if their service aligns precisely with your requirements. Performance

Without a doubt, performance and uptime stand as the paramount advantages all hosting providers offer. While lacks official performance details on its website, we conducted deliberate tests on various services to evaluate the quality of’s performance. Take a look at the results below. Speed Test Results

To gauge the loading speed of page content on, we conducted thorough tests, considering the absence of detailed performance information on their official site.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the results below:

TestAverage Loading Time
GTmetrix test4 s
Pingdom test2.22 s
PageSpeed Insights (Google)3.95 s

So, what’s our verdict? While the results may not be on par with leading competitors, they come close enough, offering acceptable performance to tackle most business tasks—a commendable outcome considering the cost. However, if shorter load times are a priority, we recommend exploring alternative services. Uptime Guarantees

Surprisingly, this hosting provider does not explicitly mention an uptime guarantee on their website. Seeking clarity, we contacted their customer service department for further information.

Domain uptime guarantees

According to’s customer service, they offer an impressive 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is undeniably reassuring! While we’ll have to trust their word on this, it’s undoubtedly a reliable result. Server Response Time

Our previous tests evaluated the average loading time, providing insights into how quickly users can access all the site’s content. Yet, to obtain a more precise analysis of server response time, excluding content loading, we employed the services of Bitcatcha.

Domain server response time

Bitcatcha’s evaluation revealed that consistently delivers fast loading speeds, regardless of the user’s location—an impressive accomplishment for this hosting provider, earning them the highest possible rating. Remarkably, their performance exceeds Google’s recommended 200ms response time, showcasing an exceptional outcome based on the numbers. Site Migration provides comprehensive information about its domain transfer services on its website. However, it’s crucial to differentiate between domain name transfer and website migration. The former is akin to switching telecommunication companies while retaining your phone number.

The latter involves copying the entire content of the phone to a new device. While can assist with domain transfer, it does not support website data migration. Hosting Types, Features, and Pricing offers various hosting options, including Dedicated, Shared, and WordPress Hosting, with three basic pricing plans tailored to accommodate companies of multiple sizes.

Domain Types Features and Pricing empowers you to make the optimal choice aligned with your specific needs, ensuring you don’t overspend on unnecessary functionalities. Each plan comes with unlimited disk space and scalable bandwidth, delivering exceptional value across the board.

Dedicated Hosting

Domain Dedicated hosting is comparable to having your exclusive domain, granting access solely to you and your company employees, ensuring top-notch performance, bandwidth, and storage capacity.

If you have a large company with resource-intensive tasks or run a sizeable online store, opting for dedicated hosting from this provider is the perfect solution.

With the dedicated hosting option, users enjoy complete freedom to customize settings according to their needs. However, there are a couple of drawbacks to consider. Firstly, the pricing is significantly higher compared to the other two types.

Secondly, familiarity with similar hosting setups is recommended to navigate the settings effectively. Domain hosting reviews further confirm that it is an excellent choice for large corporations.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting stands as one of the most cost-effective types, catering to a wide range of business tasks while providing affordability. The shared nature of the service, where multiple companies share the resources, allows for a considerable reduction in hosting expenses. Quite advantageous.

Each company sharing the hosting will have varying storage allocations based on the chosen plan, ensuring flexibility to meet different needs.

As’s most budget-friendly hosting option from, shared hosting offers slightly lower storage, bandwidth, and capacity, making it an ideal choice for small companies looking to establish their online presence.

WordPress Hosting

Domain WordPress Hosting

Furthermore, provides the option to purchase WordPress hosting, ensuring a seamless experience with mobile-responsive themes and exceptional compatibility with the platform.


Regarding website security, two main threats loom large: potential attackers and the risk of human error.’s Domain Confidentiality + Data Protection offers regular malware scans, emphasizing their commitment to safeguarding users’ confidential information, with SSL Certificates available for every service plan.

These measures demonstrate the company’s strong dedication to security.

SSL Certificates assure your website users that their browsing experience will be secure, building trust among search engines and users and boosting your rankings.

With’s advanced security features, you can:

  • Safeguard yourself and your site users from personal data breaches.
  • Filter out spam.
  • Protect your site from unauthorized access by third parties.


Regarding customer support, claims to have round-the-clock availability through email, live chat on their website, and even phone support, as stated on their official website. In domain web hosting reviews, users have praised the support team for their prompt responses, attentiveness, and expertise. However, it’s worth noting that resolving complex inquiries or urgent issues may take some time.

This drawback can be particularly significant for experienced users or large companies. Failure to receive timely and satisfactory answers to critical problems can lead to financial and reputational losses if the issues are resolved promptly. Keep this in mind when searching for the best hosting option.

We contacted the support team with a few clarifying questions that still need to be addressed on the website. Although we had to wait approximately 10 minutes, the answers provided no new information. As a result, the support response was not fast, and not every representative demonstrated a high level of expertise. Review Quick Facts

Scalable bandwidth<included in each plan
Free SSL by Let’s Encryptincluded in each plan
Websites1 for the Basic plan, no limitation for other
Premium Supportincluded in the Ultra plan
FTP usersunlimited in the Ultra plan
Hidden fees and clausesrenewal prices are higher.

Do We Recommend

Yes, we confidently recommend as a hosting provider. In conclusion, this hosting is well-suited for users with prior experience with similar providers. If you represent a small company and don’t anticipate complex tasks, this hosting offers the best value for its affordable price. has demonstrated excellent performance in terms of page loading speed, along with unlimited storage and a complimentary site protection certificate included in every plan.

While the outdated interface may pose a challenge, the 24/7 support team can readily assist you with any interface-related issues.

User reviews of further validate its quality service and reliable uptime.

Are you ready to select your ideal plan?


What additional perks come with

You’ll receive a complimentary domain name for a whole year and unlimited storage with every plan. Not to mention, proudly offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, and even the most affordable plan includes an SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt. Now that’s an excellent package.

Can I purchase a domain through

Absolutely! Luckily, it’s a breeze. Visit the website’s main page, use the menu to check the domain’s availability, and make your purchase with just two clicks.

Can I upgrade my plan anytime?

Contact the support service through any convenient channel to upgrade or switch to a different plan. Their response time will be quicker than our experience.

Is suitable for beginners?

Actually, there are better choices for beginners. The interface must be updated, and navigating the settings can be challenging. Opt for this provider if you have experience with similar hosting services. Starting your work will be pretty straightforward.

Is customer support available in multiple languages?

Unfortunately, support is only provided in English. Nevertheless, it isn’t a significant issue.

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